2019-11-11 - Official Gathering


In search of the Ring of Invisibility, people need to find the spy in the Asgardian Embassy

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Date: Mon Nov 11 04:26:56 2019
Location: Asgardian Embassy

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The Asgardian Embassy is the home away from home for those who come from the shining city in the stars and as such it really, really feels like it. Other than the first floor and some of the conference rooms the whole thing says Asgard from top to bottom. It's meant, primarily, to make those here on diplomatic duties comfortable.

That comfort was somewhat broken by the news that there is a spy on the Embassy staff. Whom is not quite clear but it was sufficiently credible for Sif to bring in outside help. That is why for the first time EVER, the Fenris Wolf has set foot on the premises. By invitation of course. He'd let Sif know that he might have something relevant to her concerns of a spy. Of course he's not the only one. There's Astryd, exiled Valkyr. And a certain… gentleman whom Sif has worked with in the past.

Of course one does not convene people such as this without telling the ranking member of the Royal Family present. So. Thor has been advised that there is a meeting in one of the upper rooms involving 1) mead, 2) A furry apocalypse, 3) An exile and 4) A Gentleman. Capital G. Very proper.

Fenris, himself, is just pouring a mead before everything gets properly started.

Gentleman indeed with a capital G.

Gentleman-thief that is, long-established in the city and in his ways…and with a stake in the finding of a particular ring involved in not only the Asgardian Embassy, but elsewhere.

As such, Ambrose is dressed less comfortably and more to make a statement. A fine dress-shirt of merlot-red beneath a black blazer and dark jeans with modern combat boots evinces both class and function. His air in his chair is distantly interested, though this is a mask. His eyes are far keener than his comfortable lean in his chair belies. Ambrose has chosen to drink water for now, given he's very aware of how much the Asgardian mead affects him…and there was murmur of royalty being present.

He'll not make a fool of himself or his house.

His attention slides easily from each person in the room to a nearby window, idly wondering about just who's going to show.

Astryd is dressed as she usually is - tailored pants and a blouse, the chill of the weather doesn't seem to affect her too much. On her head is a felt cowboy hat, her long blonde hair falling in waves down her back.

Leaning against the wall, not taking a seat just yet, her cold grey eyes rake over the room, taking it in. "Thank you, my heart, I will have mead most certainly." beat "Lady Sif, have heard of this thing called Base Jumping?"

Sif has been 'escorting' people from the main entrance of the Embassy up to said meeting room, partly to prove to the guards on security detail that she is taking the safety of both the guests and those who work and reside here very seriously. Now, she's settled into a chair as well and is watching Fenris pour the mead. She'd told him that she felt such a meeting was better held off premises to avoid the spy trying to listen in, but …

"Sorry, what, Astryd? No, I have not heard of this 'Base Jumping'."

And there's THAT to contend with as well. By the Norns.

If Ambrose is dressed on one end of the spectrum designated as elegance, then the one known as Thor is upon the entire other end of that same spectrum. For when he emerges into the room it is clear he has gone native. Or at the least has maintained his general approach to subtle dress to blend in as best he can. He saw no reason to change at least for now, though perhaps matters would dictate such.
Through the door the Prince of Asgard arrives and is drawn up short by the august assembly. He looks from one to another to another, brow furrowed as he digs into the side of his cheek with his tongue thoughtfully for an instant. Then his eyebrows rise. "This is convenient. Suspiciously so."
But then he remembers himself and advances, "Lady Sif," Her address is first as is proper. Then to Fenris and Astryd, "Nephew, Valkyr." Then his attention flits to Ambrose, "You, I am afraid I do not know. I am Thor, Son of Odin."
Then once again he looks to the others, "I am informed ill tidings are to be addressed in this meeting. Were you…" For a moment he straightens up, brow creasing. "Did I have you summoned? If so then Bjarke has overstepped his bounds."

Fenris had responded to Sif that it would be rather simpler if the spy DID eavesdrop on them. But he suspected with him present that would not happen.

"It involves mortals attempting to fly without wings." Fenris says as Thor arrives. "Uncle." He greets the man with a nod. Things are not bad between he and his extended family. It's just that they're uncomfortable. Fenris is an exile, of course, but also Fenris has maintained that they are all in the grip of an unknowable force of fate that is nudging them in ways subtle and direct toward the End of All Things.

So you know. He's not hugely fun at parties.

But, politely, he pours a mead for Thor as well before he comes to the table to sit.

"But yes. There are ill tidings. Recently, Mister Atherton here went on a quest given him by an acquaintance of mine. A fae information broker known as The Finder. During the course of that she informed us that there is, among the embassy staff, a spy working for the Midgardian organization known as HYDRA and in possession of a ring that would make him invisible."

Bad news to be sure and Fenris will let the others comment on that before going on.

After Thor enters, Ambrose glances over to him and his surprise, at least, is blatant. It's clear by his expression that he's wondering, 'Who's this guy in the hoodie?' even as his brows lift in what must be tamped-down amusement. He slowly sits up in his chair and when addressed, he rises to his feet. His eyes flick to Fenris. Claim of relation to this Thor is duly noted. The master-thief then nods agreement to the wolf-god's assessment in matters.

A palm presses to his own chest and he briefly bows at the waist in an echo of a courtly time when Queen Victoria reigned.

"Lieutenant Ambrose Atherton, son of Robert. I am here to assist in the retrieval of the missing ring. I have been assigned guardianship of the ring once it is away from the hands of those who might abuse it," he explains smoothly to Thor, British accent crisp and refined, eyes lingering on the Asgardian's face.

"I think you'd enjoy it, Lady Sif. It doesn't involve Midgardians that we might hurt nor Bulls that become enchanted for us to wrestle." The blonde answers. "I think it would be quite exhilirating…" She's saying as Thor arrives. "Lord Thor."

The blondes eyes fix on Fenris for a moment, though she looks somewhat relaxed.

"Lieutenant Atherton has provided several services to us in recent months. He is a good person to have on our side."

Sif also moves to stand when Thor enters, giving him a warrior's bow in greeting before returning to her seat. "Thank you for taking time to meet with us, Prince Thor." She looks over at Astryd, automatically wary of anything the Valkyr has suggested of late. Especially after their last venture, and being forced to wrestle a hapless beast to the dirt for the enjoyment of others.

At least she got a very acceptable Midgard-born steed out of the ordeal — the Shire gelded horse is currently in the stables on the Embassy grounds.

"Leftenant." Thor offers in acknowledgement to Ambrose with a nod as he steps further into the room. He shifts his attention toward Fenris as he draws closer.
"Are there mortals working within the confines of the embassy?" Thor asks curiously as he then accepts the mead with a murmur of thanks, "Or is there fear it is one of our own who has been perhaps swayed by the multi-headed serpent."
He takes a sip of the drink then sets it on the table before he settles fully into the seat, arms folding over his chest as he looks from one to the other with open curiousity.

"There are, Embassy staff. It was, so Sif has told me, an effort to expose Asgardians to the locals and vice versa. Mostly they're low level positions but with an invisibility ring it wouldn't much matter." Because they could get a LOT of places. Take pictures. Listen in on conversations not attended by someone with a dog-like sense of smell. That kind of thing.

"But in truth we don't know. We weren't told whether this was a Midgardian or an Asgardian. Only that it was an embassy worker." So it could be either way.

"Now all of that said I did some asking around and I did discover that whomever our spy is, they are very, very interested in the contents of the guarded vaults which they have apparently not been able to enter. Specifically, they have an interest in Asgardian and Jotun relics and the information they have passed on is being used by HYDRA affiliated artifact hunters to try and recover samples of Asgard's prior interventions on this world… and others."

Another respectful inclination of Ambrose's head towards Thor acknowledges his title spoken. The master-thief then sits back down after adjusting the lay of his blazer about his chest. As he listens to Fenris further expound, he downs half of his glass of water. Given the lack of mead in it, it might give him away as 'mortal' — technically.

"I would presume these vaults are heavily guarded by not only technology, but Embassy staff itself. It seems a foolhardy thing for this conniving individual to try," he muses thoughtfully, his tone just shy of a 'tsk' of remonstration. "I propose a trap. It must not be a thing of convenience, but still appear as an opportunity to strike. Merely lay the bait and the rat will come." His smile is unkind. He's clearly looking forwards to catching this rat.

Astryd takes a drink from Fenris, finally moving from the wall to stand beside him. She doesn't take a seat, at least not yet. For Ambrose and Sif - there's something unsettled about Astryd from the first times they met her.

"Both really." She starts to answer Thors question, trailing off as Fenris confirms. "There's no lock in the Realms that a determined individual couldn't pick or break. And the many headed snake, is determined. Do not forget, this individual has a ring to make them invisible."

The blonde pauses letting that sink in for a moment. "All it would take would be to get the vaults open, follow someone in and wait till they go. Not all of us are gifted with exceptional senses. Some of us just know how to fight."

"It is our thought, Thor, that we arrange for an Jotun artifact from Asgard's vaults be brought here. One that will be far too enticing for this beringed spy to resist attempting to acquire." She doesn't name said item aloud, but she knows that Thor will likely think of the same one she's hinting at.

She hasn't yet had a chance to detail to Loki her idea about creating a decoy version of the artifact as bait, but she wants to speak with him and Fenris and Astryd — and possibly also Thor now — before actually going forward with the idea.

Brow furrowing, Thor tilts his head to the side in Fenris' direction, "That is curious, I had been following up on an individual I had thought might be trying to gain some of the old weapons left over from our conflict with the Svartalfar some years ago." Being a thousand and some years ago.
But he falls silent as Ambrose speaks. A trap is offered and the Prince's eyes lift with an acceptance of that possibility and course of action. Then his features cloud a little as he adds, thoughts clearly mirroring Sif's own in his own inimitable way, "A ring of invisibility surely is within the purview of my brother, Loki. Has anyone asked him to…" He lifts a hand and makes waggly fingers, "Use his magic to capture the spy?"
Since when it comes to such things… Thor often does allow his other brother to take point in such matters.

"We've not had a chance to speak with him about the matter quite yet." This is indeed very much the purview of the God of Mischief but Fenris does not keep regular contact with him. Indeed of late he is given to understand Sif has had more contact than he.

"Astryd and Ambrose here wished to offer their services. Ambrose is rather experienced in the methods a midgardian spy might employ and Astryd is an outsider and thus free of suspicion for actually BEING a spy. She's also spent enough time here to pass herself off as one of the locals."

As for Fenris' help? That's no good. The Wolf God projects an aura of dread everywhere he goes and if that did not give him away outright it would certainly put any spy on his guard quite naturally.

"Loki recently recovered his wife, by the way." Fenris notes. "I'm quite sure that if you can't locate HIM conveniently, finding her and getting a message shouldn't be hard."

The Jackal's regard shifts from his glass and up to the others, sweeping over them. Beneath his lip, he can be seen to polish a canine tooth, long-standing habit never lost over a century of life.

There's an almost feline roll of shoulders in his seat. "I will offer what assistance I can, yes, though a ring of invisibility is no hardship for me to defeat." Quite the claim to make and with no lack of confidence in his voice.

Raising a pale brow at Fenris, the blonde smirks. "I pass as a 'local' to a greater degree than you, my Lord. I find, raising my hemline and lowering my neckline has most ignoring that offputting feeling they get around me."

She's teasing, mostly, but she's not wrong either.

"That or just looking stern normally works as well. I am versed in Admininstration work and can actually use a computer." That gets Fenris another smirk. "And a smart phone. Unlike … some." Anyone would think she was the younger of the two.

"You were following an individual and they led you here, Lord Thor?"

Sif nods to Thor. "I have already sought out Loki and asked to speak with him at his earliest convenience on this matter. I hesitate to divulge the details of exactly what I want to request of him, but rest assured it will play to the sorcerer's strengths and hopefully give us a much greater chance of apprehending the spy."

She glances over at Ambrose, knowing that he is likely one of their better chances at catching the spy, but also inwardly worrying that he might also be tempted by some of the items kept in the vaults. And that would be … unfortunate.

Thor's answer is a nod of acceptance then he adds toward Fenris, "Aye, I have had words with him and Lady Sigyn. They are understandably spending much time together of late." For having been separated for so long.
Then to Astryd he replies, "Not so much here, Lady Astryd, more strange incidents had passed that only peripherally seemed connected to that conflict past. Though enough of them to give rise to my suspicion."
He rests his hands upon the arms of his chair, tapping a fingertip lightly as his gaze drifts contemplative.
"It seems the best aid I can offer here is to make sure we gain my brother's attention and bring him into this matter. My talents do not lend themselves to the subtle as his may well do." His lips twist up a little as he looks between them at this understatement.
A few more nods are given then he slaps his hands upon the arms of the chair, "While we are here there is another matter of which I would speak. I had been intending to speak with each of you in turn." Then a pause, "Though not yourself, Leftenant Atherton, yet I doubt your absence would be so required for its discussion."
He nods to Fenris, "Before we adjourn remind me to speak to such, if you would please, Fenris."

"You are the crown prince, Thor." Fenris points out. "I think you underrate what assistance you can give. Your aid will make sure this plan can function smoothly and I assure you that the embassy staff look to you. Whatever mood we wish to set, I do not think there will be a better person to set it. A word here. A whisper there. A comment in private. It takes so little to stoke the rumor mill and that could be to our general advantage."

"For one I think perhaps Astryd and Ambrose will need employment here. Temporary and under other names. Ambrose, can you think of aught else you might require?" Sif could see to that certainly but with Thor's assistance none will be the wiser and Sif will not seem to be acting unusually.

"Of course. I've time now if you wished?"

"I understand, your highness. Should my absence be required, simply ask it of me. I am aware that not all business within the walls of the Embassy is for Midgardian ears," replies Ambrose to Thor. Another respect nod is given to the Prince.

He does give Fenris a thoughtful squint. "…nothing immediately comes to mind other than the proper placement within the Embassy's staffing in order to see what I can discover without overt suspicion. I work best without others…breathing down my neck. Once I am aware of the title necessary, I will be able to procure the necessary paperwork."

Read as: forge it.

"Use the human name I go by." Astryd nods to Fenris. Working. She hasn't done that in many years. Neither of them really need to - normally it's a lark for the blonde.

"The people of Midgard look up to you, Lord Thor." The Valkyr adds to Fenris' words. "Where you lead, most will follow and if we can nudge Fate enough, their attention will be on you, leaving Ambrose and myself free to roam."

The old smoke and mirrors trick.

"I will remain, if you wish to speak to us."

Sif nods. It sounds like the pieces here are coming together, now she just needs to speak with Loki about their 'bait' artifact for the vaults.

"What is it you wish to speak with us about, Thor?" She tries to not make it obvious, but this is the first she's heard of him wanting to discuss something with them. She's been .. preoccupied.

"Then whatever you need of me you have but to ask," Thor offers as he looks between the others, sitting up straighter and then leaning forward in the chair. He rests his forearms on the edge of the table, interlacing fingers together. "I can arrange to stomp around, rage appropriately about how this is such a poor idea to house such an artifact here, curse and growl but then apologize to the others nearby for my loss of temper. Something along those lines."
Perhaps a bit of Loki has rubbed off on Thor after all, at least to some small degree.
Yet the Thunderer nods and acknowledges Astryd's kind words to him with a smile, "Indeed. I shall begin with the tale of my visit to the Court." Of Odin.
He looks to the others for the acceptance of his speaking for a time and when he sees no objection he continues. "As some of you may well know I am recently come from my father's court. And while I was there he was perhaps in one of his mercurial moods. He bid unto me that it was the duty of each ruler to leave the Kingdom in a better state than in which he found it. And so he charged me with a task, to go forth and improve the nine realms."
Which they likely can understand is rather… nebulous. "Naturally I asked of him how he thought I should do this? And he declared that knowing and learning as much was one of the facets of rulership I must acquaint myself with." Typical Odin.
"Yet here I am, once again traveling the realms, and here in Midgard I met mine brother, Hoder. Long estranged and lost to us, exiled as…" He looks to Astryd and Fenris, "Many others are as well. Expatriates, exiles, Asgardians lost. It is my intention to return to Odin and tell him that I have chosen my course to improve the realms and it would be to bring our lost home once again."
There's a pause then he looks to the others, "I know you are most likely of strong opinions on this matter, but trust I do not broach this lightly."

Fenris leans back and drums his fingers on the table a little bit. "Were it simply a matter of exile, I might consider returning. Two thousand years is a long time to hold a grudge, after all. But I fear that my doing so may set in motion fates that Asgard is currently unprepared to resist. I have no more desire to become the Wolf of the End Times and kill Odin than Odin does to see the end times or be killed. But Those Who Sit Above…"

Fenris trails off. The reference may be of interest to Ambrose. It's definitely NOT a reference to Odin. Thor may understand it better. The Mythical Those Who Sit Above In Shadow. The gods of the gods, as it were. The weavers of fate. IF one actually believes in such.

"How do you think One Eye will respond to such an effort, at any rate?"

With a cautious care to not make overmuch noise, as Thor explains his reasoning to speak with the Asgardians present, Ambrose rises to his feet. He seeks out the water pitcher within the room and returns to his chair with it in hand, all the better to settle himself once again. A full glass is poured and gulped down with loose jawed motions before he fills the glass yet again. The carafe is set aside.

Still, exile is a heavy topic to mull over. His jaw ends up rested upon his fist as he sets his weight via elbow upon the chair's arm. The master-thief's eyes slide to one side and linger, gone distant as if the gloss of the table's finish were impossible to ignore — at least until Fenris mentions Those Who Sit Above.

It triggers an inkling of a memory from long ago, some parallel found to a tale Kent told him. The sorcerer is oddly attuned to Fate as it stands…dratted thing that Fate can be. With eyes lidded, the master-thief remains silent and looks about the faces at the table, uninclined to offer an opinion in this moment. He intends to be nosy later.

"If my Lord wishes to return and he and I are accepted, I will follow. I have spent two thousand years travelling the Realms, Lord Thor, over a thousand of them here on Midgard, this is as much my home as anywhere now" The grey eyed blonde looks so stern. "I think you are making a rod for your own back and …"

Her hand rests on Fenris' shoulder "I will do everything in my power to keep him from his Fate." Which is more problematic these days than has ever been.

Watching Ambrose move about the room, the Valkyr overs the slightest of smiles to the man. "You should come to dinner, soon, Ambrose and we will regail you with tales of a wayward Valkyrie who had the temerity to ask for kindness for a Walking Apocolypse."

As she's not amongst those who are in exile, Sif takes a moment to sip at her mead rather than answer straight away. "Thor, that is truly a noble quest. But, I honestly do not think that Hodr would accept an offer to return to Asgard, not after what he has endured. He has been cut off from Asgard almost as long as I have been alive, and I from what I have seen recently Asgard has not once in those many years seen fit to offer him even the tiniest amount of aid."

As it was, she practically had to force him to accept her and Sigyn's assistance recently. That, along with other incidents, have proven to her exactly how poorly Asgard has treated the man. And she feels regret.

"In truth, I think it will misplease him." Thor says without hesitation as he crosses his arms over his chest and exhales a long slow breath that has a hint of annoyance to it, likely connected to the thought of confronting his father about such a matter. "Yet from several approaches it would make some measure of sense, though not in all cases." A nod is given to Fenris as he was sure that the Wolf God would not exactly jump at the chance.
"There are many of our ilk out there so lost. Many out there who suffer still and not entirely justly." Which is perhaps as close as Thor may come to taking exception with his father's rulings. "My sight is not Odin's, he is privy to much that I am not. So he may have his reasons. But there are others whom we may reach.
To Astryd he says, "Aye, I can see the way of it, Lady Astryd. But think on it this way at the least. For so many out there there is naught for them in regards to our homeland. Not even hope. To deprive a man of hope is to make an enemy implacable and immovable. But offer this hope and at the least there is a chance for peace." As he finished those last few words his attention shifted to Sif as if addressing her moreso at the end.
He takes a deep breath again and crinkles his nose, "In any case, this is my course of action, I wished to let you and yours know." He nods to the Asgardians in the room, poor Ambrose for now forgotten by the Prince. "Perhaps this will grant something good for those who deserve as much. Perhaps my father will merely be disappointed in me."
At that there's a half-smirk before he adds, "'twould not be the first time for that."

"Well. As the Midgardians say 'Never say never'. Bring it up. See what comes of it. It will tell us what manner of mind Odin is in at the moment, if nothing else." And if some of the exiles can come home, Fenris will account that a good thing and they will have Thor to thank for it.

The Wolf God rises. "For now, let us try to catch this spy. Astryd and Ambrose, I wish you good luck. And any of you may call upon us at our residence where we will extend to you all the hospitality of old. I can hear the horses getting restless at my mere scent so I shall be on my way."

He's half out the door when he says over his shoulder. "I think we'll all speak again sooner than we might expect."

Loki's son he may very well be, but sometimes mysterious wolf is mysterious.

Ambrose abruptly lifts an eyebrow briefly at Astryd upon being addressed, as if she had interrupted his train of silent thought (and did, truly), but the momentary pique doesn't last long. He returns the small smile and concedes quietly, "Of course, milady, do let me know whence."

His eyes follow the departure of the Old Wolf. Slowly, surely, as the rise of a sliver moon does his smile appear.

"There is no such thing as luck, I have learned over the decades. Good hunting, I think…" the Jackal murmurs even as he rises to his feet, intent on also departing. "Yes. A good hunt is a thing of certainty. My gratitude, your highness, for your presence and your assistance in matters." Thor is given another deep bow. "Should our paths cross again, soon than we might expect, it will be all the better."

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