2019-11-04 - What's In The Vault?


An attempt on a bank vault has an unexpected result.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Nov 4 08:50:45 2019
Location: Staten Island

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Batgirl. We have a robbery in progress. I am informing the others. Oracle breaks in on Batgirl's communications and sends a location to her system. The VI that Babs has programmed is quite good at recognizing trouble from police intercepts and other data culled from around the city. This particular incident is near Staten Island Bank and Trust. It's an old bank, one of the oldest around. It had recently been renovated and word among the Bats was that there had been some dirty money involved but the trail had gone cold.

The CC TV cameras are showing a very unusual operation. Three vans full of men. Near twenty in all. They're using a very sophisticated looking laser drill to… cut THROUGH the wall in the safety deposit room? That's odd. They're not going for the vault or any of the lock boxes. They're cutting into the wall itself.

There's four men in the room and the rest spread out in and outside the bank. Dick gets the heads up almost the same time Babs does.

Batgirl. The Samurai is inbound.

It's like he knows, somehow.

"Come on, Zeal." Batgirl has been out with her newest trainee and they're a block from the Bank. "Remember what I've taught you." This will be the first time they've worked as a team since Batgirl had 'adopted' Zeal.

The black clad woman looks at the younger one. "Can you portal us there? You have the camera feeds, yes?"

While she's waiting for an answer, she's opening the Bat comms up. "All Bats, Batgirl and Zeal are responding. ETA three minutes. Who else is responding. Be aware, The Silver Samurai will be attendance."

Then she switches the channel to the communicator she's given the Samurai. "Batgirl and Zeal will be on location in three minutes, Samurai. Please acknowledge."

Zeal is dressed in her usual, though she does have a grappling gun as well, her comms, and the Oracle app. Okay, no armor yet, but she's in dark on dark, and a hoodie, and a still fairly awful mask. Hobo Bat - Go go!

"Of course, Batgirl…if I can see it, I can move perhaps five or six people at a time, we can Walk Between easily."

Looking at the live feed, she smiles with excitement and briefly grips Batgirl's shoulder. And then on inhale they vanish, a very disorienting and cold twirl through infinity, and upon exhale they appear on the rooftop shown via the App.

"We are here." She says simply over the comms, hey, she's working on talking more normal! She'll learn the lingo…eventually.

"Ops to May." "May here." "Persons of interest identified at the scene of a bank robbery in progress, Staten Island Bank and Trust. You're the nearest field agent with clearance, support teams an en route. ETA thirty minutes." "On my way."

May banks the quinjet she's piloting into a tight turn, heading for the location marked on the bird's HUD. It's a good thing this call hadn't come in earlier, or she'd have had a gaggle of admin-type passengers to deal with at the same time. As it is, it's her and her copilot, and that suits her just fine.

"Stay cloaked and keep the comms open with Ops," she tells the copilot, and pulls the 'jet to hover above the roof of a building a few doors down from the targeted bank. A minute later, and she's dropped to the gravelly rooftop from seemingly nowhere. After confirming her commlink to the quinjet, she moves quickly to the edge of the building and looks down at the honestly huge group of thugs and the three vans. This is going to be a mess.

Now she's glad she felt the need to grab an extra ICER magazine this morning.

"So who's quaterbacking this?" Nightwing asks over the coms as his bike careens through tight traffic with reckless abandon. He navigates the spaces between the cars with quiet hum, his time with the hyperadvanced Nin-borg's(still a work in progress) bike from their encounter advanced the electrive power plant on his own machine significantly. Honestly, he's just giddy about the almost silent running of the thing more then the rest of it. Still work to do, but it's a damned good start.

"Also, is it me, of is Staten Island starting to get crowded?" he continues conversationally in their coms. "At this rate I'mma have to move to Brooklyn and pretend like those yuppies still have crime to deal with." he quips as the Bank comes into view, "On scene in 10… 9…"

"I am a little busy right now, Batgirl." Comes an asian accented voice over the comms. A motorcycle roars into the alley behind the bank and is dropped into a skid as it's pilot - a man in a menpo and with two blades over his back - leaps off. He pulls one of those swords off his back but doesn't draw it. Just smacks the nearest armed man with the scabbard and sends him tumbling. There's a brief flicker of light around the scabbard and a second later two rifles have no receivers.

Everything errupts into Chaos and all the Bats plus May get a really good look at it as they're coming in. The eight or so people in back start shooting. The ones actually in the bank begin moving toward the noise and the ones in the safety deposit room seem to amp up the power on the laser device they have.

"Batgirl, Nightwing, there is another individual on scene." That's May. Oracle has spotted her but has no idea who she is working for or with.

Not that it matters much at the moment. There's about to be a hell of a fight.

"Not to busy to acknowledge, I notice." Comes the tart response from the redhead as she takes a deep breath and lets it out from the teleport. "Patching you into the comms for the rest of the team." Oracle?

Soon The Silver Samurai is hearing the chatter between the Bats.

"Zeal, we need to disarm and disable the shooters and we need to disable the device inside." Batgirl speaks to the woman beside her as she starts to move, fanning her cape out behind her as she does. Over the comms "Zeal and I will disrupt what's going on inside. Nightwing, work with the Samurai on the shooters. Watch out for the newcomer…."

I've identified the newcomer as SHIELD Oracle breaks in to the conversation. Attempting to make contact. Babs is good but SHIELD systems aren't something she tries to hack, generally. Instead May gets a message on her phone.

With a look to Zeal, Batgirl launches herself from the roof - cape snapping out to carry her down. "See inside, Zeal. Distract them till I get there."

"Understood, Batgirl." Zeal states with absolute certitude. And then she takes out her grappling gun, and leaps off the roof of the building, firing it to twine about a streetlight, just before impact, and using the torque to snap her into a very tight, very fast arc across and just in front of several of the gunmen. One actually gets kicked at, and then she twists and extends herself toward maximum extension, effectively a weighted tripwire with a hundred something pound wait on the end.

It probably won't be too harmful, but man, it should be hella distracting. The 'WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!' she emits the whole time? Yeah, pure Zeal. Girl's beyond an adrenaline junkie sometimes.

Times like this!

May's too far away to jump into the fray foot-first, but she can try to take out a few on the periphery from here and then close in. But, ah, there are the vigilantes she knew would be here somewhere. "Ops, there are vigilantes involved, acknowledge." She ignores her phone vibrating in her pocket and lines up a shot carefully. Her ICER was NOT designed to be a sniper rifle, but she can aim into the general crowd and likely hit SOMEONE. So that's what she does, firing two quick rounds before taking the express route to the street via a nice little gadget made by R&D that turns a full size grappling setup into something no bigger than one of her taser batons.

From the ground it's going to look like she's shot at the bad guys with real ordinance.

Choomp. The bike disgorges a trio of small canisters the size of ground spice containers ahead of itself on a 30 degree angled arc. Each impacts in and around the grouping of armed men and the primary charge blows on each, creating instant gray smoke into the midst of the group like a fod had descended from nowhere. The secondary charge on each of them continues to spew the obfuscating mist for some time, only making it thicker and harder to see through.

It's into this blind soup that Nightwing's bike barrels, swallowed in a sudden swirling cloud. The sounds of impact follow shortly, rapid swishing and thumping noises like a drumline doing gymnastics without an adoring crowd. Primary target group engaged. he says conversationally into the coms as he begins to wade through the blinded men like a ghost, dislocating limbs and concussions with graceful abandon. So after this I was thinking lasagna? There's that place just off of Butler, killer garlic knots.

"Focus." Comes the chiding reply from the Samurai. It's like he's a slightly younger Japanese accented Batman. The swirling smoke of Dick's entrance gives him a lot of cover to find some guy to beat like a snare drum - which given his choice of weapons is a very distinct possibility. He does attract attention though. Whomever these people are they're well trained. Not American though. European training, possibly Russian. Three of them manage to close in on him from the sound, having ditched their rifles for knives and pistols.

There's a ruckus from further inside. Seems like the Samurai has made his way into the bank proper.

Where Zeal is. Having just finished swinging a man around by a zipline and about to get a lead perforation traetment. The swordsman here finally draws his blade but keeps the scabbard, laying into the gunmen as if both were weapons.

"Batgirl, the team in the safety deposit room is cutting into a chamber that is not on any of the plans. They're nearly through." Oracle informs Barbara. May for her part also attracts some gunfire but of slightly more interest might by the sudden blast upward that cuts a neat circular hole in the roof of the Bank - right where the safety deposit room is. That's probably an exit strategy. But it also gives her - and Babs - a way in.

Batgirl drops through that hole in the roof of the bank as Zeal and Samurai do their thing. Behind her mask she smirks at Nightwings seemingly casualness. "I'm inside… Watch your eyes." she reports, releasing a flash bang right on top of the guys cutting that hole.

Moving quickly, she tumbles, sweeping one of the guys legs as she moves, not stopping to let them recover. She's out numbered but she's quick and she's clever. That should hold her, until reinforcements get here, right?

The restaraunt, Nightwing, is Guido's. Oracle answers.

"Thank you." Zeal says to the Silver Samurai, and a proper half bow and a smile, and then she's running to try and secure the landing area for Babs (and the extra bonus May!). Well, sort of runs. Ever other step or so she teleports a few feet - somewhat at random, she tries to avoid moving with any rhythm - doesn't want to attract the worms, after all.

At any opportunity she can, she uses her batons to strike weapons first, and then then wielders, a quick tap-TAP meant to stun and disable. She's very careful not to kill - Batgirl specifically forbade killing, so, killing is off the table.

Even if she kind of agrees with Silver Samurai, but…orders are orders, and Zeal is very keen on command structured. Over the comms. "Zeal; Do we know what the malcontents seek?"

May is forced to duck behind a few convenient vehicles as some of the thugs shoot back at her, but their aim seems to be about on par with the average stormtrooper. She fires back at a few of them, not trying to be kind by aiming for soft spots — the worst they'll end up with is some paintball level bruising, and they really deserve more — and then she's close enough to also make use of the newly created opening in the building.

Mental rule on who to not shoot at: if they look bat-ish or vigilante-ish, avoid. She enters the bank and almost instantly fires at one thug that the strangely skip-about young woman doesn't stun quite effectively enough for May's taste.

You're not my real Dad! he quips cheerily into the coms as he turns slowly in the fog, eyeing the three men that are closing in on him. Three men he can see just fine through the smoke that renders them blind. He shakes his head, "No one wants to be the guy in jail put there by someone in spandex. No one will take you seriously. You'll have to join a gang just to make it through the first week and none of you have the bone structure for facial tattoos."

The first guy that moves sacrifices a kneecap to the motion, the crack of metal on bone is audible both over the coms and in the small circle of smoke, as is the scrap of metal on metal. Nighting is an extremely skilled combatant, but when dual weilding? Please. Every motion serves two purposes, every defense is an attack, every attack is a feignt for the next defense. He redirects the first swipe of a knife even as the other hand brings the baton down into his opponants knee. A reversing elbow catches the man under the chin with a clack of teeth while the defensive hand pushes the knife out exposing the fighter's elbow. Which now bends the wrong way. Dick casually kicks the fallen knife aside, letting it skitter off into the darkness. That's right! Decent wine list too. he says as he moves towards the last two remaining who have clearly stopped taking this lightly. They begin flanking manuevers, and with the smoke beginning to clear, they buy time to improve their visibility. Nightwing recognizes the training's origin, Oh goodie. They're Eastern European trained, Spetsnaz or a derivitive. Watch out for Sambo and trick weapons. says the guy holding a pair of metal batons with a half dozen superfluous functions built into them.

If they're wielding a weapon that qualifies them to be on the Avengers, but not on a SHIELD tac team, don't shoot at them. That's probably a good idea for May. When she drops down into the opening Batgirl is already there and a flashbang has just gone off. One of the people is on the floor. Then there's another as May covers for Zeal. The other two draw knives to continue the fight but it's probably a lost cause at this point.

The laser drill finishes cutting into the wall and… there's a sarcophagus. But it's not Egyptian. It's very ornate but it's massive. Ten feet tall and rather broad. Jewels all over the thing and bull motifs all over it.

That's possibly not good right?

As to trick weapons? Well there's one for Dick. As he puts his opponents through the wringer - downing one, and then a second - the third raises his knife up and depresses a button that fires a pistol shot through the pommel of his knife.

Look out Dick!

Back inside the Samurai has about finished with the room. And then something like black mist melts through the wall behind him, wizzes past his head and heads for Zeal.

At least they don't have guns that get pointed at Batgirl. She's overcome most of that phobia but sometimes she freezes. Seeing May come through the door behind the guys she's fighting, the redhead uses the wall to put her nearer to the machine - one batarang flinging out towards the machine to stop (too late!) and another at the knife wielding maniac near her.

"Batgirl." That's the introduction she gives to May and tosses an earpiece in her direction. "An OracleNet communicator. It will hook you in with us."

SHIELD has of course heard of OracleNet. Some of their agents have even worked with the elusive Oracle.

"That mist…it be a Tranport effect!" Zeal states over comms. "I shall endeavor to block it." Even to her that sounded less than her usual too abundant confidence. Nope. She's not dumb, but she's also is pretty sure that nobody else can even try something dumb to block it, all she knows is she has to try and that whatever this highly energized effect is, she can't let it go off.

A step between breathes, and then she will materialize /inside/ the effect, and focus everything she's got in an attempt to block it.

Blocking is HARD. It takes all her concentration, she's absolutely locked into the attempt and will be wide open to attack in the doing.

But she doesn't generally worry about /herself/. A bad habit. She and BatGirl have had some talks already.

Probably another one is incoming in the near future!

May takes the moment of respite that the others create to swap out the magazine in her ICER, and then hastily catch the comlink tossed at her by the young woman. Well, hell.

"Ops, going dark. I'll check in soon." And then she's swapping out her SHIELD comm for the one tossed at her. She's not really sure what to expect, but it can't be any worse than being on comms with Barton.

Oh, and then she fires her ICER back outside at one of the thugs still engaging Nightwing. You know, try to even the odds a little in the thugs' favor by distracting the man in the VERY well-fitted costume.

Dick Grayson takes the shot high in the shoulder and frowns as the impact makes him stumble slightly and offer a wince, "Ow." he says flatly as an ICER round takes the man in the chest and causes him to wobble then drop. Nightwing salutes with a baton and survey's the field of maimed and unconcious paramilitary around him and sighs before moving away, "You think they actually thought I was serious about the spandex thing?" he asks no one in particular as he reaches up to pull the flattened slug out of his armor and drop it into an evidence pouch on his hip for later analysis. You guys need more help in there, or what? Cause at this point it's starting to sound like a party.

May stands corrected. It's EXACTLY like being on comms with Barton.

"Does anyone think you are serious about anything?" Yeah this guy is DEFINITELY channeling Batman just a tiny bit even if he doesn't know it. It may seem a bit strange to be chided like that by a man who seems like he should be saying 'you have no honor' or something similar.

The Sarcophagus starts to… glow a bit as there's a screeching sound from the main room. Avery is flattened and sent skidding across the marble floor unconscious. There are basically no more thugs standing but as the smoke clears there is a very large… bat thing standing in the room. Seriously. It looks like a bat, wings and all, but it's eight feet tall and made of pure muscle.

It screams. It screams loud enough to make the room shake.

"I think that is bad." That's the Samurai. Yeah. That might be bad.

"Only about his guacamole." Batgirl answers, tumbling again and rolling to her feet in front of that sarcophagus. "We have a problem here. I can't turn this thing off." The screech has her turning "ZEAL!!!" That's going earn a lecture later.

Batgirl grabs the woman as she's sent skidding across the floor, putting her knocked out form against the wall.

"Well crikey. That's a… Man Bat." She can't deal with that. Ken and Nightwing, and maybe May, can. She turns her attention to that crypt. "How the hell do I turn this thing off?"

It's not her channel so May can't really tell the chatterboxes to pipe down, no matter how much she wants to. The smoke clears a bit and a rather horrid screeching warns her that things very likely just got worse. Damn.

She fires two quick rounds at the hideous face of the bat-thing that is now standing there, then holsters her ICER and pulls her butterfly swords from under the back of her jacket. The kid gloves are officially coming off.

Having heard a Japanese accent, she takes a gamble that it's the man with the sword over there and says in a rapid Okinawa accent, I'm going in low.

And then she's racing toward the bat-thing, hoping that either the swordsman actually provides some manner of distraction or the remaining smoke is enough cover that she doesn't catch her target's attention.

Cause my guac is legendary. Like King Arthur or Gilgamesh… if either of them was a green squishy material that was awesome on chips. Nightwing says lightly as he starts to put his baton's away, but then freezes at the cry. He knows that screech. He knows it well. He sheathes the batons and pulls free different weaponry for this fight, filling his hands with Wingdings and a braided titanium cord bolo that is already shaken loose before he's made it half way to the bank entrance at a dead run.

He's resistent to sedatives, stronger then he looks, can fly, and has an animal cunning but little higher brain function. he says in a serious tone into the coms, dropping critical intel succinctly, He's also an innocent man, anyone going lethal on him answers to me. And the Samurai thought /he/ was channeling Batman. "Langstrom!" He calls out as he enters the main chamber, "Gonna need you to shut it down buddy, just caaaaaalm down…." he's talking like someone might to a spooked horse, even as the bolo in his hand begins a few lazy rotations.

"Slightly less innocent looking at the moment since he's just arrived to assist a bank robbery." Samurai retorts. He sheaths his blade and puts it back over his shoulder. His hand rests on the other one. And then he draws it, just a bit.

May, Batgirl and Nightwing can all feel the evil radiating from it.

When May goes in low the Samurai goes in high. He draws the Man Bat's eye and lashes out with a kick that connects much harder than it should. That gives may a chance to go in and hit what she wishes. It also leaves the Man Bat exposed to Nightwing.

It also means that Samurai gets clocked and slammed into the teller line.

Back inside the laser drill is starting to drill into the sarcophagus. It has some kind of internal power source. It might be possible to disconnect it. She can get the access panel open easily enough and Oracle informs her that this is a state of the art German cutting tool used in industrial applications. See? Here are the schematics.

They're all in German but you know. Here they are.

"It would be good if you could stop him screeching. I somehow don't think he's innocent at the moment. It's time to put him down, Nightwing." Batgirl says as she pries the access panel off the drill using a Batarang. Multipurpose tool that is.

//Oracle. These need to be translated …. // The redhead sighs and views the schematics. She doesn't need to read the words really, just trace the circuitry and find the power source. Disconnect it - Bobs your Uncle.

Easy right?

She goes quiet as she works, identifying the components and finding the right tracks on the internal circuitry. When she finds the right track she'll slice it.

If that fails …. "Samurai, SHIELD Agent, if this doesn't work I'm going to need someone to destroy the unit."

A gun or a sword will do it.

Speaking of swords, she winces internally at the feel of that blade.

Finally, someone who understands tactics. Of course, the food-man laying down the ixnay on the ethal-lay rule means that she switches both swords to hold them together in one hand and pulls a taser baton at the last possible second. Inconvenient and annoying, but if this creature's truly an innocent she's not going to do it permanent damage like slicing through hamstrings.

No, instead she'll taser the crap out of its hamstrings, even she doesn't really know where that sudden and visceral sensation of hatred came from. She's here to do a job, and hatred has no part of it.

I'm on my way, May tells Oracle as she scrambles to get clear of the bat-thing and back to where the remaining vigilante woman and that sarcophagus are.

Dick Grayson growls into the comms and now he really /is/ channeling the Bat, Then think again. he doesn't even bother acknowledging the sword, one horror show at a time. Honestly, he would have prefered to talk Langstrom down, that's worked before, like… twice. But still! Unfortunatly for him, he isn't working with Bats so much as Bat adjacent, and that second part is the part that is dictating their tactics.

The instant the Samurai charges in, Dick knows the die is cast. He moves as well, circling to the opposite side, making the best of a bad situation. Both of his arms move in a single motion, the Wingdings hurteling through the air as the membranous skin spanning Langstrom's winds, designed to shred the material instantly. The bolo is sent hurteling to then wrap them up completely, entangling them so that flight is in no way an option. On the ground he's far less formidable, but given air space to manuver Man-Bat is truely dangerous. Deploying sonic counter measures. he then says as he pulls a small box from the small of his back, toggles it on and tosses it over near the Samurai. The box… does nothing. Hypersonic dog repellent. he explains as the sounds, pitched well beyond human hearing, should double nicely as a stun grenade on the Man-Bat. Also, they should chase it away from the Samurai, buy him time to recover from the blow.

"I am. I'm thinking it's probably more important that other people survive this fight if it really comes down to it. You have a trick in mind, yes? Otherwise…" Oh yeah. This is going to go like ice cream and pickles.

Langstrom throws his head back and roars again. There's something wrong. He's not moving or acting correctly at ALL. And that's when May and Nightwing see it. There's something tucked in behind his ear. Something metallic.

Samurai is just picking himself, rather painfully, up from where he was knocked to and draws the blade fully. The sword is completely black. He rushes back and shoulders into the Man Bat again who isn't able to react in time. He hits MUCH harder than he should. The Samurai does. Harder than he was when he WASN'T using that black sword. That EVIL black sword.

Babs gets the laser to shut off. Go go gadget Oracle translation. But then the drill starts to emit a high pitched whine that's only getting higher. That… sounds like an overload. Fortunately… May is RIGHT here. Quick! Percussive maintenance!

"Play nice, boys." Batgirl responds to the two of them. She's not going to argue approaches here - they need to contain the Man Bat and deal with him later. There's lives at stake and talking isn't going to help that.

Her attention is on the drill though. The power is cut and the drilling on the sarcophagus stops. Whew. The high pitched whine has her cursing internally. "This thing is going to blow…." Mays there though and hopefully she can stop that.

May skids in next to Babs just in time to hear that whine climbing in pitch. She knows that kind of sound only too well, and neither the taser baton nor her butterfly swords will really help.

So she'll kick it. Sir.

It's probably the single most damaging thing she can do on the spur of the moment anyway, especially as she aims the kick for a delicate looking part of the drill assembly.

You kill him, I /will/ put you in a cell. Nightwing says firmly in his voice, You play in our sandbox, you play by our rules. he keeps circling the Man-Bat, keeping to whatever side the Samurai is not. I see something! Make him look left. Nightwing says, a pair of those odd little throwing weapons appearing between his fingers as if by magic. His arm cocks and he takes a half a breath, waiting for the perfect shot…

"Typical gaijin." Is the simple, scornful answer that Nightwing gets through the comms. "Continue posturing. Perhaps someone is listening who will be impressed."

Still this is a fight and the Samurai is very interested in ending it. He sliced into Man-Bat's left wing, the folds of skin not especially connected to anything. It hurts of course and it makes Langstrom's head come down and to the left, snarling and swiping. There's the shot Nightwing wanted.

As to playing nice? No. Not so much. Samurai clearly doesn't actually think this is Nightwing's sandbox.

As May kicks the device the whine ramps up to epic proportions… and then mercifully dies down. Whew.

There's exactly two seconds of silence in the room for the women to be relieved. And then the sarcophagus falls forward with an echoing thud. Nothing else happens, but it might well startle.

Batgirl closes her eyes behind her mask for a moment. Nightwing and Samurai are like oil and water - she expected that. It also makes her wonder how Batman will deal with the Merc. All things to worry about later.

The whining of the machine dies down, the redhead letting out a slow breath. "Thank you, SHIELD agent." She's not sure of Mays name, of course. "Your action was quick and decisiv——"

She starts as the sarcophagus topples and turns her attention to it.

"Now, what were they after …" Slowly she starts to circle it. Looking at the symbols that are decidely Greek on it. Another exhale of breath and she moves to the downed men and starts searching them, handing zip ties to May as she goes. They need to be restrained after all.

"Call me Agent May," is the response Batgirl gets, and then she's tucking away the butterfly swords to free up her hands for her ICER. There's still a giant screeching THING out there that needs to be put down, the zipties can wait. The sarcophagus toppling over has her pointing the oddly configured pistol at it, but she quickly enough decides it's not a threat and turns to go help the other two outside.

Stepping back out to the main part of the bank, she promptly fires two ICER rounds at the bat-thing, more to keep it looking toward the swordsman than anything else. Mr. Bossy DID say that it was resistant to toxins, after all.

Dick Grayson's arm flicks and the weapon snaps through the air in a blink, taking the metalic device in it's thickest part. At this angle, he is missed, it would have at worse given Langstrom a bit of a cut along his ear, it's why Nightwing wanted him to look to the left, best potential shot, lowest risk. I don't care if you're impressed so long as you listen. he responds evenly as he pulls his grapple from his gear and looks around the bank. Doing quick math, he fires, anchoring the line to a pillar, then fires a second, anchoring that line to the wall behind Langstrom. Trailing the line behind him as he runs, he charges the Man-Bat and slips past him by sliding low beneath a swinging clawed hand, his body bending backwards almost double as he skids along the marble floor, before popping up on the opposite side with the grapple reloaded. A third shot, this one back the way he cam, and he hits the retractor on the device, letting it reel in all the slack with a whine. With any luck, the three criss crossing lines will act like a wild game snare and wrap the creature up long enough for them to secure it safely. With luck.

"Listen? To you? I think not. I haven't heard anything worth listening to yet."

The Samurai steps back and nods all the same. Very precise fighting. Clearly a well trained combatant, if far less well trained in dealing with other people. He very slowly sheathes the black blade in his hands as Man Bat slumps in the wires tangling him up. He's out of it. Safe. Now WHY was he helping these thugs and WHY did he arrive by freaky teleport which flattened…

Oh. Zeal. She's over there. Still out. In the corner. They probably shouldn't forget her when they leave.

There isn't any ID on any of these people. Nothing but mission critical items. Tools. Ammo. That kind of thing. However… that room the sarcophagus was in isn't on any of the plans and despite having fallen it's still shut tight. Perhaps THAT is what they were here for.

Batgirl resists the urge to rub the bridge of her nose as Nightwing and Samurai snark at each other. "Agent May, then. You can call me Batgirl."

Pleased to meet you, Agent May. I am Oracle. The VI responds as well in its androgynous voice.

"If you two have finished…" the redhead says to Nightwing and Samurai. "… I want you to look at this with me. It's not Egyptian and this recess is not on any of the blueprints for the building. What do you make of it?"

As she's talking, she's moving to check on Zeal. Yes, she'll remember to take her with them.

"Oracle. Who was contracted to do the refurb on this building?"

With the bat creature finally under control, May switches back to her SHIELD comm unit. "Ops, this is May. Situation neutralized. What's the ETA on the support teams?" Teams that would no doubt ask questions about the people with no valid IDs and very effective weaponry.

Now she takes the zipties from Babs and helps with trussing up the downed thugs. "Ops, who was the person of interest identified?" If she can collar that one person, it will have made this whole mess worthwhile for her if for no one else.

Clearly you didn't hear about my guac. Nightwing quips back, the matter a bit more resolved now that no one got killed and he doesn't have to go toe to toe with the mutant over principles. "I'm going to my bike, I have something for the big guy." and he turns to dart back outside, The antidote to his last serum is in the kit, here's hoping he's not made any improvements or changes to it since the last go 'round. that's mostly for Babs benefit. The standard anti-toxin kit the Bats get comes with all manner of cocktails in it, and some that are mix and match. Anti-fear toxin, anti-laughing toxin, anti-sleep gas spray, anti-various-military-chem-weapons needles and patches, and an epee pen, in case someone has a nut allergy. You get the idea.

The coffin can wait, innocent people first, plus, he'd like to see to it that Langstrom doesn't wake up and get all… clawy. It doesn't take long, and he quickly returns with a military style plastic case, the kind that looks like it carries guns, and with a retinal scan it pops open, showing it does carry a gun, the kind you get inocculated with. Nightwing lays out the contents and begins assembling the parts and pulling out the vials required and beginning to mix up the last antidote they had for Langstrom's serum. "Gimme a min, be right with ya."

"Ops. ETA is now Twenty mintues." Plenty of time to get gone but Samurai already has the message. They should start making themselves scarce in the immediate future.

"Did I hear that you said you were an Agent of SHIELD?" He asks as a picture of the man comes through to May's data pad. That guy. That's the guy she's after. The boys upstairs have some pointed questions for him.

In response to Batgirl's query Samurai comes over to sarcophagus. "Odd construction. Minoan markings. They weren't known to inter their dead like that though." Minoan. Proto-greeks. That explains the bulls all over it.

"It's sealed up really well."

"Batgirl." Oracle breaks in. "The modifications were done by Nordic PCL. Their local office is suspected of having ties to Sicilian Organized Crime however no solid connection has ever been established."

Once Dick has the antidote mixed up, it DOES revert Langstrom into something more normal. And more manageable… hell. On the back of his neck. That's a brand.

"More greek connections." Batgirl murmurs, turning her masked face in Mays direction. "You were here for someone?" She asks the woman because that's curious. She's listening to Nightwing as well, of course. "Make sure that information is current in the system, I'll make sure the rest of the kits are updated. Why was he though, Nightwing? That wasn't his usual method of transport."

"I want to open this casket but something tells me that's a bad idea to try." The redhead looks at the downed men and back to the casket. "They weren't carrying any ID. Oracle might be able to find them through a facial recognition search, they're looking now. I'm assuming these men aren't from the Bank or Nordic PCL."

"More greek connections. Unless you have a way to move that Sarcophagus though this will have to wait, Batgirl. SHIELD will be here in less than 20 minutes and they're going to want to know who everyone here is." Which means they need to collect Avery and get the hell out of here.

Samurai will help with that. And if he has anything to say in less than ten minutes they will all be long gone.

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