2019-10-30 - Phoning in the stupid.


Peter approaches Thea with a STUPID plan.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Oct 30 00:00:00 2019
Location: On the phone

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Spider-Man was on the move again. But this time, he had something. It was a crazy idea. Bordering on psychotic. But there is a chance…and for that, he needs someone VERY special.

While he is moving along the buildings filling Midtown, he places a call to Thea. He has asked so much of her already, and yet here he is, coming with hat in hand to ask for her special gifts again.

"ALICE…call Thea."

Thea had an interesting evening the other day, and because a girl is only as good as her tools, she's at home 'working'. She's sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of her coffee table. The table itself is covered with a pristine cloth, covered with a wide array of blades. Chinese ring daggers, the classic stiletto, an assist open knife (Not legal in NY, but does she really care?), and a couple of her larger ones: A couple K-bars, and a short sword.

There's the ring of metal with whetstone, polishing cloth and all the accoutrements arranged around her. Her hair is back in multiple braids, tucked under and wrapped close to her neck. She is in a snug fitting black top and black pants. Her feet are in fuzzy socks with her boots ready by the door.

Her head turns, a glance at the phone. "'lo?"

Spider-Man takes a deep breath. What he is about to say is probably going to exhibit an extreme reaction, and he is unable to think of any way to reveal it other than while Morlun is following him. It is late afternoon, and he is tired, but Morlun seems as fresh as a daisy.

"Angel, listen closely…I think I know his weakness. Radioactivity. The knife that did actually cut him was radioactive. The blood cells left on the blade are completely dead and decaying."

She's currently polishing one of her ring daggers, admiring the beauty of the craftsmanship. "Okay. So I irradiate some of my blades, and we go take care of business." There doesn't seem to be any sort of extreme reaction. Instead, Thea seems to be more about efficiency, her words almost clipped. Her voice is definitely cool and calm, something it hasn't been in quite some time. "I'm sure we can figure out a way to get that done is short order." Even if it means losing some of her favorites, she's all business.

Spider-Man looked down, where he could see Morlun. Then he looked forward again, switching cartridges on the fly.
"I think he'd detect it, since his body is so physically sensitive to it. He's already been cut once…I don't think he's going to make that mistake again. But…there is something else."

He took a deep breath, and began to stop sounding sane.

"Morlun considers me to be some sort of pure spider-avatar, like the others he has caught…killed…eaten. But the truth is, I'm not. I got those abilities from a genetically-engineered spider, and I'm sure the others did, too…but before I was bitten, that particular spider ran afoul of another experiment, one that bathed it in radiation. And when it bit me, the radioactivity made part of my makeup. So…I'm impure. But HE DOESN'T KNOW THAT. Most likely because the radioactive parts don't emanate off of me. My skin absorbs it before it can get out…"

There's a moment of silence, and Peter may hear the ring of steel against whetstone as Thea turns over his answer in her head. "So what are you saying? Just spit it out." Is this is not-sister?

Spider-Man's breath is starting to get a little raspy. Morlun is definitely running him ragged.

"I'm saying I need something from the Science Wing, Room 235, Empire State University. In that room is a locked cabinet. In that cabinet is a metal canister marked 'P-33 Radionuclide.'" He paused, swinging wide around a skyscraper. "I need to know if you can get it for me."

"You're saying you want me to break into a cabinet in the University, steal radioactive material, and get it to you. And just /what/ are you expecting to do with this? " There's a note in her voice that hints she may be picking up on his plan. "Of course I can get it. The question is, will I when you tell me what your plan with it is?"

Spider-Man sub-vocalizes. It still comes through clear, but Morlun won't hear it.

"Tainted meat. I figure I can absorb about 54 ml of the stuff without it killing me immediately. But then it's going to go to work on my body. I calculated it during the last hour. I can't stay alive long enough for it to work…not without help. I need your help once more, Angel. To keep me alive long enough to poison Morlun."

"I'm sorry, I must have misheard you. Because it sounds like you just said something INCREDIBLY STUPID." There's a bark in her voice. "There has to be a better way. Let me do it."

Spidey spoke quickly, still sub-vocalizing. "I've tried every other idea. He will sense it coming, dodge it, avoid it…or simply decides to go someplace else. Maybe visit Aunt May next, turn Ingram Street into ELM STREET. Maybe pay Helena a social call at her home, wipe out her entire family. He'll do it without a second thought. Gwen was too much. MJ was worse. I CAN'T RISK IT. And if he knows we know his weakness, then we may lose the only advantage we have."

A long few seconds. "But I can take him by surprise…catch him off-guard. By the time he realizes what is going on, it'll be too late."

"Again, stupid. Let me ride along with you, like we used to. Let him catch me. I can keep it all contained until he's got me, and then I can drop the protection, shine on him, and stab him in his fucking ear." Thea's voice has gone back to cold and collected. She may be trying to protect him.

Spidey smiled to himself. "I was actually going to ask that you ride with me. I'm going to need you close, to keep me alive." He paused. "Angel…don't make me play hardball with you. I'm BEGGING you not to do that."

"It's a real pain in the ass when someone just doesn't want to listen to you when you're trying to do something helpful, isn't it." There's a flat statement, and Thea may be angry about how much Peter has ignored the pleading to let her help him. "You do know, that I will make you swallow potassium iodide first, right? Then after, I will enjoy torturing you."

"Afterwards, Angel. After it's over and done with, you can torture me COMPLETELY at your leisure. But I'm running out of energy. It'll have to be soon. How long before you can get the canister? The room should be empty right now…"
Spider-Man did sound more tired than ever.

"But if I'm right…and I'm betting I am…then you'll be able to torture me for a VERY long time."

I need to get my gloves, and get over there." Thea sighs, setting her dagger down to push to her feet. She will cross to a bookcase, and will pull out a thick volume, pressing hidden catches to open it to reveal some more of her tools. Breaking into things is not her foremost skill set, but she doubts this will biometric or the like. "I'll call you when I have it."

"Okay…I have the syringe I need, and a needle big enough. I…I may need a ride after the injection. We're going to go back…to the warehouse where it all began. I'll challenge him there."

Spider-Man took a deep breath. "And for what it's worth, Angel, I did the math on this."

She's got her boots on, laced up tight. She will toss on a dark hoodie, and suddenly she looks like the college students she'll be passing on campus.
"I don't fucking care about math. Biology does not have set formulas." She may sound a little sharp, almost snarky.

Yeah. She thinks he's crazy. Out of his mind. Said goodbye to sanity.
Except if one more innocent person dies because of him, he WILL be a basket case.

"Okay…he's about 50 yards behind me but I think I know where I can bollix him up. Then I can pick up the P-33 from you, do what I have to do…and you can keep me alive long enough to stop Morlun…once and for all."

"Well, if you don't, I'll have it with me. I can always lob it like a hand grenade and go Edward Scissorhands on the useless bastard." Thea is on the move already, backpack on over her hoodie. "You focus on avoiding him, I'll call."

Spider-Man sighed with relief. "Okay…good luck. I'll hear from you soon."
He HOPED he would hear from her soon…
"Take care, Angel…" And then the call ended and he started making his way towards Chelsea.

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