2019-10-30 - To Catch A Bat


Roy sets a trap for a Bat. He gets one, just not the one he's expecting

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Oct 30 21:22:29 2019
Location: Staten Island

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After running across the hooded Bat .. Hood thing a couple of weeks ago, Roy Harper had been feeling haunted by the likenesses to someone else. Someone that he once knew. And someone that he had assumed was dead. And since just calling her and asking her 'Hey, that you under the hood?', Roy had to come up with a plan. So. He found an abandoned warehouse. And some boxes of SHIELD tech - sure it was decomissioned monitors and keyboards, but the boxes all looked the same when it came down to a curiosity glance.

And then he put out the feelers. That someone has SHEILD tech, and there was a deal going down on the docks. Something about selling it to AIM. Or HYDRA. Or the Russians. He left that part ambigous. And now he had the boxes. The warehouse. And now that he's baited the trap.. Roy waits.

He's been there for a few hours now on watch. An empty Burger Belly bag sits nearby as he sips from the cup, making an obnoxious 'out of liquid' sound as he shakes the ice in the paper cup and sets it aside with a sigh. "Come out, come out…" he mutters.

Stakeouts are the /worst/.

Stakeouts are the worst but Roys patience is soon rewarded when he spies a dark clad figure pause at the edge of the rooftops and peer down. It's not the hooded figure he was looking for - he can tell that - but one of the nocturnal creatures that inhabit Staten Island.

Which one? The only real indication he has is the yellow lining of cape as it catches the light and the shimmer of red hair that's braided down their back. She doesn't, Batgirl doesn't as she takes in the area and lurks in the shadows.

As the first of the motion sensors alerts Roy of the approaching night-dweller, the archer sits up further in his seat in the rafters, pushing himself to his feet. Show time. Slipping down from the rafters, he moves to be near the boxes, flipping on a flashlight. Dressed in his SHIELD uniform, the hints of red that he's incorporated into the black armor are obvious, as the red mask he wears.

His bow is across his back as he looks into the darkness. "Is this where you tell me that I'm doing something wrong and I should just turn myself in, or you know.. try to punch me?"

"I don't punch." Comes the modulated voice from behind Roy. She had been where he was looking just a moment ago but had managed to move. "I sometimes lecture about the perils of messing with the Bats but my approach with 'contractors' is a little more liberal."

"And you are a contractor, if your dress is anything to go by. Who are you?" She should know. Roy Harper isn't exactly a low key figure and there's been enough about him in the media for Batgirl to know.

"Are you really waiting on a shindig for a pick up?"

Hearing Batgirl's voice, Roy frowns. "Right gender, wrong bat." he says with a smirk. "Guess it is sorta like Uber. You never know what your driver is going to look like until they arrive. Though I remember you.. Batgirl right? Robin.." there's a snort and a shake of his head. "She used to gush about how awesome you were." He says before he goes to take a seat on a box.

"So. This new Bat. The one with the tendency to shoot first and not bother with questions. The big bad Bat cool with this, and this is the new rules, or someone out besmiriching his good name?" He pauses and hmms. "Besmirch? Maybe she's rubbing off on me after all." Who she is isn't given away at the moment.

"Are you sure." Batgirls voice is disguised with a modulator though it's hard to hide the lighter tones of a woman. "Which Bat did you think you were after? There's only a couple of us. Myself, Orphan and Blackbird."

No mention of another. Interesting.

"Robin? Robin is gone. Haven't seen her in … a long time." Batgirl answers. "Speedy, right? That's what you went by when you knocked around with her." Yeah, she knows him.

"What new Bat? There's none that are doing what you say." Because Jacyn isn't a Bat. Not at the moment.

"Yeah. Speedy. Haven't used that name.. in a long time." Roy admits with a shake of his head. "Pretty much since she died. You don't need to sugar coat with me. I know." But then she mentions that there is no new one.

"Huh. Then you better look into the franchising rights." Roy responds. "Because you have a new one. Red helmet, black leather. Red bat on her chest. She's got the moves of a Bat. Just with you know. Guns." His eyes watch hers. He may not be a profiler like they are trained to be, but he's looking for subtle clues of anything that may hit home.

"Thought maybe this would coax her out. Guess I should have put on there 'Bats need not apply', huh?" he asks with amusement.

"So since you're here. Maybe you can answer something for me. Something that he wouldn't answer when he told me."

"How'd she go?"

"I know you haven't. Looks like you're with SHIELD now unless you're messing with their branding." The redhead responds. It's a pointed remark in response to his - anyone can copy logo's and colours after all. "And I'm sorry, she spoke of you fondly."

There's no tells, the black clad figure doesn't move, letting the shadows provide some camouflage for herself. She'd not been Batgirl at the time but Oracle - not that it changed the pain.

"I know the one you're talking of. I know who she says she is. I don't believe her. Robin died and if that is her back from the dead, then she's not the same person."

She's not saying that it's not Jacyn - but she is saying it's not the Jacyn they knew.

"You and others are trying to do that. Be careful you don't force her to run." beat "She was foolish and overconfident." That's part of the answer Roy gets. "Took on something she wasn't ready for, solo and by the time I found out … it was too late."

"Others? Who else is after her?" Roy asks in some concern as he sits up now, more attentive to the situation and shakes his head. "Yeah. I'm a consultant. Not exactly an agent. Somewhere between? I mean, I'm no Hawkeye." There's a snort of laughter at that. "Either of them. Anyway, go by Arsenal these days."

As he listens to the story, he raises his brows benetath his maxk, but eventually he decides. "Rushing into things without thought. It's what she did best, really." He frowns. "Who is she saying she is?" he asks.

"She came to me, on a site, recently. Revealed herself and gave me a message." Batgirl answers. "Red Robin has taken an interest in finding her. She might be a … threat. We just don't know and neither of us act without having done our homework."

"Arsenal then." Oracle already knew that but Batgirl doesn't need to let him know that.

"It was and she didn't like being told not to do something. That time it pushed her too far." It's hard to tell if there's any pain in her voice, the modulator works extremely well. "She didn't say. Just took her hood off to show me who she was and said I remember. She wouldn't let me take a skin sample to test and was gone before I could ask anymore questions."

"So. It could be her." Roy lets out a sigh, shaking his head. "You want a blood sample? Pretty sure I can find a way to get one from her." he finally decides as he hops off the box and grunts. "Well, this trap was a bust. I'll have to try harder next time." he admits with a glance aside to Batgirl. "If I recall right, you disappeared for a bit there too. Glad to see you back out and about, Batgirl."

With that, he's moving to head towards the car he had stashed away nearby. "I don't know what I'm gonna do if I find her. Maybe be really confused by it all. She was one of my best friends." One of his only friends, really. But no need to tell her that. "If you end up confirming it before I do? Let me know? Closure would be nice."

As he opens the door, he smirks. "And if she was speaking fondly of me? She was probably lying to you."

"If it is her, there are lots of questions to answer, Arsenal and the initial conclusions as to why she is here are not good. I'll tell you what I told Red Robin - don't approach her alone. Take back up. There's one group I know that can resurrect people and they are far from nice." Batgirl watches as Roy starts to move.

"Skin cells will do, blood is better - just be careful though." There's the warning again. "I'll let you know or …" Roys phone beeps at him. There's a link to an app on a private server. OracleApp. "…. Oracle will."

"This isn't going to like send me offers and links to available singles in my area, will it?" Roy asks as his phone beeps with the app, and he looks at the little green mask icon.

"I'll send a note if I see her." It's a lie. A baldface one. But hey, sometimes a lie helps the truth go down easier. With that, he gives a wink towards Barbara before pressing the download button, and slips into the car to drive back towards SHIELD.

He has someone that can check out that app later.

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