2019-11-22 - A Cobbler For Dessert


Ambrose comes for dinner and plans are laid.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Nov 22 06:41:46 2019
Location: Kerensky Residence

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Dinner at the Kerensky's sounds like a terrible soap opera, but it really is quite delicious. In two thousand years, 'Natasha' and 'Ulric' have managed to learn how to make a number of surprisingly delicious dishes with surprisingly little. Interestingly, Fenris' specialty is Indian. He has a fondness for the place. It was the farthest East he's ever lived on a long term basis and the food there is all manner of delightful.

So there's fresh Naan. And some paneer. And some chicken tika masala. And whatever Astryd has made to boot.

And Booze. Fenris is a great collector of spirits. The drinkable kind. He has the other kind too but he doesn't usually break them out for dinner. But he does have whisky that's a several hundred years old.

Kent wouldn't abide with sending Ambrose along without an offering of his own, and as such, the Jackal shows up at the 'Kerensky' abode with a foil-covered baking tin rested on his forearm. He's dressed in dark jeans and boots along with a jewel-tone blue dress shirt beneath a black blazer — both Astryd and Fenris have seen this one before, he wore it to the meeting at the Asgardian Embassy. Wrapped multiple times about his neck, a fringed black scarf, this particular piece of clothing old and much loved by the evidence of darning fraying edges. It could possibly be over half a century old.

"Good evening to you both," says Ambrose at the door, sketching a courtly half-bow with his palm to his breastbone. "I was sent along with some cinnamon-cardamom blueberry buckle," he explains of the dessert tin. A lifting of his nose is a habit based in his other soul, the jackal shift, and his expression is pleased. Having spent at least a decade in India, he's familiar with the cuisine.

Astryd is dressed … in a sari. Ruby red in colour and potentially fairly old - if well cared for. In addition to the Naan, paneer and chicken tika there's lamb korma. "Well, I'm glad we didn't add dessert to the menu."

Smiling as she directs Ambrose into the living room, relieving him of the dish to take to the kitchen. "Can we get you a drink? And this smells delicious…"

The blonde certainly seems in her element.

"Hello Ambrose. My that smells good. Come on in. Take your ease. You are welcome and a guest in this house." Fenris takes the old guest right very seriously. Ambrose knows this.

"Well. Can I pour you something? Dinner will be on in just a moment. How are things going at the Embassy for the two of you?"

"If you've gin, I'll gladly have three fingers, no ice, please. Otherwise, red wine is never in bad taste." Stepping further into the abode as directed, Ambrose shrugs out of his blazer and walks with its over his arm. He pauses by one of the sitting chairs and glances back towards the kitchen.

To Fenris, he answers, "I've only just finished the necessary documentation. I was…distracted." How his eyes slide off to one side indicates a private incident of concern, though he volunteers no fine details. "I fully intend to reach out to the Lady Sif soon and render my services available to the Embassy." His smile is only so warm; the glitter flickering in and out of his gaze is much harder, like the tail of a shark swishing in and out of view beneath still water's surface.

"Gin and Tonic for me, my heart." Astryd answers, relieving herself of the dessert before returning to the men to take Ambrose's blazer and hang it on the rack. Such a good hostess she is.

"Slowly, for me Fenris. I've been placed in the admin section, as I requested. My first task is to organise the employee files - somehow they've become a little messy."

It's a good cover, really, Astryd gets to see all who are employed there.

"I trust everything is well now, Ambrose?"

Fenris grins at Ambrose. "I have near everything. Everything worth having at any rate."

Indeed he does get some fairly nice gin, and some otnic and pours drinks for both his Raven and his guest. Those passed out he gets an old Jameson out and pours some of that for himself.

"Slow going then but that is probably for the best. Our spy has to think everything is normal. Ordinary. Otherwise he'll spook and we'll never find him." He takes a sip and helps put plates and serving utensils down on the table. "Distraction? What manner if I may ask?"

A soft few laughs leave the master-thief as he seats himself in one of the living room chairs.

"I…suppose everything is as well as it could be…?" The offering comes alongside a long-habit of scratching briefly at his jawline before he settles elbows on the arms of the chair. Fingers interlaced create a bridge to shadow overtop his belt.

"It is…" Again, Ambrose muses, his eyes demi-lidded and gaze askance. "It is a matter of extended family recently discovered," he reveals, glancing back between Astryd and Fenris with a mask of chary neutrality. "Thank you," he adds as he receives his gin as requested.

"Do you miss me during the day, my heart?" Astryd takes the drink and helps to set the table. "No one to shoo you off the couch when you're shedding?" She's a terrible tease. "Do not worry, Fenris. I won't be impetuous while I'm there."

That should be *very* reassuring.

"Extended family? A long lost Aunt or Uncle appeared from the woodwork?" The blonde cants her head, prying just a little. "Until recently, we had kept much of our 'family' at arms length."

"Family can be… difficult." Fenris murmurs quietly as he rises to help dish out food. Once everyone has plates that are to their satisfaction he sits back down again.

"If it's nothing you particularly wish to discuss then don't feel pressured but I am somewhat curious as to what manner of family could distract a man on the hunt and so close to his prey." And an expert… acquisitions agent like Ambrose too.

Astryd… won't be impetuous. Yaaaaaay…

Ambrose lifts his drink to Fenris's comment about family: indeed, it can be difficult. He sips at the drink before setting it on a coaster on the side-table tucked to the sitting chair's side.

"Extremely extended family," he offers rather drily, wearing a smirk almost fully-formed that seems…more than a little rueful. "I…assume you both have lived many, many years." Astryd and Fenris both receive an insinuating look; the Jackal means centuries, no doubt. "Kent and myself, we do tend to wish to keep family at arm's length as well, save for our offspring. I have a daughter, he a son, both of differing bloodlines and both which are blessed with long life like ourselves. I was informed of…" Perhaps surprisingly, the usually-brassy master-thief's voice fades out for a second.

He smiles briefly as if to cover the moment. "I was informed of a great—great-granddaughter I did not expect. It was distracting, to say the least."

Settling next to Fenris as the wolf starts to eat, Astryd trains her attention on Ambrose. "I can see that might a little surprise though I do have to ask, do your offspring not have children of their own?" There's a faint look of what might almost be sadness that passes over Astryd's face.

"I'm not sure what I would do if one of my progeny or Fenris' appeared at our door. Apart from Cuan's Pack, I've not kept contact with any of my offspring. I don't think Fenris has either."

"Is your granddaughter alright, Ambrose? Or does she need assistance?"

The master-thief belatedly realizes food is on the table. With a soft reprimanding murmur to himself in Farsi, he snags his drink and joins the two with a quick taking of seat.

"I am…uncertain as to what state she is in, my great-great-granddaughter," the Jackal replies, appearing sincerely concerned about the matter in a manner neither of his hosts have likely seen in display. "I was merely informed of it via a connection belonging to Kent. There is…there is little to no reason that they would attempt something farcical such as false information." He adds, "I am unaware of any offspring our children might have at this point in time. Both of them dedicated their lives thus far to pursuits that were not safe for child-bearing or rearing in the least."

Oh dear.

"Do not be so hard on yourself." Astryd murmurs, flashing a reassuring smile at Ambrose. Ah Allspeak. "I was distracting you with the questions." The blonde eats with gusto, though politely, giving Ambrose time to get some food into him.

"So, if I understand what you're telling me. This is not a granddaughter from the children you know of. I would say that could be problematic but I can see how it happens. I'm not sure the Old Wolf is aware of all his progeny." It's a little different for Astryd.

"You seem worried and not by the news itself, if I might observe that. Is this something you wish to investigate further?"

Ambrose dedicates himself to dishing up. It's a wonderful assortment of food when he's finished and he sighs in contentment at this, at least. Astryd gets a lingering glance followed by, eventually, a hesitant smirk.

"Would you not be worried for an unknown scion of your lineage, given the exploits of your long life?" It is a somewhat rhetorical question. "I will investigate it, yes, at some point, though likely after the retrieval of the ring is successful. She is not in immediate danger, this much we were informed of, having no relation to my daughter or Kent's son. It could be best if I simply ascertained her existence and never made true contact. Anonymity may have been keeping her alive thus far," he muses darkly.

"Of course, Ambrose." Astryd fixes the gentlemen thief with a grey gaze. "I worry for all my children and all Fenris'. Our lines though are very old and dispersed, that a stray may come to light wouldn't surprise me."

She's silent for a short while before adding "In the recent Asgardian troubles, someone was targetting our lines." It's an admission and something that only the two of them and Aurora, the witch of the North, had discussed.

"Should you require a companion and a strong arm when you do, I would be honoured to accompany you on the task. Now tell me of your two children and these dangerous lifestyles they lead …"

Pausing in drifting his naan through the masala, the Jackal gives Astryd another frown, though not to remonstrate. He is concerned to hear that someone would target the bloodlines of the two beings he's seated with.

What idiocy. Someone was gunning for a Darwin Award, no doubt.

"I suppose these people regretted this decision." His voice is tight. Logic bears that he would make others feel the same about mucking with his own offspring. "Though yes, Milady Astryd, I would accept your aid when the time comes for me to hunt for my errant offspring. I doubt it will come to blows, but…better served by preparation than getting caught with one's pants down." A firm nod.

"As to our children…" Ambrose smiles down at his plate, as if a bit shy in sharing his pride. "My daughter is Kazimira. She is of blood I do not know, though her mother was of great beauty and strength. Her mother was not of this world," he clarifies. "She likely spent many a decade as an errand-runner for a gathering of powers I once served in passing. I do not share the name out of respect. They taught me to better control the curse upon myself. Kent's son is Sterling. He is…also of a bloodline not of this world, and unexpected in his way. I suspect he spent decades wandering in his search for his father. Kent did not know of him until recently as well. We are both blessed to bring them into our household."

A Darwin award or a chomping. One or the other. "The Pack is well, Ambrose. We visited not long ago but it is a worry for both of us." Fenris, of course, is very territorial when it comes to his family.

"Ah well, maybe a womans hand then." The blonde smirks, quirking a pale brow in Ambrose's direction. She's so very … reassuring, isn't she?

"I appreciate not sharing names in that regard. It sounds like you both lived a full life. I would love to meet Kent one day, if he is able to visit - or up to receiving visitors. Either way. Do I understand they don't live with you? If so, do you get to see them at all?"

"Mmm," and Ambrose swallows quickly as he pats at his lips with his napkin. "Kent does send his regards. My apologies, I meant to share them earlier. He was feeling under the weather — old war wounds. His contribution is the buckle," the Jackal explains with a gesture towards the dessert.

"We would be content to host you both at our abode at one point in time, yes, though allow me to confirm with Kent before I make an official invitation. You would meet the children if they deigned to be present. Both Kazimira and Sterling are adults and we treat them as such. If they are elsewise, I cannot speak to them. I am glad, however, to hear that your Pack is well."

Astryd waves the apologies aside with a smile. "I would very much enjoy that when the time is right. Please pass on my thanks for your contribution to the dinner - and I'll be sure to reissue them once we've eaten it."

The blonde winks mischieviously, offering Ambrose more food as they talk. His glass never quite empties either - she keeps it filled.

"I receive news of the Pack from Cuan quite regularly." The Pack of course is Fenris' from the North Wind. Not Astryds. "There have been several new cubs born since the troubles and I hear they are strong and fiesty."

"Have you thought how you might help Sif at the Embassy? There are thoughts that the spy might not be Midgardian."

Her wink earns Astryd a quick grin from the more-normally reserved Jackal. Granted, the amount of liquor is also helping to loosen his tongue. How many glasses of gin now? More than enough to help Ambrose be chatty. He sets aside the half-empty glass now to reach for more naan.

"I would like to meet these cubs one time, if you would trust me around them. I have always had a soft spot for young canines. Insofar as aiding the Lady Sif, I have a few thoughts, yes. It would not matter if the spy were Midgardian or not if I am granted leniency in my choosing of how to handle them. The curse does not differentiate between the beings of the two worlds."

As in, the nuclear option is to kill the spy, heedless of origin.

"If that is…less than satisfactory as an option, I intend to speak with her of a trap. Becoming invisible does not aid one in escaping a locked room," he notes wisely.

"Perhaps Cuan will bring one of the cubs for a visit. You've not met my Cuan, yet, have you?" The flying wolf that Astryd rides into battle is Fenris Great, Great, something Grandson. "I confess that I enjoy the young when I can see them."

"I think, with the others agreement, that you can be given lee-way if the spy is indeed not Midgardian." There's something that says Astryd hopes they are not. She likes a good stoush lately.

"Now, when you are finished, I'll clean the plates and serve up that delicious buckler you provided. We can repair to the lounge room and partake of more drink and perhaps Fenris can be encouraged to play and sing for us."

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