2019-11-10 - Opportune Intervention


An attack on a pharmaceuticals truck and Bird People show up

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Nov 10 05:31:18 2019
Location: Midtown

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Nick hadn't really meant to be here. He was just coming up the west side of Manhattan with Isis and had happened to be driving by a warehouse when a large delivery truck had peeled out of the warehouse parking lot, taken a turn too fast and gone down onto it's side spilling boxes of pharmaceuticals everywhere.

"Crap. I hope they're okay." Nick mutters as he had stepped out of the truck.

That was two minutes ago and he is already significantly regretting having done so. Because three bird people had dropped out of the sky and one of them had tased him. Now he's in a fist fight with one of them in the street and he's lost track of Isis but he keeps having to shift his position to keep another from TAKING HIS TRUCK!

"Isis!!! Isis?! Where'd you go?!"

This is, of course, ALLLLL over the news right now. And on the police bands.

Right at the moment, Isis is clinging to the back of one of the bird people. Arms wrapped about their neck, settled between their wings. It's hard to hit her with the wings when she's like that.

"Here Nick. I've nearly go this one." She might well have, at that. Her fighting style is that of a scrapper. "Get ready, I'm going to try and calm them…"

It's hard, calming her mind enough to send a wave of calm emotion out over the area, when the Bird person is trying to throw her off but she manages it.

Shayera had been halfway across the city when the first news reports started coming in. Truly an advantage to being able to fly: she's there in a matter of minutes, and this time she's armed and armored. No one gets away with doing something that this kind of behavior when she's around.

Flying up the street, she gets an idea of the goings on and doesn't even slow down, swinging her mace at the winged person trying to steal Nick's truck and shouting wordlessly as she does so.

Polo on the wing, anyone?
With her armor on and mace in hand, she doesn't calm down one bit at Isis' influence.

Isis' opponent begins to struggle and weaken as they lose air. The wave of calm is also sapping their will to fight. It creates a weird emotional dissonance where what they're feeling doesn't match what they're doing. It seems like she might be able to pacify this one.

And then the third one, the one that had been trying to take Nick's truck, swipes at her with a taser-staff of some kind. It's quite, ahem, shocking.

He only has one chance to swipe though because then he has to go into an abrupt blocking stance. Which prevents his chest from getting caved in but DOESN'T prevent him from being bowled over and knocked into the median. He's up rather quickly though, white wings flapping as he screams a challenge at Shayera.

Nick finally manages to get a good hit in and has a moment to look around. Enough time to see Isis' one reach for something in his pocket. "ISIS LOOK OUT!"

Odds are good he's not just going for a stick of chewing gum.

The emotional dissonance is something that Isis is used to. She's used to trying to pacify people they're fighting. Squeezing just a little tighter, the feline-like mutant doesn't see the third one approach. "Nggggghhhh…"

Shuddering from the shock, she drops to the ground letting her bird person go, nearly being knocked by the wings of the one that Shayera tackles.

Nicks call has her diving for the bird persons legs - nowhere near as fluidly as she would usually do.

Flapping hard to slow her momentum, Shayera wheels about as abruptly as possible and dives at her target again, replying to the screamed challenge by shouting some exceedingly rude insults in her native language as she dives to touch down on the street at a run, aiming to knock her challenger's head off with her mace — or if that misses crack one of her opponent's wing bones as it's equally likely considering their proximity.

Yes, aiming for the wings is her people's version of fighting /dirty/, but go ahead. Ask her if she cares.

CLANG! Her opponent brings his staff up to meet her swing and possibly to Shayera's surprise she finds that he's very nearly as good at this as she is. A blade springs out of the non electrified end turning it into a spear and he begins a sequence of movements designed to test her defenses. Odd. That's not actually a style she knows, which is unusual. She's familiar with most of the martial arts of her people. In any case this is a fight she understands. Spear on mace. He slips the blow for his wing and takes and aim just above her shoulder, aiming to pin her own wing back with the blade and cripple her.

Isis manages to get her own opponent just as he pulls a black device into his hand. He goes sprawling and it clatters across the pavement, right next to the overturned delivery truck. It's not clear what it does. But the noises it makes are not reassuring. Beep. Beep. Beepbeep. Beepbeepbeep. Beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep.

Nick has finally slammed his opponent head first into a jersey barrier which causes him to slump. But he's only about five feet from that device and has to himself dive over the barrier to avoid… uh… whatever it is about to do.

"And stay down …" Isis has crawled up the Avians body, taken their head in her hands and *slammed* it into the ground. The slim feline-like mutant doesn't fight fair - she fights to win and it's an effort for her to remember *not* to kill.

It upsets Nick when she does.

The device goes clattering, the beeping drawing her gaze. "Well shit." It's rare for her to swear. Pulling the avian behind the overturned truck, she tries to take shelter, peering out at the beeping device … considering making a run to grab it.

"Nick. Do you hear that? Should I try to get rid of it?"

Oh damn, this guy is GOOD. To prevent the spear from stabbing into her wing she lets them droop and drag on the ground for a moment. But only a moment. Then she's forced to use every bit of her hard-earned combat skill to fend off this guy's spear, at times using a vambrace to knock the spear aside, and once kicking out at the man following a swing of her mace.

She snarls aloud at the man, not at all paying attention to the beeping going on over there, whatever it ultimately means.

"No!" Nick calls back. "Just stay in cover and let it-" It's going to explode right?

It doesn't explode. Instead a black sucking vortex opens up and begins to draw in EVERYTHING that isn't nailed to the ground. Everything that is but the device itself which is about four feet away from that vortex.

"Okay never mind, break it!" Nick calls out.

Shayera can feel the pull. So can her opponent and it tugs him off balance, suddenly leaving his defenses open. That's the good news. The bad news is if Shayera takes advantage of that, she puts herself at risk with the vortex.

And Isis does too if she goes in to shut off or break that device.

Isis takes up a three point crouch, slitted blue eyes watching the device. Just like a cat - her gaze is intent. Anyone watching will be expecting her to pounce.

She doesn't, following Nicks instructions to the letter. "Is Shayera ok over there?" That fight looks awesome as far as Isis is concerned.

"What the hell is that, Nick?" Now she pounces. Two bounds from where she is to that box.

Claws extend from her fingers, which she tries to ram into the seams of the device to tear it open - she's certainly not strong enough to just crush it. Nick might be and Shayera does have that cool looking mace.

Shayera takes the opening created by that pull, bashing her opponent with her mace and then reaching to snatch his spear from his hands if she can. She has a reason for this, honest.

Her actions exact a price, though, and she takes a few reluctant steps closer to that vortex before trying to stab the spear into the pavement of the street to anchor herself against the pull.

"Damnit, make it stop already!"

The mace strike sends Shayera's opponent flying toward that vortex, or stumbling toward it more accurately. But Isis manages to claw the housing open and disable the inner workings before he can be sucked up by it. Instead he just falls flat on the ground where the vortex used to be and doesn't move.

Nick finally rises from where he was crouching and holding onto a wall.

"Well. That was fun." Clearly he doesn't think it actually was fun and walks over to the overturned truck to see what's in those boxes of medicine.

"Good of you to come help us, Miss Hol. Isis are you okay?"

Isis digs the nails of one hand into the pole near her, anchoring herself as she struggles to open the casing. It's likely impossible to hear the feline growls coming from her - her arm straining as she holds herself.

Piercing the internal circuitry, Isis takes another shock - making the fur on her ears stand on end and eliciting a yowl from the woman. There's another yowl as she crashes into the pole she's holding.

"… I'm …. ok…. Nick." She finally says, pulling herself up slowly. She's going to be bruised and … don't anyone laugh at her ears.

"What was that, who are these people Shayera?" Because clearly, they have wings, they must be the same as the Avian woman. "And why were they here?"

The moment the vortex disappears, Shayera just lays on the street. But it's really not good for her wings, so she moves to stand again quickly enough.

"I have no idea who those impostors were, but they're /not/ from Akah Ma'at." She hefts the spear and looks at it more closely, trying to place the materials and/or workmanship. "If they had been, the spear guy would have been far more angry at what I said about his mother."

"Exiles then? Criminals born here on earth perhaps?" He takes it for granted that if they're not from Shayera's city they are still her people. I mean, how many races of winged people could there be?

"These all look like they're experimental stroke medications." He says standing up. Why would anyone want to steal them? Possibly to break them down and process them into something else but to know that for sure he'd have to get them to a chemist and have them analyzed.

Nick has to try very hard not to laugh at Isis' ears when he looks at her. Instead he covers his grin with his hand and looks over at Shayera. "You got here very quickly… and is that… golden armor you're wearing?" He sees the mace. It's very impressive. But the armor appears to be made out of the same metal.

Isis could probably rock that, though the effect on her would be more egyptian pharoh than it is on Shayera.

Nick gets a sour look from Isis. He didn't cover that smile quite quickly enough and she can feel the amusement rolling from him. Limping up to him, the feline-like mutant puts her hand on his arm and 'zaps' him with the residual static electricity she's built up.

That will teach him.

"Experimental stroke medication?" That has Isis frowning as she listens to the discussion on the bird people. "Who makes it? And what's the big ingredient?" She means the active ingredient but this *is* Isis.

"Imposters? Are they shapeshifters or something? They look almost like you…" she says to Shayera. Like Nick she's wondering how many bird people there can be.

"I wasn't very far away," Shayera says to Nick dismissively. And really, as the bird-woman flies, she wasn't. "No, it's not gold." It's much stronger than gold, but she's not about to elaborate.

The static in Isis's ears doesn't get a reaction from her, but the question about the other winged people looking like her does. With a hint of a scowl, she steps to the nearest one and pulls one wing to full extension. She's looking to see what shape of wings they have. Predator wings, distance flyer wings, a sort she's not seen before?

Soaring wings. Distance flying then. It's a very interesting wing design but it is one she's seen before. The bones feel hollow too. Just like hers. They COULD be Aerians and there are legends of Akah Ma'at once having been on a world like Earth but not for many thousands of years. And there's been no hint in all that time that her people still lived here.

So, it's a mystery. A full medical examination would tell her more but that's impossible here, and for the grounders to be of any help they'd have to examine her also which might be an… issue.

"Well we appreciate it. The police will be along soon. Do you need to go or do you work with them enough that it won't be a problem for you?" He can hear sirens in the distance.

"It's um…" Nick looks at the ingredient. "A mouthful. I don't know Isis but we can get you know who to take a look at it for us." Nick glances to his truck and pockets a small sample of the drug. There. Nooooo one will miss that right?

"It's made by… huh. Lobo MedTech. A subsidiary of Lobo Technologies…"

Lobo. Means Wolf. In the Latin.

The wings being moved get Isis' focus. It takes a moment for the feline-like woman to shake herself. "We can do that, Nick." Though Isis really isn't sure about Hanks new look. It's a bit offputting for the flighty mutant.

"Thank you for your help, Shayera." She takes a step towards the Aerian but turns when Nick mentions that name. "Lobo Technologies? Like the lawyer who came to see us? And that lab we found?"

"I can stay to talk with the police. If I don't, they'll think these idiots are related to me somehow." She lets go of the person's wing and steps back over toward Nick and Isis, ruffling her own wings and resettling them against her back. But I haven't heard of this Lobo thing before."

She leaves the pair to puzzle out the crashed truck, and goes to tie up the three winged people so they can't get away before the police arrive. …and get a few more frustrations out.

"Yeah Isis. Exactly like that actually." Which is… suspicious.

Nick doesn't especially want to talk to the police but they were seen on news camera so he supposes they really should. "Grab my wallet out of the truck, Isis?" He says with a sigh. "After this we'll go pick up lunch."

That'll focus the cat woman. Food usually does.

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