2019-11-03 - It's For Science, Honest!


Honey Lemon tests the strength of Hercules!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Nov 3 22:05:11 2019
Location: RP3 - Aiko's University Lab

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Honey Lemon was curious about Hercules's strength and asked if he would be willing to perform some feats in the labs. They met outside and had to go through security and the sign in before allowed to take the elevator down to the labs. After she leads him down the halls and into the room in question. "I really do appreciate you doing this for me. I am just a bit fascinated with just how much you can lift."

Hercules is all smiles, even though security doesn't quite seem to believe he's actually Hercules. Then again, it has been many years… "Oh, think nothing of it. To be honest, I wouldn't mind testing myself… so many things have changed in the world, and I wonder if it is really the same as it was three thousand years ago." He grins down at Honey, rubbing his beard. "Better to find out someplace safe and relatively unimportant than while I'm fighting for my life."

Honey Lemon offers a nod in agreeance as she responds, "Indeed so. Much better when not fighting for your life. Now.. I was sure exactly what to request in so the guys somewhat jimmy-rigged a weight lifting set. Sort of. A lot of the weights are programmed into the machine. Now what is the normal amount of weight you work out with?" Her steps leading her towards the somewhat normal looking work out equipment, except where the weights go it is a computer simulating the strength to manipulate the about of weight with tension.

Hercules frowns as he approaches the machine. "I… don't really know. I mean, usually it was boulders and stone pillars. It wasn't like they came with numbers carved on them. Though that would've been a really good idea." He studies the mechanism, before stepping over and grasping the lifting bar. "Like this?" he asks Honey.

Honey Lemon offers a nod as she responds, "Yes just like that and I do have some numbers I can plug in for approxamations of what a pillar would now weight and we can adjust it from there of course. Just give me a moment to try to find one as close to its original state as possible." Her fingertips beginning to dance along the tablet in her hands as she searches for the information, "Do you remember about how tall and thick around the pillars were?"

Hercules hmms. "Perhaps four… no, five feet wide, and ten, twelve feet long? I don't remember them being very heavy, it was more of a routine workout sort of thing." He looks in curiousity at the mechanisms around him. "You're sure I'm not going to accidentally break this thing if I pull too hard? I'd hate to get you in trouble."

Honey Lemon begins to plug in the measurements and her eyes grow wide as she utters, "Oh my goodness. That.. that is wow…" She lets out a nervous giggle before plugging the weight amount into the computer. She begins to slowly step back as she responds, "Ok. 18 tons. Try and see if that feels familiar." She looks at the mechanism, "I am sure it won't break. But if it does happen, I can just have them make shift a better one since it would mean they didn't take me seriously and that is their fault."

Hercules grasps the bar, and begins a slow but steady pull. It's clear he's still being cautious, but as nothing fails to snap, his face breaks into a grin. "Yes, this is good. It's not a lot — I could probably do this all day — but it's definitely like what I was used to." He looks over at Honey. "You could probably raise it up some. How high does this device go to?"

Honey Lemon begins to take some notes as she watches Hercules with a smile. Her eyebrows raising up as she responds, "Oh higher? Sure I mean.. 18 tons is amazing. And you aren't even breaking a sweat." She laughs a bit as her finger hovers over the dials, "Oh I believe it can go as high as… 2423 tons. I honestly wasn't sure what limits to ask them to put on it."

Hercules hmms. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves." He releases the bar, cracking his knuckles. "Set it to… thirty five tons? That's about twice what I was lifting, correct?" He looks over, waiting for Honey to finish before he starts lifting again.

Honey Lemon was waiting to up the tension before she responds, "35 tons sounds fine and yes, it is about double. Are you sure you want me to jump it double? I will if you like Hercules." Her fingers slowly twisting the dial up to 35 tons before stepping back to watch him once more.

Hercules flexes his arms a bit, before grabbing the bar and lifting once again. His shoulders work slightly more, but it's clear he's not really having to -work- at it. "Hnnh. Don't take this as a insult, Doctor, but it doesn't even feel like I'm lifting much more." He works the bar back and forth, as if casually oblivious to the simulated weight, as much as a loaded cement truck. "Let me know when you want to step it up again."

Honey Lemon's cheeks flush slightly as she watches him flex, gently shaking her head to take more notes. Those soon her stylus pauses as she inquires, "Really? I swear it is at 35 tons. I mean.. we can step it up again if you like… How um. How high do you want me to put it now?"

Hercules releases the bar, and raises an eyebrow at Honey before grinning. "Raise it to… hmm… sixty. Sixty's a nice round number. Two months' worth of sunsets." He rolls his shoulders. "This is fun! I should come here more often, if you can teach me how to set up the equipment."

Honey Lemon offers a nod in agreement, moving to turn the dial up once more and setting it to 60 tons. Her eyes watching his shoulders rool as she steps back while saying, "Is it? As for the equipment, I should be able to work out some sort of agreement with the head of my department. I mean, this part of the lab is my personal one while I am studying at the university. Might need to get you a badge and such but… I doubt it would be too difficult." Her foot slipping out of her boots for a moment to rub on the back of her calf before sleeping back in to her boot once more.

Hercules grabs the bar, and this time he actually looks like he has to work a bit. Well, more than a bit, as he grunts, but soon he's flexing the machine back and forth, the cables and pistons creaking a bit. "Now that's more like it!" he says with a grin. "What's the phrase they were using in that gymnasium I visited? 'Feel the burn'? It's definitely enough to get my attention now."

Honey Lemon lifts her tablet to try and hide the coloring in her cheeks as she watches Hercules working out. Soon she swallows softly when she thinks she got her flushing in check, which she totally didn't. Her skin is still echoing light pink hues as she looks to him with a friendly smile, "I am quite glad it is enough to feel a burn. Quite impressive I had to put it all the way at 60 tons. Though… I may need to have the guys look over the cables. Or perhaps that is just the sound of new equipment? I.. tend to just use what I have about my apartment as a weight or have those sand bag ones but… I also don't lift anywhere close to what you do."

Hercules pulls about fifteen reps before setting the bar back. "Are you all right? You look a little flushed." He smiles at her, tugging at his beard, before regarding the machine. "Turn it up a little more, to eighty. Then we'll stop for a bit so you can have your friends inspect it." He winks at Honey. "I promise I won't break it."

Honey Lemon nearly drops her tablet when Herc calls her out on her blushing. "Oh me?" She pffts softly, "I'm fine. Just a bit thristy is all. I mean, isn't it a little hot in here? I.. I feel like it is." A nervous laugh soon flowwing after she looks to him a bit shocked, "80? Are… are you sure?" Her hand does indeed reach for the dial and begins to turn it up to 80 tons. Once more she steps back as her eyes watch Hercules. She never really did say why she wanted to test Hercules's strength after all.

Hercules nods firmly. "Eighty. Let's see if the Lion of Olympus can move that much." He rolls his neck and shoulders before grabbing the bar again, and he takes a deep breath. First, there's no movement… then the bar moves. It's like time-lapse photography, the weight of a heavy main battle tank being lifted inexorably by Hercules. His expression isn't cheerful now, but focused, as his muscles flex like titanium coils under his skin. The kind of power that could move mountains, in another time. Slow, steady reps, as his chest and shoulders flex against the load.

Honey Lemon goes wide-eyed for amoment as she watches Hercules shift into someone much more focused. Her fingertips fancing atop of the touch screen of her tablet to input data, more than likely what he is currently capping out at as she softly chews on her bottom lip. Her eyes flitting between the screen and the demi-god as she takes more notes, occasionally pausing to watch his muscles as the strain and move at that weight.

Herc moves ten reps of that ungodly weight, before letting the bar return to the rest position. He doesn't drop it, but firmly lets it move back before releasing, and then he laughs. "Gods, that was great! I haven't felt that pressed in a long while." He smiles at Honey, stretching his arms. "How is it coming? Have you learned anything new?"

Honey Lemon looks up to watch Herc as he slowly lets the bar go back into resting position. A fond smile curls her lips as she responds, "Yes much. I mean, how often can someone study the physiology of a demi god? Just how much your muscles can truly exert and withstand. It.. it is serious just… wow Hercules. Really." Her cheeks flushign again as she looks to her notes for a few moments as she says, "I am sure there is more I can study in time as well. I need to make it so the machine is shiftable and can do more than just arm reps. Also have to where if can be hooked something for the legs…" Her eyes focusing on the screeen as she seems to pull up a new page to begin to work upon notes for what needs to be added.

Herc turns to take a careful look at Honey, before carefully concealing a grin. Instead, he simply says, "Whatever you say, Doctor. In any case, I look forward to seeing what you come up with. At least it's more interesting than moving stones." He steps out of the machine, ambling over towards Honey to look over her shoulder.

Honey Lemon is trying to keep her cool, trying so damned hard. But alas her flushing cheeks and her slightly hastened breathening probably give her away. Slowly she turns to look to Herc as he peeks over her shoulder as she playfully inquires, "Can you even read my chicken scratch?"

Hercules shakes his head and grins impudently. "Not a bit. I'm not the best scholar to start with, either." He spreads his hands and tries for an innocent look. "I was never the wise hero in the tales. That sort of thing I left to Theseus." Cocking his head, he suggests, "You have a… oh, what's the word… not a market, cafeteria, that's it! Why don't we go get a drink and you can explain it to me."

Honey Lemon gently taps the button on the top of her tablet to help conserve the battery life as she responds, "Yeah, there is one upstairs and two buildings over. Whole little food court sort of deal. Are you hungry at all? They have all sorts of options. I… also think the little bar might be open by now."

Hercules nods sagely. "Why don't we get a drink and a bite to eat then? I'll treat — after all, you did let me play with the lab's toys." He glances back at the machine. "That is really quite clever, you know. I was wondering if I'd have to stack cars to get a proper workout."

Honey Lemon begins to verbally calculate, "At a single car averagely weighing about 4 tons, depending on size and type… you would have to somehow safely stack between 15 and 20 cars. So rather glad I thought of the design. And something to eat and a drink sound lovely. The bar actually makes their own potato chips, well somewhat like potato chips but there are delicious with a bit of ranch."

Hercules chuckles. "Lead the way then, Doctor. We will see if these potato chips pass muster, and you can tell me about what you've learned in the meantime." He shrugs on his coat, before opening the door to the lab so that Honey can pass through.

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