2019-10-27 - No Longer Fun and Games


Voodoo chases some agents into Jersey City and comes across Ms. Marvel and Mirage. Ms. Marvel realizes.. it's not all fun and games in crime fighting.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Oct 27 21:45:56 2019
Location: RP Room 2

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Secret wars tend to work best if they stay secret. And these days, staying secret largely requires passing unnoticed, not making a big splash of light, or sound, or remains for later curious examination.

Being an alien-hunting stripper ninja is challenging.

Tonight, what was supposed to be a surreptitious intelligence op, tracking what she believes to be - she's pretty darned sure - a dire wraith operative to see what connections and resources they have and prepare for future operations has turned into something else entirely. Voodoo is not pleased. Her quiet, sneaky op has turned into a near-blinding laser-lights show across rooftops in Jersey City, of all darned places.

They haven't managed to blow up the darned warehouse - thank goodness, as her telepathy has confirmed there are at least two human beings inside their, currently cowering under their desks with cellphones clutched in shaking hands! - but they have managed to detonate a car, and blow the caps off two fire hydrants on the street. The figure in improbably skintight gold-accented purple is bouncing around like one part ninja, another part superball, and letting loose with a blaster shot once in a rare bit when there's a good opening. The remaining six operatives still after her tonight are being much less discriminating with their blaster fire, and she has fast-healing laser burns to prove it.

And now Voodoo has to worry about the authorities showing up, and trying like the dickens to not leave enough evidence for this to be a problem for her later. As if life wasn't difficult enough?!

Jersey City. Make it yours. That's the official motto of the city. But really, noone wants to make it theirs. It's like the little brother of New York City. And noone wants the little brother. So when attacks actually happen in the city, it's surprising. Isn't supervillian attacks totally a New York City thing? But with the car and hydrant explosions, it's drawn the attention of Jersey City's resident hero.

As she uses her arms much like Spider-Man uses his webs, stretching and grabbing, stretching and grabbing, Ms. Marvel makes her way to where one of the rooftops just as one of the agents is firing at the colorful young woman in the middle of the warehouse. "This is totally a new laser tag zone, especially with real lasers!"

Though there is a moment where Kamala is trying to figure out exactly who the good guys and whos the things to punch in this scenario as she crashes into the warehouse. But as she lands, she sees one of the humans hiding under a desk and she's making her way in that direction to assist in the saving and evacuation.

Dani was on patrol when she heard the reports of laser fire, of all things, in Jersey City. So naturally she changed course to see what the heck was going on. Considering that there's one person versus six, and the six aren't exactly discriminating in their fire… well, that makes Dani's decision pretty easy.

Staying on Brightwind, she manifests a psychic bow in her hands, nocking an arrow and shooting at one of the operatives. She doesn't exactly announce her presence otherwise, since… well, a Valkyrie riding a winged horse should do just well enough, right?

Oh, F***! Now gosh darned superheroes are showing up! The only thing worse would be the actual freaking cops! Voodoo hisses sharply and ducks into a roll as another blast almost catches her, distracted as she is by the sudden appearance of a girl in red and blue through one opening and a freaking valkyrie - seriously, glowing girl archer on a gosh darned pegasus! - through another. . o O (Pay attention, you nitwit!)

Voodoo comes out from under her cover brandishing her sword in one hand and her blaster in the other. None of these agents have the feeling of actual dire wraiths, which makes them agents, and sloppy ones at that. Probably catspaws with plenty of cut-outs so nothing can be traced back. Frustrating dead-ends for her investigations, but right now she has to stop them from hurting those humans or burning down this warehouse!

The psychic arrow freezes one shooter in place, twitching, brain overloaded with fears he cannot express, can barely comprehend.

When Ms. Marvel scoots to the desk she finds one security guard cowering beneath, clutching his phone, listening helplessly to the 9-1-1 operator as they dispatch police to the scene. Under the next desk is another compatriot, still trying to pluck bits of steaming plastic out of his cheek and neck from a monitor that apparently got blasted early in the fight all too close to his head. Neither man is entirely sanguine about the heroine of Jersey City just showing up in the middle of all of this, but they recognize their chance to maybe get out of here alive, and cling to her like limpets, pleading for help.

Two blasts of charged plasma renders another gunman disabled, non-lethal burns still causing enough pain to take him out of the fight. The most startling is when Voodoo twists around and slices through the gun of another of the shooters, causing a minor explosion and a flare of light and heat as its charge pack detonates, outlining Voodoo startlingly for a few moments before the afterimages set in.

Three left.

In the familiar reds and blues, with the yellow lightning bolt on the front of her burkini turned costume, Kamala gives a little squeak when she's suddenly clung to by the two guards. "Hold on tight!" she offers to the pair, and then using her arms, she embiggens her hands, setting them off in a soft yellow glow as she wraps one hand around each guard. And then she lifts and stretches, sending her arms, carrying the pair of guards to send them next to the emergency exits for safety. Though that also opens up her arms and hands for attacks.

And she takes a couple of hits, giving out a sharp yelp of pain as the costume and flesh beneath is burned, a whimper from the young woman, which changes at the arrival of Dani. "…help the woman in gold!" Because she's NOT SHOOTING AT HER.

Dani doesn't hestiate, snapping off another shot with her psychic arrow, picking them off one at a time. She guides Brightwind down towards Kamala, trying to draw fire away from her as she shouts, "Well, that's definitely a cool trick! Know who these people are?" She focuses her attention on the two remaining, though she does look curiously towards the woman in gold now that the odds are weighted more favorably now…

With the heroes having apparently decided to help her, Voodoo has less reason to have to get particularly mean or nasty on the remaining operatives, and she charges into melee, delivering snappy kicks and powerful elbow sweeps rather than laying about with lethal weaponry. The blows are still powerful, and well-placed, with plenty of athleticism and skill, but nothing compared to sword swipes or blaster shots.

She also makes a point of snatching up their cellphones as surreptitiously as possible during those up-close confrontations, in hopes the data on them may give her leads where this warehouse surely won't. There's no way the dire wraiths would set up an attack like this on a property with any incriminating evidence.

The gold accents on the full-body purple make quite a statement as the incredibly curvaceous woman strides past her latest victims to check on the two heroines who interrupted. "Guards get out OK?" she asks, voice disguised by some kind of vocoder embedded in the suit. "Sorry you got shot. They weren't the most careful goons."

Yeah. Introductions? Not so much, right now. But there's something making her stare through those dark lenses right at Ms. Marvel. Like a magnet's pull.

After the remaining agents are downed, Kamala brings back in her arms and shakes them out. "Ow." she says with a wince as she tries to find herself back into her baseline look. She totally missed on the collecting of phones and such as she was working on protecting and evacuating the guards. "…going to need to eat a couple of extra helpings tonight.." she admits to herself.

She doens't want to just up and up say 'HI DANI!' but she realizes, she didn't get Dani's /other/ name, so she just offers a brilliant smile to the Valkyrie. "Now what has you in my neck of the woods?" she asks her teasingly.

But then she feels eyes on her - and well, that stare as well. And she fidgets slightly, because she has no idea what she did, or who she is, but the girl stares at her for a moment, her cheeks warming as she pulls at the front of her costume and looking over her frame subconsciously as she frowns. "Am I bleeding?"

Dani grins a little at Kamala, and says simply, "Mirage." Granted, it isn't like Cheyenne Valkyries are hard to come by, and she has a public identity as it is, but still… why advertise? She tilts her head a bit at Kamala, then glances curiously over at Voodoo, "Nice work, by the way."

Voodoo nods to each woman in turn. "You, too." she offers to Mirage. "Both of you." she adds, glancing again at Ms. Marvel. "Sorry for the mess. I was following a target. Came in here, so I slipped in to check it out, and they started blasting." All true, such as it is; no need to lie right now. But her attention keeps drawing back to Kamala; she cannot help it. She's not even consciously sure what it is about her that draws this instinctive attention. "You … going to be alright? The blaster burns?"

"A target?" The wording is causing Kamala to tense slightly. That sounds a lot like assassin talk to her, and the young woman is slightly guarded. But at the same time, she's moving to roll up her sleeve a little. The burn looks like it's already healed up a lot. "Nothing that a double cheese pizza won't fix." she admits with a soft sigh and then as Dani and Pris are talking, Kamala kinda takes a step back to let them chat, she's instead going over to one of the agents to study him more closely.

Dani nods, "Definitely haven't seen anyone using weapons quite like this before, that's for sure. Glad that you're okay, though." She keeps her attention on Voodoo, though she does keep one eye on Ms. Marvel, just in case there's some other agents lurking out of sight or something.

Voodoo nods towards Kamala. "Yep. Subject fit the pattern of a perp I'm after. Was following, trying to confirm. Then ended up in the middle of all this." A target of surveillance, right now, not assassination. Not until she has enough evidence to track the bastard back to the rest of his allies! "Glad you'll be OK." Voodoo's own burns are also healing rapidly, though her costume does not repair. "I've seen weapons like them before. Not common, but not unheard-of. HYDRA toys, or so I've heard." It can't be, can it?

Dani nods, "Yeah, haven't had too many run-ins with them, most of the time I tend to run into… well, ninjas. No offense. They had far worse fashion sense, for starters." She grins over at Voodoo, "I'd offer you a lift, but it seems like you have that covered." Since, well, she does have the flying horse and all.

"They don't look like HYDRA." Kamala admits as she looks at one of the agents on the ground. And then slowly she's coming to a realization. This isn't exactly like punching out the bad guys and then giving them over to the police. The young woman stares down at the agent, reaching up to rub at her, arm, where her injury is. And for the first time, she's feeing like she's totally out of her league as the two women continue to talk to each other, and she goes just a little pale.

Voodoo just shrugs, with predictable results. "No offense taken. I'm not Japanese, and these aren't pajamas." Sure. She is a ninja, but she doesn't call herself that. It's all about self-identifying, right? "I have a bike." she answers Mirage. No need to mention her bike flies.

"They probably aren't. HYDRA weapons sometimes end up in others' hands. Weapons deals." Voodoo notices Ms. Marvel getting pale and she steps over, feeling what the other feels - hello, empath here! - and lays a hand on her forearm. "Breathe a little. Deep breaths, slow, even. It'll pass. For the record, you're doing a lot better than you think. And thanks for saving those guys."

Difficult as it may be, Voodoo peels her hand away from Kamala and turns, walking towards the exit to the warehouse … and hoping to get away before the sirens in the distance aren't so distant anymore.

Dani comes over towards Kamala as well, placing a hand on Ms. Marvel's shoulder, "Hey, sirens coming, want a lift out of here?" She grins and gestures, "Brightwind can handle two pretty easily, if you need a ride anyway?" She nods over towards Voodoo, watching the other woman make her exit.

Voodoo's touch causes Kamala to blanch for a moment. She's not sure how to react. "What.. how.." she doesn't know what to say, as she looks up at the empath and swallows hard. Deep. Slow. Concentrate on your breathing, Mala. She nods her head just a little numbly as she is thanked for saving the security guards. "Sure. No problem.." she manages as Dani comes up and sets a hand on her shoulder.

The young woman breathes in for a moment, and with Priscilla sneaking off. "Hey, wait.. I didn't even get your name!" she says after her - perhaps too late as she turns her atention back to Dani and nods finally. "Yeah. Usually I stay around to talk to the police…" But it may not be a good idea in this case.

As the other two women mount up and prepare to depart on Brightwind, the non-audible impression of a whispered voice carries one word back to them, seemingly out of nowhere: Voodoo.

Darned sneaky telepaths!@

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