2019-11-13 - Harley Homemaker


Harley redecorates Eve's apartment and makesh er dinner. It gets awkward quickly.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Nov 13 11:21:05 2019
Location: Eve's Apartment

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It's been a long day for Eve. She stomps to her door and proceeds to head inside her apartment, unaware of the nefarious fate that awaits her…

Where did all the plants come from? Clearly, Harley took her decorating instructions from her companion, Pamela Isley. Long vines with broad leaves clng to trellises to obscure the walls. As Evei s entering Harley looks up from her work, There's a second of brief consternation as her brow furrows but then she replies cheefully. "…Oh! Welcome back." SHe pauses for about a second. "I was thinking this place could use a little bit of colour." She pauses. "So! What do ou think so far?" SHe gestures vaguely to the room, ending with a tall long leafed green plant some four feet tall in one of the corners on the far side of the room.

So, Eve didn't have many plants here. Funny, right? She's friends with Ivy and can generate plants out of her body, but for her actual home, they're just sort of… absent. There was, of course, a reason for this, not that she'd shared that with Harley. Not that she shared it with anyone.

She could sense them before she opened the door, knew /something/ was different, but she still sort of looks around slowly.

"I… see you've been very busy today! It's… pretty?" She works to make her smile genuine. Don't upset the ex super-villainess, Eve.

"Isn't it? This place really needed some colour." Harley grins, sing-songing as she moves through the newly renovated apartment with that graceful, lackadaisacal step she seems to have master. She come stoo a stop resting lightly on the balls of her feet whilst standing right in front of Eve. The woman pauses, starting t ofrown as she gets a better look at Eve's expression.. What's eating you? …Bat got your tongue?"

"Just a bit surprised ios all!" Eve says. "Also, no. No bats. NEver met a bet, actually." She drops into her sofa with a heavy sigh.

"I have had a /very/ /very/ trying day and I didn't even have to eat a monster." She is distinctly reminding Harley of what was found in the bathtub a short time ago.

"A trying day? That's no good at all, sugar. Here, I made dinner. I'll go make you a plate and you can tell me *all* about it." Harley flashes Eve another beatific smile then turns to stroll away through the home, hips swaying as she navigates the fanciful new gardens. At least vines aren't likely to be teribly dangerous to those forced to press their way through the living room. ANd… It's well organized. Small mercies, perhaps.

Small mercies indeed. Eve reachs over to pet one of the vines and says, "Hey," like she's Mark Watney after she gets up to peek inside the kitchen and see what it is that Harley has /actually/ prepared. She is, perhaps, a trifle wary. Who can blame her?

The kitchen smells heavily of garlic, onions, and tomatoes. Harley is humming as she circles the room, going through the motions of laying out a plate of surprisingly attractive looking food. Eggs poached in a thick tomato sauce served with fresh sliced warm bread. Somewhat incredibly, it appears as though Harley can actually cook. SAFELY.

…as a creature of a thousand maws, Eve is rarely in a state one would not call 'hungry'. Her hunger…gnaws.

While she might take her issues with the recorating — boy does she take issues with the redecorating, damn it — much can be forgiven with /food/. "That… that looks delicious," she says.

"Of course it does, sweetheart," Harley replies with a laugh as she begins serving the food. "So, come on. Tell me about your day!" Harley, wearing an apron and wielding a serving spoon, could almost pass for an actual homemaker. I nfact, things are going incredibly smoothly. Too smoothly, perhaps. Only time will tell.

It's concerning. Eve is very concerned about this. She's no psychiatrist, but she definitely has COncerns.

The apron is eyed for a moment. "Pffft, where do I even start. So," a pause, "I didn't sleep a wink. Not that I actually, you know, /need/ to much but it's always nice to do so. Then it was work time. And the client today was probably my least favorite. Rich people are often particular and demanding, almosst always actually, and are often very petty but at least I'm usually pretty good at figuring out what they want. Not so with this one. /Then/ I got pulled over on my way home, spent an hour waiting for the officer. I figure it might've been WAND again making sure I wasn't somewhere they didn't want me to be for Reasons. Who knows? I can't." She throws her arms up in mock-exasperation.

"And then I got word from a different sort of client that they needed help with a potential target and *that* didn't pan out, so I spent two hours playing bait for something that never showed. Maybe they're finally on to me and got spooked. I /have/ been a rather busy slayer-of-monsters lately." A pause.

"And then I come home and find out you've been busy redecorating /and/ making dinner." She is definitely more appreciative of one of those things. "It's sweet." This much, she does agree with. It /is/ sweet.

"The cops were harassing you again? Did you eat them? Or maybe we need to go dwon and talk to the COmissioner? This is completely unacceptable! You pay your taxes in this city." Harley scowls then, gesturing with a serving spoon and splattering a few drops of red sauce on the fridge before she pauses, smiles again, and returns to carefully settling Eve's plate into place in front of her. Aterward, the blonde steps off to the side and watches eagerly, like a puppy dog waiting for someone to drop them a treat.

"But that's okay! Tonight, everything's going to be perfect."

Eve just stares at Harley for a moment bnefore sh takes a fork and proceeds to take her irst bite of the meal. She, with deliberate playfulness, draws this out, chewing very slowly and keeping her expression neutral… mostly. There' sa ghost of a smile that tugs at the corners of her lips.

Harley's features are a war of emotions. Eagerness gives way to confusion. The nfrustration. She pursesh er lips slightly and blinks, slowly tilting her head to the left as her confusion becomes brief anxiety. A flicker of anger wars with concern for dominance on her fair features but rather than voice this she simply… COntinues to stare. With wide, intensely blue eyes.

"This is /amazing/, Harley," says Eve after that moment passes and she senses she may have pushed too far.

"Like, /amazing/ amazing." Earnest warmth, appreciation in her tone.

She looks up at her, more than pleased with the meal offered, having had a seat to take it after all, at her table.

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