2019-10-30 - To Science!


A chance meeting at a conference

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Oct 30 23:49:02 2019
Location: Waldorf Hotel

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There's always symposiums being conducted in New York. Just not all of them, Jemma Simmons can get to. Today though, Hank had convinced the cybernetic biochem out of her lab to attend the Molecular Biology and The Future Conference.

Apart from the keynote address, there's a number of breakout sessions discussing all manner of things. One of them also includes cooking.

Right now though, it's the lunch break and Jemma enters the hall where a buffet is provided. The woman is certainly noticeable with her cybernetic right arm and left eye and an implant visible on her right cheek extending to her ear. Whilst she's not been asked directly about it, there's a number of stares and murmurs.

The biochem though, is looking for someone. Someone who said he'd meet her here.

Hank had just stepped aside to answer a call on his cel, and then grins when he sees he isn't in Jemma's line of sight. As stealthily as over four hundred pounds of exotically proportioned muscle man can, he tries to step up behind her. "Please state the nature of the medical emergency." He intones solemnly in a profoundly bass voice.

Now, the man is rather large, but also very well dressed in an indigo suit jacket with a Nehru collar, and surprisingly adept at the whole moving quietly and gracefully thing. Body builder physiques don't usually promote that level of acumen.

And yes, he too is getting some stares.

Honey Lemon was in her usual peppy mood and perhaps it was all the people present that cau se Aiko to brightly smile as she observed those within as she was herself ponder just what to get for lunch. Her golden locks up in a neatly styled 'messy' bun. Her eyes that focusing on Jemma with interest and beginning to approach the shorter woman with her long legs. "Excuse me Miss, would you perhaps be willing to allow me to have lunch with you? I have many questions I would like to ask. If… you are of course willing to answer. I would completely understand if you would rather a complete and utter stranger not dine with you…. I am Aiko Miyazaki by the way." Her hand extending out in greeting as her words are delivered with a kind and cheery disposition that reaches her eyes. As Hank steps up she offers, "I not wish to intrude if I am?" that is followed with an apologetic smile.

Jemma doesn't start when Hank steps up behind her. She does sigh though. "I'm never going to live that down am I?" The accent is oh-so-british. At least to foreign ears. Should Jemma return to her native shores she's sure to be told how American she sounds.

"Did you make your call? Everything ok?" she asks as she turns to the man. She's not short, exactly, but he does seem to dwarf her. Honey's approach has Jemma watching, her right glowing blue for a moment but she smiles. "I don't mind, if Hank doesn't. I'm Jemma Simmons, SHIELD. It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Miyazaki or is it Doctor Miyazaki?" The brunette looks up to her companion to introduce himself and confirm.

tThere's a table right near them, with three open seats.

"Your sensory suite includes motion and vibration sensors doesn't it?" Hank seems not at all put out that he didn't get a jump from the bio-chem cyborg. "Yes, everything is well, I ordered some food for Betsy from Chicago, it was just the shippers confirming the order and the address. So, not even close to an emergency, medical or otherwise." A grin then. "And no, you will /never/ live that down."

A smile to miss Miyazaki, and in absolutely stellar Japanese replies. «Please, join us, Miss or Doctor Miyazaki.» And then he even gets the seats for both ladies, long arms are good for that sort of thing, before circling the table to stand with his hands on the back of his chair. "Shall I fetch us some food and drinks?"

Aiko offers a nod of her head as she responds, "I do have my PhD in Molecular Chemistry so I do suppose Doctor Miyazaki is appriorpriate as well. A pleasure to meet you Miss Simmons." Her gaze looks from slightly down at Jemma to up at Hank as she responds in Japanese, «Thank you very much.»

Her movements easily leading her to slip into one of the open seats at the nearby empty table. Her legs shifting as she crosses her ankles to tuck them beneathe the chair. "That would be lovely, thank you… I know she called you Hank but I feel it terribly impolite if I call you it as well not knowing your prefence in such a matter for someone you are just becoming acquainted with."

"Not really but in a room full of people, I'm slightly more aware…" Jemma murmurs in answer, her cybernetic eye going dull once more. The faintest of colour tinges her cheeks at Hanks teasing though.

"Would you, Hank? that would be lovely. I don't dare try the tea here, a juice would be lovely. As to food … enforced lunch breaks are sort of a novelty." It's rare for Jemma to actually stop for lunch.

"Doctor Miyazaki, then. Please, call me Jemma though." She's very informal this woman with the british accent. "And allow me to introduce my colleague, Doctor Henry McCoy. A gifted scientist and a very dear friend."

"Are you new to New York, Doctor Miyazaki?" Jemma's already access the wifi network in the hotel and doing some searches. What comes up for one Aiko Miyazaki?

"Hank, by all means Hank is fine, Doctor Miyazaki." He says with a broad grin that reveal small fangs. His build is along simian lines, specifically more modeled after a great ape, similar to a gorilla. For that the man is clearly a mutant, he certainly seems friendly enough. He grins at Jemma's blush, clearly a box ticked in the 'to do' list for the night. "So…I'll just nip off and get us some food, I think they're serving chicken, steak, or fish…I'll get the food for all three of us, and will bring it back in a few moments, shall I?" Hank waits for the ladies to pick their pois—-PREFERED meal items, and then will patiently move through the queues fetching everyone what they asked for. He'll be a few minutes of course.

One thing though - Henry McCoy is a globally famous Biochemist, and pretty well known in genetics circles…but the Hank McCoy of that fame is covered in blue fur—THIS one is not.

Honey Lemon offers in term to Jemma, "If you insist on Jemma then I insist on Aiko. It is only fair. And I am new to New York yes. Currently working on my doctorate in Material Engineering at Empire State University."

Her gaze then looking to Hank as she kindly insists, "I also feel just Aiko is fine Hank, though admittedly hard given I /now/ realize just how many of your published papers I have read… And Steak for me please, between medium rare and medium. And a darker juice for my drink as well, cranberry something."

New to New York but not the US, it seems. Jemma's search results come back quickly enough. "Aiko, then. Thank you. Is that what bought you to New York? To study here. Or was it work and the study just lined up?" The woman is quite young but then so too was Jemma when SHIELD recruited her.

Hank takes a few minutes to get their food, which leaves Jemma some time to speak to Aiko. He's back before they know it though, really.

"I'm Biochemist myself." The biochem offers. "Though you're not likely to have read anything I publish. My work is … usually … classified." She did say she worked for SHIELD after all. Though Aiko might remember there have been photo's of Jemma Simmons - a very human woman - speaking at events like this.

"Hank insisted that I get out though. That it would do me good. You said you had some questions?"

"Aiko, as you wish." He grins and then is gone for a short while, returning with a pair of trays with a total of four meal platters on them, three steak and one with chicken. They are actually decent meals complete with small salads, he got an assortment of dressings on the side. There's also wild rice, mashed potatoes, green beans with almonds and number of rolls and butter to go with the entrees. Also two dark juices, and what looks to be iced tea.

Hank smiles as he sets the trays down and takes one of the steaks for himself, and sets Aiko's in front of her, then lets Jemma pick her meal, and he'll take the left over plate, because he's a very very large man and eats a LOT.

The iced tea smells of blackberry, and the juices are both cranberry juice cocktails.

Honey Lemon briefly adjusts her glasses before she responds to Jemma, "It is study that brought me here yes. I am open to the idea of work depending on what exactly it is I would be doing." Her back soon resting against the chair as she responds, "I believe I have one to three papers published within Molecular Biology and then one or two in Material Engineering. And.. I was curious about your… augmentations. If you are able to discuss them of course. I just find it fascinating."

Upon Hank's return, she her hands reach out to take her steak as she happily responds, "Thank you Hank, it smells amazing. Also.. nearly as if you read my mind on what sides I enjoy." A playful laugh soon following after her words as she gets a nice size amount of each side and uses Balsamic Vinegarette on her salad. She does make sure her food isn't touching and reaches for her cranberry juice.

Jemma takes the chicken and lets Hank take the other meal. It doesn't seem to surprise her that Hank will eat two meals. "Iced Tea, thank you, Hank." The biochem takes a moment to dress her salad and take a few bites.

"There's some things I can say, others I'd rather not or can't. Why don't you ask and I'll answer as I can?" There's a degree of self-consciousness about the woman but not to the point of discomfit.

"So you're here to study? Hank is a teacher, I believe."

Yay! Hank gets two steaks! He was hoping it would work out that way. A grin answer's Honey Lemon's thanks. "Of course, Aiko. I'm not a chef by any means, but I have a good head for what typically goes well together." And he doesn't really forget things. "I admit I just picked mostly what /I/ would like, and hoped for the best."

He settles into his seat, two meals in front of him, and then butters a roll, offering it to Aiko, if she declines, then it is offered to Jemma. If she accepts a second is buttered and offered to Jemma, and /that/ is declined, he'll keep it or butter another for himself before he adds some creamy garlic to his salad, and seems perfectly happy with the other juice.

He grins. "Your cybergear I take it?"

Hank has seen the specs, but he's a peer of hers, and a contractor with SHIELD. "Mmm, I am a teacher, accredited for up to a 2 year degree presently, and I speak fairly often at the various schools here."

Honey Lemon takes a moment to look about before, giving perhaps a sweep of the area before she offers to Jemma with a smile, "We could always discuss it where less ears are likely to hear it as well. I have a while before I plan on moving again." Perhaps taking notice of the discomfort and reminding herself internal sometimes science, even at a convention for it, isn't safe to talk about with just anyone who could be easedropping.

"Oh? A teacher?" is pleasantly inquired as she looks to Hank while she volunteers, "I like to call myself a cook. I dabble in the kitchen whenever I can and… I think I make some intriguing and tasty things. And I would like to sit in on a lecture or two of yours if you not mind it of course." Her hands picking up the knife and fork and begins to cut some of the steak into small, bite-sized pieces. Her hands easily accepting the buttered rolls with a thankful smile and gentle nod of her head, not sigh about the amount of food she will eat in front of others.

At Hank's words, she gives a nod of confirmation before she explains, "Hank is correct Jemma. I am curious about your cybergear."

"Yes, my cybergear." Jemma nods to Hank as she takes the roll he offers. Hey! She's British! What do you expect. "Oh, no. There are just things that are classified that I can't shared, Aiko."

"Hank has some information though and may well offer a different perspective to mine. As you can see though, my eye and arm are completely replaced."

There's a glance to Hank as he mentions his teaching creds "Hanks a gifted Scientist and Teacher, putting paid to the saying those that can, do and those that can't, teach" It's a joke that cuts both ways.

"It's taken me a little time to get used to the arm, but it's mostly under control now."

"We could." Get a more private area to talk in. A nod then to Honey Lemon. "A teacher." He grins. "I cook a bit myself, though it isn't a primary focus, still, I think I'm a fair hand at baking." Jemma can confirm or deny! A smile from the grin. "As to my lectures, if you'd like I'll share my calendar and you can consider yourself invited, Aiko."

Hank's manners are impeccable, his huge fingers and hands deftly manipulating his silver to get the job done. He is actually quite happy that each of the ladies took one of the rolls he buttered, he's old school like that."

Eyes bright Hank laughs. "Jemma is very kind, and she's an absolutely brilliant scientist in her own right, as well as a field agent for SHIELD." So there, not going to let her just build him up like that! Nope. She's just as awesome. "And she's a very fine person and friend as well.

And that was delivered absolutely in earnest. "The mechanics of it are actually quite impressive, I'm not weak, and her arm is about thrice as strong, and quite fast to boot."

Honey Lemon quietly listens to Jemma's responses as she takes the small bites of her food, switching between the sections on her plate. Her eyes looking to Hank as Jemma chats him up once more before they refocus on Jemma. "I imagine it would take getting use to. Much like relearning how to use your own muscle after a break or surgery. Or at least I would assume a bit similar."

Her attention then looks to Hank as he speaks once more and offers in turn, "Well perhaps we could try baking sometime and discussing one of your papers? And I would be delighted to have a copy of your calendar."

Her eyes growing wide as she looks back to Jemma as she inquires, "Really? Could… I maybe see a demonstration later? I really would be remarkable to witness."

"Hank is indeed an excellent baker. He made me some lovely snickerdoodles recently. Me, on the other hand doesn't find any joy in the kitchen. And yes, Aiko, a bit like that. Fine motor control was a challenge indeed. The number of soda cans I crushed …"

"A demonstration? I uh … perhaps later, yes. Really, it's just a function of the cybernetics and some good doctoring. Really, they just wanted to save me. As Hank says, I'm also a field agent as well as a Scientist. If anyone was to ask, I have my dream job, really."

Though it clearly has had its costs.

"Now what about you? You're clearly gifted and to have papers published at your age is no mean feat. Can you tell us what they are about?"

Hank takes out his phone and offers Honey Lemon a business card. "Send me a text, I'll add you as a contact, and then share my calendar with you, Aiko." He then looks to the girl and shakes his head sadly. "That sounds like a terrible idea, we should discuss one of YOUR papers." He says with a brilliant smile as she offers baking and SCIENCE! talk.

"Yes, you seldom remember to /eat/ let alone cook, Doctor Simmons." Which is true enough, though—Hank's as bad or worse about that, he gets caught up in his work and the next thing you know it is Tuesday! He's absolutely not surprised when Jemma declines a demonstration in the short term at least. "I'd not be surprised if she dreamed of her job at night, that's for sure." Pot. Kettle. Black much? Why yes, yes he does.

A smile then at the question from Jemma. "Indeed, that would be lovely, Aiko, what have you published?"

Honey Lemon perks up as she looks to Hank and teases, "Seems you are modest and I /may/ have to overload your text box with requests for snickerdoodles. I adore the cinnamon sugar delightfulness of them, especially when they are all soft and chewy and just… utterly yum."

At the mention of her papers, her eyes widen for a moment, "Oh it isn't anything too impressive. Just some of my findings from a few of my own little personal fiddlings with various elements. Brittlement. Other things." She lets out a nervous laugh, "Sorry not too use to talking about them to be honest."

Her attention looking back to Hank as she takes his business card, carefully holding it as she pulls out her phone, sending a text off to his phone before she puts the business card carefully into her purse. Trying to use a beaming smile to distract from having to elaborate on one of her papers.

Jemma hands over a card as well as her phone makes a sound. "If you would excuse me, I have to take this call …." She says with a sigh. "I'll be for my lunch in a moment but this is the results I've been waiting on."

"If you'd like to visit the Triskellian and see what we do, I'd be happy to have you there, Aiko."

With that, Jemma stands with a rueful look and starts to move away.

"Modest seems a bit strong, but I don't like to brag." Hank smiles as he says this. "And I work and live at a school, I tend to bake in job lots, so I will see if I can't save you some, Aiko, next time I bake more. And yes, they definitely need to be chewy, hard snickerdoodles are bad snickerdoodles, or so thinks Norton and Edna McCoy's only son."

A soft laugh. "So your thesis defense must have been a trial for you, I know a couple of people who were very VERY nervous about that, it isn't always easy to master."

Hank smiles back to Aiko as he gets her text, then shares his calendar with her. "Oh, very good idea, Jemma, a visit to the Triskelion is always a worthwhile jaunt."

He stands as Jemma does, and blinks as /his/ phone beeps again, and shakes his head. "Apologies to both of you, ladies, I have to return to the Institute, we had an…event there. And I'm needed to repair some damaged infrastructure, no injuries thank goodness."

He does offer Aiko a hand, palm up, and if she offers her own he kisses the air above it before he makes his way at a goodly clip to the exit. Obviously the emergency is URGENT, if not life-threatening.

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