2019-11-10 - How Was Your Week?


Priscilla Kitaen comes over to visit with her girlfriend for the evening.

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Storyteller: NA
Date: 2019-11-10
Location: Sarah Black's apartment, Greenwich Village

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Both women keep separate homes. But most all of their time together has proven to be either in public spaces, or in private at Sarah's home. Pris clearly does not care for her home, and does not like the idea of sharing that space with Sarah.

And so it is that on one of her few nights off from the Obsidian Club, Priscilla has once more arrived at Sarah's apartment, parking her motorcycle downstairs and dismounting as she rings the bell and waits before climbing the stairs to the beautiful Brit's apartment. She is not dressed for a night out on the town, but instead casually in jeans and her motorcycle jacket, her helmet under her arm as she knocks on the door and waits.

"Hi." Pris offers, when greeted at the door. "I took a chance you didn't have any crisis, and might be up for a visitor?" She smiles winningly, maybe a bit hopefully, and awaits the beautiful and magical agent's decision.

With a warm smile, Sarah answers, "No rampaging monsters, just a quiet evening at home — which just got much better. Come on in." And once Pris enters, the door is barely closed before Sarah is stepping close and craning up to offer her girlfriend a welcoming kiss.

The British brunette is dressed for comfy relaxation at home in a purple sweatshirt and a well-worn pair of jeans, her long hair falling loose about her shoulders. She's without makeup, not that she really needs it, and she's tiptoeing up barefoot to kiss her taller lover.

Priscilla gathers Sarah into her arms happily, meeting that craning with her own embrace and returning the kiss freely offered. "That sounds pretty wonderful to me." she murmurs. "Hopefully Jonesy won't feel too put out, having to share you." She finds the closet to put away her helmet and hang up her jacket, then takes a minute or two to climb out of her boots before returning to Sarah.

"So, how was your day?" Priscilla asks, genuinely curious. Sarah's job means every day could potentially be dreadfully boring, or quite interesting, and she likes catching up. It has been days since they have had time to spend with one another, and it's always nice to get back in synch.

"Nothing terribly stressful, but a lot to do," Sarah replies. "Mainly the follow-ons from the Morlun dreadfulness." Said dreadfulness being partly responsible for Sarah and Pris not having seen each other in person these past days. "Putting together my final report, talking to the forensics team that went out to where we finally took him down, interviews with some of the people who were caught up in it all… We still don't have a complete picture of just who Morlun was or where he came from, but it's at least pretty certain that we ended him. One less monster in our world." There is a distinct sense of satisfaction from Sarah as she's saying that.

Priscilla gently but inexorably leads Sarah back to her own sofa and then settles down upon it, drawing the beautiful Brit into her arms and lap, gently wrapping herself around her as they talk. "Well, I'm glad things turned out as well as they did, even if that means you end up with fewer answers to the bigger questions." she offers. "Sorry I wasn't really able to help." she offers. It was a SHIELD and WAND case, but Pris likes to do what she can to help and support Sarah.

Which sometimes means just showing up and letting her girlfriend kibbitz about things afterwards. Aren't empaths awesome?

"By comparison, my own week has been pretty boring, all told. I suppose my biggest news is going to take a while to explain." Pris offers. How does one lead around to 'I have a new legal identity now'? Especially when one's girlfriend works for the authorities?

"This tosser was the very definition of bad news," Sarah replies, settling happily into Pris. "I'm just as glad you weren't involved. I know you can take care of yourself, but still, against this horrorshow, I would have been worried. And his defenses… We already had more than enough physical force to take down anyone short of the Hulk, and it wasn't enough. It took Spider-Man risking himself with an insanely dangerous gambit to weaken Morlun enough for the rest of us to finish him."

"But enough of that," she says, smiling and looking delightedly intrigued. "What's your big news, love?"

Amazing, isn't it, how often superheroics come down to not power against power, but to the willingness of good people to risk everything in crazy gambits to create openings for victory against otherwise impossible odds. Priscilla gives Sarah a little squeeze of reassurance, not at all upset that her girlfriend prefers she wasn't involved in this fight against the Morlun. She doesn't know enough about it to feel personally invested, so this sounds perfectly reasonable to her.

"Well … " Pris begins, clearly trying to think through this and find the right words. She doesn't exactly keep secrets from Sarah; her girlfriend knows about her exceptionally mixed-up species- as well as racial heritage, and her semi-secret life as an alien-hunting assassin. But the right words do matter, about something like this.

"You're tuned in enough, I'm guessing you've heard of Emma Frost?" The woman is a billionaire and a society maven, so Pris isn't just assuming Sarah knows everyone on the planet worth knowing. "I've run into her, and she and her adopted daughter, Sharon have become pretty good friends." Pris seems to be leading up to something, trolling out bits of the story in a pathway.

"I'm aware of Miss Frost, yes," Sarah says, with a slight nod, looking even more intrigued. "Platinum blonde, utterly gorgeous, Wayne- or Stark-level money, fashion sense I wish I could begin to afford… You know her? I'm almost afraid to ask how, but keep going…" Yes, Sarah really wants to know more, now. Not in any 'feeling threatened' sense, she's secure enough in her relationship with Pris not to have such worries, but she really is deeply curious as to how her beautiful stripper ninja super-badass girlfriend and the world's hottest billionaress even crossed paths, never mind became friends.

Priscilla chuckles softly, huskily, and nods, nuzzling Sarah's cheek. "Yep, I know her. And yes, that's her in a nutshell." A stunningly beautiful blonde nutshell. Er. Bombshell. "It … well, it's a rather interesting encounter. We met at an upscale leatherwear boutique on the Upper West Side months ago." During that time when the two girlfriends had met, once, but not been able to reconnect again. "She's … Gifted. And apparently, she's actually a teacher. I mean, not just a teacher. But she knows how to teach." Amazing things one learns, if given the chance.

"Anyway, she has become a bit of mentor, and a friend." Priscilla explains. There's a wealth of emotion in her voice with those words. Sarah knows well how easily Pris makes friends, but also how rarely she gets to keep them, and how fiercely important those few friends who truly stay become to the vastly emotional and empathetic - as well as empathic - young woman.

The capital 'G' there is pretty much audible when Pris says it, and Sarah picks up on it. "'Gifted', as in, she's a powered mutant? On top of everything else she has? Bloody hell." But there's a laugh and a smile to go with that. And it's not as if Sarah herself doesn't have beyond-human gifts, even if hers are of a decidedly different origin.

"That's great, really," the magess continues, still smiling. And Pris can tell that she honestly means it, and is happy for her. "It's good to have people to be close to, and depend on. I'd love to meet her sometime — I mean, not just for the obvious reasons, but because she's important to you, which means she's important to me."

"A telepath, actually." Priscilla explains. It's true, she's revealing private information. But she is not giving that information to SHIELD; she is giving it to her girlfriend, in explanation of the story she is telling.

"And she … " Pris fades off for a bit, realizing that's not quite how to do this, how to explain all of this. "Emma has offered to help me with some of my challenges. She is creating a new legal identity for me." Pris has never belabored the fact that her own legal identity is actually deceased. It hasn't mattered. It never came up. But it is true. "And she has offered to … to adopt me. To actually give me a family." And there, at last, Pris squeezes Sarah tightly, sniffling, tears flowing just a bit. Not sobbing, but this is clearly viscerally emotional for her.

Given the life she leads, Sarah has gotten used to taking a lot of things in stride. To just accepting things that most people would be shocked by, or freak out over. Learning that one of the richest women in the world, who also happens to be a mutant telepath, is about to become her girlfriend's new mum? Yes, she can handle that. And not let it get in the way of the more important reaction.

"That's wonderful, love," Sarah says, snuggling close, her love for Pris radiating from her, and her happiness for her beloved to have found family in this way. She says nothing more, but then, she also knows she doesn't have to.

It's about then that Jonesy wanders out from wherever he's been, leaps up, strolls across the top of the back of the sofa, and nuzzles the side of Pris's head affectionately. Good kitty.

"Thank you, honey." Pris offers, nuzzling her girlfriend a bit more as they embrace. "I wanted you to know. I — I never really had a family before. But I've watched enough to know that girlfriends are supposed to know about families, and vice versa." See? Isn't she smart. She figured this out all on her own.

When Jonesy pushes against her, Pris smiles and nuzzles the kitty instead. "Hi there, Jonesy. Good to see you, sweetie." Then the raven-haired mocha- skinned brunette settles against Sarah comfortably. "So. Now that this Morlun thing is over, is everything OK? YOu have any open cases?" She asks, not to quiz Sarah or to pry, but because she cares, and wants Sarah to have someone who will listen.

Sarah gives the cat a smile, happy that now, after a bit of a rocky start, her pet and her girlfriend are getting along so nicely. "Nothing big at the moment, though that can always change," she says in reply to Pris's question. "A bit of strangeness that needs investigating here and there, but no way of telling what just might need a simple exorcism versus something more serious or threatening. And I have an Ops shift on Tuesday, so I'll just be in the office all day unless Hell literally breaks loose."

Priscilla rubs her hands along Sarah's tummy and sides as they nestle together. "Well, I'm glad you don't have any immediate issues with anything huge. I thought, if you had time, Tuesday or Wednesday maybe we could go out to dinner? I mean, if the world is ending, I get it, and I've got your back. But if not?" Yep. It's that simple. Just making a relationship work together, one little step at a time.

Sarah closes her eyes for just a moment, mmmming at that sensual touch, before answering the dinner question. "I'd love to. Wednesday's probably better. Tuesday, if something winds up going on out in the field, I could be stuck in Ops past end of shift."

"OK. Wednesday will work." Pris will just ask the club for that night off, simple as that. Given it's not a Friday or Saturday, it's unlikely they'll cause any guff with their headliner, and she is entitled to time to make a relationship work. "Any thoughts of what kind of place you might like to try? Something you've had a hankering for?" Granted, the beautiful Brit probably doesn't get 'hankerings'. Maybe something more prim and proper, like a craving? Or a desire?

Sarah thinks for a moment, before suggesting, "Is there somewhere you particularly like? Or a type of cuisine that's a favorite you'd like to share with me, or introduce me to if I haven't had it before?" She leans in to give her girlfriend a sweet peck on the lips before adding, "If there's something that's special to you, I'd love to learn that."

Priscilla considers that question as she returns the soft, tender and sweet little kiss. "Mmmm." she offers, clearly thinking, considering the question on hand. "Well, there is a place I'm wondering if you've tried. It's called Infirmary NYC, on the Upper East. It's a creole-style upscale eatery. I've heard about it, but never gone. It's too uppity for me by myself. But a chance to share it with you? That'd be worth it, totally. Ever been?"

"I haven't, but it sounds delightful," Sarah answers, smiling. "A bit of an adventure for both of us, then. Perfect." That smile takes on a bit of playful warmth as she pauses for a moment, then says, "What you said before about family got me thinking. I should introduce you to mine sometime soon. I Skype with Mum and Dad every week, usually on Saturday mornings — well, Saturday afternoon for them, but — and it'd be fun to have you join me. I've told them about you, and I know they'd love to get to see you and talk with you."

Pris' dazzling purple eyes get saucer-wide at this latest turn in the conversation. She's not pushing Sarah away - far from it - but she's clearly startled and a bit off her game. "Wow. Really? You think they'd want to talk to me?" Sarah has, by now, gotten a pretty clear view of Priscilla's still-lingering issues regarding self-esteem; she doesn't expect 'good people', especially high-class folks - and like any grubby low-class ill-educated American, she instantly considers anyone from Britain to be 'good people' and far above her own station - to want to have anything to do with the ill-educated stripper.

"Of course they would," Sarah replies, not completely surprised by Pris's reaction. "Mum teased me last week about how, according to her, I glow when I talk about you." She blushes — glows, one might say — a bit even now, as she's saying that. "You've got nothing to worry about — They'll adore you. They raised me, didn't they?" She laughs softly, before adding, "And they know I love you and you make me happy, so you've already run up quite a scrore in their book."

Priscilla grins even as she blushes, leaning in to brush her lips over Sarah's glowing cheeks. "OK, agreed. Next Saturday, I'll stick around and agree to be on-camera for your family call." And she'll just hope that her girlfriend is right about how her parents will react. The stereotype of the uptight prim and proper Brits is pretty solid in her mind, but she's willing to be proven wrong. "After all, they raised you. They can't possibly be all bad."

Laughing a bit and rolling her eyes, Sarah says, "They're nice, good people. They used to be field agents, like me, for MI-13. They're still with Thirteen, just not in the field any more. Mum teaches combat magic now, and Dad's an analyst at Central Office. They're hardly the sort of people who look down on anyone, or worry about what someone does for a living. Perfectly ordinary folk." Well, as 'ordinary' as you get when you work for Her Majesty's Mystical Service, not that Sarah's saying that.

Pris will definitely be sweating it all until it's over, but she will buck up and try to be brave in the face of her nerves. "Wow. A pair of mystical magical agents. Impressive folks. This is going to be really interesting." Terrifying. "But you have my word, hon. Now, why don't we head upstairs?"

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