2019-11-04 - Pleasant Dreams


Isis brings Nick home after Hank treats him.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Nov 4 02:34:04 2019
Location: Paragon Investigations

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Nick and Isis had spent some time at Hanks the previous evening. Whether Hank had been able to help Nick or not, Isis isn't sure but she's been told she can bring him home.

Which means she's had to drive and this time, Nick didn't snooze - instead he got to experience every exhilarating moment of it.

They're home now and Isis has been fussing a bit, making Nick lay down on the couch as she moves around. "Are you hungry, Nick or do you just want to rest?"

She's worried and it's very hard to hide to hide that from Nick.

"I have. The worst headache." Nick groans as he looks over at Isis. He isn't tied up at the moment. That's nice. Of course he's home which is why he isn't tied up. He knows the X-Men have a containment cell for this kind of thing but he's glad he didn't need it.

"You're worried. I can feel it."

Isis frowns but it doesn't surprise that Nick does have a headache. Hank had said he'd shot Nick full of 'stuff'. That's Isis' interpretation of the chemical cocktail the other mutant had described. "Here's some water and some painkillers. It might help…" she finally says, kneeling by the couch to hand them to Nick.

His fur is still shaggy and she strokes it as he takes them. "I remember when they finished working on me. How much I would hurt and how my head throbbed from the drugs." It might be similar, mightn't it?

"I … didn't stop them from doing that to you, Nick. I'm sorry." Isis answers as she rubs her ears against his cheek. "I didn't like what it did to you. You won't … leave me… will you?"

"I don't think you could have." Nick says. He takes the water. And the painkillers. He's going to have to cut his fur. It looks like he's gone weeks without months without trimming it down. He takes a deep breath and lets it go.

"No I'm not going to leave you, Isis." He says gently. "I'm not going anywhere." Is that true though? Hank probably got the serum knocked out but what did it really do to him?

Well. Hank wouldn't have released him if it wasn't safe right?

"I should have got you out there." Isis shakes her head and drops to the floor beside the couch, taking the glass when Nick has finished with it.

"You wanted to though, didn't you? Just like when I heard that collar…" And she's not sure that programmed response has been removed either.

"I … like your fur though. Why did the serum do this to you?" Maybe Nick won't cut it for a bit. It's rather nice.

"I've known for a long time that my mutations were making me more wolf-like." Nick says quietly. He lays his head back and closes his eyes, letting the painkillers take effect. "The serum must have sped the process up. Ordinarily it would take years." He's going to have to, ugh, brush himself now. To get rid of the undercoat. He didn't used to HAVE an undercoat.

"I wanted to yes. Or well. Something in me wanted to. I don't think it was me. Was like… hearing someone imitating me. Telling me what I wanted to do. Or… needing something that I've never needed before."

Nick might find that having an undercoat is a good thing - double coats are good for insulation. OK, not so much at season change when it drops and he might mat. But he has Isis and she seems willing to help.

"Is that why your mind felt different?" Isis closes her eyes and concentrates for a moment. Trying to feel what Nicks feeling now. Is he more the man, than the wolf?

Her head cants as he shares that information though "Someone talking to you? Or more feeling? Mine, with the collar …. I could hear someone speaking to me - it wasn't me but someone I knew. Telling me I wanted to return to them."

"It may have been. Or the serum might have done something to me…" Nick shakes his head. "I don't know. It felt like that but not with words. Just urges. Impressions." He opens one eye and looks over at Isis.

"Is it just me or do I remember you telling Hank that you'd be a good Kitten?" Nick had been very out of it but apparently not THAT out of it. He's concerned for her as well.

"The serum definitely did something. Hank was very angry." Isis murmurs, resting her chin on Nicks arm and looking up. "I didn't like it, Nick and I don't want to lose you. You've been good to me and I don't want to be alone."

"Your emotions feel back to normal, that's good at least." She's thinking, Nick can tell it from the way her eyes narrow. "Hank might have a location that you were being sent to."

His question brings her back and the blue eyes look up at Nick. Blue eyes so much like in his dream in the car. "I …. I uh… yes. I did. He wasn't Hank when we got there and I was upset. Then he had to give you an injection and I was back in the lab."

"We'll have to ask him though I have to admit… I'm not sure I want to go there. It could be dangerous for both of us and…" If they were trying to get him there… well. Going there himself might be counterproductive.

"But maybe if we had enough friends it would be okay." Or maybe they could just sneak a peak without actually going there. Observe from a safe distance.

Nick reaches out to put his arms around Isis. "Oh. I understand. I am so very sorry, Kitten."

"We need to go there, Nick. Or … someone does…" Isis idly toys with the fur on Nicks arm. Starting to plait it and then brush out again - her claws extending from her fingers so she can. "I would rather we went somewhere else. Far from here."

The feline-woman isn't happy at the moment and who could blame her.

"We should speak to Hank more and the others at The Institute, Nick. And that May woman from SHIELD and … others. Some of them might go with us. Whatever they're doing we need to stop it." Because she doesn't want anyone else like her.

When Nick goes to hold her, Isis shifts to next to him, resting her head on his chest and purring a little. "You don't have anything to be sorry for, Nick." Kitten. She likes that. He can tell.

Nick strokes Isis ears to help calm her. He needs her to be calm right now. She'll project and get him agitated again. "I would too. But… I don't think we can." They're in this case too deep now and if they drop it it won't ever get solved and whatever is happening to these mutants is going to keep happening.

"We do have friends. We can get them to come with us." Enough of that for now. He sits up and looks around a bit. "I am hungry."

It's as much Nicks calm as it is his stroking her ears that keeps Isis settled. She's not happy but she's not turning feral. "Neither do I. Maybe when we're finished with this case, we can go away somewhere. Where would you go on vacation, if you could?"

Isis grew up in a laboratory but has seen lots of peoples dreams.

"Let's go see them when you're headache is gone and work out how we're going to this. I wish we could work out what they're doing." They have some information but it's not enough. Yet.

As Nick sits up, Isis shifts again. "Do you want me to cook something?"

He really, really, doesn't.

"Um… some place with a beach?" Nick isn't sure right now. The only destination that sticks in his head is that training camp he saw for mutants. Why did he dream that? And why was Isis in it? Not Isis per se but the blue eyed feline looked a lot like her.

"How about you order pizza instead. What was all that yelling about Hank by the way. Was he not in his lab when we got there?" Nick must have been really out of it if he can't clearly remember furless Hank. Isis had near panicked.

"Can I order Chinese instead?" Isis asks, settling back on Nicks lap as she takes up her phone. Either way, it will be pizza or chinese that arrives in a bit.

Why did Nick dream that. It wasn't Isis but the eyes … were the same. Why the other animal-like mutants as well?

"Do you think I'd like the beach? Would you …" Her fingers run through his fur again. He might not like the way the sand sticks in it.

Sighing, Isis thinks about her answer. "He was but he was different. He wasn't furry. He looked like a man not Hank." She says miserably. "I didn't recognise him. I was too worried about you. He gave himself an injection and became Hank again."

She really hadn't had a lot of time to ask him about that. "I think he did an experiment on himself." Isis hadn't met Henrietta.

"Of course." Nick murmurs. She can order whatever she likes. Well, not whatever she likes. If she orders lobster it might be too much.

"Hank is always doing that. You don't remember because you weren't there but a lot of the time Hank experiments on himself. He gets away with it because he's so tough and so smart." But clearly Nick doesn't think it's a good idea either.

"I think you'd like a beach. A nice sunny sandy beach?" She might not like Sandy Nick but the sand in her toes would be nice. She has a lot less fur.

"I feel bad, Nick. Whatever he did, made him hurt and all he did was focus on fixing you." The order is placed, Nicks favourite and hers, some rice and mixed starters. "Why would he want to lose his fur? It's so nice."

"I've never been to the beach. Or the snow. I've seen dreams of them though. People lounging on chairs, the ocean flat like a mirror and drinks … " Nicks Kitten rubs her ears under his chin as she thinks. "Maybe I could show you that in a dream…."

Would you she like the beach? Maybe. She certainly doesn't have fur. At the moment.

"That might be fun." Nick murmurs. He wonders how it would be, in a dream with someone who has never seen such things. But he supposes he will find out soon enough. Maybe tonight but if not tonight certainly this week.

"I don't know. But he's very focused on understanding his own mutations." Obsessive is a good word but it seems a bit rude for someone who did so much to help him so he doesn't use it. Nick stretches a little and smiles, scratching her ears a bit more.

"Okay Kitten. Get off. I need to change my shirt. I smell." She probably likes the way he smells but he still smells.

"What if I don't want to?" Isis asks as Nick scritches hers ears. "Dinner will be here soon… " For a moment Nick might think he will have to physically move her.

She does move though, watching the big brown werewolf with worried eyes.

"I think it will be nice. To go to the beach. The ones I see of the snow are interesting, not quite so relaxing. If you've been to the beach, you can tell me how real it is." Isis tugs on Nicks hand to get him to stand.

"Go change your shirt and dinner will be here by then."

She'll ponder Hanks changes later.

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