2019-11-09 - Odd and Niche Pantheon


The Earth Pendant is returned to Tionge as Mari and T'Challa talk about her new costume.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Nov 9 09:51:15 2019
Location: Sky Apartments - Apt 6803

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Tionge had been staying at Mari's. It's been a couple of days since the Black Panther and Vixen had retrieved him from the Disaster Zone. Mari hadn't revealed the location of the Earth pendant - that had been stored at T'Challa's place in a safe.

That's changing today though. Mari is expecting a visitor to drop by - hopefully he'll have remembered to bring it with him.

The design table in her apartment is on, Vixens costume turning slowly above it. Clearly Mari is working on it, but for what reason isn't clear.

"Tionge, are you enjoying the view out there?"

The african man is on her balcony, looking over the city. "I am indeed, Mari."

T'Challa arrives in customarily understated fashion. He lets himself in - he can do that now - and steps into the work space with a small wooden box in his hands. She can tell without him opening it that it has the earth stone in it. Which is a good thing because he doesn't open it right away. Just sets it down on the side of the work table.
"Hello Mari. Good afternoon Tionge. I hope I am not overly late. What is it you are working on? Improvements to your costume?"

Tionge looks in as T'Challa arrives, dark eyes going to the box the King of the Dead is carrying. "I can feel it …." he says as he comes from the balcony, moving closer but not too near the table and the box. "Hello, T'Challa." They had met not long after he'd been found.

He's no more aware of T'Challa's dual persona's than Mari is.

"You are not late, no…"

Mari smiles at T'Challa, turning from her design to press a kiss to the Wakandans cheek. "You're never late. A King only arrives when he's supposed to arrive. And yes, I'm looking at making it making more armoured. I don't like getting shot much."

T'Challa chuckles. "I think you are getting Kings confused with Wizards. But it is an easy mistake to make. Both are rather magical." Yes that's a bit of a joking brag. He does that every once in a while.

T'Challa kisses her back and smiles. "Yes, I have brought the earth stone. Though to be honest that is far less interesting to me right now than what Mari is doing." Because the costume looks good.

Tionge settles as he stares at the box, Mari watching him for a moment. "How did you know, Tionge?" Mari knows she can feel it, well her own pendant can. "And thank you T'Challa, I do find you rather magical at times."

There's still some question as to whether or not Tionge is the real owner of the pendant or a plant. T'Challa had been making some enquiries into that - and can probably confirm that he is.

"You like it, T'Challa?" Mari turns back to the design, tugging the King closer to her. "I was thinking of using Reverbium laced material to redo it. Put some armouring into it. I rather like the Panthers suit, after all."

"I do yes. It's very becoming but then I've thought very highly of your fashion skills from the moment we met." As evidenced by the fact that ALL of his suits and a number of his other clothes are made by her fashion house and in some cases, directly by her.

"The panther's costume, mmm? It does have its charms I will admit though it is also not very good for flattering the form. Cat mask and all that."

It does show off the physique, sort of, but it's clearly more functional than anything else. It's got some nice tech though.

"Tionge, by the way, does appear to be the actual owner of the pendent. My sources managed to confirm it." His sources PROBABLY in Wakanda but he didn't actually say. He knows a lot of people.

Mari looks at T'Challa as he gives that news. She wonders if the sources were alive or dead. Not that it matters - he would have been thorough in his investigation and questions, it's good for her. The box is handed over to the other Pendant holder.

Tionge takes it reverantly, opening the box and taking the pendant to put about his neck. Both his and Mari's pendants start to glow softly. "They recognise each other … " he answers. "Thank you, King T'Challa and Mari."

"I don't know, the cat suit has it's charms T'Challa. The Panther can't hide a lot of flaws in it…" Mari smirks. "But surely, you would prefer I have a functional suit over a fashionable one…" She really is teasing. "Honestly, it was the kinetic ability it seems to exhibit that is fascinating. However, what do you think - if I used Reverbium in my costume and lightweight armouring. Could we program the Reverbium to work with the armouring? Or is it just overkill?"

"A reverbium weave by itself will increase the durability of the suit considerably." T'Challa says. If there's one thing he knows about, it's Vibranium and… related metals. There didn't used to BE any related metals but nevermind that. "It could potentially be made to release energy in the same way but my understanding of Reverbium is it doesn't store energy well, not like Vibranium does. However it MIGHT be possible to convert incoming energy into electrical impulse and store THAT. Then it could be released on command."

Vibration can make electricity after all. There are very simple electronics that function on exactly that principle.

"You are quite welcome Tionge. I am happy to return the pendent to it's rightful owner. Though I am concerned. That will surely make you a target once more and you have already been attacked twice." Once when he was caught and once when he escaped.

"I don't need it to do that, I'm just wondering how best I could use it, T'Challa." Mari answers, putting a hand on the Wakandan's arm. "Increasing the durability is a good thing of course. We all know how hard I am on my suit." Getting shot the other week was a wake up call for Mari.

"You're the engineer, not me, but if I understand what I've seen of our tests at all, the vibrations set up resonance in the material, don't they? What if the more the suit gets hit, it emits a sound? Could be a sonic wave to disrupt … things?"

Mari really, really isn't an Engineer.

"It will, King T'Challa." Tionge agrees. "I had thought that I might travel home to my people but I think that will just lead them to my village. I could go into hiding, I suppose."

"Yes indeed." T'Challa says. He remembers her getting shot as well though he can't say that since technically the Panther was there for that and not him. With things getting as serious as they are with her… he's going to have to tell her at some point. But he isn't sure… how.

"It's Prince T'Challa, Tionge." T'Challa says with a smile. "Unless you mean my position as King of the Dead." Then it's king but that's not a title he typically goes by on the street. "Hiding in a large city like this is much more possible. And you were not attacked while you stayed with Mari so that is a start. But I do not think that ultimately hiding is the answer. Klaue and whatever this scheme of his is will have to be dealt with." Hard. Klaue is more than just an irritant. He is dangerous and T'Challa well knows that.

"Mmmm? Yes. If the suit gets hit it may emit sound. That can be controlled with proper engineering though. And yes you could use it to buy yourself space in a fight."

It's possible that Mari will work it out if T'Challa doesn't tell her. Then he'll have to worry about how that will be received. For now though, Mari doesn't seem to be pressing the issue - beyond her initial suspicion. Has he allayed that enough, does he suppose?

"Your highness, then." Tionge smiles and leans against Mari's couch, listening to the pair. "I do not wish to hide from this threat for long. If they came for me, they'll come for Mari and the others …"

Mari hasn't told him that the fire pendant wielder is dead and they have that pendant as well.

"You can stay here until we work out what we're doing, Tionge. We're going to have to deal with Klaue sooner than later."

"Do you think that's a good idea, T'Challa? To have it emit sound or would force be better do you think?"

"That will work." T'Challa laughs. Your highness. He likes that one. It seems, somehow, less formal than 'your majesty.' Maybe it's because it's said so often in Disney movies? Something like that. He loved those growing up as a child. Yes. They watched those even in Wakanda.

"They will and may have already come for Mari. And they surely will go for the other pendant bearers if they have not done so already." Which they may have. Not all of them were said to be here in the States or even on this continent.

"Sonic waves are easy to do. Some other kind of electromagnetic force would add more devices and thus more weight. And I get the feeling you like your suits light and flexible so we should keep it simple." They have company so he does not make further comments on Mari's flexibility but he does give her a smile and a wink. "We will also want to test it. And I can think of a few good ways to do that. I have wanted to put you through your paces for a bit."

Mari knows that T'Challa can fight. She's seen him wield a ghostly spear and shield.

Tionge nods to T'Challa and bows ever so slightly. "I will accept the offer, Mari, for the interim. I would like to assist in the resolution of this but for now, I will leave you two … alone." he saw the smile and the wink and grins at T'Challa as he returns to the balconey.

"There's a reason I haven't armoured my suit in the past. It has to move and nothing I've found comes remotely close." Certainly the X-Men seem to have something but that material isn't available to Mari. "If I hadn't been shot by Klaues goons the other week and you making comment, I probably wouldn't have thought of Reverbium. However, if we can do this … it gives me an exclusive range, doesn't it. Well, gives us - I hope you'd want to partner on it."

There's a grin from the dark skinned woman as T'Challa makes that comment "You haven't put me through my paces already?" They're sort of alone now, aren't they?

"Not like that no." T'Challa laughs. They are indeed sort of alone though Tionge is just over there. He might be taking in the view of the city. Lord knows that T'Challa does that often enough.

"Well I can't imagine anyone else who will be working in Reverbium simply because I don't know how many other people will be able to get it. I hope you're ready to beef up security at your company. People are going to try to steal that." And how will they do that. T'Challa can already see the headaches it will cause.

"Ahhhh." Mari grins just a little bit more. "Well, anytime you want to, I could always put you through yours as well." Mari has seen T'Challa with that ghostly spear and shield - the question is, once she starts to fight with the King of the Dead, will she be able to see the similarities between the Panther and he?

"Exactly. We have a start in the market that others do not. A high cost of entry, so to speak. I was fortunate enough to have … corned that market." She's being a little cheeky now. "And I am. I think I need to employ or contract a security specialist, what do you think?"

Someone dedicated to overseeing her security needs.

"I'm sure you could." T'Challa says with a smile. "Of course you are a professional hero as well as a fashion goddess so I should not be surprised that you can. Still. I think I might enjoy it. And I think you might too. And in any case I would want to test something I am helping you design."

"I think contracting a security specialist is quite wise. Did you have anyone in particular in mind?" She might know people. Or they might ask Emma…

"I'm sure we'll both find mutually pleasurable." Mari smirks again, leaning against T'Challa as they view her design. "If I'm a fashion Goddess, then you are Engineering God. A pair well matched, I should think." beat "Oh, I promise you'll enjoy it."

They might actually spar before the costume is made.

"No one in particular. I was hoping you might have recommendation. I've a small pool of names from the agency I use but Security is so personal."

It's not personal, perse, but it is very important.

"I was going to ask Emma as well and maybe see if the Avengers knew of someone." Well, SHIELD mostly. They have contractors on their books, after all.

T'Challa wraps his arm around her waist and laughs quietly. "Goddess of Fashion and God of Engineering. What a rather odd and niche pantheon we make." Still, it's useful as was amply demonstrated repeatedly over the last few months. It helps that Mari has vision to see things as they might be and not as they are.

"I'd say let us ask Emma and see if she knows. I'd ask if the Embassy might have recommendations too." He can inquire if there's anyone Wakanda finds particularly reliable these days. He's a bit out of the loop given that he never really NEEDS security.

"I take it you don't want ghosts around the house and business, yes?"

"An effective pantheon." Mari agrees, settling comfortably against T'Challa's side. "Do you like the colours? Or should I change them?" The colours are the same as her current suit. Differently laid out and slightly more modern.

"Let's us Emma then and see where we get to." Mari glances up at the question "Would it mean I got to see you more often, I don't think I'd be complaining."

"Well certainly one that could make a good business pitch. We'd want a God of accountants though." T'Challa is enjoying toying with the ideas. "The black and yellow seem good. But let us see what you can do with some color. Maybe emphasize the yellow a bit? Emma would tell you to put in some white, I think."

Because of course she would. "And yes, I think it would mean that. And I wouldn't complain about that either. Shall we maybe avail ourselves of some of that seeing now?"

"I'm sure we can find a God of accountants if we look hard enough." Mari lets T'Challa mess with the colours. At least he's not adding sparkles! "Emma would, but white is so hard to keep clean." Black and yellow it is, then. They are her signature colours after all.

"We should. I can get dinner delivered and we can watch a movie if you like. Or perhaps you'd like to take me out."

"I would be happy to take you out. Dinner, do you think? And perhaps a walk after." it'll be cold. Brisk even but they can make it work. After all they're both used to the cold by this point and it would be rather pleasant especially with the holidays approaching. All the lights. That really is one of his favorite things about this time.

"Dinner it is then. Let me get changed and get my coat. A walk afterwards would be lovely." Mari smiles, pressing another kiss to T'Challa's cheek and goes to do just that.

As well as tell Tionge she'll be out … for a while.

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