2019-11-02 - A Lesser Spider


An evening out with Miles and Mary Jane turns nearly fatal when Morlun seeks bait to draw out Spider-Man

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Nov 2 04:33:12 2019
Location: RP Room 6

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There was a flurry of messages back and forth as Mary Jane and Miles planned for a date out. Finally, Miles hit on an idea.

'Hey, Nets are playing the Rockets tonight. Wanna go? Promise you the most unique view in the house.'

Guess that cooking class idea was shot down. Maybe that was a wee bit too domestic. MJ replied almost immediately..

'Okay, I can dig it! But we gotta get snacks first. Brown sugar coated pecans. And maybe a pop.'

'Sounds good. I'll pick you up, and we'll make our way down to the Barclay.'

Cooking classes? Really? Miles didn't want to let MJ down too much. But /still/.

After the two met and headed down to the Arena, Miles pulled Mary Jane out of the line. "Don't exactly have tickets, so I'm glad you thought about bringing drinks." What was his plan? Wrapping an arm around the redhead, he launches upwards.

Landing on the side of the building, he launches again to make the roof. A little bit of a walk, and he opens an access hatch - after all, who locks the maintenance hatches on the roof? Noone comes up there!

Making his way inside, he grins and turns to MJ. "See, best seat in the house!" he announces proudly as he moves to sit on one of the support rafters.

They're directly above the scoreboard, with an unobstructed view of the whole court from a birds eye view. Sure, they'll have to keep score themselves. But you know, it is what is.

Scooter was left behind! Mary Jane was getting around good with the boot on her leg, and if you ask anyone else, they'd say that it's made that one particular leg stronger! Just that one stop allowed her to be the money lady of the date. Two glass bottles of coke, some sugary sweet nuts for protein, bag of hot cheese popcorn, hot cheetoes, hot cheetoe puffs and cheetoe puffs because MJ is a gross fatty, and an extra grocery bag to boot.

But this was daring! In fact, it was the most fun that MJ had in her entire life! It was becoming like an action movie hanging with Miles, for she was always and still remains the straight laced person who cringes when doing something wrong! Maybe.. just maybe.. she'll toss a popcorn kernel at someone from above, she'll definitely go to jail then!


But the view was amazing, Mary Jane couldn't say a thing as she carefully settles into her perch, eyes nearly glazing over with the need to cry because.. you'd only see a view like this from TV!

"I.. this is so.. stupid cool.." She manages out. Thank goodness she wasn't fearful of heights!

As the game starts with the opening tip-off, and the first quarter goes on, Miles grins at the spread that Mary Jane lays out. "Yeah, they'd totaly taken all that at the gates!" he admits with a laugh. "Like taking fried chicken to a movie theater."

Not that Miles has ever done that. But he's heard stories. Taking the peanuts, he opens his bottle of coke, and pours the nuts within.

And with the pair of them close together, Miles slips an arm around the redhead, trying to be all smooth and stuff. "I never thought about doing this before. But with Yankee Stadium and Met Life being open roof - and noone goes to the Garden anymore." he quips that in a teasing tone. "You got a little ..puff dust on the corner of your mouth."

He pauses, and then colors, "Could help you get that off."

That mix that Miles looked at? Was truly mixed. All four bags of chips were mixed together and shaken, and sat upon her lap as she partakes. The peanuts and coke though? That really, really makes her curious!

"Ooh! I've taken a burger and fries into the movie theater.." Okay, so MJ was a little criminal! But she was hungry! "I think I'd actually take fried chicken there too.." Now she was thinking, taking a cheesy puff that's coated with hot stuff from mingling into her mouth and chewing. As he slips an arm around her, she leans into him. The air up there was clean and nice, and it was a decent breeze. But, she wasn't cold. Mostly because of adrenaline and this being the coolest thing she has ever done, so who cared if she was cold! Not her!

"Huh?" She says to him, tearing her eyes away from the cgame. "Where? What?" If he was offering help, she wasn't going to deny it. In fact, she stuck her face out, chin tilted upward as if she were waiting for a 'Mom-smear-clean' to the cheek.

Her leaning into him sent his heart racing for a moment. Being up here for the game was awesome. Being up with there with her? Totally amazing. Miles laughs at Mary Jane admits to her food shenanigans. "You probably totally ordered one at one of those places that does dinner and a movie!" he says teasingly to her, a roll of his eyes as he takes a drink from his coke.

They're close together and warm, and when she thrusts her chin out, Miles perhaps reads it wrong, who knows. He uses it to kiss Mary Jane flat out, and steals the bit of dust from the corner of her mouth. It's a quick kiss, and perhaps just a little clumsy, and Miles is pulling back to see Mary Jane's reaction.

…and that's when there's a noise of someone landing on the rafter at the same entrance that the pair of them took. A daper figure, tall, barrel chested, way too pale, with long black hair, glowing red eyes, and an outfit that would make Lestat jealous comes from the shadows. "I thought I smelled the stench of him up here - but it's not him. But more than acceptable bait." His eyes fall on Mary Jane, and he looks her over. "You'll do. Nicely."

"No!" Mary Jane nearly shrieks, thankfully no one can hear her over the roaring crowd. Someone must have scored a point, Mary Jane doesn't follow sports so she didn't know who. In fact, she happened to laugh at his assumption, leaning into him with an elbow to the side. "I swear, I had one of those big purses and I put a whole burger and fries in there, propped up right. I had to walk like I was Kerry Washington in a good Olivia Pope dress. Arm out, present purse! Strut!" MJ makes the motion, twisting her shoulders back and forth, hand presented. She's a goof!

But here is where things get dicey. Mary Jane was fully expecting a finger to the side of the mouth to wipe away the dust. But instead she had gotten a kiss. A kiss?!

She looked surprised! Starry eyed at Miles, cheeks a full flushed red that adds to the look of blue eyes and crimson hair. Her shoulders went up to try to hide the smile, reaching into her bag again until..


Mary Jane looks up, quite possibly at the same time Miles does. The man's eyes looked like horror, and as he sets them on her, she felt a chill run up her spine. Her blood ran cold..


The kiss may have led to something more - maybe even a different type of scoring, until they are interrupted. Looking up at the thump, Miles feels his spider-sense go absolutely batcrap crazy at the arrival of the new figure. It's almost overwhelming how much of a threat that he's being warned of. But protecting Mary Jane is his main priority. "If you're here to check for tickets, this isn't Phantom of the Opera, and I left them in my other pants."

"Quaint, boy." Morlun responds, and looks between them. "Give me the girl and you'll live."

"Over my dead body." comes Miles' response.

"That's the general idea." responds Morlun as he launches at Miles in surprising speed. Miles barely has time to react to the first grab at him as he leaps above Morlun and twists around, coming behind him, striking at him in his kidneys.

Morlun doesn't even budge. "Was that your best, boy?" comes the response, and then he smiles. Just slightly. It's creepy as all get out.

"You're another one. A spider. A lesser one." the words are said cold. Dismissively. Miles is not a threat to Morlun.

Mary Jane was at a loss. While the banter, quick as it was, happened.. the back was dropped out of her lap, sending a flurry of treats to the floor below. She didn't care, her hands were already on the little platform of where they sat, dragging her ass backwards so that she could scoot out of the way. She was shaking, flight kicked in whilst she turns to her knees to crawl to a safe distance!

Such a simple move to the two men were like pandemonium for her, she was afraid for Miles, but the accelerated heartbeat made it so that she couldn't speak. This was different; fire-balls and dueling aliens didn't prepare her for such a sinister feeling, and her usual go-to tactic to call 9-1-1 was forgotten..

The treats fall to the floor, and a couple of fans notice. They turn their camera phones up to the rafters, in the shadows…

Morlun reaches out and slams a hand over Miles' face. "You're not even worth the effort to make a snack." Wait, he was going to /eat/ Miles?

Miles brings up his hands to grab at the wrist, and in desperation, there's a massive electrical spike that flies out from him, into Morlun, and travels down, shorting the scoreboard and sending a flurry of sparks and busting leds that brings a whistle to the floor, and a stop in the action as all eyes now turn up to the battle between boy, man, and scared young woman.

"What was that?" Morlun asks, unimpressed as smoke rises from his body.

"Mmmf." Miles responds, his hand clamped over by Morlun. When Morlun pulls it back, Miles gasps for breath. "Venom strike.. usually a lot more effective."

"A fitting epitath, boy." When Miles comes in to swing at him, Morlun easily deflects the punch and slams his palm into Miles' face, breaking his nose immediately, and start a series of strikes and punches that are devastating to the younger spider. Miles can barely defend, even with his precog - it's as if Morlun knows what Miles is going to guess and beating him literally to the punch.

Miles' bag spills over, a couple of cans of spray paint. Apparently he had plans to tag up here with Mary Jane.

But right now, Miles is just hoping that he's buying MJ time to get away… and survive the fight.

It was sickening; the banter that the man gave to Miles. Mary Jane was as far as she could go, not knowing how to get down, the two men blocking the only path of exit. But when she got to the outside of the roof, then what? She had no powers, no gift, her screams weren't all that great. No one would hear her from above.

The sounds of the electricity and the smack of flesh, and probably cracks of bones were prominent in that area, save for her whimpering and near crying, the push and scramble to her feet which creates a loud racket as she scans that part of the area in search for stairs. Miles will be okay, she tells herself.. He will be fine.. he'll come soon, right?

Nope, cause as soon as Mary Jane turns around to see the flurry of blows, she was horrified! "Miles!" She screams out, wanting to go to him to pull him away from the fight, finding a pinch moment of stupidity and bravery to bend down and snag the second, unopened bottle of soda that was hers. She pitches it towards the back of Morlun's head, while not being an avid pitcher with good aim, she throws it hard as she could!

"You want me, you punk! You come and get me!" Run Miles! RUN!

Miles is beaten and bloodied. One eye is sealed shut and swollen. Blood flows liberally from his nose. His clothes are torn, his body beneath is battered and broken. But Mary Jane's fear drives him. He's got to give her a chance to get way. Even if there is no way out. Launching at Morlun, Miles pulls both of his hands over his head to lay a massive overhead strike on Morlun —

— only to find himself caught by the throat, Morlun's hand squeezing the life out of him. "You were barely an effort, spider." he rumbles to Miles.

And then the bottle strikes him in the back of the head. And as it falls and lands on the floor, it spews and dribbles as everyone is staring up at the battle now. Morlun turns to face the girl. "Give yourself to me." he says it. Just once. "And he lives."

"Resist?" Morlun's hand tightens, and the audible crack of Miles' bones are heard as he struggles and fights for breath. Unable to fight, to run, to gain any kind of advantage. Morlun has Miles held off the ground, the grip suffocating, debilitating.

And one wrong answer from Mary Jane? Fatal.

There was a little hope as she sees Miles rise, all he needed to do was turn and run. If he ran, and she ran.. would the frightening man be faced with a dilemia to chase one or the other? Mary Jane wasn't that smart, but she knew that it was all futile. There was no hope.. it seemed.

"MILES NO!" Mary Jane screams, staggering forward and stopping, watching the display as she slowly begins to sob, her shoulders bobbing, hands cupping her mouth to keep from screaming. She could hear it, every bone in his neck threatening to break..

"Ok! OK!" She finally relents, her hands held outward.. "Just.. please, let him down.. let me hold him and I'll go without a fight.. please.." Did she have to get on her knees and beg? Because it wasn't beneath her to do it.

"Let him down?" Morlun asks. And then he looks from Mary Jane to Miles. "You live. For now." And then to Mary Jane. "Surely." There's a flick of his wrist and with that, he tosses Miles aside.

"MJ, NO!" he manages, just before he plummets. He hits against the side of the scoreboard, knocking off one of his shoes as his body twists and tumbles and then with a sick thud, lands on the edge of the B in the middle of the Brooklyn Nets' logo in the middle of the hardwood floor.

Miles' fingers twitch as he rolls over and looks up at the person looking down at him.

"..o-oh hey. You.. you're James Harding. Big fan. … get your autograph later?" With that, he loses consciousness. As security and police move in on Miles, there are those looking towards the pair as Morlun reaches and yanks Mary Jane from the rafter.

"Any tricks, and I'll find him and skin him alive in front of you." With a rough pull, he drags her off forcibly from the makeshift picnic, the bags, and from Miles and the lights of the stadium. Heading to the roof access, Morlun absconds with the woman into the night as the story goes out about Mary Jane Watson's kidnapping.. and the alert to the Spider-Comms.

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