2019-11-04 - A not so scary movie night


Nico and Nadia hang out for slightly delayed Halloween celebrations

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Nov 4 14:31:04 2019
Location: Harlem

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Eventually, Nico simply shows up and demands Nadia come with her. She has an extra large tub of chunky monkey ice cream, a new TV, and a bunch of random movies to watch. With no one to share the ice cream with and a sudden insidious (and completely unfounded) concern abotu the possibility of an expanding waist line _someone_ had to be pressed into hanging out for the night. Sleeping over is optional, at least.

Nico's apartment is a flat, really. One room, with a bed and a couch that converts into a bed, posters for a couple of different punk and metal bands, a decently stocked little kitchen, and an extrmely new looking Amazon Fire TV that is set up on a black plastic stand against one wall. She's on the second floor of a fairly unassuming little apartment complex managed by a ittle old lady who is, as one might discover if they watch closely enough, incredibly nosy.

Dinner, it turns out, is destined to be gyros and french fries from a place down the street. The food arrives while Nico is fighting with the television, which seems determined to resist any attempts to actually… watch… something. "So! Um. How do you feel about horror movies…?"

With all the chaos and commotion at G.I.R.L over the last few days Nadia had to cancel a lot of her Halloween plans. So the invite for food, icecream and movies was perhaps a welcome break. Not just for Nadia but for all the other members frantically looking through dimensional energy data.

"If you want I can probably fix your TV for you," she offers helpfully while perched on the couch. "I dabble in robotics and electrical engineering so a TV can't be…" she tails off when it hits that pointing out how easy it would be probably isn't helpful information for Nico. "Horror movies? Well we watched the silent movie Nosferatu at G.I.R.L, we've been going through the history of cinema from start to finish. I haven't really watched many others though."

"…History of Cinema?" Nico looks up from her intense battle with her nemesis, the television remote, to study Nadia's expression for a moment before nodding. Slowly. "So we're watching Halloween. It's a little late, but come on. Anyway… Sure. You figure out the TV," Nico states as she straightens, gesturing vaguely to the room. "*I* will get the ice cream. Chunky Monkey or… COokies and cream or… SOmething."

With a vague sigh of frustrations Nico makes her way across the apartment, past the kitchen island and throws open the freezer. "…Chocolate chocolate chunk? Anyway, um. Things at the lab looked kind of hectic. Did something happen? I know you had to bail on Halloween stuff."

"Sure, we can't watch /everything/. So we're just going through the critical and cultural highlights," Nadia explains brightly, scooting herself off the couch and sitting herself down cross-legged in the middle of the room, working her electronics magic on the TV. "So they made a movie about the day Halloween? Is it about trick or treaters getting eaten by a monster?"

She idly humms to herself as she sorts through the nest of wires to make sure everything is properly plugged in. "Any icecream is /perfect/. I could use a rush of calories after the weekend we've had." She nods. "Something bad happened. Spider-Girl turned up after some sort of extradimensional entity called Morlun killed her Uncle. Supposedly crushed his head. She was rather upset and needed some emergency help." She sighs. "I hated cancelling plans but.."

"That's… A pretty good reason to cancel plans," Nico eplies, pausing sot hat she can lean out to stare at Nadia. She blinks a few times and then takes a deep breath, swallowing hard. "I'm so sorry to hear that. Did you guys figure out what the fuck was going on…?"

There's some clanking in the kitchen and the clatter of metal on plastic, soon followed by Nico emerging with two gigantic green plastc bowls full of ice cream. One of them is shoved at Nadia. "Food'll be here soon too, so." She shrugs slowly. "Anyway, I'll stop bugging you about the crazy shit going on at work. We can talk about it if you want. Or… we can get started on the movie. You said you were trying to watch cultural highlights, right? This has to be on your list eventually."

"It's probably more in your.. wheelhouse? Is that the right phrase? Anyway if whatever is going on is scientific in origin it's very exotic. Not sure if you have a Sorceresses social club but if you do can you ask around about a 'Morlun'?" Nadia muses as she begins the process of turning everything off and unplugging it. So she can untangle and replug all the wires, hopefully all in the right slots and, when she's sure Nico isn't looking, she also checks the remote has working batteries in. Just to be on the safe side. "It might be on the list but I don't curate the movie library. That's something I leave up to the rest of the gang."

She accepts the overly large bowl of icecream and rests it on her lap "Did you go to any fun parties for Halloween? I have to admit I was a little relieved I wouldn't have to come up with a 'fancy dress' costume. I had no ideas what to wear and when I asked for advice… I just got a lot of giggling and the suggestion I dress up as a female rabbit." She frowns. "I'm not quite sure why that was amusing and I never got around to looking it up."

Nico smirks briefly at Nadia's explanation of her Halloween woes but she gives a brief nod. "I went to a couple of places. Scared some kidss.Thought about giving otu some candy but no one goes looking fr any around here, so…" she shrugs her shoulders again slowly, sliding down onto the floor beside Nadia.

At some point whatever Nadia was doing apparently worked because the television is functioning, allowing Nico sto scroll through her saved movies and start Halloween loading up. As it does she continues to speak. "I'll ask around and let you know. If I have to I'll deal with this problem myself." She frowns for a second. before adding thoughtfully, "A female rabbit? It's… Not a *bad* idea… Anyway, next time if you need help with a costume tell me and I'll make you something."

"I don't think that was the precise wording they used. They said," Nadia replies, scooting a little further back along the floor so the couch is against her back and the TV isn't right in her face. "Bunny girl? They seemed to think you would approve for some reason.. Anyway I never got round to even /thinking/ of a costume. In an emergency I would have just put on a green dress, my suit wings and then claimed I was the Disney character Tinkerbell."

"No fighting something that crushes human skulls by yourself," she states emphatically. Nudging Nico with her elbow. "You let me know and I'll pass the info to Spider-Girl. She can get all the involved parties up to speed."

Nico takes a huge spoonful of ice cream and leans back agains the couch as well, crossing her legs and cradling the bowl of dairy and sugar as if it were an infant. "Bunny girl. We'll have to try that sometime. Anyway, you would actually make a great Tinkerbell. As far as this Morlun guy, I'll let you know what I find. Promise… Oh! Hey. Movie's starting." She starts whispering, shifting a bit close to Nadia as she twists herself to properly orient on the screen.

Nadia Van Dyne blinks a few times. "We will?" she muses quietly so she isn't talking over the movie. "I'm glad you're volunteering to dress up as well. I'd feel very silly putting on a costume by myself." You might expect that she'd be reserved when it comes to the icecream, but if so you'd be wrong. Nadia digs in to her bowl of icecream with the enthusiasm of someone with an enhanced metabolism and a very active lifestyle. "It'll be a novelty watching a horror movie with sound /and/ colour. All the ones I've seen up until now have been ancient."

"What? Um. Sure. I'll dress up with you," nico agree,s with a self-conscious laugh following. Then she tucks into the ice cream, with the bowl being used to shield herself from observation. "Mmph?" The girl mumbles when addressed again. "Yeah. Sound makes a pretty big difference, honestly."

If the horror movie classic seems to bother Nadia there's very little sign. Especially not in regard to how much she can eat or how fast. "This icecream is nice," she whispers. "Oh! Did I ever tell you I ended up helping disarm a bomb that was inside someone the other day?" A pause. "The gore reminded me."

"Hopefully it didn't remind you because of it's uncanny resemblance," Nico replies drily. Despte her tone she glances at Nadia again and arches a brow, her universal signal for interest. Much like her companion Nico can eat ice cream while gore splatters across the screen without any issue. "You didn't tell me. A bomb. Like, actually inside of them? Jesus. …Kind of puts the whole dismembered thing into perspective, I guess."

"We think it was intended like a powerful exploding bullet. You shoot a person and when someone tries help by removing it," Nadia explains, making a silent gesture with her hands that probably means 'BOOM'. "Everyone involved dies. Or that was the plan anyway. We managed to remove it safely. Over at RESCUE not GIRL that is." She shrugs, then leans back against Nico. "It wasn't very messy for most people. I just climbed inside the wound to disable the bomb. Not the first time I've climbed inside a person but certainly the first time I've done so without my full suit and plenty of prep time."

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