2019-11-29 - Giving Thanks


Thanskgiving at Casa Du Frost (Well, it is a condo)

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Nov 29 03:48:45 2019
Location: 2 East 5th Avenue - Penthouse

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This is a rare thing - the girls all have the house to themselves. Emma let all the staff have the holiday off, and has been up since the wee hours meticulously working on a traditional turkey dinner for the holiday. She's dressed in a thigh length t-shirt (white of course), and egg shell pants and flats. Her hair is worn up, a simple knot keeping it out of the way and the food (she hopes). Now, Emma is /not/ a great chef, but she IS capable of following a recipe, and strangely, doing this rather mundane task has her humming, but inside and out, with anticipation. It is a good feeling. She LIKES doing for her Cat and Pris…granted…this is normally something she'd leave for Chef, but it is a holiday, and that makes it a special occasion. Currently she is working on getting the turkey ready for the oven, and she DID cheat a bit - she had Chef prepare, but not bake, a trine of pies - Blueberry, Apple, and Pumpkin. So…at least dessert is likely to be good!

The elevator gives a muted 'ding', and then Priscilla steps out, dressed in her painted-on fitted beaded and sequinned jeans, simple t-shirt and her purple-accented black leather motorcycle jacket. Her helmet rests atop a very large, tall stainless steel pot which Priscilla is carrying with what seems like unfair levels of ease. A backpack rides her shoulders as she makes her way into the apartment and then heads for the kitchen.

« You're up early. » Priscilla sends gently to Emma, keeping noise to a minimum so as not to disturb her sister, since disturbing her adopted mother is apparently a lost cause now.

Wow, something smells amazing. And it's coming from that pot. Because gumbo is not something you start that day. Pris has been working on this batch for half a week in anticipation of today. Her way of giving thanks for her new family is to feed them.

Sharon is napping in feline form, a round lavender lump in the dining room the size of an ottoman. She… cheated a little on her contribution, using a bread machine to make a loaf of bread to go with the meal rather than try to make it from scratch. It also means oven space is freed up, an important consideration. And there's a rice cooker where she started a pot of rice to go with the gumbo. Technology for the win! (or something like that). All she has to do is take them out when the machines beep.

«Indeed, Pris, but Turkey doesn't cook itself.» She mind-hugs the girl, keeping the volume down, and Pris can feel her content to have a day that's -just- family. Well, unless something comes up at the office that's urgent, but it damn well better be REALLY urgent. Dire consequences would ensue if anyone disturbs them this evening. Dire.

Finally the Turkey goes into the oven, and Emma's nostrils flare a bit as she takes in the delicious smell of the gumbo, and the bread. Since the pies are already prepped, she just has to put them in and bake 'em though not for a bit as the turkey will take a while. She washes her hands, and then moves to hug Pris physically in the wake of the mind hug.

A brief directed burst of love to Sharon. "Your Gumbo smells /delectable/, Pris." Emma says with sincere warmth.

Once the giant pot is up on the stovetop, Pris lets go and turns to embrace Emma, cradling the blonde close. "Glad you like the smell. Hopefully you'll like the taste just as much. I'm not used to driving that slow on the bike, but that little drag-cart can't take corners like the bike can." The raven-haired stripper fiddles with the stove, face screwing up in frustration when she faces the much more complicated controls. Nevertheless, she does eventually figure out what she needs and gets it adjusted so the gumbo can continue to simmer slowly all day until dinner is served.

« I admit, I expected you'd just have Chef prep the thing and set the oven to turn on automagically at the right time. » Pris replies to Emma, purple eyes twinkling merrily. Then she sends her own burst of love and adoration towards Sharon as she heads for her closet to put the jacket and helmet away. Then perhaps she'll change into something more comfortable, and likely less restrictive.

Catseye purrs mentally at the two of them, and stretches, shifting back to human form. she's barefoot, wearing what looks like a black dancer's unitard, but it shifts with her and it's just family around so she doesn't worry about putting on something more. She pads into the kitchen just as the bread machine beeps and hugs Emma and Pris, before extracting the loaf from the machine and sitting it aside to cool. "All smells good… and is nice to just have family here. Staff needs time with their families too."

"I confess I have not often partaken of Cajun cooking, by the smell of this that is a decision that I'll have to revisit." Emma leans into the hug with a very faint sigh. Hugs are clearly a sovereign remedy and muchly craved. Though of course she's Emma 'Frickin' Frost, she doesn't get to get hugged in any sort of public venue, not like this anyway.

A smile as she catches the tail end of the love burst Pris sends to Cat. "You're doing very well in controlling the volume of things, Pris. Well done."

Emma gathers Cat close when she's got the bread out and cooling. "Family is important, and they work hard, they deserved it."

Then to Pris. "I wanted to try my hand at /actual/ cooking, well, cooking - not baking, I had him prep the pies." A grin. "So at least Gumbo and Dessert are guaranteed good."

"There's are really nice upscale cajun and creole place on the Upper East." Priscilla mentions. "I haven't been there before. But I've made a date to take Sarah there next week. If it's as good as I've heard, I'll have to refer you. Place is called Infirmary NYC." Pris really appreciates Emma's praise, support, and her welcome of the affection offered. She disappears into her bedroom, and the rest of her conversation becomes telepathic for a bit, as she changes.

« Thanks. I'm glad the control is sticking. When I get too worked up, it tends to slip. Powerful emotions. » Go figure, the empath can have powerful emotions and be rather affected by them. Shocker!

« I am glad that you gave the staff the week off for family. Doesn't exactly fit your hard persona, but I appreciate it. » Pris projects. She considers for a bit. « I'm betting our Catseye will love the shrimp in the gumbo. Hopefully I turn out to be right. Just a minute. I'll be in to stir. »

Pris then returns from her bedroom after ten minutes or so, changed into a very short purple kimono with an emerald-hued coiled dragon across the back. "Sorry if we disturbed your nap, sis." she offers, embracing the lavender-haired woman, and then heads into the kitchen to stir that giant put of gumbo.

Catseye smiles, "Not really asleep, listening for bread-maker so just cat-napping." Her tail twitches with amusement at the pun. "Oh, have good news. Got accepted to college, so will be living here full time after semester exams on the 18th." She smiles warmly at Pris, "Miss Pris and MotherMotherFrost… Weekends and holidays not enough.

"Infirmary NYC? Hardly the most encouraging of names." Emma says with a wry smile. "Sarah is your girl friend then?" Not even a /hint/ of judging, nope, not about that. She gets herself a tall mug of coffee then, drinking it slowly as she takes a breather. A moment to dab at her face and hands with a clean kitchen towel as she settles in for a few moments respite. Turkey takes a lot longer than the pies will, so she's got a bit of time.

«You're doing very well, control is hard sometimes, believe me, it is not easy and takes real effort and practice.» And no, she's not in the least surprised at an empath having emotions based control challenges. ESPecially considering how strongly her psyche is twined with that empathy.

It should be noted that Emma just sort of automentally keeps Cat en rapport so the conversation is shared amongst them all.

«Maybe I am working on doing things differently.» She sends in a soft mind voice, almost a whisper. «It is possible, in theory, to be strong /and/ decent. It is a new path for me, virgin territory.»

A grin to Cat. "Yes, I think that Columbia is going to have its hands full with you, Sharon." A broad smile. "Give 'em hell."

« I'm so proud of you, Catseye! » Pris projects happily, beaming as she turns to embrace her sister warmly. « And I'm proud of you, too, Emma. » she offers the beautiful blonde. « I don't know it all, of course. But I know you had a lot of emotional scarring in your life, a lot of people who hurt you who shouldn't have. And it can be really easy to harden yourself and never let it go. I'm proud of you for being brave enough to trust your heart, your real heart, with us. I promise we'll do all we can to keep it, and you, safe. »

Emma is mothering? Pris exudes the attitude, to be sure.

"Yes." Pris offers as she resumes stirring the huge pot of gumbo. "Sarah Black is my girlfriend. She's a WAND agent. Beautiful raven-haired Brit beauty. I think you'll both like her. I may be a tad biased, of course." Yes, she's teasing. "She's really happy for me, that I've found a home and a family with you two."

Catseye grins, "As long as SarahBlack makes SisterPris happy, Catseye happy. SarahBlack betrays PrissyKitten, and Catseye is very good at hiding bodies." Her tone is teasing her thoughts less so. Breakups and such are not what Catseye means by betrayal. Those happen. But for all her fluffy cheer, Catseye has experienced first hand how the world can be much… darker. People who can go into minds and hurt rather than help, just for the pleasure of it. People who put others in cages and experiment on them… that is what Catseye means by betrayal, and that kind of harm to her sister will not be tolerated.

The three of them see VERY eye-to-eye on the subject of betrayal, and Emma has a HIGHLY overdeveloped sense of vengeance, like, epic bad vengeful leanings. And it HAS gotten her into trouble sometimes. «We all are, Sharon.» Emma sends fast on the heels of Pris's praise. Her praise for Emma has the woman suddenly feeling…off kilter a bit. She's /never/ had anyone tell her they were proud of her. Not once. And that declaration from her daughter really moves her, her chest gets tight, eyes shimmering.

«Thank you.» She really doesn't want to think about the long list of betrayals in her life. A smile then, a gentle mental caress. «You are both very good to me, I…value that, it is…precious.»

And then she gets her shite together again, no time to be a weepy girl, today is about happiness and sharing!

"Sarah Black? WAND is the magical division of SHIELF if I remember correctly, they're terribly mysterious, which is actually fitting." A firm nod. "Invite her over for dinner sometime, mm?"

"Yes. She is a magical SHIELD agent." Priscilla offers, quite proudly. She really loves her daring and amazing girlfriend, and is happy to show off her accomplishments to her family, just as she is ever so proud to show off her family's accomplishments to her girlfriend. It's a lovefest all around. "I fully intend to invite her over. But she has tactical overwatch today, so Thanksgiving turned out to not be the time for that. Soon, though, I promise. She's really looking forward to it, and so am I."

That said, Pris glances up at the beep from the rice cooker. "Wow. You must have been up way earlier than I thought, if everything is getting done now. I guess we should set the table." A traditional home-cooked family meal, shared amongst a most untraditional family. What could be better?

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