2019-11-15 - A New Friend?


Julian, recently arrived in Mutanttown, meets Lexi, who gives him some pointers for surviving and thriving in New York.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Nov 15 05:02:20 2019
Location: Mutant Town

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Julian fits in here. This is the kind of place that he can feel comfortable. He smiles as he moves and mingles with the mutants here. He's wearing a leather jacket at the moment that is worn bare over his chest adorned in onlya white tank top. He's got a cigarette smoldering between his lips as he speaks to one man, a burly man with tattoos that look like they came from prison some where. He smiles as he speaks though about something. "I don't know what she said." he says. "She had to get on the train before she said anything at all. But I did get her number though." he admits with a laugh as he exhales a ring of smoke out into the air in front of him and he looks at Mutant Town and the people that are there. He lets out a sigh when he looks around.

It's a place Lexi has grown up in, practically. Well, not exactly. More under Mutanttown than above ground, until relatively recently in her life. Still, it's home. The place she goes to ground, the place where most of her contacts are and the like. And she is fairly striking. Very obviously a mutant, with her greyish-purple skin, oddly animate silvery-pewter hair and her golden pupils. Also the fact that she seems inclined to wear as little as she can get away with, even with the cooling days of fall.

Today, she's dressed in cutoff jeans, slightly odd looking tennis shoes with climbing soles, and a a backless top that ties behind her neck, fitting snuggly against her front, with fingerless gloves worn on her hands as she whistles faintly, walking along, her pointed ears perked slightly as she looks around. One tilts slightly towarsd where Julian is seated, catching part of the conversation.

Julian hasn't grown up here but this is the kind of place where that doesn't matter as much. He's striking as well though there is nothing about him that obviously marks him as a mutant and it doesn't really take long for him to notice her when she's looking. He smiles at her though as he nods at the man. "Look, Sleg. I'll talk to you later." he says as he lifts himself to his tall slender height and he smiles at her as he looks her over. He looks at her with one of those elevator stares. The kind of thing that drops down and then back up as he looks her over. "Hey," he says by way of an opening. "My name's Julian." he says to her with a smile and his dark eyes appear to sparkle. He's got a devil may care look about him in almost everything he does. Even approaching a strange greyish purple skinned girl doesn't really seem to faze him at all.

Both foxish ears perk and point forward as the man towers over her petite height. Tall, Lexi is not. Curvy yet athletic, she likes to think, but not tall. She's seriously been tempted to get some boots with real heels, but they'd be a bitch to run in. "…hey." she says neutrally after a moment, raising a silvery brow. "Can I help ya, or ya just felt like providing some shade for me?"

Julian holds up his hands defensively now as Lexi speaks and he laughs a bit with a shake of his head before he says. "I just wanted to have a conversation. I didn't mean to interrupt you while you were so busy spying on what I was saying." he says to her with a grin as he shrugs his shoulders. "If you want me to take a walk I can take a walk." he offers with a helpless shrugging of his shoulders. He doesn't seem upset by the prospect but there's definitely an expression that borders on disappointment on his face.

"Hey, not my fault yer talkin' loud in public." Lexi points out, flashing a slightly fanged grin for a moment, her right ear flicking back slightly. She considers a bit, folding her arms over her chest. "Mmm…buy me a coke and we can talk." she decides after a moment. "I got some time." She smirks. "But sounds like ya already got a potential date picked out."

"Hey hey, it's a potential date. We're not going steady." he says with an accent that flavors his speech but he does walk over to the vendor selling the cokes. The man looks like a fish. Its really quite debilitating. Anywhere but here he would be open to persecution from citizens of New York not smart enough to understand that mutants are people first. He shrugs though as he looks at her and he walks back with the ice cold drink and he puts it into her hand. "We can talk." he says, offering the drink perhaps as a peace offering.

Lexi herself has a definitely New York accent going…mostly. There's a slightly odd twist to it. Maybe she learned another language first? She takes the offered coke and sips it. "Mmmmm….okay. Well, yer th' one who came up ta me then…whatcha wanna talk about?" she says, wandering over to flop down in a chair at the table Julian recently vacated, leaving the other for him as she crosses her legs.

Julian takes a seat across from her. He nods his head and he smiles at her and he says. "Alright. So the thing is that I'm new in town. I mean, I don't want to get it tattooed on my forehead but I might need a place to crash for a couple of nights while I get myself situated." he says to her with a shrug of his shoulders as he sighs. His accent is definitely not from here. Its some kind of country. He smiles though when he talks and that is a dazzlingly perfect smile to look at.

"Hmmmmm. Depends, how much trouble is followin' ya that ya need ta hide from?" Lexi says curiously. "There's places ta crash here an' there." Her tone is a little guarded at the moment though she leans her elbows on the table, resting her chin on her palms, grinning as she flashes fangs. "An' whatcha gonna situate yerself doin', exactly?"

"Well, I need to get a job. I figure since I look mostly human I can go out there and scout around and courier things." he says with a nod of his head. "I'm sure there are other folks around here that need help. I think we need to look out for our own." he says to the mutant girl sitting across rom hmim as he smiles that dazzling smile at her. "I think that we can do a lot to help our own that people don't even know. You know what I mean?" he says. "I don't got any substantial heat. I kind of… burned down those bridges." he says. "Everyone back home thinks I died." he says.

Lexi mmms, leaning back. "Depends who yer bein' a courier for. But bein' dead is a good way ta throw off pursuit." Lexi's hair seems to shiver in an invisible breeze. "There's a couple businesses 'round here that deliver, they might be good with a human lookin' guy. Only th' ones that deliver outside of Mutanttown though. Inside, won't matter none." She considers. "So, what's yer talent?" As she does this, a mauve tendril slips over her side of the table as she continues to rest her chin on her hands, winding around the coke and lifting it so she can take another sip.

Julian holds out his hand and he stares into his palm. In a moment a blue flame, warm as a campfire starts to burn. He stares at it longer as the flame begins to take on a shape, a burning blue woman of light whirling and twirling like a flickering flame. A slow grin crosses his face when he does this. A definitely pleased expression that has his grin turning from flirtatious to sultry in a moment as he looks at the fire burning now. He shuts his hand though the flame dies out. "I can do all kinds of things." he says to her with a smile as he looks at the tendril that's drinking her coke with her. He takes a drink of his own now.

The shimmering flame reflects in those golden eyes as Lexi smiles lazily. "Oooh. Nifty." she notes, taking another sip, then tendril tip idly tapping the can. "Hmm hmm. Well, then. It depends which way ya wanna go.' She leans back in her chair. The tendril is currently sprouting from her side…wasn't there before, you're pretty sure. "If ya wanna hide, ya go with th' Pride. Hunter leads them. But that's more for really lyin' low. As much street types as anythin' else, the sort people who wanna be forgotten about. Won't have a huge call for th' firey stuff unless yer defending' th' Pride. Hunter doesn't pick fights. She ends 'em."

She tilts her head. "Other than that? Not a lot of organized types. There's th' Evos, but they're nuts. Wouldn't go with 'em. They're busy feudin' with th' Russians, anyway. But I might know some people here and there who could find a human lookin' courier helpful."

Julian nods his head. "Yeah I wasn't expecting to get a lot of call for my powers but you never know." he says with a nod of his head as she smiles at him and he says. "I think that I'll just stick to being affiliated with no one for now." he says with a shrugging of his shoulders. "Maybe I'll have to meet some of these people you're talking about." he says as he takes another drink and he smiles at her again. The moment of distraction from using his powers has passed. It clearly has some effect on his emotional state while it happens and he says. "But yeah if they don't mind me being a little bit of a free agent then I think that we'll get along great." he says.

The mauve mutant shrugs a bit, taking a sip. "Lotsa free agents around here, like me. I just know people. So, let's see…ya can go check with Zzzap over at th' Mutant City Movies place. Sells 'em, rents 'em. For those people who don't got streamin' yet." She holds up three fingers. "An' it's three Zs, if it matters, and yes, he really does want people ta call him that. But he's got odd jobs now an' again, and he keeps an' eye out for talent. He might got stuff for ya ta do. There's a couple shelters 'round town ya can crash in too for th' meantime. Long as ya don't wait too long ta get to 'em at night. They fill up quick these days."

He nods his head as he says. "So you were telling me about places to crash? You think that you can get that set up for tonight? I don't want to really spend another night down in the steam tunnels if I can avoid it if you know what I'm saying." he says with a shudder as though he's trying to shake the memory of having to do it. "Like I said. I'm willing to work for the roof over my head." he says with a smile as he nods his head at her. He seems pretty relaxed at this point though all things considered. He takes a look around and he says. "Do you want to get something to eat? I could eat." he admits. "My powers do that sometimes." he says.

"Mm, Morlock tunnels." Lexi corrects absently. "Yer too pretty ta hang with them though. Not sure where they are right now anyway, they move around so people can't pin 'em down.' A shadow crosses her eyes for a bit, then she shrugs, finishing off the coke as she tosses the can into a nearby wastebasket, before the tendril seamlessly flows back into her skin, leaving a little swirl of darker purple behind. There are marks like that all over her body, now that you see it up close.

The offer draws a laugh from the girl. "Awwww, hon, ya couldn't possibly afford me for dinner, so yer askin' me ta buy it for ya?" She hmmms, then sighs. "No, I get it. There's a hot dog cart down th' street, we can grab somethin' from there. They probably got leftovers from dinner still."

"I'll be able to afford that dinner soon enough." Julian promises her as he smiles. "Then I'll take you anywhere you wanna go." he says with a cool confidence that suggests that he at least believes every word. "I'm willing to do what I got to do to prove myself here." he says with a shrugging of his shoulders as he stands up and he offers the muave mutant his arm. He's definitely not from the city this boy. He smiles at her though with that perfect smile and he says. "I'm willing to get something to eat and I'll pay for it.

"Long as ya keep in mind what lines yer willin' ta cross." Lexi says, getting to her feet, then starting to saunter down th' street. "Nah. Ya caught me in a good mood an' with a flush pocket.Besides, I'm a regular for Gus, he /always/ smiles when he sees me comin'." She starts heading along. "C'mon, tall boy."

Julian nods his head as he walks along with her, sliding his hands into his pockets though the weather doesn't appear to be affecting him at the moment. He might just be one of those people who doesnt' get cold? Sure. He makes his way along with her to the hot dog stand though and he says. "Well I appreciate it." he says as he looks down at her and he nods his head. "Which one is Gus?" he asks as they make their way down the Mutant Town streets and toward the vendor. It's kind of the list of the usual suspects around. No one mutant seems more out of place than any other one. "And no, there are some things that I won't do." he admits.

Lexi has a natural predatory, graceful walk, seeming perfectly in balance as she walks along, arrowing straight for a hot dog cart run by a bulky looking guy with green skin and curling wooden-looking horns. "'EY! It's my girl! How many today, kiddo? out on a date?" Lexi snorts, and says. "Good thing there…and hey Gus. Nah, just showin' him around some. I'll have…oh…thirty dogs. Onions an' mustard if ya got enough, I'll take peppers if not." She glances over to Julian. "How many ya want?"

t Its only when she makes her order that Julian seems to undertand that he is in the company of friends. "Get me ten." he says as he nods his head. "I'm starving." he admits as he looks her over and then at Gus. He nods his head and he smiles at him. "Onions and mustard, same as her." he says and he nods his head. "I'm holding onto hope for that date one of these days." he says with a laugh as he looks the cart over and he grins over at her.

Its only when she makes her order that Julian seems to undertand that he is in the company of friends. "Get me ten." he says as he nods his head. "I'm starving." he admits as he looks her over and then at Gus. He nods his head and he smiles at him. "Onions and mustard, same as her." he says and he nods his head. "I'm holding onto hope for that date one of these days." he says with a laugh as he looks the cart over and he grins over at her.

Money changes hands, including a pair of large grocery bags with the dogs in them, before Lexi waves to Gus and wanders over to a park bench to start devouring hot dogs. "Hah! It's good to want things." she says amusedly, before stuffing the remainder of the dog in her face, wolfishly munching it down before she swallows. She's a bit distracted by eating at this point, admittedly as she unwraps the next dog.

He doesn't seem to mind that she is wolfing down food or occupied with it at the moment because it doesn't take the mutant long to tear into one of his hotdogs himself and he groans as he takes a bite out of it. He's clearly pleased with the selection though and he starts to unwrap his next dog as well. He smiles as he chews at the moment. Taking in the scenery around him as he takes his time with the next dog.

At least half vanish in the course of several minutes, before Lexi slows back down, wrapping up the top of her bag to keep the remaining heat in as she leans back, huffing out in pleasure as her ears twitch back. "Mmm….better." she says, then burps slightly, yawning. "Well then…if ya need food like that, then ya definitely need a money stream comin' in soon."

Julian eats relatively quickly as well and he nods his head. "Yeah I need some money." he agrees with a laugh as he looks her over again. At her ears. He grins at her though and he says. "I'm glad I met you today Lexi." he admits to her with a nod of his head and a shrugging of his shoulders as he takes another bite and chews on it.

"Hah. Well. Ya don't get the tour for free, buddy." Lexi points out, peering over. "Ya owe me for this. Sometime, I'm gonna call it in. I like havin' friends who owe me. Makes me feel all warm and toasty, havin' helped so many people so eager ta return th' favor."

He nods his head at her. Julian smiles and he says. "Yeah I imagine that having a few people around who owe you a favor is a good thing to have around here." he says as he reaches over and offers her hand to shake obviously. He smiles at her though and he gives her a wink. "And I don't mind owing girls as hot as you anything." he says. It seems that he can't help himself.

Lexi lets her head loll over, then smirks again, her eyes glittering, before she reaches out and takes the hand, shaking it. Firm grip. Stronger than she looks, from the feel of it. "Good ta know." she says lazily. "I'll try not ta let it go ta my head."

Julian nods his head and grins into that hand shake. He smiles at her though and he says. "Yeah." he says. "Its probably best not to let compliments go to your head." he agrees with her as she smirks at him. He smiles as well though and his brown eyes shine when he does it. "So, tell me something about you? We've been talking about me for too long." he says.

"Well, I didn't ask ya ta tell me stuff for free an' all. Should be careful about that. Free advice for ya." She grins a bit. "M Mm, but, for th' sake of bein' neighborly, whatcha wanna ask?"

The conversation continues for some time and the two mutants finish all of those hot dogs without any one looking at them twice. He nods his head though as he talks to her with a bright smile on his face. Julian and Lexi sharing conversation.

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