2019-11-08 - Getting to know you...


Angela and Kurt go out and get to know each other better.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Nov 8 20:50:51 2019
Location: Carpenter Studios

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Angela doesn't have a lot of dates. Sure, she's experienced in the arts of romance (look, she's twelve thousand years old, she's not dead) but as far as an actual date with another person… yeah, it's been a while. So she's currently messing with her hair, getting it done up just right as she gives herself a bit of a bemused look when her eyes meet the mirror.

After a pause, she hrms and quickly shakes her hair loose, electing not to keep it bound up this time so it flows freely. Better that way, so then she doesn't have to worry about it later.

Kurt doesn't date much either. Being a blue fuzzy demon looking elf tends to cut down the available dating pool quite a bit, and even in a school full of his peers he doesn't go out much on social events. Doubling that he wasn't expecting to go out and didn't bring anything to wear, he has been running around the city trying to make arrangements.

Call to Warren for tickets, check.

Hitting a bunch of shops to get clothes, check.

Rent a room so he can shower and change, check.

A few hours after he left the studio, he returns, the image inducer on for the moment and displaying a well dressed man with dark hair and somewhat chiseled features. Not the typical drab persona he usually walks around in, but something more akin to what he might look like if he wasn't, you know, a demon.

Angela shouts out from the back room, "One second, I'm almost ready!" Mainly because the security camera in the shop lets her know who entered. With that, she puts on her shoes, cursing whatever demon decided that heels would be fashionable for women.

After a few moments, she comes out, wearing a backless red dress that shimmers slightly as she moves, with matching heels. She retrieves a fur-lined coat, and smiles over at Kurt, "How do I look? Figured if we're actually seeing Hamilton I should dress up a bit." With that, she gives Kurt a bit of a sly look.

"Wow." says Kurt, a period of silence falling over him after the initial comment before he continues, "You look amazing…and me in just my boxers. I feel underdressed."

A few beats pass before he winks, "Kidding. About the boxers I mean, I am actually wearing clothes I promise. I just don't know if I should go like this, or like this." he says as the image shifts, showing the 'real' Kurt dressed in a nice black tuxedo, custom tailored to fit his unique physique and appendages."

Kurt reaches into the pocket of his jacket with three-fingered hand and produces a small envelope, "Two tickets, box seats. It pays to have friends in high places."

Angela laughs and steps forward, "Personally, I think you look far more handsome like that. Very nice tuxedo." She gives Kurt an appraising look, then slightly adjusts his tie with deft fingers, as it was a bit crooked. "There. Perfect."

She then looks at Kurt and laughs, "I never had any doubt that you could manage that miracle." With that, she places her hand on his arm, tilting her head towards him, "Shall we? I have to admit, it's been… a long time, since I was on a date."

"Ja, well, I may look better like this, but I also draw quite a bit of attention. Not everyone is as open minded as you are, Angela." Kurt says with a small smile. "I'd rather you enjoy your evening rather than being yelled at as a mutant lover, or whatever other choice words people would have for me tonight. Especially if this is a rare occurrence, though I am tempted to call you out on that. I find it hard to believe that you don't go out."

He smiles as she place her hand on his arm, and he reaches up and gives it a gentle pat. "I believe we shall, fraulein."

He slips the tickets back into his jacket pocket and turns the image inducer back on to mask his real appearance. "Do you want to walk, or take a taxi?"

Angela chuckles, "I actually don't go out that much. I tend to keep myself busy with things…" She hmms, tilting her head towards Kurt, "Look, I like you for who you are, and if other people can't handle that, that's on them. And it isn't like I can't take care of myself." With that, she reaches over with her other hand, giving Kurt's hand a light squeeze, "That being said, it's a brisk night, so I think walking sounds good. It isn't terribly far from here, if I recall." Her lips curl into a smile to match Kurt's, as she gestures towards the door.

Thinking for a moment, Kurt finally nods and reaches down to switch the image inducer off again. "Alright, we will see how this goes. I just hope the people at the theater won't bar me from entrance."

He moves forward, opening the door for Angela and ushering her through before he follows behind, pausing to allow her the time to lock up her studio before he starts to walk slowly down the street towards the theater.

It's obvious he is a a bit tense, his head on a swivel as he subconsciously studies their surroundings looking for any bit of trouble that may come their way.

"I would tell you that you should get out more, but that would be…what is the expression. Something about a kettle?" He shrugs a shoulder, "It would be hypocritical."

Angela smiles, "Pot calling the kettle black, I believe." She chuckles, and seems perfectly relaxed. Though she does keep an eye out, as she's not completely foolish about such things.

She does then look over at Kurt, "So, if I may ask… have you always been like this? I mean, from what little I know about mutations, they tend to happen at puberty." Her eyes focus on Kurt then, curious about his answer. About his life, really.

Focusing his glowing yellow eyes on Angela and forgetting about the fact he is publicly walking down the street in his normal appearance for the moment, he nods. "Ja. I was born like this, from what I was told. My adoptive mother found me as a newborn and I was already blue, fuzzy, and adorned with a tail. The teleportation came later, but the physical appearance I have had since birth."

He keeps his focus on Angela's face for a moment longer, then takes another look around before he focuses on her again. "What about you? Blacksmithing is a unique profession, so how did you manage to stumble into that line of work?"

Angela nods, "Oh, I can't imagine how rough that must have been…" She hmms, and smiles, "I've been doing it for a while. It just comes naturally to me, I guess. I like creating things, I always have. Well, at first I was a lot more… ah, hot-headed? But I worked through that and settled into something I find comfortable for myself." She smiles warmly over at Kurt, "I just enjoy expressing myself through my work."

"It wasn't so bad." Kurt says with a roll of his shoulder. "I grew up in the circus, so most people just thought the appearance was part of the act. Started off in the 'freak show', then worked as a trapeze artist since I was a young boy until I left. To the people watching, it was all an act, a costume for a performer. It was simpler then, ja? Easier to pretend."

He listens to Angela and nods, "A red head with a temper? I don't believe it!" He looks over and winks, "I have a friend Jean, she is also a redhead. Also has a temper as well. Remind me not to get on your bad side."

He looks forward again, scanning the street and nodding to some of the people they pass as they walk. There are certainly a few stares.

"It's nice that you have been able to turn your passion into a career. Most are not so lucky."

Angela chuckles, "I like to think I'm pretty mellow these days, but there are a few times…" She grins, and winks back at Kurt, "I suspect that you'll be able to stay on my good side, and yes, I'm pretty lucky compared to a lot of artists out there. They call us 'struggling artists' for a reason, and it can be hard to get by at times."

Kurt glances back over his shoulder towards the studio and chuckles, "You don't seem to be struggling to much to me, but I will take your word for it."

Reaching the theater, Kurt reaches into his jacket for the tickets and offers them over to the attendant. The attendant looks at Kurt and looks down at the tickets, about to say something before he glances back up. There is a brief pause before the attendant tears the tickets and hands over the stubs, very matter of factly, and with some masked hostility, offering directions upstairs to the right.

The interaction has Kurt quiet for a brief moment before he pushes on and forces a smile, "Can I get you anything, Fraulein? Water? Wine? Beer? Cocktail? I believe a perk of the seats is I can have things brought to the box."

Angela smiles, "Well, I wouldn't mind a glass of wine, if you were having some anyway. Red, preferably." She tilts her head, and gives the attendant a bit of a look.

She then hmms, "Well, I'm not, admittedly. My market is niche enough that there's little competition, and I've made sure to save for lean times, which definitely happen. It's a trial, but I do have a significant nest egg, which is a true luxury in my line of work." She places her hand in Kurt's, and gives it a reassuring squeeze as she sees that he's a bit on edge.

:offers a smile back at the squeeze, "Red wine it is. I'll be right back."

Releasing Angela's hand, Kurt makes his way over to the concession area and waits in the line with all the other theater goers. There are whispers, stares, and even a bit of finger pointing at the mutant as he stands idly there, hands in his pockets, his tail lifting up to scratch at an itch behind his ear.

Angela waits patiently in the booth, of course, though she does seem to have a bit of nervousness. Not for herself, necessarily, but rather for Kurt since… well, she's far from an idiot or a fool, and is all too aware of how humans tend to react to people not like themselves.

Though, well, she sets an internal clock, so that if he's not back right away, she'll go down. She's not exactly looking to make a scene either, but sometimes the Vengeful Angel bit dies hard, even after all this time.


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It takes time to get through the line of people attempting to get libations before the show starts, so it all depends on how long Angela's internal timer was set for if she starts to worry or not. However, eventually, Kurt appears at the box entrance with a pair of wine glasses, offering one over to his guest with a smile. "I didn't get accosted to much. So far, so good I guess." he utters as he takes his seat.

He takes a breath, leaning back against his chair and crossing a leg over the other in an effort to get comfortable, the tail reaching back up over to scratch at a spot on his neck. "So, I've heard good things about this. Have you heard it before?"

Angela smiles, "The soundtrack, yes, but I hadn't actually seen it before." She takes the wineglass, and nods, "Well, I was planning to come rescue you if you needed it, but I'm glad you didn't." She raises her glass towards Kurt, "Should we do a toast, Herr Wagner?"

All this time, she's been speaking German, as she always does when she's with Kurt. Though the observant might notice that other people have had no problem understanding her, either.

"Well, that would have been embarrassing, and I would have hated to have you hurt your dress." Kurt says with a chuckle as he raises his own wine glass. "A toast. To rare social activity? To finally seeing Hamilton live? To the start of friendships? All of the above?"

Kurt has noticed the language thing before, but in hia world mutant powers like being able to be understood by all aren't exactly uncommon. "Did I ask if you were a mutant before? I can't recall. The power to be understood by all could be handy in a business setting. You could probably make quadruple what you make as an artist, if not more…and likely not face the discrimination I do."

Angela laughs very softly, "No, I'm not a mutant… I'd tell you what I am, but I don't…" She hrms, "I don't believe you'd think less of me, quite the opposite in fact. I just, I don't know how you'd take it."

That said, she clinks her glass on his, "To friendships, and perhaps more. Though, if you do ask me, I will tell you. But you might have some trouble believing it."


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Angela's response causes Kurt's brow to arch. "Quite the cryptic response, Fraulein. Not a mutant…Alien then? I have met s few in the past. Not something to be worried about. If you prefer not to say, that is alright. I take no offence, after all I am hiding who I am most of the time I couldn't begrudge you your secrets."

He smiles, "Perhaps more, hrm?" The fuzzy elf winks, taking a sip from his glass as he turns towards the stage. "We shall see. I may play hard to get." he retorts with a toothy smile.

Kurt gets a laugh at that, as Angela sips her wine, then she looks contemplative. "I think… well, I would like you to know, but by the same token… I don't know how you'd take it, being who you are." She considers, then adds, "I mean, not what you are but who… it's, ah, a bit complicated."

Though she does arch one brow at the mention of being hard to get, "Oh really, and you take all the people that forge you rapiers to Hamilton?" She grins a bit wryly at that, giving Kurt a look, "I can be rather tenacious, truth be told."

Leaning back in his chair and taking another sip of his wine Kurt relaxes and gets comfortable, "Well, I'm all ears when the time is right. I'm willing to listen whenever it is you wish to tell me."

A coy smirk falls onto Kurt's face, turning into a grin accompanied by a chuckle. "The answer to that question is yes, Angie. I've only had one person forge me a rapier, and I have taken her to see Hamilton." He grins again, lifting the glass to his lips. "Tenacious, hrm? You are the kind of woman that once she sets her mind to something, she tends to go after it with gusto? Some people might be intimidated by such a woman."

Angela grins, "Some people might, and quite a few are. I suspect you're not, though." She hmms, thinking about things for a moment, then she smiles at Kurt, "I'll tell you later. Promise. I don't want to keep secrets from you… well, not like that, anyway." With that, she takes a sip of wine and settles in to watch the performance.

Kurt Wagner nods. "Fair enough. No, I don't intimidate easily. You can't do what I do and have that be a character trait."

He turns his attention to the stage as the lights dim so that the performance can start. "I'm sure you will tell me when you find it appropriate, Angie. There is no rush."

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