2019-10-29 - Planting Seeds of GIRL Power


While drinking tea in Central Park, an Ex-Supervillain Appears! Will you (F)ight, (T)alk, or (R)un?

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Oct 29 14:33:43 2019
Location: Central Park

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There are all sorts of reasons Nadia Van Dyne visits Central Park. Sometimes she's losing a Red Room or FSB tail and others she's stopping in for a quick bite to eat at a hotdog vendor while flying about the city. Today she's just here to take a nice relaxing walk and clear her head. Even a super scientist needs a day off every now and again!

She's dressed in smart casual attire with jeans and a t-shirt, plus a bomber jacket with the G.I.R.L logo on the back. An extra large re-usable hot drinks cup steams in her hands and there's a distinct aroma of good quality tea. Her wandering isn't exactly careless, but it's pretty clear she's deep in thought.

Currently, Pamela Isley is taking a break from her work in the Disaster Zone… mainly because some of the best coffee in the city is by Central Park. Plus it's nice to see all the plants. The woman is looking positively mundane, though recognizable for the alert, her auburn hair and green eyes standing out a bit as she wears a dark green turtleneck and black jeans. She glances curiously over at Nadia as she's walking by, one brow arching slightly as she notices the logo on the jacket.

Nadia makes it a good five steps after passing Pamela before there is a startled noise, followed immediately by the spitting out of scalding tea and a muttered comment in Russian that is very unladylike. She spins, still in the process of wiping hot water off her hands, and with a cough asks "Excuse me… I might be mistaken but… Are you /the/ Doctor Pamela Isley?" Her English has a touch of a Russian accent, but only just. "I don't mean to pry it's just that one of my friends is a botanist and she's a big fan of… ah.. some of your work."

Pamela blinks a bit, looking up towards Nadia at the Russian, though she doesn't seem to understand it, then smiles faintly. Since, well, this isn't a startled reaction followed by screaming for the cops, so that's a start at least.

She then nods towards Nadia, "I am, yes. And it's good to know that I do have a few fans that aren't plants." She pauses, then smiles slightly, "Assuming your botantist friend isn't also a plant, anyway."

Nadia Van Dyne shakes her head. "Oh no she isn't a plant," she assures. "But I guess she did accidentally gain an ability to communite with plants. Long story. I imagine that did inbue a certain mutual sympathy?" There's a shrug. "I'm not currently doing any projects with plants but I have read some of your published work in the past. From before your other career." She offers a polite smile as her mind frantically scrambles to recall if Poison Ivy is currently a wanted criminal.

"I'm Nadia by the way. Nadia Van Dyne. I dabble in a lot of different scientific fields. Theoretical physics mostly." She awkwardly offers a handshake with her cup-free hand.

Pamela extends a hand, "Good to meet you, Ms. Van Dyne. And that's an interesting field… pretty much beyond me, as I tend to stick to plants." A soft chuckle at the mention of her 'other career', "Before you ask… I'm currently on government parole. Helping out in the Disaster Zone and getting recovery happening there, in exchange for amnesty."

The handshake is a lot more enthusiastic now Nadia knows she's not about to get into a battle with a supervillain or drop dead from a poison handshake. "That's good to hear," she replies with a smile. "I mean I wasn't going to bring the subject up, seems like it'd be a poor choice of conversational topic if you were on the run, but anyway… Ah the disaster zone. I don't really know much about it if I'm honest. I was living in Siberia when it happened and it's not a topic people are keen to bring up. Sounds like important work though, bringing all that wasteland back to life."

Pam nods, "Yes, that's why I'm there. It's slow work, but it's important, and I'm hoping it'll be better than Central Park once it's done." She smiles a touch, "My own personal bias, as I'd like for it to be a place free of human habitation in the city once it's fit enough. I live there currently, and the progress is slow but measurable."

"Having a very high biomass area close to the city would do wonders to reduce air pollution," Nadia says in agreement. "And increasing the amount of the planet with plants in general is always a plus. Better to lose some real estate intentionally than let the sea rise and claim the entire coast!" She nods emphatically. "I don't know if it's something you would be allowed to do but… Would you be interested in recording a lecture on the subject?"

She begins hunting around in her pockets for a business card. "I'm director at the Genius in action Research lab. We're an non-profit educational institution." She offers a card, which largely says the same thing but with contact info included. "If it's something that would appeal to you that is. No pressure if it's not."

Pamela grins, "That actually sounds delightful, Miss Van Dyne." She takes the offered card, looking at it… and her smile grows more genuine, "G.I.R.L.? I definitely approve of that. Is there any specific topic you'd like me to cover? Because well, I have been doing a bit of the lecture circuit for local universities as part of my government… ah, deal, as it were." She doesn't mention the Thunderbolts, since, well, not really relevant at the moment.

Nadia Van Dyne shakes her head. "Oh no you can talk about whatever you'd like providing it's within our legal and ethical framework," she explains. "Which mostly is common sense. We don't support weapon research, animal or human testing unless it has informed consent and generally we try stick to things which will improve the world for everyone. Rather than enriching a select few." She takes a sip of her tea. "We've recently secured some investment that I hope will let us host a virtual learning library that, eventually, will be rolled out globally."

Pam nods at that, "Oh, of course… and that sounds very impressive, honestly. I can start with some basic botantical facts, very simple, then gradually work my way into more advanced theories. If you liked, anyway." She gives Nadia a wry look, "And when I was your age, I was just worrying about whether I'd be able to get into my preferred college, not making virtual ones." Despite the wry look, or maybe because of it, Ivy definitely sounds impressed.

"I started very young when it came to science," Nadia admits, blushing a little. "Not that I've actually been to college myself. Didn't have any options where I grew up and it was.. I believe the American term is 'complicated'. Still I prefer not to dwell on the past and focus on how I can use all that baggage to make things better."

She grins. "Whatever you wish to record would be great with us," she assures. "We've got some start of the art recording equipment. So just drop me an email or post over some scripts, whichever is easier, and I'll find a mutually suitable time and day. We can't really pay much as we're a non-profit.. But if you ever run into anything /odd/ in the Disaster zone I could always return the favor and consult on it?"

Pamela smiles, "Well, I wouldn't be adverse to pro bono work, it's not like I have a lot of monetary needs as it is." She chuckles, "And I am very familiar with complicated… it's not like my professor tried to mutate me as part of one of his theories or anything." She gets a dark look for a moment, then coughs a bit, "Ah, dwelling on the past is not the best thing, yes. But I'd be happy to come by and record something for you, Miss Van Dyne. And if I do see something unusual, I'll be happy to request your assistance."

"That sort of thing is why we always make sure to emphasise the importance of informed consent," Nadia admits. "It's one thing to mutate yourself, I know I'm guilty of that… misdemeanor, but other people? It's no wonder a lot of people are losing faith in science. Although I place most of the blame on social media and poorly informed politicians." She scowls. "Capitalism doesn't help either. Often people will pick the most financially viable option rather than the approach with the best science supporting it…"

Pam nods slightly, "Indeed. Capitalism is, well, there's reasons that I did what I did before." She sighs, "The system is inherently resistant to change, even when radical changes are needed."

"I'm already working on very long term plans on that front," Nadia says cheerfully. "Make energy, food and water free and the entire basis for capitalism starts to fall apart. I doubt it'll be ready for decades yet but I've got some concepts for an orbital black hole generator I think are promising. That sorts out energy. I figure I'll take the approach of nature. Force positive change on the system and if it can't adapt it'll fail."

Pamela smiles, "Well, that's definitely a better way to go about it, then. As, well, the current course is not sustainable." She hrmms a bit, "When would be a good time to come over to record the lecture?"

Nadia Van Dyne laughs. "Well people are around most days and times," she explains. "I live on site and there are dorm rooms for members to stay in while working. We figured if people would be crashing mid project anyway the least we could do is have a few college dorm style bedrooms. It's hard to say /exactly/ when I'll be free as I do a lot of work. But just give me a call when you have an idea what you're presenting and we can work something out?"

Pam nods, "Sounds good, and well, here's my number. If you're in the Disaster Zone and need a hand with something, well… I'm right there most of the time." She smiles and offers her card to Nadia, "I'm looking forward to seeing what you're doing there, and helping out a bit."

"Excellent! I look forward to your visit," Nadia assures as she skim reads the card and tucks it into her jacket. "And it was well worth the spilt tea to meet you." She frowns. "I don't know if I'll be in the Disaster zone anytime soon but I never say never."

Pamela chuckles at that, "Not many people plan to come to the Disaster Zone, but if you're in the neighborhood, I do have a wide assortment of teas in my grotto." She grins over at Nadia, "I'll contact you in the next couple of days, I'm sure. Just need to sort a few things out."

Nadia Van Dyne shrugs. "Oh I plan for almost everything. Even now I've got a portable generator, emergency shelter and four weeks food on me." She pats her jacket. "I have very deep pockets. And I'll look forward to it. But for now at least I better get back to my walk. I'm trying to come up with a safe way to fold space and the numbers just don't look right yet."

Pamela blinks a little at the mention of everything that Nadia has on her, and narrows her eyes a bit, "I guess it is bigger on the inside, but well, good luck with folding space-time to your liking. You'll hear from me soon." She smiles and waves again towards Nadia, looking a touch bemused.

Nadia Van Dyne waves back. "Good luck with creating a tropical paradise out of a wasteland!" she says earnestly as she starts to resume her walk. "Cya around."

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