2019-11-19 - Sunshine, Thunder and crooks


Sunny encounters 'the Wrecker' making an escape and tangles with him until Thor interrupts.

Log Info:

Storyteller: Thor
Date: 2019 - 11 -19
Location: New York

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New York in Autumn has a long twilight time once daylight savings kicks in. It seems as if the sun hovers barely… just barely over the skyline for almost two hours before it slips beneath the horizon and disappears from view to cast the city in darkness. It's a long time with that low hanging orb of fusion, catching the eyes of all of the motorists who have the misfortune of traveling West at that time of the day. Sunglasses come out, shades are lowered, and people move along as best they can.
Is it any surprise that more accidents happen in that window of twilight than at any other part of the day. And it is perhaps due to that, that there in Midtown, the armored vehicle in the center lane is /slammed/ into by a heavy UHaul with a heavy krunch of impact that carries up and down the street.
The sound of the car horn is heard, and continues on and on unabated signifying the damage to the front of the UHaul vehicle. Air bags have deployed, people are calling 911 from their cellphones, and all seems to be in hand…
That is until someone hears the heavy /WHAM-WHAM-WHAM!/ of massive impacts coming from inside that armored vehicle.

The sun may well be setting at this hour, but its 'Goddess'? She hadn't been quite that ready to settle in for the night. The blonde beauty had been back in her townhouse, looking down at the city that never seemed to sleep and the promise of what the night may well bring only an hour ago. Now? She was wrapped in her more modern leather jacket and black jeans, a bright yellow shirt worn beneath offering a splash of color that matched those practically glowing locks of hers.
Bright light didn't bother her, nor did time really…hardly the most long-lived immortal in the city, but Sunny was enough of one to know she could take her time. That and even -she- thought a sunset looked rather pretty. But her appreciation was quick to be interupted by the sharp sounds of metal impacting with metal, drawing a whince from the woman. A car accident was never great, but without immediate threats it -was- better to let emergency services handle it.
Then those loud bangs of impact ring out and Sunny frowns. That isn't a great sign.

The armored vehicle seems to shiver and to quake, the innards somehow seeming to give with the heavy impacts. Half-spheres of strong impacts are seen with each blow from whatever rages within. Then, eventually, the large rear door is hammered open, sent flying across the distance to embed in the front seat of a thankfully vacant and parked car, yet the glass shatters and peppers the bystanders with small lacerations as everyone begins to break and run.
From the back of that vehicle now with the broken axle and door, emerges a seven foot tall bald-headed man, bare of chest and with prison orange pants and boots. He roars, raging, muscles tensing as he tries to break the bonds on his wrists and ankles, causing them to give with a metal crinkle as energy flares around them. They flash, expending a large amount of energy to keep him bound…
But the little red LEDs on the sides of the manacles begin to flicker as their charge fades from such an expenditure. And then that great beast of a man will be free.

Well, whatever she'd expected to come out of the back of the truck? It hadn't really been some raging guy who vaguely reminded her of a certain wrestler glowing with bright energy. A curse, a shift of her path and Sunny was already moving towards the truck, calling out over the chaos and the panic. "GET BACK!' she yells, hoping at least some of the civillians will take the advice of some authorative but still random stranger while she hops the car and skids to a stop in the small 'clearing' at the back of the armored vehicle. Hopefully someone could get the people caught in the crash out, because this guy didn't exactly look friendly.
"Alright big guy, settle down now…" she begins, rolling her shoulders. The 'bombshell' didn't exactly look half as intimidating as the man while she shrugged out of her jacket, but still she was squaring up. "best you calm yourself before things get messy."

Shouted orders with authority behind them is often enough to get people moving in a crisis situation. People look for help and to be told what is right to do when they have no idea what is going on, and Sunny's voice helps to shake some people out of the confusion and gets them running. But that still leaves the injured people in the vehicles, and then that tall bald man with the rage-filled features. But it's not a rage that tears from him his intelligence, such as it is. For he snaps at her as she starts to move closer.
"Don't even dream about it, goldilocks. Yer outta yer league." As he says that he /flexes/ again straining against the energy coils that seem to keep those manacles together. There's a flare of that LED light and then finally it goes out as the power fades, leaving him to pull his arms up and away with a loud, 'ARRRGH!'
Then he shakes his head, "I just want my goddamn crowbar, and then I'm gettin' outta this hellhole of a town!" His bloodshot eyes level on her and then he starts to turn away, as if willing to ignore her for now.

It had been a very, very, long time since Sunny had been a deputy. Even then, it had been more of an unofficial role due to her gender than something she'd be recognized for. She'd had a few jobs since then but…well, some habbits die hard. "Yeah no," she speaks, moving forwards as he makes to turn away and reaching out with a hand to -shove- hard against the madman seeking his crowbar. A shove with -far- more strength than someone her size should have. "Gonna guess you're not some super-eager renovator. You're gonna sit down till we work this out."

The man must weigh five hundred pounds, and yet that proves nothing as Sunny rushes forward and /shoves/ the man who would be known as The Wrecker. He's blind-sided by the hefty push from the blond woman and it sends him careening across the asphalt, stumbling and then falling _into_ the hood of a parked KIA whose car horn now joins in on the cacophony from the other one, though after a minute longer they both fall silent.
But Wrecker starts to pull himself out of the wreckage, scowling now as he recognizes Sunny as a threat and he scowls with a severe look to his features that lets her know he clearly has murder on the mind.
"Lady, yer about ta realize that was a mistake." And as he says that he grabs the hood of the car and sends it winging its way across the distance between him and the golden girl, hurling it viciously.
Only for one of the guards in the vehicle to stumble out and pull his sidearm, bleeding from the head he takes aim. "Freeze, Garthwaite!"

"Oh sugar, you've got no idea how badly I've been aching for a decent tussle. This is making my night." The hood comes flying her way, propeled with impressive force right at her, Sunny's actually quick enough to sidestep it, slamming her open hand into it and sending the now extra-crumpled metal to the ground rather than hurtling past her. Bravado or not, clearly she was a little more concerned with bystanders than the Wrecker was going to be. She's already starting to advance forward, rolling her shoulders and grinning brightly when the guard steps out and into the mix.
Damnit. Bystanders and civillians might have listened to her, but clearly this man was dazed or passionate enough about his job to want to stick around. She'd admire that, if he wasn't noticably in the line of potentially literal fire.

"Hawkins," Wrecker keeps glaring at Sunny, but he's talking to the guard. "Just the fella I was wantin' ta talk to." He then shoots a glare at the man with the firearm aimed at him. "Where's my crowbar? You screws got it locked up in the truck or do I gotta go bust up some vault somewhere?"
But Hawkins, for his part, smirks, even with that trickle of blood wending its way down his face. "Yeah, good luck with that. With any luck your crowbar's half way to Asgard by now." Then, he adds defiantly, "Asshole."
Which causes Wrecker to /ROAR!/ as he turns and charges at the guard.

Crap. A sudden rush of blonde and bright light, Sunny throws herself forwards into a tackle that might make a linebacker proud. She was smaller, but there was a fair bit of force and speed in her body none the less! The impact of forces, there was probably going to be a resounding bang that may well have been a small sonic boom. Shoving the Wrecker up against another unfortunate car, her gaze breaks from him only long enough to look towards 'Hawkins'. "Run!" she calls loudly, "I don't think he's in the surrendering mood yet!"

"Nuts to that!" Hawkins shouts back even as Sunny struggles with the fallen Wrecker whose anger and rage is turned upon her now. He tries to twist around upon her, to try and get the leverage needed to rise up above her with his hands seeking hers in that traditional stance old time wrestlers had when they sought to overpower and test their strength against other strongmen. And she'll feel quickly enough… that he is /very/ strong.
"Wrong move, broad." Dirk 'The Wrecker' Garthwaite scowls as he draws his head back and tries to /headbutt/ her hard if she's close enough…
And in that moment Hawkins fires, electrical darts thunking into Wrecker's shoulder and starting to flicker with energy. Though not seeming to do anything initially.

Well crap, the man doesn't really want to take good advice and there's really not all that much she can do about it. The little lapse of focus is enough for her to find that bald man's head crashing with her own. Strong as she is, that sudden impact of superhuman force is still enough for her to stagger back in pain and give a little hiss before shaking her gaze back into focus. "Son of a…" she begins, eyes coming to focus on the sparking and ineffective stungun. Time to up the ante.
There's a flare of light, heat washing through the air and a bright glow filling her irises. She might not be the god of thunder or have a magic hammer in her hand, but the Sun wasn't exactly something to scoff at. Rushing forwards now, her hands come up and she races in to deliver a vicious combination of punches, knees and elbows. Wrecker was undeniably strong, but how much practice had he actually had fighting rather than just throwing that strength around?

And to be fair, Wrecker was a tank. He endured, he took hit after hit after hit from the golden Asgardian as she rocked him with heavy punches and knees. He reeled several steps, the shock darts still sparking and to be fair… he howled at points as he tried to pull them out in a brief window he had after /shoving/ Sunny away from him…
He was stronger, but she knew how to use her strength better. But before she could press again he reached behind him and grabbed the nearby lamppost taking it up and /swinging/ it hard at her with a rough roundhouse of a strike, seeking to crack it against her and send her reeling as he shouts, "Is this what you want, woman? Is this it!?"
And yet distantly there's a crackle of thunder and a roil of clouds above as that sun finally seems to set below the horizon, depriving Sunny of some of the strength she might have felt from its comforting presence…

Without her own weapons, there was only so much power Sunny could channel. It wasn't a question of quantity so much as control, the flames and fusion-inducing heat of the solar system's biggest nuclear reactor wasn't exactly something one could go letting out unchanneled even in the smaller amounts. When that lamp post comes swinging at her, she drops down lower, sweeping beneath the wild swing in an impressive display of flexibility before she lashes out to grasp the improvised weapon on the back-swing and bring her elbow crashing down on the steel.
Her echoing cry of 'RAAAAGH!', a noise more of savage effort and a little primal thrill over any trained kiai was intimidating in itself, but the shattering of the steel shaft wasn't exactly small either.
That rumble of thunder does indeed register on her senses, but there was no real pause to consider the weather right now.

The tall monstrous convict is forced to let loose of his makeshift weapon as it is shattered asunder by the intense woman and her powerful display. He snarls even as he holds his hands before him, pain lancing through them from the impact and the shock. He snarls and starts to rush forward to once again engage with her…
Only for a loud /CLANG/ to be heard as down on the asphalt there slams a heavy great metal crowbar that strikes the ground and skids a few feet, skittering with a shock of sparks, even as a shadow falls over Wrecker.
Eyes turn to find the likes of Thor hovering there in mid-air with Mjolnir in hand, his features grim and his expression dire as he floats there five feet above the ground and slowly descending only to light upon the ground behind the crowbar.
Garbed in the clothing of Midgard, he wears but sneakers and blue jeans and his grey hoodie that's zipped up though the hood is let fall back. His hair is pulled back into a rough pony tail that matches his several weeks worth of beard as he says clearly, loud enough to carry up and down the street.
"Take up thine weapon then, varlet. Take it up and see what shall happen."

Stopped, but not struck, Sunny pauses to just sort of…blink. There's a sudden skidding of metal that wasn't quite so abnormal in the midst of a fight, but the source of teh skidding crowbar after the demands earlier? That just had Sunny blinking. What the hell?
It was a question to be asked, but one swiftly answered by the glowing man with the Hammer in hand. Of course she'd heard of Thor, she'd even seen him in passing a long time ago…but she was sure he didn't normally dress so plainly. Then again, Sunny -was- fighting in jeans and a bright yellow shirt herself. Still, after her own grappling and struggle to try and keep the risks of collateral damage low, the sudden arming of the superpowered criminal wasn't exactly a positive.
"I'm all for a fair fight but…Are you kiddin me?" she mutters before turning to face Hawkins again. "Now you're gonna run, or I'm gonna throw you."

She can see Wrecker's features contort and twist, can likely read the emotions that flash over the convict's face as he scowls and glowers, eyes shooting wicked envenomed daggers of hatred and malice straight toward Thor even as a flicker of lightning slithers its way over the Thunderer's features, between his eyes, and then races down his arm to flash about the hammerhead of Mjolnir.
Hawkins looks apologetically at Sunny but backs up a few steps more to clear a bit, and Wrecker shoots a glance at Sunny as if weighing the possibilities. He has never faced Thor alone, he's always had his crew with him, always had the edge. But now… he's outnumbered… and the situation is much more in question.
And then, something astonishing happens as the heroes look on. As Wrecker, in his hard fought and won wisdom of battle slowly drops down, settling on his knees and lifts his hands to lace his fingers behind his head as growls, grudgingly.
"I surrender." He says.
To which Thor nods, "A wise choice, villain."

And thus the criminal is hauled away, the battle of the more careful Sunny and the 'Wrecker' coming to an end with the intervention and arrival of the Asgardian Avenger. He'd surrendered, he was being picked up by SHIELD, leaving Sunny to retrieve her jacket and then shrugging it onto her shoulders. She was watching, the blonde woman considering and…seemingly pouting. It's only as she draws nearer to Thor and clearing her throat. "Y'know, I could have handled that," she muses aloud, gesturing towards Mjolnir. "Hammer or no hammer."

Thor, for his part, had been nodding and speaking quietly with some of the agents in charge with handling of the prisoner. And as Sunny makes her approach he nods to them and sends them on their way, lifting the hammer somewhat as if to salute them informally before he turns to face the blonde in her ire.
His blue eyes meet her gaze and he smiles a little, lips twisting a touch but then easing as his eyebrows rise as he attempts to take her words with a modicum of seriousness as he replies. "Undoubtedly, yet Dirk Garthwaite is a most pernicious individual given to wild flights of tantrum, he could well have harmed others around even if I would have enjoyed watching you defeat him. You seemed a talented warrior in your own right."
Perhaps that would defuse matters, but he gives a nod to her, extending his hand in offering of peace. "I am Thor, son of Odin, Prince of Asgard. I am honored to make your acquaintance."

"In my own r…" she begins, the blonde woman frowning. Oh yes, she'd seen that smirk and she was well aware of some of the judgements that could be made about her based on her physical appearance, apparently even by those who were around the gorgeous types that populated the Avengers and indeed some of the other Asgardians. "And you decided to go handing him his weapon he wanted, some sort of magical -crowbar- to make him more dangerous? You get that taking folks like that down -alive- without getting anyone else hurt isn't something to scoff at, right?"
The hand extended seems to get a long look for a moment, perhaps considering swatting it away or continuing her clear display of annoyance. Still, after a moment of internal muttering and a inhuman flare of heat in the air, the 'goddess' takes the offered hand, giving it a rather startlingly firm squeeze as she shakes it as if to make a point. Entirely to make a point.
"Sunny Harlow…mildly miffed to be making yours right now."

There's no counter squeeze to press nor struggle for dominance, though she does have a hard time pressuring as much as she might wish to in that moment. He holds her gaze, his own furrowing a touch as he takes her measure and then he murmurs levelly, "I meant no ill will between us, Lady Harlow."
He releases her hand and turns to look once again upon the new vehicle, a heftier model of some engineering, that is now carrying away the convict. "The Wrecker is an opponent I have faced several times before and he had made boasts in the past. I sought to check them and in so doing presented him with a situation he had wished before."
Turning back to face her he says, "Perhaps now he will think twice before testing his bonds. If you think my act arrogant, then I would not gainsay you. I can only voice my intentions such as they were."
At that he gets a little smile, "Is there aught else you would seek to shame me about, Lady Harlow, or have I your leave?"

Noone really likes to be corrected, or to have their grievence made a little more ridiculous. Even so, she frowns, crossing her arms under her impressive bust before she closes her eyes.
"And if he'd not wussed out?" she muses aloud before shaking her head, leaving her to turn her back to the Asgardian. What can she really complain about? She's just left to mutter a little. "It was easier when we could just shoot them."

The Thunderer's smile is there, though hidden a touch as she turns away. But as she does so he offers a few words, perhaps not so much meant to chase her off as to perhaps get her to stay, since he's seen that she does have a temper. And a formidable one he imagines.
So she'll hear that deep voice lift, offering rumbling words as he murmurs, "And, in truth, you did seem to lead your intentions with your eyes. If the conflict went on longer it was possible he may have bested you." Why that…
Though perhaps he's not 'lying' per se and more exaggerating, to perhaps draw her anger out a little more as there was something rather pleasant it does to her eyes.

"Excuse me?" Sunny begins, tilting her head to the side and then turning on the spot. "I could have wiped the floor with him," she begins, turning on her heal with a glowing flare crossing over her gaze. "If I hadn't been pulling my punches, you'd be picking that lowlife up with a spade." Yeah, the girl had a bit of a temper. It was probably something Thor was familier with, although perhaps a little more fueled by being talked down to.
Whatever her might have been looking for, there was clearly a literal 'fire' about her as she rolls her shoulders. She'd fallen for that bait.
"Just because you've got a magical hammer in your hand doesn't mean you're the biggest and baddest out there…"

"Well," Thor starts after she murmurs that last, his smile spreading upon his features as he starts to perhaps suggest that he might be /one of/ the biggest and baddest out there. But it's more her manner that has him smiling though he does lift his empty hand up as if to stay her from further ire.
"Obviously we have a difference of opinion. Perhaps we should reconvene elsewhere to share words. We would not want to come to blows before those mortals we just set such a fine example for only moments ago."
He turns his head to the side slightly, then looks back as he murmurs, "But… that would require we meet again. And I can think of much worse things than to be summoned at the behest of a comely lass, even if she is rich with wroth for me."
At that last his eyebrows lift as if letting her make that final decision.

Elsewhere is trickier than she'd think, after all if things had come to blows? There's a shortage of places where people like her and Thor could be throwing down without causing some serious harm. Perhaps then, an alternative stratergy would be in order.
"Elsewhere might be for the best," she comments, tilting her head to the side and then clearing her throat. "There's a bar over towards Hell's Kitchen. But then, that might draw some crowds." A pause, her gaze turns towards the spectre of the Avengers building. "Your place stands out a little more."

The God of Thunder gets a roguish half-grin on his features and looks away, smiling enough that his eyes crinkle a bit as he lifts a hand to rub at the back of his neck while he looks away from her. Then he looks back at her, one eye scrunched up as if trying to get a clear look at her as he adds, "Well then," He says, affecting an overly formal tone.
"It seems your place might be best then." Assuming she has a place of her own to answer that age old question of 'your place or mine' but then again with her current bout of temper… she might not be meaning anything akin to a romantic interlude.
"Or, if you are willing to trust your possible future opponent, there are many places in the nine realms that I can take us. Though if you do win our bout then you will be left stranded for as long as it takes me to recover." His lip twists.

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