2019-11-10 - Hey.


Miles visits Mary Jane at the Trisk

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Date: Sun Nov 10 19:05:34 2019
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When Miles found out that Mary Jane was brought to the Tri for treatment, his first concern was what did that creamy skinned freak do to her. The next was.. is she okay. And because he couldn't get any information from nurses and such because he's not immediate family, he was at an impasse.

Even when he tried to play the 'well, I'm her boyfriend?' card - he got giggles in response. Out of her league, entirely. Finally, Miles just decided to show up to see how she was. He's still healing from his own interaction with Morlun, he's moving gingerly, but nothing is immediately exposed as injured as he knocks on the door to MJ's room and peeks in, complete with mask. "MJ?" he asks quietly, ready to duck back out if she's not ready for visitors. Or never wanting to see him again.

MJ was in good spirits at least! She was rescued by two women, in which all girls rock, and given really excellent treatment at the Trisk. Blood work was done as usual, x-rays, the usual work-ups, and she was in her own little room recovering. She at least signed a waver that she wouldn't use social media 'actively' while at the Trisk, so most of her time was spent browsing articles, catching up on light reading, eating what the nurses and doctors suggest while she gets over her 'trauma.'

Her leg was at least out of her old cast and put into a new one, which was scribbled on by random nurses because MJ invited them to kill the boredom! So when Miles popped his head in, her eyes lights up! She looks -completely- different without makeup! Much more relaxed and wide eyed! "Miles!"

"Hey." And then she calls him Miles, and those lenses narrow reflexively. "Haven't exactly told them my name yet!" he admits with a cough as he quickly makes his way in, closing the door, and knowing where the camera is, he takes off his hoodie and drops it over it. No peeking! Finally, he pulls off his mask, concern on his features. "How're you?" he asks, worry in his features.

Then he pauses. Turning back around, he gets out a container and opens it. "I didn't know what you'd want, so I pulled up a picture from your Instagram, showed it to the barista…" And he's holding a venti mocha frappe - no whip - with 'MJ <3 Get Well Soon' - written on the side of it. "Digging the new cast. They let you pick the color?"

Ooh.. oops! MJ's cheeks color a dark red as she grimaces. "Sorry.." She didn't know. But her wince soon turns into righteous fury. And for a moment her jaw tenses and her phone is set within her lap, her fingers working themselves out with the need to strangle Miles until they was nothing left. Even the offer of coffee was taken with hesitancy, for she was actually boggled.

"You.. were thrown from.. what was it, one hundred feet onto a -floor- and you're asking me how -I- am?" She shakes her head. "My arm was just broken but.. I thought you were -dead-. He -threw- you. There was a lot of blood!" Gosh, the dumdum.. "Come here.." Her arm (with the free hand not holding the coffee) tries to snake around his neck, she wanted to give him a big ol' hug. "You big dummy, of course they did. I'm really glad you're alive."

Confusion touches Miles' features when she starts to get mad, and he glances himself over. "I mean, you were taken though and he…" there's a harder shake of his head. "I got up again. I mean, hurt like hell - but needed to answer the bell. Had to find you, make sure you were okay." That didn't go over as expected, and he approaches her almost with trepedation, until Mary Jane pulls him into the hug.

The tenseness fades after a moment and his own arms come around her middle as he presses against her in pure relief as he presses his face against the side of her hair, taking in her scent as he holds onto her tightly for several seconds before pulling back just slightly. "He only threw me a hundred feet. I mean, coulda been two hundred." His eyes search her face in concern. "I knit up pretty quickly, I find."

Mary Jane didn't want to let go, she was no doctor but he felt right. Nothing moving out of place as she clutches him, no winces or stiffness, he was fine. So once he pulls away, she finally lets out a sigh. "Still, that's a long way down.." She mutters, finally taking a sip of coffee, letting all of her worries subside for now. "I don't get that.." She confesses. "..did I ever tell you I was friends with Spider-Man? You.. him.. that girl we met in the park.. it's like.." She gestures, trying to come up with the words. "..super-human yeah but.. really. Are -you- okay?" Mentally and otherwise. "Want to get up here with me?"

"You told me you were best friends or something.. I can only assume that's why that guy came after you." And just threw him aside like he was garbage. She felt warm and delightful and it took everything he had to just not kiss her, but when she invites him up on the bed, he moves to join her. But he moves around so he's not disturbing the leg in the cast. "You know, you're even pretty without makeup." Lame, yes. But he noticed it.

"I'm okay. Will be okay. Is it over, though? Are /you/ safe?" he asks her, his own worries still ramped up. Does he need to get better to protect her? Can he protect her. He slips an arm around her to continue the hug, just content to be close to her. To know she's recovering. That she's going to be okay. "I guess in the whole spider hero heiarchy.. I kinda suck, huh? Like, I'm a garden spider in a landful of tarantulas and widows and stuff."

Her being pretty without make-up wasn't the first time she's heard it, but it was the first time she truly blushed over it. Her hand touches against her cheek, allowing her to turn away and make a little bit of room on the surface of her bed.

"I don't know if it's over. I think if it was I'd be gone by now." She assumes, and as he climbs up, she leans away from him to set the elaborate coffee down, then turns a bit sideways to lay on his shoulder. He was warm, which she appreciated, it almost felt like rooms were lacking heat where ever she went.

"I don't think that." She says admittedly. "From what I've seen, you live." Her head nods a little, finally getting enough nerve to settle in truly, hand on chest and all. "Like, maybe the other spiders make this all about what they are and not who they are. You live, you laugh, you have fun, you're never severe. You don't let this define you. I like that."

Settled in together, Miles considered what Mary Jane was saying, though his free hand moves to push some of her hair back over her ear. And to subtly check for bruising. Or injury. "Why would I let what happen to me define me?" he asks. "That's the attitude of a victim. My uncle, bless his soul, told me I need to live to be Miles Davis Morales, not Spider-Kid, or whatever I decided my name was gonna be. I don't want to be a hero forever. Do I want to help? Yeah. It's what anyone should want to do when they have powers. But I want to do other things. Go to school, have my art.. you know.." he pauses, and then adds.

"…have a girlfriend."

And he's trying to quickly move past that part confression, part question. "…they tell you when they're gonna let you outta here? Becaue believe me, after a couple of days you're gonna be begging me to sneak you in ShakeShack when I'm on more of a White Castle budget."

"Some people kind of wallow in that.." She says offhandedly. She was trying her best to not be that person. To not fall down into depression or cry about it, she certainly did for a while during, and after her rescue. There was really no bruising, if she were choked she doesn't remember it. Just the blinding pain that her arm was in after it was snapped clean in half. Which was healed!

His confession was not missed, in fact, she was going to tease him a little. "Oh.. have a girlfriend?" She asks, moving her hands to his side to tickle and pinch. "A girrrllllfrrrrriiieennnd..?" She then pulls away just a little. "I mean, certainly it's not me. I would -like- to have a boyfriend too.."

She settles back in though, this time laying upon her back, using his arm as a pillow as she laces her fingers atop of her belly. "No clue. But.. you know what? Let me take you out for a change, you don't always have to pay. I want to go a bit out of town to the suburbs. They have an IHOP there that does -not- sell turkey bacon, and I'm really, really feeling some blueberry pancakes right about now."

As she tickles and pinches, Miles lets out a squeal and goes on the counter attack, going at her sides before she pulls back a little, and then he's the one that advances on her, ending up just slightly draped on the redhead, and his cheeks warm. Did it suddenly get a lot warmer in here? His hand rests on top of hers on her stomach as his other plays with her shoulder. "…oh man. And that pecan syrup?" he asks, "Mmm."

Biting his lip, he considers her. "So, we've had a couple of dates. They've not gone great. After all, you got kidnapped and nearly arrested and I totally did a B&E when sneaking you into the game, but…" he considers, ducking his head, and finally summons up the notion. "You want to go to IHOP? Totally game. But maybe as more than just hanging out?" His fingers move, trying to lace with hers." And look, his hand is /on her shoulder/. Totally the shoulder touch.

MJ holds it together. Being tickled was something that would make her book it out the door; but trapped on the bed she couldn't go anywhere, so it was a clear flail and a bat of his hands away until he settles down. "Pecan syrup on blueberry pancakes?" She asks.. that was a thought. "I wonder how that tastes, I mean, I was going to full blueberry. Syrup, pancakes, muffins, flavored coffee.." It was a blue kind of day.

She grows quiet as she reflects on the dates as he brings them up, trying to hold back a smile at them running from the cops. And then learning outright that he was who he was and he did the one thing she's always asked. To not hide. Her fingers lift to lace with his, and while she -wants- to be nonchalant and shrug her shoulders, him asking was serious business.

"Well.. yes." She says without hesitation. Then.. "Wait. You mean as boyfriend and girlfriend? Cause I thought we were working towards that and you did -kiss- me and I could have sworn I felt you kinda lick me when you did…"


"Yeah, well, you weren't eactly kissing back?" Miles points out to her as he chuckles. The talk of relationships and all is serious, and he considers her. "I was working towards that and asking if you'd want.." he smiles a little, and glances down at their hands. "I mean, big step there, but I know you don't have much family in town, and I ain't exactly been invited to join the Spiders - I mean, is there a flier for them or something?" he asks, then gets back on track.

"I was going to see if you wanted to come over to my parents for Thanksgiving. As my girlfriend." There, he said it.

"No pancakes or the like, but we have a ton of food, because my mom and dad always argue over how to do the turkey so we end up with two turkeys and two meals and end up feeding the ward my mom works at and the precient dad's at, and I usually end up at home alone on the evening.. and was hoping I'd have some company this year."

"But even if you say yes, you can totally buy me pancakes. You ever try mixing a little crumbled bacon in the mix…" then a pause. "And I totally did not lick you!" It's a protest, at least. "I just ah. Have really full lips!"

"I was! I mean, I thought you were getting something off of me and.." Ooh, ooh! Tit for tat! But she settles down and allows him to continue his train of thought, a bright smile then appearing as she tries to contain her excitement! He was asking her on a date! A real boyfriend! Nothing that's on TV! Like an honest to god truth be told and never let him finish the sentence boyfriend!

"Yes!" Uh.. slow down. "I mean.." She clears her throat. "..yes. I would be honored to attend your family Thanksgiving as your girlfriend. As long as any other day, I can be your girlfriend.."

But they were quickly falling into the foodie couples territory, just the thought of having an elaborate thanksgiving nearly causes her to grow teary eyed. "My mom.." She starts, but.. she shakes her head. Her plans are usually involving someone else, or the Parkers. She was going to let it happen again this year to spend with the Morales..

"Nevermind, but yes. I'll buy you pancakes. I don't know if IHOP actually allows us to mix bacon in. Should we bring bacon salad bits mix and do it ourselves?" There was a thought! And another thought had her looking up towards him, then sliding away a little to face him. "So, since.. we're officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Can I kiss you?"

"Oh! Your mom." Miles had totally forgotten, and now he's embarassed. "I mean, your mom can totally come to. How does she feel about Brooklyn, though?" Because he's so not living in the Heights. "Bacon bits? Like the artificial soy things? Ugh!" he laughs at that, and shakes his head. "We're gonna do bacon, it's gonna be the full fat nasty thick smoked sliced stuff. Not that stuff you buy in a canister." he starts to say, and then suddenly, they're a couple. And not just an Instagram couple, but an actual.. hey, I can text you without going through the Watsons couple..

Then her question hits, and Miles is caught flatfooted. In fact, for half a second, he /disappears/. She can feel him there, he's not pulled away, but when he finally realizes he's vanished, he looks back up into her bright eyes with his own dark ones as he fades into view and there's a laugh. "I don't know. You think I'm gonna lick you again?" he asks, but then there's a nod. "I've wanted to kiss you since our first date, MJ. You can.. if I can."

"No no, she usually just goes to the neighbors and hangs with them. I'm sometimes just working." It sounded sad as she said it, and perhaps it was. But food was the focus again, and she agrees whole heartedly! "So fry them before we get there and mix it? That's criminal. I am so game."

His vanishing catches her by surprise, so much so that her mouth drops open. Her eyes shift left and right, her hand reaches out to touch the space where he is, and to give a light push. He was still there, which would probably look odd to the cameras. Like a glitch in the matrix. And he's back again, and she smiles. "Noooo…" She says drawn out, shaking her head against his arm. "But really? Can I?" She was teasing, made clear by the shuffle closer, along with the tilt of her chin to press her lips against his.

"Okay…" Miles starts to say, and then as she promises, before he can say anything else, his mouth is pleasantly occupied by hers. He's only had a few kisses - and well, MJ's probably better at it then him as he leans into the redhead as he tightens his arms around her. Pulling her closer, he lingers there for several seconds.

But he's letting her lead on this, how long they remain pressed together. Fortunately, Miles had covered the camera to take off the mask, and when he finally is allowed to breathe again, there's a soft breath. "….wow."

The kiss was better than she expected! It wasn't filled with obligation of getting paid at the end, it wasn't rehearsed, it was true and genuine. No licking either! Finally the kiss ends as it naturally does, his wow was compounded with her hand, fanning the proverbial flames as she turns to face the ceiling again. "It's.. kind of hot in here." Definitely! "So.. um.. what now?" She had no clue, and the kiss that they just shared pretty much trumped all conversation she could think of.

"Uh. Well." Miles laughs. "If we weren't in a hospital room." And he'll let their minds play with that. But he gives her one more kiss, this one shorter and sweeter. "I should let you finish healing. Cause I want to be able to whip you in DDR on our next date when you have your feet back under you." he whispers, his hand reaching to touch her face, caressing her cheek. "But I can sit and talk as long as you want." He just has a feeling if that he stays here - kissing is gonna continue.

"Hmm?" Oooh. Mary Jane was not that simple to not know what he meant. She felt it too. She shakes her head, obviously not wanting him to leave. "Well, you're not stopping me from healing." She says honestly. "I don't want to sit and talk. Can you just, stay with me until I fall asleep? The nurses are fine, the sweetest. The doctors are smart and they make good conversation but I'd rather have you here. And I am getting tired." Even if he said no, she'd use his other arm to wrap around her shoulders. If they wanted to talk, sure. But if not, she'd be asleep a little while after.

"Then I'll stay." Miles responds. She says she's getting tired, and he's more than willing to stay with her. He's just got the nerves. The new boyfriend nerves and everything is yelling go while he's reminding himself to slow down. She's worth it. "But if I fall asleep with you, it's because holding you.. is really nice, MJ." he admits as he settles his hand into her again, holding her hand as he rests it against her stomach. Then the realization hits. "You're my girlfriend. I shouldn't be leaving at all."

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