2019-10-29 - The First Rule Of Fight Club


If Ranna is to fight in the Underground Fight Club, she needs to practice

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Oct 29 04:53:51 2019
Location: Hell's Kitchen

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If Ranna is going to take part in the underground fight coming up, she knows she needs to practice. With the injuries she's sustained in the last few months, she's been slacking a little - but now that needs to be remedied.

Every night, after her shift the ex-Order ninja can be found in one of the few Underground fighting pits. They've some training equipment - not in great shape - but it's something and there's usually someone willing to try their luck against her.

Or for her to try her luck against, really.

If Shiranui is watching the forums, he'll know where she is - she's been asking him to join her and help her.

Tonight, the woman is dressed in her costume and sparring with one of the others. She's … not doing badly and definitely not using her abilities.

Shiranui has other illegal ways of making money and thus hasn't frequented the fighting scene but people DO notice when the completely masked man with the sword on his back shows up and stands by the sparring pit, watching the action with his arms folded. This tends to make people nervous. Which is kind of the idea, really.

Her technique is good but her training was based around the use of her abilities, as was his. His training is much easier to translate into non powered fights, though. Still she's doing well for her handicap but he can see where she needs work.

When there's a break in the action he steps forward and draws his sword and then stands there, silently. Waiting. None of the other fighters really seem to know what to do with him.

Especially when he flicks his sword and it separates into a serrated whip.

If Ryoshi has noticed when Shiranui entered, she doesn't give any indication as she fights. The focus she showed during her battles with him is there, but it's more tempered and defintely she uses more judgement.

Ranna's training really focussed on not getting hit - moving quickly out of the way. With her augmented abilities that's much easier as Shiranui rightly notes.

Finishing the bout, the small ninja offers a bow to the man she's fighting. "Thank you for the fight." She murmurs before turning to Shiranui and wincing as his blade seperates into a whip. "He's her for me, gentlemen."

Gesturing to Shiranui with a gloved hand, Ryoshi steps back.

Oh this is gonna be good.

Shiranui steps forward and begins spinning that bladed whip above his head. He cracks it at Ryoshi's feet a couple of times as he examines her stance and then lunges, if taking a few steps forward from twenty feet away can be called a lunge. The whip snakes out low, seeking a limb to entangle. Normally he might pair this with another attack but hopefully no one is going to be using guns or psychic powers during these fights.

Because if so Ranna can use her own and just take someone's head off.

Ryoshi moves quickly as the whip snakes out. Sidestepping the attack and tumbling closer. The whip is long, using it close is going to be problematic.

Another tumble brings her inside his guard but she stays low, sweeping his leg even as she twists to rise.

Kian tumbles out of the way, retracting the whip into a blade as he comes up again. His weapon snaps into a low guard and he attacks. One two. Up down. His style she is familiar with. He has fought her before after all and she knows the same kinds of martial art that he does, just with a different focus.

And that means in the knowledge department they're actually pretty evenly matched. It's just that Kian's had a LOT more practice. "You are using Bonetti's Defense against me, eh?"

It's perhaps a little uneven, given Kian is fighting with a weapon and Ranna is not at the moment. She won't call her cogmium weapons but there are others nearby and she's no slouch with melee weapons. But she doesn't make her way towards them yet.

"I don't who that is…." because of course she wouldn't even though she'd likely think that movie was awesome.

The strikes are blocked, the sword sounding against the cogmium scaled bracers Ranna wears, her wrist twisting against his sword on the down strike - pushing his arm wide to open his side to her, which she attacks with a strike of her own.

Kian takes a blow to the shoulder and rolls with it. He brings his knee up, tries to hook her leg and yank her downward. Either way he moves to get some separation from her which is easier for he than she. He is after all taller and has better reach. So in that sense unless she's very quick, he controls the range of the engagement.

"You're going to need to compensate for your weight somehow." He mutters. He means her lack of weight. She generally has less leverage in a grapple unless her technique and positioning are better. And her strikes have considerably less power behind them than his. She needs to go for precision over power.

Ranna tries to catch Kian's knee as he brings it up and lift it. She's not tall, he's taller, this is tricky move but just high enough and she can unbalance him and send him toppling.

She can't this time, he's moving backwards and she follows - like a dance - staying inside his reach. "I'm not heavy …" she mutters back, knowing that's entirely what he means. As strike out, right between his legs - she plays dirty, sue her - and then turns, to put her back against his front and tugs him forward as she crouches.

With her lower centre of balance, he should have a hard time staying upright.

Kian has to roll with the flip because he is flipped. But he's also good at flipping around himself and tries to use Ranna's own leverage to continue the throw and throw HER. It's a fairly advanced technique and requires REALLY good body control. And also that he let go of his sword and grab her as she throws him. Which he does.

"That's kind of the point. You're not heavy. I am. You're punching up and you will be in a lot of these fights." She needs to be able to deal with bigger, heavier opponents because that will be most of them.

It's like Ranna is expecting Kian to do that. She drops to her knee's, to keep her centre of gravity low, grabbing his arm as he realises his sword and twisting up behind his back, if she can.

"I know that, Shiranui. I've done it most of my life. What would you do in my position here …"

Shiranui turns with her before his arm can be locked up, spinning to bring his opposite fist into play in a powerful roundhouse. Dodging while holding his arm might be tricky for that one.

"Well, in a life or death fight, I'd break the neck. Here? try to get onto their back. It removes most of their options for hitting you."

There's a reason military martial arts consider that to be a position of advantage.

Ryoshi turns her head as the roundhouse comes in, Shiranui's fist connects and she still stars - but she's not knocked out. It will bruise though. "On your back? Not get you on your back?" The small woman quips. "I'd much rather that…."

Hard to tell if she's joking or not.

Still… she's quick, not quite as quick as she might have been before getting hit, darting around him easily enough and leaping.

Even without her abilities, she's still quite athletic. If she can, her arm wraps about his neck and squeezes.

"You really don't want that." Shiranui says. When she gets a grip on his neck he grabs her arm and attempts to throw himself forward, hopefully flipping her off him. If not he's going to have to try something risky which is why the direction he's headed is toward his sword, which he snaps up with practiced precision.

If they'd been fighting to kill one another one of them would probably be dead now. Though they HAVE done that before and… it didn't result in their deaths t hen.

"Oh I don't know." Ryoshi mutters against Shiranui's ear. "Getting you on your back might be just what I need." In this case though, no … she really doesn't want that and she squeezes even tighter as he tries to flip her.

It does look quite serious from the sidelines. The others are watching and taking bets amongst themselves.

He can't flip her off him, she's got her legs hooked around his waist - she tries to stop him getting that sword but can't.

This … is probably going to hurt … again.

He might try stabbing her if this were more serious but that would actually be quite difficult in real life. What he does instead is swing the flat of the blade around behind him to try to bash her in the head. There's a risk he might hit himself doing this but she can't wiggle a whole lot while maintaining her grip.

She's also trying to choke him which he is fighting. He's prevented her from getting a seal so far but this is really uncomfortable.

It's a good thing Shiranui wears a hood because Ryoshi isn't below hair pulling. She can't do that and she was right. The smack in the side of the head *hurts* a lot, even though she tries to roll with it. He probably does hit himself *as well*.

Her grip does't loosen though, she just squeezes tighter, trying to form the seal to cut of his breath. She's tiring. He's bigger and stronger, meaning she has to expend a lot of energy to do this.

She might just drop if he keeps moving.

It looks for a moment like he might push her that far but after a few seconds more he taps her arm, signaling that he yields and she's won this one. In an actual bout she probably will have to choke and hurt people. After all this is black market bloodsport. They'll want to see some blood. Some promoters might not be above arena deaths in the name of entertainment.

"Well done. You're going to need to do that a lot. I notice you're doing this bare handed?" Some matches will be no holds barred he's sure.

That shocks Ryoshi. She fully expected Shiranui to push her and take the win - he absolutely could at this point and it bugs her.

Dropping to the ground, the small woman puts her hands on knees to brace herself - head still ringing from the hits he got in. "You … thank you." She can be gracious, mostly. "And I know. I need to work out how to fight with someone costumed like you. I would have gouged eyes, bitten ears and pulled hair if I could have."

She's not really a gentle woman, not at all.

"For the moment. I rely too much on my chakrams and my abilities. I have to learn to use my body again." She replies as she straightens. "Did you bring street clothes?" That's a non-sequitor, to be sure.

"I will practice with other melee weapons but not until I can be sure I won't fall back on my … augments."

"Not to here no. Not really wise to let these people know what I look like if I can help it." Because again, illegal fighting circuit and these guys take their blood money very seriously. If they lose matches to you they might decide to take the fight outside the ring.

"Mmmm. Practice against people who cheat too because if you do this for any length of time, someone is going to. The bets on this kind of bloodsport encourage a lot of match fixing. Or at least, attempts at match fixing."

"I intend to. Why do you think I invited you?" Ryoshi answers, the smirk evident in her voice. There's someone else who might help her as well. Her dark eyes fix on Shiranui as he answers her other question.

Tossing him a water bottle, the small ninja vacates the practice area. "I'm going to get a meal when I leave here and get changed. I …" turning her back, she busies herself with her pack. "… was going to ask if you wanted to come with."

"Sure. Happy to." It'll just be one of those things where he hangs out in an alley to eat. He's obviously not actually GOING into some place to eat looking like this. Shiranui glances back at the others. They're watching. That little display of skill got some attention.

"We probably should get going though. People are going to get curious."

That will work. Food in an alley or on a rooftop. "Next time, we'll meet on a roof somewhere. If that's ok. No need to let people see too much. They've seen enough though." Ranna murmurs as she shoulders her pack and gestures to the exit.

"Let them be curious, Shiranui. It works in my favour in a way."

It's also dangerous, it makes her a target but with high risk, also comes high reward.

"I'm feeling like Turkish tonight."

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