2019-10-28 - Catty Is Not A Good Look


Jimmy and Darcy meet for coffee and talk about Felicia.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Oct 28 00:00:00 2019
Location: A Coffee Shop

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It's a morning near the end of October, and Jimmy and Darcy are meeting for coffee before work. He arrives first — usually does, given his early rising and way around the traffic. But it goes a bit beyond 'early rising' this time. It's not that he's sluggish, yawning, or flopping around; he's still a perfectly healthy amount of alert. But he has that way about him that suggests he hadn't slept the night before. He skips it sometimes, when he's busy with studying or a patrol runs long and complicated. As long as he doesn't have to throw cars around or wrestle with titans, he can last without sleep for a while.

While he waits for her to arrive, he sits with his coffee and looks off into space, with a little blush already on his cheeks.

Darcy moves in, bustling like everyone else. Her mind on her coffee, she's already headed toward the table when she spots Jimmy and His Blush.

"Penny for your thoughts?" she asks, expecting him to know she was there. And so, she just moved into his space, sat next to him, and sipped her coffee.

Though he's still blushing, he also smiles at her as she approaches. His arm slips around her with the same casual ease as if she'd been there for hours. "Thinking about something that happened last night," he says. "I, ah. Met someone f-flirty."

"OOh, she sounds divine. Tell me more," Darcy coos, happily settling in to Jimmy's side, as confortable as if she had only just gotten up for a refill instead of having just arrived.

Jimmy's smile grows a little wider, even as his blush glows to match it. Honesty. "Her name's Felicia, and we met at the club Aerie. Dave wanted to go out there last night, but he didn't want to go alone, so I went with him." That's the main reason Jimmy goes anywhere new — someone else wanted to. "And she, ah. Yeah, you'd get along great. She's playful to a downright wicked degree, loved making me blush and squirm, and was more than ready to hit me with sledgehammer-grade honesty to make sure I knew that, yes, she was flirting." Not a word about what she looks like; that's just not Jimmy's normal focus.

Which is way Darcy doesn't press for those physical attributes. It's the heart of a person that's attractive. Not their measurements.

"please tell me you said bye to her on your way out," Darcy says, theamusement and the humor BARELY held in check.

"Yes, I did," Jimmy says. "And we traded numbers. But I made sure she knew that anything… b-beyond flirting would need your go-ahead." He looks so serious. But then, that little 'clause' in their relationship hasn't actually seen use yet, now has it?

It hasn't, but where Jimmy was so serious, Darcy was giggling. BYE FELICIA! Oh, that meme's gonna be stuck in her head. Darcy tries to calm herself, leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek.

"Are you hoping for my go-ahead, lover boy?"

That kiss almost feels like it should scorch Darcy's lips, with how hotly he's blushing. And that's before the question, which has him just shy of trying to veil. Not that it'd do any good with Darcy right there. "It's completely up to you. But… if you were comfortable with it, I would… e-enjoy having the option on the table." 'On the table'? Oh that's just begging for Darcy to play with words.

"That the only thing you'd like on the table?" is the coy little purr of a retort. Her sweet and angelic smile is betrayed by the utter temptress in the shade of her eyes and the slight twist just at one corner of her lips.

Jimmy whines under his breath, his cheeks fuming. "You know what I mean." Something else occurs to him — maybe his brain is a little more sluggish today — and he sits up. "Oh. I should say, too. She, uh, did mention she's het — nothing against those otherwise, but it's not her. So I unfortunately would not be able to hook you two up and watch the sparks fly." Or just watch.

"hmm," Darcy vocalizes, head tilting slightly in thought. Then her lips purse.

"That's cool. Her choice. I'd like to meet her, maybe? But I'm not against you experimenting. It's not like you can catch whatever she's got, so I'm pretty well safe in that regard, right?"

Oh jeez. It's actually a possibility now, and that makes Jimmy's face turn a rich red that would win Best Tomato competitions. "Th-Thank you for trusting me," he says, kissing her cheek. "And hey, no guarantee anything would actually happen. Could be she prefers the tease. Though I shudder to think just what colour I'd turn if I get you two in the same room together."

"And that's way I want to meet her. Plus, if she wants it serious, she needs to know that having you that way means having me that way," darcy states, reaching up to tap Jimmy on the nose. "By the way? You look like a tomato and it's making me want to eat you."

Jimmy nods. "She… seems like she's been burned before, probably by people treating her too un-seriously. So we'd have to consider what's good for everyone involved — you, her, and me." Because of course the others are spoken of first. He's Jimmy. And he squints at her. "You always want to eat me."

"Well.. yes. You're tasty, but back to Felicia. I hate that she's been burned before. I have too, and it fucking sucks. So, yes. Definitely need to meet her, make sure she knows that I'm not blowing her off and that if she wants to be involved, I'm part of the deal. I know she doesn't want sexy times with girls. That's not a big thing. I'd be happy being friends with her. I just don't want her to get jealous, you know? Catty is NOT a good look," Darcy quips.

Jimmy's arm tightens around Darcy. "And that you've been burned before especially makes me appreciate you being open and understanding about…" He waggles a hand. "…you know. Being friends seems like a good target. Someone who's been burned like that needs friends more than most, you know?"

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