2019-11-29 - Giving Thanks, Again


A little after-Thanksgiving get-together for two Spiders and an Angel.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Nov 29 00:00:00 2019
Location: Thea's Apartment, NYC

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It's not usually expected during a national holiday, but this is a special occasion, and it is the best way to reach them both. So, it is about 4 PM when Gwen and Thea both receive a message through the Spider-Comm system:

<Hey…it's Peter. Thea, would you like to host a little Thanksgiving? And Gwen, would you like to join us?>
He waits for a response, feeling a little odd. Anya and her grandmother are at the house, enjoying some quiet time with Aunt May, but they still had plenty of food.

<Sure, Peter! That'd be great.> There's a soft thwip sound after Gwen speaks; apparently she's out and about being a spider-person today. <Dad's dealing with an incident so… our turkey-day is delayed until… whenever, I don't know.> thwip. <I can be there in fifteen or so.> thwip.

There's a bit of a lag, before Thea's text chimes in. <A little thanksgiving? I.. sure? I don't know what all I have, but you know you all are welcome to come partake. > She'd spent the night before with her father and his family, and this morning with her maternal Greek relatives. <I have a bunch of Greek leftovers but I don't know what you all like. >

Spidey grinned under the mask. <Let me worry about the food. Be there soon.>

Ten minutes later, Spider-Man is knocking on Thea's window, because of course he does. What is different is that he is carrying a very large insulated bag, about the size of a microwave oven shipping box - the large mountable-over-the-stove version.
He grins to Thea through the window. "GrubHub, Thanksgiving edition!"

<Oh, wait, we're heading to Thea's place? Okay, seems good!> Actually, Gwen has no idea where Thea's place is, she's never been there. Fortunately for her, Peter built the Spider-Comms into her suit, and she can find it by tracking Peter's little blip on the visual overlay. Not long after Peter arrives, so does she, summersaulting through the air and sticking a landing right beside Peter, outside the window, in true Spider-Woman fashion.

<Like I ever let you completely take over the worry about something. > Thea sends, knowing he'll catch the sass it is so hard to convey in text. She does ponder the leftovers, and well, there is a whole dessert tray, so it's not like she won't have anything to offer.

There's an Arnold Palmer set out, as well as a bottle of water, since she doesn't know Gwen's preffered beverage of choice. She will turn to look at the knock on the window. "Silly." She says, pulling it up. "You know I leave it unlocked - it's the Spider pet door."

Spider-Man snickers, then opens the window, sliding in the hot bag (which just fits) and coming in after it, one hand holding it aloft as he does. Because clinging.
"Spider-Woman, Angel, Angel Spider-Woman."
And with that truncated introduction (even though they've met), he opens the bag and steam issues out of it, laying each dish/platter/container on the table.

Deep-fried turkey, white and dark meat, and still juicy in the covered platter. Bread stuffing with herbs. Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows. Mashed potatoes with a separate container of gravy. Green bean casserole. Sauteed mushrooms. Even a small bag of dinner rolls. And all of it as warm as if it just came from the oven.

Gwen crawls in through the window behind Peter, and has the good courtesy to close it, so all the cold air doesn't drive up the heating bill. "Well," she muses, as she pulls off her mask — she hasn't been without it in front of Thea yet, but hey, after how often and how highly Peter has praised Thea, it'll be alright.

"I didn't think I was going to eat any turkey today, to be honest." She follows Peter in, and blushes a little as he sets out all the food — given that she didn't bring any. "I was more figuring it'd be a couple corndogs, some mac and cheese, and a night on the sofa watching movies by myself. So thank you both, you're awesome."

Thea will of course move to help with the bag, whether Peter needs her help or not. She will give him a funny look, before glancing at Gwen. "You do know we've met. I've even helped heal her. That pretty much makes us not strangers." She'll smile as Gwen takes off the mask, lowering the blinds on the window to make Peter, at least, more comfortable.

"I figured it would just be leftovers from my grandparents for the next couple days." Thea says with a trace of amusement. "I got water out, but is there something you prefer to drink, Gwen? I've got lemonade, soda, more Arnold Palmers, or I could make coffee? "

Spider-Man does not yet remove the mask. He seems in a rush to get everything on the table. He moves to the counter, though, and takes out two more things.
"For dessert, Aunt May's apple pie…or half-pie, but still good…and three servings of flan, made from scratch by Anya's grandmother, Teresa Martinez…who is now living at the Parker residence."
The bag is empty, and only then does he remove his mask, wearing an apologetic smile. "Sorry…I've been a bit distracted today. A lot of stuff going on, but none of it bad. We did get a visit from Captain America, though. He brought soda bread."

"Arnold Palmers are great, actually, if you have more of those that'd be wonderful." Gwen replies. She makes herself useful helping to set stuff up, move things around, and at some point or other just get herself completely in the way. But hey, that's Thanksgiving. "And yeah, you put me back together and all that was awesome, and I'm not sure I thanked you properly yet, so… thank you."

Gwen sets her backpack down against the wall, and leaves her mask sitting on top of it. "But, uhm, let's not dwell on that too much, yeah? This is Thanksgiving."

"Oh, I keep them in stock, what with this one coming around." She points with her chin to Peter. She pauses at the thanks. "No, you did. It's part of what I do." She will move about, getting flatware and places, and Gwen her own Arnold Palmer.

"Well, I for one am grateful that we got through that. Sad for Anya, but we stopped that thing from rampaging around here."

Peter nods. "Yes. Many thanks were given that Morlun was stopped." He grabs a plate, then says, "Probably best to do it buffet style." He looks to the other two, then says, "It's true, though. I have a lot to be thankful for, for the both of you even more so."

Gwen holds up one hand with her index finger pointed upwards. "And I, for one, am grateful that a spider give me a bit of a nibble before Morlun showed up, rather than after, so I could be there for you and help you out." She picks up an empty plate and hovers around the food, albeit far too polite to actually go first. Or perhaps that's an introvert thing. "Otherwise I would've just been watching on the news and thinking 'gee, that looks like a tough day'."

Gwen grins at Thea, "In stock for when he comes around, or in stock to attract him here?" She winks, "He loves 'em. Can't pass 'em up I'm pretty sure."

There's a smile at Gwen, a hint of a chuckle as she talks about being bitten before Morlun showed up. "We are grateful you were around too." She winks, before she will get her own plate. She's not shy when it comes to food, getting a little bit of almost everything.

"Oh, they've been around since he started visiting on the regular. I'm sure sometimes he only stops by to have one." There's a grin at Peter, before she takes a seat. "I prefer plain lemonade." Which is why she got herself one.

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