2019-11-08 - Ten Cent Tours


Dr. Aiko Miyazaki shows up at SHIELD for possible recruitment and meets some of the various SHEILDies.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Nov 8 18:36:07 2019
Location: Triskelion

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SHIELD is always looking to recruit bright new minds into the science arm of the divisions. So they tend to invite from colleges and universities and see who will show up. An invitation was sent to Aiko Miyazaki to gauge her interest. Upon her arrival was a couple of standard security checks, and finally they are taken to the labatory area. There's a couple of science types with her, but they are more the mechanical side, and while they are taken to see the mechanical lab, Aiko is shown to the chemical lab.

Already set up in the lab, a couple of techs are working on a blood draw from a thin and lithe figure - which on first appearance could very well be mistaken for Spider-Man. Except his suit is completely black. He's wearing a couple of SHIELD patches, and one of his sleeves is rolled up as they are drawing blood from his vein.

Noticing the young woman and the tour guides, the masked character looks between the two techs and then her. "Oh hey, I get a cut of the profits on the ten cent tour as one of the freaks, right?"

Honey Lemon giggles at the joke the unique spiderman type makes. Offering a friend wave hello of her hand before slipping from the tour guide and come in closer. "And why is it you are testing his blood?" is inquired on the techs but her eyes curiously remain on him. "Quite an intriguing suit as well." Her gaze curiously scanning over all of him before settling in on his arm where the blood is being drawn. Her hands grabbing a set of gloves, just in case if she happens to be handed anything, easily slipping her hands into the hypo-allergenic gloves.

"They have this theory…" the black-suited figure offers to Aiko with a chuckle. His lens narrow in mirth and amusement. "So, apparently there's all these spider people. And we might all share a genetic link - and I guess they're trying to figure it out."

"It's more than that." One the techs corrects. "We're looking for the abnormalities in his blood to see what may have caused his paticular mutation."

"And remove it." That part, from Miles? That might be just a little bitter.

"Not remove it. Just see what makes you work."

"Want to see that, there's a training room down the way. I wouldn't mind showing off for a pretty girl." Offered in a tease, he glances towards Aiko, "I mean, wouldn't want to bore her."

"I think she's more interested in her blood than you." comes the cool response from the tech.

"Owch. Wounded. So wounded. I mean, she hasn't even met my charming personality yet— OW!"

"A little stick." The tech pushed in the needle and pulls a few vials of blood and glances to Aiko. "Want to help spin this up?"

Honey Lemon looks surprised at the flirting, offering a symphony of nervous giggles to leave her lips. "I.. I am not opposed to a demostration. I… am rather curious if you also happened to have super strength too. But even if not, never actually got to meet one of your spider people before so… never had a chance to study myself." She winces briefly as he is stuck, though her eyes look back towards Miles's lens instead of watching the blood entering into the viles. At the question about spinning she responds, "Sure. What is your centrifuge?"

"I eat my spinach, sure." comes the coy response to if he has super strength. "Along with the usual package of spider powers. I feel like they're in the back of a comic book somewhere. Just nine ninety-five and five comic seals and we'll send you your own personalized spider to bite you and see if you become super powered!" There's a smirk in his tone before adding. "Not valid in Vermont and we're not held reliable if you just get stupid sick."

The tech glances at Miles. "Are you ever serious?"

"Am I supposed to be?" then he gestures over at where the centierfuge is. Yes, Miles do

"Sure, I could do that. As for what to call me in the suit.. I don't know.. what do you people call me?" Miles asks one of the techs.

"Gamma two-two."

"Laaaaame." Miles drawls. "I'll need to come up with something amazing for myself. Spectacular, even. Just not superior." There's amusement in his tone as he considers Aiko. "Or you know, let someone name me, who knows. So you're a Wunderkin huh?" comes the question.

While the two converse, the results of the blood draw start to come up. Sure, African-American, that much is obvious as the color of the exposed skin from the sleeve being up.

But then the DNA abnormalities start to show. And one of the techs gives a little gasp of surprise. "Can't be." he says as he moves over to start putting in information.

Honey Lemon laughs a bit at the banter between Miles and the techs. She soon teases the response, "Spiderflirt. And.. what is a Wunderkin?" Curiosity echoing in her question. Though he gaze is easily distracted as one of the teches begins to type into the compuuter. Easily moving to peer over the shoulder, unable to help herself from being nosey.

Normally Carol Danvers doesn't spend a lot of time at the Triskelion, since she's off doing Avenger things. However, there are times when she's catching up on paperwork and generally driving Fury a little bit crazy.

So she was at her not-often-used corner office when the call came in that Spider-Man was in. Since she's worked with him before, she decided to come by and say hello…

Which is when Carol walks into the lab, hair tied back in a ponytail and wearing the standard SHIELD uniform. She looks at Miles, blinks once, and says, "Um, guys, you told me we had Spider-Man here. This isn't Spider-Man, or at least not the one I've worked with." She then looks back towards Miles, "They aren't treating you too badly though, are they?" With that, she gives the young man a grin, not looking nearly as old as her files say that she does.

"See. Trademarked. And then people start calling me Spider-Man, and then they'll do what they do and I'll be Black Spider-Man and then it'll be all confusing." Miles grumps, giving his sleeve a little tug. "Yeah, I'm the scrub you picked up off the streets. You know. With the spider that has no spider powers." There's a smirk under his mask at that, before he glances over. "That's Doctor Aiko. I think SHIELD's trying to recruit her. You know. Junior division."

"But other than nearly getting my butt kicked by Helena, and embarassing myself in front of Captain America. You know.. the usual." There's a glance over at Aiko. "She wants to call me Spiderflirt, but come on, she hasn't even seen me with a girlfriend yet." That's said with a teasing lit.

On the screen, for a moment, Aiko will catch a flash of sequencing that's being compared to a certain super soldier's serum, sightly modified. The tech quickly puts on the screen saver when he notices Aiko looking over his shoulder - about ten seconds too late as he looks back at her sharply. "That's classified."

SHIELD is very much like an onion; there are layers to everything, and the science labs are no different. Doors lead from one area to the other, some reinforced, others marked with various warning signs. One such door has been closed off for some time, bearing a big res light over its security panel and denying access to anyone who doesn't have a legitimate reason to be in there.

The light turns from red to blue; it's locking mechanism cycles a couple of times, and the heavy door begins to swing open, much like that of a bank vault door. It's just as thick, beyond which is a long corridor with an ominous look about it. The region beyond is where SHIELD tests and conducts some of its most dangerous experiments.

A pair of techs walk out first, busy talking which each other and comparing notes on clipboards. Kwabena follows behind them, dressed in a gunmetal gray skin suit, with a SHIELD insignia upon one arm, and a PPU (Powered Persons Unit) patch on the other. Behind him, two guards holding modified ICER rifles.

Honey Lemon stands up and blushes deeply as she responds to the tech, "Apologies. I can't help myself." Offering an apologetic and nervous smile before she moves back towards where Miles is sitting. A shrugs is offered to him as she responds, "I tend to just stick to my work mostly, so I rarely see others with their significant others. Especially those I just met. As for what to call you? Maybe your girlfriend should do it?" A wave hello is offered to Carol before Kwabena's entrance causes her to also offer him a wave hello as well. Though as she notices the guards her hands relax at her sides.

Carol grins, "Well, with the sheer number of Spider-people around, picking a name is getting decidedly complicated, I'd think." She nods over towards Honey, and gives her a bit of a sympathetic look, "First time at SHIELD? It can be a bit weird at first, trust me."

Glancing over her shoulder she nods slightly towards Kwabena and the guards, "Hey, how's it going in there?" Not that she's fishing for information so much as wondering if she needs to get in there.

"Yeah, well. I figure it'll come to me when it comes to me." When Aiko mentions getting his SO to name him, there's a little laugh from Miles. "I don't even know if she's seen me in this get-up yet. It still don't feel right. Too much like my dad, and not enough me." he admits with a smirk.

"So you all done with me?" the techs nod. "Just be available for…"

"More tests.." the eye-roll might as well be visible. "Just wanting to know when I get some webshooters."

"That's classified inf-"

The first technician is nudged in the ribs by the other, who interrupts him. "Everything normal, Agent Danvers," she reports with a smile. "Just testing some upper limits with Shift here."

Kwabena steps out of line from behind the technicians as they answer Carol. While his oddly colored eyes peruse the room, he's not at all surprised to find new faces, considering how long he's been in the testing chamber. However, the friendliness of being randomly waved at by a person still strikes him as odd. He studies Honey Lemon for a moment, a beat longer than most people might feel to be appropriate, before lifting a gloved hand to wave awkwardly in response.

His attention shifts then to Miles, and with it comes a flash of empathy. He's had more blood drawn than he cares to think about, and knows exactly how it feels to be one of SHIELD's lab rats. "De tests are a bitch," he agrees.

An expression of recognition strikes the African when his attention turns to Carol. "You ah Agent Carol Danvahs. You ah well known, yes? I am Kwabena." He seems to grimace about something, and shakes his head. "Odame. Agent in the, ah, what is it?"

"Probationary Agent," offers one of the guards. They're hanging back, and do not seem terribly concerned that anything bad is going to happen, even though they are assigned to make sure Kwabena stays in line.

"Yes," Kwabena says, snapping gloved fingers and grinning. "Probationary Agent."

Honey Lemon nods yes to Carol before she responds, "Yes it is. Bit I do like it here and weird isn't really anything I am not used to." Her attention looking back to Miles as she says, "I still wanna see how much you could lift. Would be kind cool and I could share the resules with the techs." Soon falling silent as Kwabena speaks with a soft, friendly smile curling her lips.

"Sure, just let me know sometime. Folks know how to reach me." comes Miles' response, before he glances at his phone. "I'm gonna be late. I'll see you later!" With that, he's heading out to go meet with someone and run yet more tests.

Carol grins as Miles leaves, "And here I was going to challenge him to a weightlifting contest." She shakes her head, and offers a hand over towards Honey, "Carol Danvers, Special Agent. Glad you're not finding it to be too weird around here."

When Kwabena recognizes her, she nods a bit, "Yes, that's me, though I'm a little probationary myself, depending on Fury's mood at the time I guess." She gets a bit of a crooked grin at that, "But, even though I'm normally off doing other things, I am still a SHIELD agent."

"Be interesting to see the two of them go at it," one of the guards says, in reference to Carol and Kwabena.

The African mutant may still be a bit socially awkward, but he and Frank have become friends. Frank, the security guard, receives a well aimed middle finger flung his way without even looking.

As Miles departs, he points to the man with his free hand, looking between Carol and Honey. "Anodah spider person?" There is confusion on his face.

Honey Lemon responds to Carol, "Aiko Miyazaki. It is nice to meet you Special Agent Carol. And not much I find weird really in truth." A smile given before she looks to Kwabena as she responds, "It seems so yes. I was wanting to try and get him to use my prototype exercise machine I have been working on. I programmed it to just tighten the resistance up to 2324 tons. Never tested it that high of course. I don't have super strength myself but smart."

Carol whistles at that, "Well, that's a bit outside my weight class too… or really anyone who doesn't call themselves a Hulk, to be honest." She hmms, looking over at Miles, "Apparently. They definitely seem to be sprouting up everywhere, from what I can tell. Maybe the Disaster Zone has a surplus of radioactive spiders…"

As Carol speaks, she does get a few motes of light flickering around her. Brief flashes really, but it is noticeable to the observant, and very noticeable to know who she really is.

"Spiders can be radioactive?" Kwabena asks. Science is very much outside his realm of expertise. "Strange things."

Looking back over to Aiko, Kwabena lifts an eyebrow. "I will declassify my file for you," he says. "Dey have learned dat I will maintain Fourth Form for sixty seconds before nanotech shuts me down."

Lifting his hand, the gunmetal gray 'fabric' peels away to reveal the real hand underneath, and proving the material to be some form of technology rather than clothing. Then his hand sublimates into rolling black tendrils of smoke. Biogas, so to speak. "But I can not lift so many tonnes," he says with a grin.

Honey Lemon admits, "I have only had Hercules test on the prototype thus far. And it can to normal ranges too on regular pounds. I just thought something for those with super strength to be able to work out too is all." Her attention looks to Kwabena as she inquires, "Oh? Thank you." As he mentions the de-classifying. As he lifts his hand and the fabric peels away, she walks closer to observe. Her eyes widenning slightly as his hand sublimates into the rolling black tendrils of smoke, softly uttering, "Still ever the curious none the less."

Carol grins, "That is interesting. I'm a bit ordinary in that regard… relatively speaking, anyway." With that, she raises her hand, focusing her cosmic energy into causing her hand to glow. Not too brightly, but enough to show what she can do, "But then again, I tend to get a fair amount of media attention, so…" She shrugs a bit, as she's not exactly a secretive type.

"Form One," Kwabena tells Aiko. "Two is liquid state, three is a super solid. Four is made by nanotech." He glances toward Carol and perhaps there is a touch of jealousy in his expression at having noted those flecks of light, and now, the much more intentional display. "Is not controlled reaction, so, is very unsafe to…" He pauses for a moment, searching for the right word. English is not his primary language, after all. "Demonstrate?"

The smoke reforms into a human hand again. "Jemma will be glad for you to be around," he tells Aiko. "She is worked over."

Honey Lemon nervously laughs, "You both can do much more than I can physically. I am just chemist and adores making things really." Her gaze flitting between Carol and Kawbena. Soon she inquires, "Jemma? I look forward to meeting her. I often enjoy working with others just as much as I enjoy by myself in truth." She rewinds her thoughts a though as she inquires, "How many different forms do you have?"

Carol nods to Kwabena, "Took me a while to get a handle on them, too." Her hand goes back to normal, save for the occasional unconscious motes of light. "Good thing about SHIELD, they can provide help with the training with powers. A little better than when I first started, anyway." She then looks curiously at Kwabena, waiting for his answer to Honey.

"Just the four," Kwabena answers. "Three primary phases of normal matter, plus a plasma phase, and is… Uh. Is uh. Induced? By nanotech." He shakes his head at Aiko's admonishment. "Is x-gene, is what they told me. Do not be jealous." When he declassifies his file for her, she'll understand why he's said that.

Honey Lemon offers a nod at Kwabena's response, "I think I understand. it is truly intriguing and not jealous persay. I am fond of studying such things is all." There is a brief pause before she mentions, "I was getting a tour and somewhat strayed away when I ran into the Spider-Man wearing the all black outfit. Unsure where I was even suppose to go next and seems my guide has meandered off maybe?"

Carol grins, "Well, if you need an escort, I can show you around the place. The non-classified sections anyway." She tilts her head towards Honey, then looks over at Kwabena, "Did you get much of the tour yet? I hope, at least, they told you were the good coffee machines are hidden." Because those things are very important!

"I do not mind being studied," Kwabena admits. "It was bad at first. Now it is just a thing." He opens his mouth as if to say something else, when suddenly his attention darts from Honey to Carol.

"Dere is good coffee??"

Someone might as well have told him that Bowie was still alive.

Honey Lemon happily says, "A tour would be wonderful, thank you Special Agent." Her attention looks to Kwabena as she responds, "I just take a lot of notes more than anything." The mention of coffee causes her to remark, "I could use a cup of good coffee. Lead the way please?"

Carol grins and leads on, "There's a secret lounge… well, not really a secret, but you have to dig around for it. And please, call me Carol. I might technically be a special agent, but I prefer not to stand on such things." She glances over at Kwabena, and grins, "And it is damn fine coffee, one of the analysts orders it in special, and we have an understanding. I get access, and they get to have Captain Marvel show up for their daughter's birthday parties."

Small price to pay for good coffee in THIS place, anywho…

A conspiratorial glance as Kwabena falls in line beside Honey and behind Carol. The guards are staying behind. Seems they trust Carol with… whatever reason Kwabena is under guard.

"And you get to show people dis… special lounge?" he asks, and looks from Carol back to Honey. "What they serve in cafeteria is not coffee. It is recycled garbage."

Honey Lemon's cheeks flush lightly as she responds, "Alright Carol. If you insist." A nod is given to Kwabena as she responds, "I will keep that in mind."

Carol grins and leads the way to a small lounge on the twenty-third floor of the Triskelion. Once there, she uses her badge to swipe through, guiding Honey and Kwabena through, "And here we are. Rules are, only one cup per person, but the pastries are fair game." She chuckles and gestures to the coffee pot, "Honestly Kwabena, I think the cafeteria 'coffee' is one of Simmons' failed experiments, though she always denies it when I mention it…"

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