2019-11-20 - Where Is What?


Isis gets accosted by a flying woman. Nick and Shayera get called in.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Nov 20 04:50:32 2019
Location: Central Park

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Getting a call from the NYPD is something that Nick Gleason might be used to. Getting a call from the NYPD to come and collect his partner from the park - not so common, and yet, not uncommon. That's what happened about thirty minutes ago - he'd got a call.

Someone else attached to the NYPD as a liaison office for their people was probably advised they were needed as well.

When Nick gets there, on the outer edges of Central Park, Isis is sitting on bench with an Officer. "I'm telling you, Officer. I didn't do anything. They approached me." the feline is saying, ears flat against her head and claws extended.

There's … feathers … on the ground in front of the bench. Large feathers. About … Shayera sized feathers.

Nick is approaching now. He just got out of his truck. Ordinarily this isn't a huge deal. It means she's got into something that's serous enough that she probably shouldn't be unsupervised but not serious enough to actually arrest her. Which is good, having a partner with too much of a record would be an issue in the PI business. But somehow this seems different.

Especially with all those feathers everywhere.

Nick eyes Isis as he comes up. And then the feathers. And then Isis. "What did you do?"

Perhaps not so surprisingly, Shayera Hol was also notified about this incident. She arrives mere moments after Nick, of course flying because it would take her a frustratingly long time to walk. She lands several steps away and approaches, frowning at the mess of feathers on the ground.

"What happened here?" asks the winged woman, currently dressed casually but with her mace in hand. No, no blame is assigned. Not yet.

"I didn't do anything, Nick." Isis says as the big brown Wolf Man approaches. She looks sheepish or perhaps it's cattish.

"We're not entirely sure, Mister Gleason." The officer answers. "Officer Brody, by the way. All I know is that I was making through the Park and saw the feathers flying. By the time I got here, a person with wings was flying away and Miss Marik was standing here in the feathers."

"I'm telling you, she approached me and then dropped the feathers before taking off. I didn't do anything. Promise."

Isis never says promise is she doesn't mean it.

"Hello Shayera. Was it one of your people who tried to talk to me?"

"Miss Hol." Nick quirks a brow as Shayera lands. He'd been asked about her recently. And indeed while these things do happen he's not one who much believes in coincidence.

"She dropped feathers?" The other eyebrow quirks. "Shayera do your people… molt?"

That would be the simplest explanation. Unless it's some manner of threat or indeed some kind of prank. "Oh that reminds me. Are there any of your people who are supposed to even be here?"

Shayera studies Isis for a moment. "Hello, Isis. I don't know of any other people from my home in this city. Did she say anything to you?" She kneels down to pick up one of the larger feathers, studying it to see if it was removed forcibly or not. Are they even LIKE her own feathers? Her wings fluff up momentarily in consternation.

"Mr. Gleason. We do molt, but not like this. Primaries — the biggest feathers — only regrow slowly. The small ones and the down feathers, yes. And I would think that I'd have been notified if others were going to be spending time here."

Brody sighs and looks between Nick and Shayera "Can I leave Miss Marik with you? At best it looked like an altercation to me but with noone complaining, there's nothing really for me to do." He pauses "And Miss Marik doesn't seem to be hurt either."

There's several feathers on the ground, one or two big ones and a few down ones. They a *lot* like Shayera's but not entirely - different enough to be obviously so - and if they were removed forcibly, it was done some time ago.

Once Brody gets an answer, he heads out of the park.

Isis is nearly sullen until he's away then she presses against Nicks side and rubs her cheek against his arm. "She wanted to know where it was." Isis answers. "But she didn't sound like you, Miss Hol. She had a different accent."

"I'll keep an eye on her Officer." Nick assures Brody as he heads off. When Isis leans against him he calms and scratches her ears.

"I certainly hadn't heard of any. And it sounds to me like your people are fairly reclusive, is that right Shayera?" If no one told Shayera and they're AREN'T from Akah Ma'at, then where the hell ARE they from?

"I don't suppose she gave any hint of what 'it' was, did she?"

Different accent. That might be important.

"Do you suppose the feathers were left behind deliberately?"

Different accent? That is enough to convince Shay that whoever that was, they're not from Akah Ma'at. "Where 'it' was," she muses. It's clear she has no idea what the winged woman wanted of Isis, but the implications are still troubling.

"I'd say yes. These feathers in particular do not just drop, even when molting. It would have taken more than a year to collect this many without having removed them from someone forcefully." She picks up a few more feathers and starts to compare them. Are they alike enough in patterning and coloring to have come from the same individual?

A year or two or different … avians perhaps? There's subtle differences in the feathers - hard to tell unless you know what you're looking for but Shayera should be able to tell there might be three different individuals used.

"No, she didn't." Isis mutters. "She seemed crazy to me and that's saying something. Like she was desperate for it. Whatever it was." Nick can smell the coppery scent of blood coming from Isis as they talk. "She just kept saying they needed it or the project wouldn't work."

"Who are these people, if they aren't yours, Shayera? And why do they want me. Or us, maybe …"

Nick is silent as Isis asks questions, but he does pick up one of the feathers and sniff them. Shayera has a very distinctive scent. This isn't like that. "It's all off. The… oils aren't quite the same. And more than that… they don't smell like weird hidden city." And Shayera definitely does though she might be surprised to hear that.

Sniff. Sniff. "They DO smell like that weird golden metal though. And something musty. Rocky…"

He frowns. "I've smelled it before…"

His eyes widen. "Terrigen."

Shayera watches Nick SMELL the feathers. And while it's enough for him to tell that they're from someone not native to Akah Ma'at, that simply raises more questions than it answers. Like, what the hell does he mean by 'weird hidden city'? Is he implying something about her?

"By the patterning, I'd say they're from two or three different pe— what? They smell like..?" She looks at her mace and resolves to contact her superiors back home. Adamantine is NOT something that should be readily discovered. Even in Akah Ma'at it's it's rare and highly valued.

Okay, his last reaction is lost on her. "What the hell is Terrigen? It sounds like a dandruff shampoo."

"Terrigen?" Isis frowns and smells the feathers as well, nose wrinkling as she does. "I thought that was just their shampoo." Just like Shayera did. "Terrigen was the stuff that was released into the air somewhere … a few years ago. It did things to some people, didn't it Nick? Made them mutants or something like that."

School. It really hadn't been Isis' strong point.

"And you think those are from three of them?" beat "What the hell is going on?"

"Made them something like mutants yeah. It's really dangerous to people who aren't them but fortunately it's only around in small amounts." Nick frowns slightly and stands.

"Uh, you smell like… not from around here, Shayera. It's hard to describe. But you've got a whiff of something… foreign about you." What he's detecting is 'not from Earth' not that he knows that.

"I don't know why this one should smell like Terrigen but the smell is *really* strong." Which could be a clue as to where they are if not who, if only someone was able to search for concentrations of Terrigen.

With a disgruntled shake of her head, Shayera gathers up all of the largest feathers, sorting them as she does so. "I want to take these to be examined. And, if possible, maybe I can find out whether or not there are other cities like Akah Ma'at that I've somehow never been told about."

And if there are, she very likely will have WORDS with the powers that be.

"You don't smell like the feathers though." Isis pipes up, leaning over a little to get a whiff of Shayera. "You smell different again." It's *so* rude but she doesn't realise it.

"I don't mind if you take the feathers. I don't want them. I just want to know why she …. costed … me." She means accosted. *sigh*

"Will you let us know if you find anything?"

"Be my guest. Not like I have the resources to analyze them." Nick doesn't have a crime lab after all. Just an office, a computer and an Isis.

Oh, and a flack vest. That's important sometimes. He's not bullet proof.

"Give me a call. Er. You do have a phone right? Oh that reminds me. Someone came around my office asking about you. I told them to contact the police so… you might be hearing from them. Earnest young lady with a lot of very… er… young ideas."

Probably around Nick's age actually, maybe a tad younger. But Nick grew up fast and has a very, very hard life.

Shay leans ever so slightly away from Isis with a frown. Rude much? "Yeah. I'll let you know what I find. A… oh. Right. Yes." She reaches behind her back and reveals a common enough smartphone, with one of those extra sturdy cases on it.

After exchanging phone numbers, she looks at the odd pair and their weird sniffing habits. "You didn't get a name for this young lady, by any chance?" Her words are polite enough, but her expression says that her patience is wearing quite thin.

"Can we get lunch, Nick?" Isis asks, watching Shayera lean away from her. "You can come too, if you want." She's so generous, just don't touch her food and things will be ok.

"Uh. Skye. Skye Johnson and she wants people to know the truth."

It's clear from Isis' tone what she thinks on that.

She thinks better of that though. "Well, maybe she does. She wants to help, so that's something."

"Can we Nick? I'm hungry." He really doesn't have a choice. Isis is tugging him in the direction of the hotdog vendor. Yum. How many will Nick let her buy?

"Whatever that is. I'd be careful with her. But she seems earnest enough." And being earnest is important. It's just that being smart with the truth is important too. Nick stretches a little bit.

"Alright, yes yes." Nick laughs. "Good luck Shayera. I hope to hear from you soon."

Time for hotdogs, for now.

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