2019-10-29 - Not A Ginger


Jeriah returns to the Triskelian and Jemma is waiting

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Oct 29 05:32:44 2019
Location: Jemma's Lab

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Jemma is waiting for Jeriah by the time he gets to the Triskelian. He can tell she's been fretting a bit and is likely pacing.

The communications with her has been limited and brief - perhaps she's been trying to keep her worries to herself.

When he enters her lab space though, she turns to face him. "What happened?" is the first thing she says. "How badly hurt are you?" She's got her med kit out on her work bench but he gets her thoughts that maybe they should be in med bay.

"Not as badly as they are." Jeriah says as he sits down. He's bruised and cut a bit. Not shot fortunately he'd been the only one with a gun in play. Which seems an oversight on their part. Probably not the next time they make a try on him though.

The hacker takes his shirt off without being asked and… yes. Bruised. And cut. "Someone spoofed you to send a message and set up a meet. Guy from the old unit. Wanted me to work for his new employers."

"I'm sure." Jemma mutters and she pushes Jeriah onto the stool and starts to look him over. There's no blushing at the moment, her mind completely absorbed in the work she has to do. "Spoofed me? What do you mean?" she asks as she starts to clean the wounds. It will sting, she can't do anything about that.

"Your old unit? I thought you said there was no one left… " He hadn't actually said that but it was close. "I have a trace running on the number plate, I'm expecting the results soon. Who are his new employers?"

"Some fought on my side. We killed everyone we could find but there were some missing after the fight." Jeriah says as he rolls his shoulder. Oy. That's sore.

"They sent a message that appeared to be from you. I knew it was likely a trap but I decided to see who it was. He didn't mention who the new employers were. That's standard, Kenneth isn't an idiot. Well. Kenneth isn't an idiot in very specific and unhelpful ways."

"This wasn't one who fought on your side and has turned is it?" Jemma murmurs, putting her hand on Jeriahs shoulder to hold him still while she works. "I'll get to your shoulder in a moment." Yes, she picked that up, even if he wasn't directing the thought at her.

"Why didn't you call me to come with you? Or take a backup squad in if that was that the case?" She's chiding a little as she finishes cleaning the cuts. "None of these need stitches but some are close."

"He didn't mention who they were. Well that's annoying. Perhaps the number plate will help us track things down." beat "What will you do the next time you get a suspect message from me? I didn't like not being able to feel you, Jeriah. What if they knew you were blocking attacks on me and tried a two prong attack?"

"Probably send my dogs in to blow people up. I didn't take you, Jemma, because I didn't want there to be two targets while I was fighting my way out of a trap. Or two captives if I failed to do so." And also because he knew he would probably have to kill someone messily and he'd rather she didn't see that.

And indeed. He DID have to kill someone messily.

"Shoulder might be slightly strained." He doesn't think sprained, it doesn't hurt quite enough for that. But you know, two rather burly men tried to immobilize him.

"OK, that's why you didn't call me but you can't deny it's a good way to leave me susceptible while you're dealing with that." Jemma murmurs "And whilst I appreciate you wanted to save me the gory details, I have seen people kill you know."

It's possibly disconcerting to Jeriah that she's picking up his thoughts so easily and not really thinking on it.

"Strained is good. It just means you need to rest." She murmurs, running her hand over the muscles and joint. "There's bruising in the shape of finger prints. Whoever had you was strong."

The message notification goes off the two of them. It's the details on the number plate he had her trace. Unsurprisingly, a rental car from an office in downtown New York. Might pay to take a visit to them.

"I sent a clean up crew to that office, by the way. The two bodies will be in the medlabs for me to inspect." So he hasn't really saved her from much. "Initial reports from the crew there are that two men were contractors. We can look into those as well."

"Not like I have." Which is true. Jeriah is something that no SHIELD tactical agent is. A soldier. He doesn't engage in 'operations'. He fights wars in the dirtiest, nastiest, most effective ways possible. When Jeriah kills there's a cold efficiency to it that's nearly inhuman.

It might pay to visit them or Jeriah could just start to hack their POS system and get the credit card details. Most rental agencies require a card these days so it's not likely the guy paid with cash. That'll give him an in into the finance system which is where the real data will lie.

"Guy was beefy yes." There's bruising on the back of his head and throat as well. The fight had been a fairly near run affair.

"And so what if I haven't seen how you kill? I don't need you saving my sensibilities and getting hurt, Jeriah." There's a degree of frustration in Jemma's tone. He's right of course that she might have become a hostage but he did leave her unprotected when the trouble went down. "And we're going to be working together, I'm going to see what you do, whether you like it or not."

Jeriah can start hacking the POS system. It's online and he can retrieve the rental agreement easily enough. That card is a Master Card in the name of Barry Thien, no company, but that's no surprise really.

"There was blood on the scene as well. We've got a sample coming back to the office. Was that from Kenneth?" Jemma's surprisingly gentle as she checks that shoulder and the bruising on Jeriahs throat.

"You need to rest, Jeriah. I can give you salve for the bruising and the strain but there's little else I can do. You took a knock to the head as well."

"Yeah. I shot him." With a plasma gun so Jeriah IS surprised there's blood but that's handy anyway. They can use the DNA profile to see if they get a hit in any crime databases.

"I've got a credit card and name. The name is probably fake but I might be able to trace some transactions." What he's really going to be looking for is patterns that tell him where this card usually operates and what it usually buys. That will allow him to conduct more focused CCTV footage sweeps.

"Ain't no rest for the wicked Jemma. Though… I do feel like I need a good lie down."

"I figured you did. Was he augmented like you?" She missed the fight with the noise on his netware. "I'll be doing tests to see what I can find."

"It probably is fake, but we've got something to go with. Let me see to your shoulder and bruises and then, you can rest on the cot I have in here. Just an hour, it will do you good."

"You aren't all evil, Jeriah. Not totally."

"He was. And they've figured out something that disrupts or weakens the fields we project." Jeriah notes. "Which I'm not sure entirely HOW they would do and sadly I didn't recover whatever it was he was using to do it." That's a risk. But Jeriah isn't JUST bulletproof. In many ways that's just an extra to go with his internet connectivity and high degree of training in the fine art of blowing things up and killing people.

Very Fine Art.

"Your faith in my virtue is… touching?"

"They did, did they? Well, I suppose it's possible. The power source is contained in your blood stream, if they found a way to disrupt that …." She shakes her head. They'll have the blood to test, maybe that will give them something.

"Virtue?" Jemma smirks a little despite the concern she's hiding. "Do you have any? I said you aren't all evil, that's all. You deserve *some* rest."

She's still working on his shoulder, fingers trailing over the skin gently. "Why don't rest and I'll get you something from the cafeteria. I'll have the rest of the stuff from that site soon and then you can track the rental car down."

"I'd protest but I'm actually a little woozy so yes. I think I will lie down. Take the rest that not being completely evil has earned me. I knew keeping that small part of my soul would come in handy one day." He's joking right? His shoulders are relaxing at least. Which says that he's more comfortable.

"Though I still feel like I should glare at you for having a cot in here."

"You're not a ginger." Jemma moves back to let the soldier-hacker done his shirt again. He can feel the turmoil of her thoughts as she tries not to worry. What happened this morning was bad and incredibly dangerous.

"You can glare me when you wake up. As you can see right now, it comes in handy." Giving Jeriah a slight push, Jemma waits for him to move. When he's settled, she'll get to work on the rest of the stuff.

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