2019-11-03 - Under the Sea


Mera shows Eve an Atlantean observation post while explaining about possible infiltration of the surface world.

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Storyteller: n/a
Date: 2019-11-03
Location: Atlantean Forward Observation Post

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The glow from crystals in the walls increases as Mera and Eve leave the airlock and enter the base proper. They act as the illumination for the white-walled base, reacting to the pair's presence. Mera leads Eve down a hallway, past a number of closed doors, and into a small circular room that must act as a command center. She touches a panel and a holographic image of the nearby coast forms in the air.

"…wow," is what Eve has to say. She's soaked from the trip, but the cold doesn't bother her any. Rather, she is shaking herself off and looking around with the wide-eyed stare of someone who's never been in a place like this. Because she hasn't. Holograms? ACTUAL HOLOGRAMS?

She reaches her hand out to touch the broadcasted image.

Eve's finger is registered by the image but since she then does nothing it recognises, the image remains stable. "I am surprised that the surface dwellers still do not have this technology. The closest thing they have to it, they want to use to reanimate dead musicians." Mera reaches out to the image and then swipes to move the view, revealing more of the beach. Every now and then people can be seen walking their dog. But at least there's nothing dangerous in sight.

"Wait, that's a live feed?" asks Eve as she sees the dogwalkers. "Wow. That's… really impressive. How do you even do that without sattel-….you totally have Satellites, don't you," she says, laughing helplessly.

"No, no satellites. The surface dwellers might notice those" Mera smirks. "It is done the old-fashioned way. Multiple sensor arrays pointed at the shorelines" Mera explains. "An occasional pop-up above the surface if we require something in more detail but no one notices those. We can, of course, tap into the surface satellites if we need to."

"And here I was thinking you just had, like, stealth satellites but that's probably even better," Eve rubs her eyes, as if she can't really believe she's seeing this and thinks it's pretty incredible! She pokes it again, playfully, before adding, "Can I like… zoom around or something?"?

"You can" Mera nods. "Use your fingers to indicate where you would like to see. Widen and contract fingers to zoom in and out. It is a three-dimensional image, obviously, so traverse it with your fingers" she explains before stepping back to watch, folding her arms over her chest as she does so. A slight smirk at Eve's excitement.

She pokes it some more, zooming in and out and enjoying the sight of it. She loves tech! This is just so neat! Zoom in! Zoom out! Fllllly around and observe cool things! She's doing it.

Mera watches…and watches…and watches some more. She doesn't quite understand why it is so enthralling but she is happy to let Eve have her fun. Though she does eventually wander off to check on some other instrumentation and look over reports. Her usual serious expression soon returning.

Eventually, Eve tires of poking at the cool zoomy holographic display and heads off to see what Mera's doing with her reports, like you do.

"So I assume you brought me here for a reason, or were you just bored?" She smiles at her, though, and adds.

"I think I promised to show you Atlantis, didn't I?" Mera replies without looking up from a screen. "This is a start" she adds with a wave of her hand at the complex around them. "I was looking at the recordings dealing with that assault by Atlantean rebels that you helped with. I am worried that a small team infiltrated while we were dealing with the main assault. So, it is also a warning to keep your eyes open I suppose."

"Well, I suppose you did. This seems like a start, yeah. Pretty amazing. I gotta say I wasn't sure what to expect, but airlocks and air areas wasn't…exactly it? IS it all like this? Like, even though you can breathe water? You gotta keep the tech dry?" She's all too curious is Eve.

"The atmosphere is for your benefit. Our technology is not the same as yours. It has been developed to accommodate being immersed in water…it was developed while immersed in water" Mera smirks, "Of course it is fine in water and fine outside of it. What kind of technology have you developed?" She means the multi-tentacled dimension being rather than humanity.

"…uh… I … am not a scientist?" offers Eve after a confused moment. "I mean, you already know what kind of stuff humanity gets up to anyway." She didn't quite grok Mera's meaning, but then, why would she? She's Totally Human.

A momentary confused look from Mera before a glimmer of understanding. "Ah, yes, of course" she nods. The Atlantean has no intention of arguing with Eve over her race…species. "I am not a scientist either" she notes, "As long as everything works. I could possibly tamper with some things…" Time to change subject. "How much control do you have over plant life?"

Eve smiles at her at that. A more comfortable subject. "I can do a lot with them! I'm not a botanist but I can make roses bloom just about anywhere. I could probably make them grow on Mars provided, you know, atmosphere. and such." She waves her hand in the air. "Or potatos! I could do a Watney which is totally a reference you may or may not get."

Mera maintains her smile as Watney is mentioned…then shakes her head. "Sorry, that reference means nothing. Are you able to 'see' through their…well…they don't have eyes as such. But can you see what they sense? Use them as spies is what I am asking. What kind of range?"

"…no, that one would be quite a feat. They're still just plants. I'm not like… in telepathic communication with them, you know? I can make them do things if I can see them, and I can just make them, I suppose, too." She turns her hand over, allowing a rose to grow up, dripping in blood from her pierced flesh ehre and there, from her palm.

Mera winces at the bloodied rose but it still looks beautiful. Once the shock of the ruptured skin is gotten over, there is much to admire in the flower. "Good to know" the redhead nods slowly, lips pursing in thought. No spying how she had hoped, but Eve's powers are still impressive. "How do you communicate what you want them to do?"

"I can just think about it," says Eve. She yanks the rose out of her hand, which is now perfectly healed, and proceeds to let it bloom, close up, and grow. And grow. It is a very large rose now.

"Then there must be some kind of telepathic projection, don't you think?" Mera muses. "Unless there is some way that you manipulate reality to represent your thoughts." A dismissive wave of her hand. "All theory without experimentation. As lovely as the rose is, perhaps you should not make it too much bigger in here."

"I wasn't planning on it," replies Eve, and it promptly evaporates back into her hand, like it never was.

"I mean, only with plants and it has its limit."

That the rose just disappears like that, without any trace, has Mera considering the reality manipulation again. "You can create plants out of nothing? And return them to it as well? But only with plants…even though there was no plant material to begin with. Interesting. Anyway, the squad of Atlantean rebels that have penetrated New York. They will not be air breathers, so they will be in suits. This means they cannot walk the streets without being noticed. They will probably use the sewers to move around."

"Not exactly out of nothing. Out of me," says Eve. "I can manipulate existent plants or grow new ones. I can't just create them out of 'nothing', though. It's draining." She shrugs her shoulders. She squints at her, "IS that right. Well, I guess… I'm going into the sewers. Hope I won't meet any mutant turtles."

"Why would you meet mutant turtles?" Mera definitely doesn't get that reference. "I will give you a communicator to talk with me if you discover anything. Do not feel you have to go down there, but if you hear or see anything, let me know."

"I mean, I can go down there. I won't do much good, they're huge, but I can at least. I might get lucky."

She shrugs, then smiles at Mera. "Certainly not going to lose anything by trying except good clothes."

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