2019-10-31 - The Bat And Business


Batman drops in on Batgirl for a briefing.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Oct 31 23:06:16 2019
Location: Clocktower

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It's past dusk but not too late in the evening. Barbara Gordon is going through her routine to get ready to patrol. That usually entails a piece of toast and a cup of tea as she reviews data feeds in the monitoring room at the top of the old Staten Island Clocktower.

It's quiet of course, though it's about now various members of the Family sometimes drop in to see her.

Oracle, the VI she created when she went back into the field, is scanning to see who approaches.

Visitors of all types of Bats tend to visit the Clocktower. One of those would be the First Bat, as the flutter of a cape and a dull thud announces the arrival of Batman to the tower itself. Oracle's scan is noted as the cloak and cowled figure waits to be allowed entry - after all, he is the one that knocks. Well, without knocking most of the time.

But Barabara is a special case. Knowing the dual - no, triple identity she is pulling - the dark figure only enters after being allowed and takes a look around the tower in the process, taking it in.

It's a nice courtesy that Batman offers. Barbara has given all the family access to the Clocktower, they're welcome to drop in. The door opens to give the first Bat entry, guiding him to the top floor where the redhead is waiting.

Dressed in the lower part of her costume, the womans jacket is hung on the back of the chair as Babs nibbles her toast and paces the floor as footage of a gang attack plays on the screens.

"Evening Batman."

"Batgirl." Always with the codenames when he's in costume. Even if she's only in half of one. "How have things been here?" He asks her. Not Selina, who might try to gloss it over. Or one of the others at the house. He asks Barbara, because he knows that Barbara will give it to him uncut, unpolished and straight.

"The lead on a Muramasa Blade turned out to be a rumor, a dead end in the Ukraine." Which is where he's been, following the lead on a blade that supposedly could end the life of an immortal.

"Busy as usual. Busier now." The redhead answers as she heads to the kitchen to make tea for the black clad Bat. Or coffee if he corrects her in time. "Where to start. The Hand have been chased out Staten Island. Something is unifying the gangs and taking control here - most likely with a supernatural bent. Jacyn has resurfaced and …."

She pauses as the mention of a Muramasa Blade "The Silver Samurai has made his home here."

Babs is good at this, getting the information out. There's just a lot of it and there's not enough Bats to cover it all.

"Jacyn?" The name brings up memories. None of them pleasant. "And her disposition?" he asks, Bruce immediately going into threat assessment mode when it comes to the aptly named middle child of the Bat-clan. There's a frown, but he's not going to stop the tea. She's already made the effort and he's a guest in her house. Her cave. "And you are sure of her identity?" That's the other part of it.

He works his way down the list. "The Hand leaving here leaves a void. It also means that it has pulled attention away from Damian's mother attempting to recover him." he comments flatly, taking that as it is. "Do you have any information on it, or should I be speaking with someone else?"

Then there's the mention of a wielder of a Muramasa Blade wielder. "And his reason for being here?" he asks. "I assume he has made contact with you if you know he has made himself — home — here." That doesn't sit well with the Bat. He doesn't play well with those that aren't abiding of his rules on his playground.

"It looks like her." beat "Oracle play JT-0901 on the main screen."

The video of the encounter in the warehouse plays. The hood being removed and the message she leaves. I remember.

"She wouldn't let me take a skin sample so I don't know. Red Robin is looking into it but I've told him to take people with him if he's going to confront her. Someone else is going to try and get a blood sample."

It's not much to go on but it's what they have. "So, no. I'm not sure of her identity and I wouldn't put it past any of our enemies to use that to try and unsettle us."

"The Hand isn't a void to *be* filled. It *is* filled. The group that pushed them out is taking control of the gangs. One of the leaders, a woman called Eurayle - yes, she looks like a Gorgon, has been seen. However, she's not working alone. There are Werewolves, at least, acting as Enforcers but reports say all manner of creatures are appearing."

Babs makes a face. The supernatural flies in the face of all logic.

As to the Silver Samurai there's the faintest of colour of the womans cheeks. "We've met and I'm working with him. As Babs and as Batgirl. His reason for being here? To manage his families business here. It seems he's recently managed to free the family from … others … control."

Glancing up at the video as it plays, there's the faintest narrowing of Batman's lenses. "I will make sure that any encounter made with her is documented until we have proof. And then we'll determine what her plans are and deal with her accordingly." His lips are a thin line. Real or not, it's wedge he's going to have to deal with at some point. Sooner, rather than later.

"Eurayle and other magical and supernatural beings? I should speak to someone with a magical bent to look to see what could be drawing her to Staten Island." he offers with a shake of his head as he's taking it all in.

Then there is the slightest lift of a brow as he notices the coloring of Barbara's cheeks. But he is probably the last person to speak of on mixing the cowl with the civilian identity. "I see." he rumbles softly at the mention of the Samurai. "I could have Bruce speak with him on the business side of things."

"Use the in suit cameras to do the recording, they'll upload to OracleNet and we can crossreference them to determine any anomalies. If it *is* Jacyn, that raises a number of other questions - ones that I would rather not ask." It's horrifying to think that the woman might be resurrected and what's been done to her mind in the meantime.

"The Gorgon and her minions has my attention." Babs sighs and takes a seat gingerly. Her back still twinges from the blow the other night. "Phobos, God of Fear, has developed a … relationship …. with Orphan. He was directed to the problems by an Asgardian. I have footage and images from the sites we've encountered them. If you know someone, they might be able to help."

As to Kenuchio, Babs looks up at Bruce and nods slowly. "That's not a bad idea. Babs is taking lessons with Kenuichio-san, improving her self defense abilities after learning to walk again. She is also helping with a small problem with Yakuza." It's tricky, but she's managing and Bruce knows her well enough to know that there's a little more there.

"I'll know it's her." Batman's tone gives no qualms. He believes he knows he'll know if it's Jacyn or not almost immediately. Stubborn. Or just not wanting to draw anyone else into what he sees as one of the more personal failings of his life. "I'll get to the bottom of it, Barbara." comes the quiet and sincere promise to her.

"Then I'll leave you the lead for the Gorgon." Not that he's going to try to take it away from her - she seems to want it, he's willing to share the wealth. "Relationship? Is she aware of this?" he asks. After all, Cassandra isn't exactly - aware of some of these things.

"Yakuza?" comes the question, a lift of a brow. "I'll let him get a little more settled, and then I'll talk to him. Wayne Enterprises may be able to offer some avenues to him he doesn't have at the moment. And a chance for Bruce to get a look at the inside of the family business.

"You must be certain, Bruce…" Barbara says quietly. "One way or another. I know you will. It's just unsettling. Tim … was concerned the other day. Came here to specifically talk about it and her." There's not much to say on that until they find her. Except. "I put a tracker on her. You should be able to find her."

"I could use the help with the Gorgon. Whatever is happening is serious and there's not enough of us." But he's right, she's got her teeth into this one and … it makes being in the field worth it. Babs chuckles at the question "In a way, yes. She's … not sure what to make of it, I'm certain. She'll come to me to talk, when she's ready. He does already and I've cautioned him. Not away from her but to take it slow." beat "Not that I'm one to talk, spinster that I am."

"Yes, Yakuza. They had their hooks into the family back in Japan, according to what I could find and what Kenuichio has told me, he worked hard to separate the interests and was successfuly. This, in turn, has cost the Yakuza and now … they want blood. Wayne Enterprises could be a good connection for him. I'm working on making it unprofitable for the Yakuza to come after him. A way that doesn't involving killing them."

"I'll get started on finding Jacyn. The other threats are known quanities. We don't know what to expect from Jacyn." And she's probably the wild card that needs to be brought to bear first. He frowns. "Did you inform Tim of the tracker?" The young man can be impulsive - his rush with Stephanie is proof of that.

"Cassandra looks to you then? Perhaps better you than Helena." Not that it's an insult to either woman - he just knows Barbara can handle things better on that front. Helena is still in the roses and rainbows stages of a relationship.

"I'll invite him to visit the company then. It'd help with the international angle. And Bruce does still need to remind people that he is the heart behind Wayne Enterprises most of the time." Not that he wouldn't mind just having the cape and cowl all the time. "Is there anything else I need to know about, Barbara?"

"Cass? She moved in with me. She still sleeps here sometimes. I don't … push her, Bruce. She's got to find her own way but when she needs someone, I'm here for her." beat "I actually miss her company now that she's spreading her wings but it's as it should be."

"I've adopted another from the streets. I'm training her to keep her safe. If I didn't, she'd be out there anyway, getting hurt. Her name is Zeal." Barbara Gordon, Den Mother. Or rather, Batgirl, Den Mother.

"Not at the moment, I think. If there is, I'll send you a message. How are you though? The man, not the legend?"

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