2019-11-24 - So, Have You Met the Angel?


Toni brings Roni by to meet Angela

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Nov 24 00:06:29 2019
Location: Carpenter Studios

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It's been a day or so since the wildfire in Montana, and Toni has decided it's past time for Roni to informally meet the newest member of Overwatch…or associate member. They don't pay her, come to think of it. Hmm. Toni might have to get on fixing that. Maybe donations if not directly. Anyway! The engineer approaches with Roni's chair, ambling towards Angela's gallery. "Here's the place…hope we're not suprising her too much just showing up, but I did buy that armor set for the lobby, so I don't think people will be too suprised if we come back shopping or something again."

Veronica is quiet, so far. She trusts her partner to have recruited this woman to help them, and Roni has already seen how impressive she could be in a crisis situation. But Roni is herself a bit perplexed. This will be her first time meeting her, getting to know her, and maybe to figure out … well. 'What the heck is going on with her' seems so rude. But it's what keeps running through the young doctor & scientist's mind. It's just all a bit confounding to her.

"Sorry. Go over this for me again. How did you meet her?" Veronica finally asks.

"Was out looking for art for the lobby, because you told me I shoudl get out of my lab for a period of no less than eight hours." Toni notes wryly. "This one has some interesting Chinese styled work in the front window, so I went in to check it out. It turned out she had a LOT of different styles of armor from a wide variety of time periods and cultures, from European to Chinese and Japanese. That's where the armor came from. Then she took me in the back and showed me her personal collection of artwork, which was even MORE extensive…"

"And somehow seeing her art collection led you to invite her to join Overwatch?" Veronica questions. She does remember lecturing Toni to get the Hell out of the lab and away from work for a while. And she can commend wanting to look at artwork. And also the piece in the lobby is gorgeous. So, OK. But this still seem weird.

But then again, they're now functioning 'superheroes.' So, go figure. Life is just weird.

And what do angels do on Saturday evenings?

Well, this one is currently puttering on her laptop, answering emails on the computer as she wears a pair of computer glasses on her face. Even though the studio was technically going to be closed a while ago, the 'OPEN' light is still on as she apparently got engrossed by whatever she was doing, and lost track of the time.

When the pair enter the studio, Angela smiles over as she hears the door chime, "Oh! Hello Toni!" She waves for the pair to come in, "Glad I haven't locked up everything just yet, I probably should have but I got distracted…" A bit of a sheepish shrug at that, "Few customer questions came in, and I'm trying to figure out how to get measurements on someone for something that's supposed to be a surprise…" A bit of a wry shaking of her head, at that.

Toni pauses to pull the door open for Roni, following her in as she waves cheerfully to to Angela. "Hmm. Well, I could lend you a scanner, but it won't necessarily be stealthy." Toni says after a moment, frownign to herself. "Ah, this is Veronica Kelsey, my co-CEO and friend. Also member of Overwatch." she says, smiling. "I thought she should meet you sort of off the clock for once. Sorry if we're interrupting.

Roni comes rolling in, and spends a little time scanning her gaze over the room itself and the artwork, before finally considering Angela.

OK. Not what she expected. Not even with Toni's warnings.

"Sorry to barge in so late." Roni murmurs. "I have a scanning system that can do what you need passively. But you'll need to tolerate a heavy backpack." Roni doesn't have that problem; it all rides on her chair, no weight on her.

Problem-solving is kind of her default, apparently.

Angela smiles over at Toni, "Scanner? Ah, well, hmmm. No interruption at all, and it's good to meet someone else with your group." She comes out from behind the counter and offers a hand to Veronica, looking completely ordinary and non-angelic at all.

Though, well, she definitely has the same features as the angelic being that calls herself 'Athanasia' on further inspection. It's just a bit hard to tell at first since, well, her hair is tied back in a bun.

Also, there's a lack of wings and a fiery halo. So that can make a difference.

Toni pauses a bit, then mms. "So, I really suck at this whole identity thing, so, basically, uh…" she starts, then pauses, looking unsure. "I mean, you two are gonna be working together so I thought I'd introduce you this way too."

Veronica nods to the redhead. "I admit, I do what I can to disguise things. Voice alteration, different build. But it can't be hard to figure out." Neither she nor Toni are awesome at the whole secret identity thing. And Posse? Puhlease! "Interesting shop." she offers.

Angela smiles, "Thanks. I've had it for a while… well, under a variety of names, of course. Been here in New York since, hmm, 1925 or so, I think." She glances over towards Toni, "You told her, right? I mean, it was pretty obvious from Montana but I figured you did anyway."

She then pauses, and shrugs a little, "Well, I don't worry too much about identities myself… but then I normally don't deal with the whole superhero thing."

"Wellll…I told her the basics, yeah." Toni explains. "I thought it would be better to have her show up in person though to ask questions instead of playing telephone." she adds wryly. "I mean, it took me a bit to believe it. Besides, you have an awesome collection and I thought Roni might appreciate it too."

Roni just looks at the redhead carefully and shrugs. "I know there's more in this world than I can shake a stick at. But I have to be honest: I don't get it. I've seen it, and I still don't get it." The immortal part she has less problem with, honestly, given there are noted mutants who are apparently hugely long-lived. But the 'magic and angels' bit just confounds her.

Angela chuckles, "Well, if it helps, you can just file me in the same group as Thor, Loki, Heracles, and other deity types. Even though most of them are significantly more powerful than me." She smiles, "I make up for it by being older than them, though, since I've been around for… a long time." With that, she gestures, "I can show you the back gallery if you like, I'd love for you to take a look at my collection. I rarely get a chance to show it off since, well, it would raise a lot of questions."

Toni mmms, rubbing the back of her neck. "I just view it as physical physical laws from other universe leaking into this one and temporarily overwriting the laws of the universe with the other universe's, which allows them to break the laws of physics as we know them." She tilts her head. "And it is a really nice collecxtion, well worth looking at!"

Veronica just shrugs. "Enh. It's more just the … implications." But she's not going to get into that anymore. It makes her head hurt, and it's unlikely anyone is going to have any clarity to offer. Better to just let it go for now. "Sure. Let's see the other collection. I love looking at pretty things, and I do have an affectation for armor, if you haven't guessed." Yep. That was a joke. A weak one. But still a joke. Roni doesn't make her living in standup. Or standing up. So.

Angela chuckles, "Oh, don't worry, no one on Earth has gotten the religion thing right yet. A lot of messages seem to get, what's the phrase… lost in translation?" She grins and gestures, "Come on back, it's pretty extensive, though not as much armor or weapons as you might think. My collection is more of art from others that I've saved through the years, as opposed to my own creations."


Toni opens her mouth, then shuts it. Yeah, probably good to not bring up her views on mythological beings and all that in front of the mythological being in question, she might take offense. She follows Angela and Roni into the back room as they move back. "I assume lots of things were lost or twisted in translation over thousands of years, yeah. Things get punched up to make them better stories or to serve certaing oals."

"I don't know much about art, honestly." Roni offers honestly, if not quite sheepishly. Everyone has to have those things they are good at, really interested in. Art was never quite one of hers. "I'm passable at history, but a lot better at modern than older." Which means that while she can look at things and say they are pretty, putting them in context is definitely not her thing. "But given that is how things have worked in modern history, I have to assume the same would have been true throughout human history, as Toni says."

Angela sighs, "Exactly! I mean, a nice wizard was flirting with me, then accused me of being a tool of the patriarchy. Which, well, that's not what it's like Up There, but that's not what all the old men who set up the religions decided it would be like." She makes a face, "Pity, she was cute, but…" A slight shrug, then she gestures, "The important thing is not what you have faith in, it's that you have faith. Though I really didn't start collecting until around the time of Sumeria… that's some of the cuneform tables there. I didn't really become fully invested in Creation and art until I settled in Athens. That's where I first met Heracles." Okay, there's a bit of name dropping, but then again, it's to be expected there.

Toni shrugs. "I have faith in people. I can understand them. Gods and goddesses and such, that's beyond what I know about. I'm happy just figuring out how the world works." She folds her arms thoughfully, leaning back against one of the worktables. "…the Hercules that's running around these days, that one?"

Veronica listens. She puzzles and ponders. But she listens. And she looks at the artwork. But she is so not getting into that debate or question. The mention that apparently Angela was flirting with a female wizard just kinda floats past her without comment. Who is she to judge, after all, even if just of another person. In the end, Roni obeys an old addage no one ever actually taught her: if you have nothing nice or good to say, best to say nothing at all. In her case? 'Better to be silent and thought a fool, than to open ones' mouth and prove it.'

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