2019-11-18 - Moving Day


Brunnhilde moves in with Carol, and the two have a talk about whether she'd ever join SHIELD.

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Date: Mon Nov 18 19:53:22 2019
Location: RP Room 1

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There's one supervillain that no one can defeat, no matter how much you try. And that's red tape. Between waiting for Hilde's lease to expire on her place and getting the lease arrangements fixed on Carol's place, it's been a bit of time, but it's finally here!


So, currently Carol is showing off a bit, her patio door open on her apartment as she takes furniture or boxes and flies them up to take them inside. The nice thing with it being fall, there's not the birds or insects that might get in when you move this way.

Also, Chewie would probably eat them…

Brunnhilde is feeling a bit superfluous, honestly. Flying the boxes right up the balcony is way easier than taking them up the elevator for Carol's building, so she's focusing on just unpacking the boxes once they're upstairs. Not that she has a whole lot to really move that was worth keeping. Considering how long she's been around, she didn't have a lot in her place. She does own more…just it's in storage. Or hidden in caches around the world. That sort of thing. She's totally putting up a weapons rack though against an open wall.

Carol sets down the latest box, and grins, "Wow, that's a nice spot for that. I think I have a Kree vibrosword that we could hang there, if there's room." She comes over and plants a kiss on Brunnhilde's cheek, "Chewie hasn't been giving you any grief?" Because, well, the hazards of having a flerken in the home can't really be understated.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong with a extradimensional alien that can eat anything also having the attitude of a domestic housecat… oh, right.

"He's mostly been watching. Because it's something new, I suspect." Hilde says, carefully securing the frame with a few strategic screws. By hand. Because she can put out a lot more torque than a battery powered screwdriver. "Not sure how he's going to feel about me being here all the time…" she notes, eyeing the "cat" with a faint frown.

Chewie, for his part? Meows at that, looking mildly offended that he would ever be put out, and rubs against Brunnhilde's leg. Purr purr purr clearly you should pick me up and adore me purr purr purr.

Carol gives Chewie a wry look, "Be careful, I might get a second 'cat' to keep you out of trouble." Then she glances over at Brunnhilde, "And frankly, until he pays rent, he doesn't get a vote." She grins and leans up behind Brunnhilde, resting her head on the Asgardian's shoulder. "Truck is empty, by the way, so I gave the movers' a tip and sent them off. Didn't think there was anything else to get?"

Brunnhilde mmphs, then reaches down to snag Chewie, carefully picking up up in her arms to pet as she leans back against Carol a little. "I didn't have a lot in my old place. Maybe might move some things here eventually, but I'd have to travel some to get them." she admits. 'Some things are safe more spread out too. Less likely someone will come looking for them."

Carol grins and slips her arms around Brunnhilde, "I get that. I have a few safe places to stash things myself. Habit from being with SHIELD so long, I guess." She sighs contendedly, looking over at Brunnhilde, "I'm pretty sure god-murdering weapons aren't talked about in the revised lease, and you'd think here in New York they specifically would be." A bit of a grin at that.

The ex-valkyrie scritches the back of Chewie's neck absently as she mmms, flushing slightly at the closeness. "Well, not so many of that. But lots of things I don't trust out in the world or in hands where I don't trust the implictly. Just useful enough to not destroy, just dangerous enough to not want them abused." She turns her head to nuzzles Carol gently. "Same thing you do in SHIELD or the Avengers, I'd guess."

Carol chuckles, "Yeah, more with SHIELD than the Avengers… typically SHIELD gets the stuff we find as Avengers anyway. Just easier that way." She mmms at the affection, then chuckles, "You know, if you wanted a spot with either of them, well, I could definitely get you an interview. I'm pretty sure SHIELD would love to have you, for sure."

Brunnhilde snorts, then frowns. "I don't know. I'm not used to….be part of a group like that. It would be hard to trust them." Considering the last time she was part of something like that, they ended up turning on her along with her "commander" Odin. "Perhaps I could just…assist for now."

Carol hugs Brunnhilde, knowing where she is on that, or at least able to guess, "No worries, hon. Just want you to know the folks at SHIELD are pretty good people, if you ever want to give it a shot." She smiles a bit wryly, "Not like I go there all that much, anyway, so it's not like we'd see each other all the time."

At least she's admitting it now. She's been seeing a therapist. She feels….really conflicted about that. It's hard to not feel it's a sign of weakness to need to talk about her life. Wingeing and whining, her brain tells her. She frowns a bit at that, though she does perk at the idea of seeing Carol more often. "Oh? Tell me of these SHIELD people. You have friends there?"

Carol smiles, "Acquaintances, really, I mean, Nick and I have known each other for decades. But there's a lot of good folks over there, mostly analyst types, though some of the field agents too." She grins, "After I got my powers, I stopped doing so much field work and became more of a 'break glass in case world is ending' kind of person." A wry chuckle at that, "Happened a few times, honestly."

"Nick is…Fury? Your leader. The one-eye." Her brow furrows slightly. "Are you sure he's human?" she's forced toa sk. Because seriously, Loki and Thor and Sif and Hod and Fenris and a ton of Asgardians seem around lately…

Carol chuckles, "Rumors are he's had a treatment done similar to Captain America, but that's pretty well classified if he has. So yeah, mostly human. Though if you ever want a fun story, I could tell you how he lost an eye… wasn't exactly to wisdom either."

Chewie, for some reason, purrs louder.

Hilde raises a brow, frowning faintly. "You knew him before he lost his eye?" she says, relaxing slightly, rubbing Chewie's ears absently as the feline purrs away. "Is that the only one, then, though? Surely you have others. YOu have served the world for long, and SHIELD as well."

Carol laughs, "Oh yes, I know a lot of stories, but I'm not a really good storyteller." She hmms, "Now I just have to think of what I can say, since some of them are pretty classified. But I was roaming around outer space for about a decade, and some of those adventures were a bit wild."

"Space? Ah, yes. I've wondered what it would be like to leave this world." Brunhilde admits, tugging away slightly and pulling Carol over to sit on the recently moved couch while they talk, settling Chewie in her lap as she sprawls comfortably next to her.

Carol grins and puts her arm around Brunnhilde, reaching over with her other hand to absently scritch at Chewie. The "cat" is getting all the affection today, so he's definitely down with Brunnhilde moving in!

"Well, there's a lot of different places out there. I mean, you got the Kree, who are… well, jerks but honest about it, I guess? But there's a lot of good people there. Same with the Skrulls too, despite the war they've been having for… well, ever." She smiles a little, shrugging a bit, "Then you have the real cosmic powers, of which I've not seen too much of, but damn, they can be absolutely terrifying."

Hilde frowns at that. "It would be interesting to hunt among the stars." she says thoughfully. "Seeing new worlds, new peoples…but I would miss Midgard. It is my home now." she admits softly, leaning against Carol slightly, peering over at her. "….you are my home."

Carol smiles, "Welcome home, Brunnhilde. For me, home is where you are." With that, she leans forward, snuggling up against the Valkyrie on the sofa. After a moment, she murmurs…

"Damn. Just realized we need to break down all those empty boxes."

Brunnhilde, for just a moment, just….relaxes into Carol, some of the tenseness in her just flowing out of her as she closes her eyes, resting against her girlfriend, before she grunts at the reminder, then sighs. "…I suppose we must defeat the boxes first if we are to have peace.' she says amusedly, lifting Chewie and carefully depositing him on an open spot on the couch to snooze, before she carefully disentangles herself, offering Carol a hand up. "

Back to normality….which is…suprisingly soothing, Brunnhilde, ex-leader of the Valkyior, hero of Asgard, Monster Hunter and warrior, finds.

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