2019-11-16 - The New Zealand Jet-Lag Scenario


Mary Jane and Miles arrive in New Zealand.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Nov 16 16:10:18 2019
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

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Luggage. Check. Selfies. Check. Did she post it to Instagram? Maybe.

Miles and Mary Jane were off. Neck pillows and blankets, head phones, I-pads (one that she bought for Miles but didn't tell him just yet) in hand to show off pictures or read random books. It was going to be a long mode of travel. Sleeping on shoulders, okay! Occasional kissing here and there, sure! They were in the first class section of the flight, and save for a few bumps and sometimes weary servicing of iced coffees, sodas.. tiny plane snacks, it was a breeze.

Butt hurts? Yup. Sitting too long makes one forget how to walk. But through the airport in New Zealand's Auckland, and a small charter flight to the fields surrounding the Matukutururu mountain, they touched down in her large trailer that's fit for a mansion that Guy Ritchie usually orders for his cast, crew.. and others.

It was late once they put their bags down, but Mary Jane is still wired. And usually unable to sleep after the Morlun incident, but damn.. it does feel good to sit on a couch.

"So.. we're here.." She says, almost weary, her arms spread out as she turns. The trailor was decent. A house on wheels. Wooden floors, it's own kitchen and fridge. Bathroom and shower, large bedroom in the back. Sitting room with a television that -could- have a console hookup. Oh, and that fridge? Already stocked with groceries.

"I mean, I know we've only been dating for a month or two but.. this is ours. Maybe a glimpse into how we'd be as roomies? Unless.. you want to go to a hotel?"

Miles has been in shell-shock since they started this excursion. Admittedly, he's never left Brooklyn - well, the borroughs, because he never needed to. There was hemming and hawing from his parents, and his dad's insistance that they pay for /something/, even if MJ was being super-awesome about it all. Cuddles and kissing during the flight was encouraged, as was watching some really terrible movies as they tried to feel each other out in interests.

Then from one plane to a much smaller plane led to Miles gazing out in wonder - and thankful he followed her advice to dress for summer weather. Because it was warm! After they got settled in, and he's looking around the trailer, he totally expected to be ushered off to a hotel.

Then comes the question and announcement. And Miles pauses. There's warmth in his cheeks at sharing the space with her. "I'd only go to a hotel if you were coming with me." it's said teasingly, though he moves to slide his arms around her waist and kisses her quick before stepping back. "So, oh mistress of the itenerary, I know you have work to do, so the shower is totally yours first. I'm going to do some research, figure out what I want to see first out of all the things you handed me."

Mary misses that feel, that shiney and new feel when you're over a few islands or a mass of water and it's just beautiful. She was thankful that Miles got to see the sun set as they traveled, and is supremely shocked that he's still standing and not experiencing jet lag. Good!

"You know I would.." Mary comments, her arms lifting as he curls around her waist, trapping him briefly to take the kiss, peppering him with a few more upon his cheeks before he lets go.

"Oooh.. thank you.." She mentions of the shower, nearly bouncing in place as she quickly hops out of her shoes and socks. If he had ever visited her apartment, he would know that her bedroom is a trainwreck, and this? It may just turn out the same. "It's going to be a buuuusy day tomorrow.." She turns, whipping off her shirt (which, thankfully, she's wearing a cami underneath), "..I have to do a quick read in to the script, get into costume.." Her voice fades a bit as she disappears into the bathroom. "..so you're probably going to be stuck wandering the island. But when I told Chris that I was bringing you, he offered to show you around a bit since he vacations here a lot!"

Cue the water running.

"And Mr. Ritchie has passes for every family member or significant other, whatever you want, he buys. No questions!"

Mary Jane, the girlfriend who talks to her boyfriends while she's on the toilet with no shame. Thankfully, she's in the shower.

"Oh, I was just gonna hang around the set, do what I can to help…" Miles says as he takes a seat on the couch, settling back for a moment as he stretches out. The untold part that Mary Jane can sense, even if he doesn't say it is the 'make sure you're safe from the boogey man that I couldn't protect you from before'. "I don't want to take too much advantage of things and all, you know?"

"I'm going to try to stay out of the way for the most part, since this is work for you, and I don't want to be that guy that's vacationing while my girlfriend is doing all the heavy lifting." he calls back out to her, a little grin at that.

When she's done with the shower, and comes out, the jet lag has totally come over Miles, as he's drooped slightly to the side, halfway through composing an email on the i-Pad she gave him, which is now set to the side.

"Nope! Mr. Heyerdahl already has a plan set out for you. To be honest, I think he's feeling you out for Mr. Ritchie, oh! You left, I don't know if Ms. Angela told you!"

The water cuts out, and there was rummaging that could be heard, and then.. "I sent a picture to the stage manager of her shop. I think they want to hire her to create specific pieces for the movie."

And then she emerges, make-up gone. Hair wet, and finally.. finally tired. And in a towel! "And I really was hoping you'd bring me something back to eat. Caterers are great, but there's nothing like authentic island food that'll get my blood going. And yours probably."

Instead of heading to the room to dress, she flops down right next to him, letting out a deep sigh. Her hand reaches up to slap-land on his thigh, giving it a squeeze. "Trust me, no heavy lifting on my part. I really want you to enjoy yourself. We… had it rough. You deserve a break. It would make me really happy if you take it."

The cuddle and slap brings Miles back awake and he gets a good look at his girlfriend, and he gives her a weary smile. "I don't know, you're pretty good at getting my blood going without trying." he teases her, his arm moving to settle around her. "Ooooh, so I'm your gofer." Teasing tone is totally in his voice as he perks up. "Angela would like the business, I'm sure!" he admits as gives her a once over.

His other hand moves to cover hers, squeezing it fondly as she mentions how rough they have had it as of late. "Hey. I was there for you. You're here for me. That's how these things work, right?" he asks her with a warm smile. "That was what brought on the whole boyrfriend and girlfriend thing. And I read something in the paper this morning while we were waiting on the flight.. yesterday morning.. whatever it was. Time's confusing still. But there's this advice lady. Mom reads her a lot. And she was talking about a new relationship and what to do. And she said, 'take it easy, but do what feels right.'. And being here with you. It all feels right, Mary Jane." He swallows at that, letting the insinuation hang there.

"Am I?" Mary replies in a teasing tone. "And you're not my gofer! Geez. Okay, maybe a little.." She laughs, then lays her head upon his shoulder as he settles around her. "You really picked a good lady to work for, and she's amazing. You know Gwen? We went to school together. She wants to buy something from Ms. Angela, but I'm totally going to pay for it. She just doesn't know it yet." Cue evil-look here. But nevermind that.

Despite all of the happiness she puts out, she was still bothered by what she saw, but the grip of his hand in hers helped relieve that. He was her comfort. "It works like that.. yeah.." She says idly, letting him finish his speak, not interrupting even though she felt like doing so. She had almost forgot she had emailed Betty Brandt while she was home.. and advice came back so quick! One that she is going to take to heart.

"Yeah.. it does.." Her voice trails off in thought, and soon she turns to look towards him to give him a warm smile. "This.. what we're doing.." She gestures around. "..to be honest." She slides a bit away from him so that she could face him. "You're my first boyfriend. I tried to date a little here and there but it just wasn't.. great. Our first meeting, you saved me, stayed with me. And then showed me how to have -fun-. I really never laughed with anyone as much as you, you make me happy. I just want to say, thank you." She blushes. "You're wonderful."

"Oh god, I'm totally not alone in this, then.." Miles admits with a laugh as he turns to sit to face her as well. "..cause this is like my first real relationship. I mean, before the spider bite.. I wasn't much to look at. Still not, in my opinion. But you make me seem to be worth so much more. And that's kinda inspiring, you know?" he asks as he chuckles. "I know Gwen.. I think she knows." But he doesn't say if he knows she is as well.

"Hey, and that saving thing? That was a mutual thing. You're the one that charged in to save the cop. I was just glad to be able to help. But you. You were so brave. And I was like.. okay. I want to know her. Dating you? Being your boyfriend? That's totally a bonus."

"And I'd go through what happened at the court again - not that I want to!" he points out quickly, "…but you're worth all that. Your patient with me, you let me tell you my secrets and you totally didn't out me, which was my biggest worry. I know.." he glances down. "..I know I'm not like Spider-Man or Captain America. I'm .. well, I feel more like the kids in Mutant Town. Not that this was me winning some kind of genetic lottery. Or losing. Or.. I don't know. I know they didn't ask for their powers. I didn't ask for mine. I just want to help." he sighs.

"But like you said. We have to trust each other. And I trust you." he smiles and leans over, trailing his fingers over her cheek and gives her a quick kiss. "We're going to have fun. Together." he promises her, then laughs. "You're amazing. But I already said that. You're gonna make me invest in a thesaurus."

Nope! He was totally not alone, and him realizing this made her laugh. But she grips his hand as he comes to terms with everything, letting him speak his mind, squeezing his fingers at the more important, sweet, and gentle parts. Letting go so that he could touch her cheek, and her capturing those hands again.

"Every secret is safe with me!" Which, as mush as she wanted to tell Miles and Peter their mutual .. issue.. she didn't. And that surprised herself. She was the type that wanted everyone to get along. No matter what.

But once he was finished, she leans over to pull him into a hug, her cheek pressed against his. There really wasn't much to say at that moment, but there was comfort and relief there.

"I got an idea.. let me get dressed. Okay? And.. did you bring your paints?" She pulls away, giving him a look. "Uh.. maybe shower first. And wear all black."

It's a sweet moment, but then he notes the devious look in MJ's eyes and amusement touches his. "I packed the suit, if that's what you're asking. But I get the feeling you have something more.. deviant in mind." Though there's no complaint there. "Alright, alright. Shower first. Thanks for telling me I'm ripe, babe." Lifting her hand to give it a kiss he moves to stand up and gives her fingers a squeeze. Out of his shoes and socks, and shirt set aside - for the first time, MJ could probably see what spider bite mixed with super soldier serum does to someone. But he's slipping into the bathroom before she can stare /too/ long if she does.

The kiss to the hand was met with a smack to his butt as he rises. And if there was a time to stare, oh boy does she. Her cheeks colored with red and thankfully he didn't see it, but his physique left her sitting there, staring in the space where he previously was for a good moment.

Well, five minutes.

"Good lord.." She mutters to herself, snapping out of her reverie to rush to the room. Her bags were flipped open, clothes immediately tossed until she found what she was looking for.

Black socks.
Black turtle-neck top.
Black leather pants (which she wanted to wear for a fun night out dancing..but this is better).
Ankle boots!

It didn't take her long to dress, and to tie all of that red hair into a high bun. She looked like a thief in the night, which was her plan!

"Miles!" She calls out, whether he was in the shower or not. She was getting nervous, cause they were about to do something bad! "I need a huuuuuug!"

When she calls out, Miles comes out of the shower, towel around his waist. "What, what?!" he asks, ready to spring into action if needed. Then she says she wants a hug, and Miles looks her over for a moment, and it's his turn to blush, and then realizing that he's pratically naked in front of her, Miles /vanishes/. "You're silly!" he manages with a laugh. "Was this a test of the emergency Miles alert system?" With an amused wink that she can't see, he's moving to find someplace to change. "I couldn't bring spray paints. Aerosols on flights is no-bueno. But.."

If she looks, he brought some heavy acrylic paints and an air sprayer. Enviroment conscious tagging? Totally. As she's going through the colors, he gets dressed. Black hoodie with black t-shirt. Black jeans. The only color is the hint of red and white in his high tops as he starts to dress. Which may look weird to see his clothes floating before disappearing into the bathroom.

Oh! There he was again.. and then he wasn't. It was a cool power to have, but in this moment, it was completely hilarious. She begins to laugh, her hands smacking as she leans back a little, soon clutching her stomach as she tries to breathe it through. "No no no!" She tries to reassure him. "I really wanted a h.. hey!" He was gone. And then floating clothes. And.. it was so funny to watch she just sat back upon the bed smiling and waiting.

"Oh derp. Okay, I forgot about that.." Once the colors were presented, she was satisfied. The man had plenty to go around! "So they always have a white room where they put up the storyboard. We're going to tag it." She explains, then looks up.. then glances around.. "Miles?" Was he in the room with her? Eh! "It'll give them a little bit of joy when they wake up in the morning. And I promise, we won't get into trouble." She doesn't think. Who'd get upset at seeing art?! She places the bag aside, then moves to the mirror to check herself again. After patting herself down, she turns to grab the bag which was hitched upon her shoulder, moving towards the door. "Ready when you are!"

He doesn't return to view until he's dressed again, and comes out of the bathroom. "Nothing compared to the joy of waking up with you nearby." Miles points out with amusement as he pulls on his hoodie to cover himself. "Alright. So we're inside tagging? Good, I didn't want to get you arrested or something. Do you have an idea of what you want to paint?" he asks as he gives himself a look over as he stands slightly behind her and gives her hips a quick squeeze as he hugs her from behind.

She did want a hug, right? "So, what is the part you're gonna be playing anyway? You know, in all of this, I didn't even ask. Am I going to have to like.. watch you kiss someone else and fall in love.. and all that?" he asks. "I mean, I know it's acting."

"Oh yeah, the room.." Not the bedroom in which they'll be sharing a bed for the first time, but the board room which they'll be tagging. She didn't mention getting arrested, granted she never had, but thinking about the time she tried to run from the cops was hilarious. "I don't know. Maybe something will come to us? Maybe.. just paint what we feel? Let our hearts be the guide." Gosh, she's so cheesy right now! But that was how she truly felt!

As he hugs her from behind, she felt comforted yet again, her hands dropping down to keep him trapped a little bit longer.

"Oh, title role. Joan of Arc. No falling in love, no kissing. She dies at nineteen though, so you may cry a little." She laughs, then spins around in his arm to hug him in return. "Pretty sure there's a lot of sword fights and screaming though." She leans away, then forward quickly to kiss him on the lips.

"Now you sound like a Hallmark moment." Miles laughs outright as he feels her turn and links his hands behind her back, just above her hips. "Here I was thinking I was dating a Princess already." comes the teasing comment as he laughs. "I'll make sure to ask about what to do when you're all bruised and sore from a long day of action." He starts to say more, but when she moves in to catch him in the kiss, he returns it, a soft murmur of pleasure before they break apart.

"You make a very strong case to skip tagging tonight, Mary Jane Watson." he points out, "But as noone left us Monopoly, I guess we'll have to find soooooomeway to pass the time." he sing-songs with a grin, brushing a few more kisses to her cheek. "Alright. Are we mission ready?"

"Gugh!" Mary Jane sounds out, rolling her eyes a little. "But I mean it though!" It was her ownly protest, before she was set to giggling, which was caught up in the lingering kiss he had given her. She takes a very deep inhale as they part, her features falling into a moment of seriousness as she studies him. She didn't say a word, but the bag slowly falls from her shoulder to catch at the crook of her elbow, in which her arm extends to allow the bag to fall to the ground.

"Well.." She says, considering. "I do have you for a few days.." She steps forward, still holding onto him to try to guide him backwards. In retro-spect, they had gotten dressed for nothing.

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