2019-10-27 - A Task Worthy of Gods!


Thor drops by to visit with his brother and seek his guidance on a nigh impossible task set him by his father while Loki was tending to his newly rescued wife's care in their home

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Date: Sun Oct 27 08:10:09 2019
Location: Cover Story - Living Area

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Sigyn is currently bundled up in blankets and a clean change of Asgardian clothes on the couch, her hands clasped lightly around a cup of tea. She is far, far too pale. Indeed, one would be tempted to say she looked like death warmed over, but it would be in terribly bad taste given that until a short while ago she was dead. With being under her own rooftree, for Loki has her name on the property titles, she's able to heal herself faster than normal. Which is why she's able to be bundled up on the couch rather than unconscious in bed. "So tired… but it's good to feel tired, it's good to just… feel. The longer I was there, the more numb I became… telling stories helped though. It helped me remember." She takes a sip of tea, "The children were quite impressed when I said my husband knew more stories than I did."

Loki is actually in a bit of a solicitous mood, having been the organizer of Sigyn's rescue and all. He comes to the couch and offers Sigyn a tall glass of something to drink, a tisane with restorative properties, and then joins her there. "I wasn't even aware you were 'dead', for a few years, my wife. I was out and about." Loki is not terribly apologetic, but he is SOMEWHAT contrite. Seventy or eighty years isn't really all that long by Asgardian standards, still, he didn't even know for a while.

"I cast runes once I found out, and they indicated I needed the help of Lady Sif, of Fenris, and of the Valkyr Astryd and they listed several dates to rescue you…most centuries hence, so, here we are."

Distantly there is a hint of a rumble from an otherwise cloudless sky, enough of a hint to the ill weather forthcoming but for those within the domicile it might well be a precursor to something else somewhat familiar with them assuredly. Just enough of a warning to draw a glance perhaps toward the outside and the clear heavens.
For the magically sensitive they would likely feel the inward flexing of what magical barriers and warnings might be present on the dwelling, alarms likely being set off on some level as an artifact of great power exerts its influence. It might be disconcerting were it not a familiar effect, the strength of Mjolnir carrying out its duty in finding its quarry and bringing the Thunderer through with a /crack/ of lightning that heralds the thunder, roiling through the street outside.
It leaves the Mighty Thor standing out there, rising from a crouch and holding the hammer light in one hand, swirling it around once as he casts his gaze over his surroundings.
"Loki?!" His voice lifts, singular word hurled into the night and then followed by others, "Show yourself, I would have words with thee!"

Sigyn smiles up at Loki as she accepts the drink, "Well, I might be loathe to have you far from me for a while after this, my husband." Then the rumble of thunder, the pressure of the wards, the very loud arrival of Thor. She takes a sip of her drink. "Ah… family." She gives Loki a sad, wide-eyed look. "It grieves me that I cannot be a proper hostess for thy brother. Perhaps when you invite him in, you convey my apologies?" She knows quite well that Loki would wince to apologize to Thor for any reason. But conveying the apologies of his poor injured wife? Well, that he can do and probably have fun twisting the knife doing it.

"Well, we'll see what we can manage." After all, Loki hasn't the greatest of track records at relationship. A grin. "I /do/ know a fair number of stories…some of them even true." And then the wards scream warnings in his head, and Loki sighs at the particular flavor of the incoming magic. "Ah. My dear brother." He rises, pausing a moment to kiss his wife's brow, before he heads to the balcony.

Leaning on the railing he looks down, faint smirk. "Brother! I greet you and bid you welcome, come, enter my home and be guested as true kin with mead, and food fit for the Lord of Thunder." A pause. "Or you can fly up here and join my sickly wife and I for the food and drink we have to hand." A shrug. "Either way, join us, brother, and well come."

Of course outside at this point and this time of evening there are lights flickering on in windows and no small number of lookie loos peering out to get a gander on the goings on. A few cars are halted and waiting, since the still smoldering area where Thor appeared has little wisps of smoke still wending their way upwards. If the neighborhood was a little worse assuredly they'd be pelted by people hollaring about the hour. But perhaps it's Thor's presence or perhaps it's just general politeness, but for now the Asgardians are unassailed.
Mjolnir is hefted and used to gesture in Loki's direction a gesture of acceptance accompanied by a nod of agreement. "Aye, that would be good. Bide but a moment." And as he says that he smiles an open smile to one of the drivers of the vehicle that's stopped in the middle of the road, then starts to walk toward the door of that book store.
A few moments later and he'll have ascended the steps, pausing long enough to rap his knuckles upon the door and to bide until granted entry.

Sigyn frowns at Loki, "I am injured, not ill. Or are you trying to vex me?" She shifts a bit on the couch, then reconsiders it, and uses a bit of sorcery to throw a pillow vaguely in Loki's direction. "There, consider me vexed and yourself rebuked." She closes her eyes and sips the restorative, waiting for Loki to let Thor in. Once Thor is inside, she blinks her eyes open again, and smiles at Loki. "By tomorrow I should be healed enough to affix for you the images of the Jotun that attacked me. I am fairly certain two are dead, but that leaves three including the one who seemed to be in charge." And saying that in hearing of Thor will no doubt stir things up. Whether she's trying to vex Loki or help him, probably even he isn't sure.

"Of course, brother." Loki grins down to his adopted sib, and then turns back into the living room to be promptly rebuked and pillow swatted. "Well, the magic is unimpaired, it seems." He picks up the pillow and tosses it back to the couch on the way to fetch the god of thunder. He lets him in through the locks, dwarven made of course, and the wardings, his.

He greets his brother with a firm hug, and then motions him inside to join the fun.

"Sigyn is a bit unwell, brother, having recently been mostly dead. Forgive her for not being a more attentive hostess, so…instead…allow me to make you welcome. What would you favor? Wine? Ale? Mead?"

He looks to Sigyn as she speaks of the Jotuns, and his expression briefly turns very dark indeed. "Oh, that would be splendid, my wife. Nothing like a good rousing bit of revenge to whet the appetite, mm?"

Emerging into the room, Thor arrives with no pomp nor circumstance yet seems to fill the place with his presence as he announces. "Brother." A hand is extended toward Loki to grasp forearms, other hand reaching to /thump thump thump/ on his shoulder as he draws the other Asgardian into that brief embrace. A warm greeting, to be fair, but not perhaps as effusive as Thor so often is, perhaps having to do with whatever matter weighs upon his mind.
"I would have your counsel for matters proceed apace though still in some ways beyond my own." He starts to stride past the other prince when his sea blue eyes fall upon Sign at her place upon the couch. He draws up short for a moment.
"Sigyn!" His lip twists up a little, brow knitting together. "Tis good to see you, it has been some time."
A quick glance to Loki. "Sickly? Unwell?"
Then back to her, "What ails you, Lady Sigyn? You look well though aye… a touch peaked." He looks at her, now as if through the lens of a physicker though his talents in that area are assuredly not deep.
Only to have that question answered, "Dead?" There's a pause then his eyebrows lift, "Well it pleases me then to see you all the better." Though there is a bit of trepidation to his words.
Back to Loki, "Whatever you are having we shall share it." That said he sets Mjolnir down upon a nearby table near the door.

Sigyn nods to Thor, "I was ambushed by a small party of Jotun, who cast a golden net over me. It bound my seidhr and my soul as well as my body." She gives a small, grim smile. "When they closed, I took one by surprise through the groin, he they left for dead. They ran me through, but the net… I could not die, nor escape, nor call for aid. And in that state they threw me over the wall into Helheim. I heard a gurgling cry then… as they made no sacrifice for the unorthodox crossing, it may be that Helheim claimed one. Neither alive nor dead, nothing to alert the Valkyr, nor passing through the gate to be numbered in Helheim's ranks… t'was carefully thought out to keep me hidden and trapped."

Sigyn smiles then at Loki, "I would be there still, save for my husband leading a group to save me." She takes another careful sip of the tisane in her hand, seeming exhausted by even such a short speech.

"Brother, my counsel is always yours to ask, though you know I am oft out of favor with father and the others, still, you have but to ask."

He excuses himself while Sigyn elaborates on her situation, and returns a few moments later with tall horns of mead, one for himself, one for his brother, as well as s tray with snacks, meat and cheese and a basket of bread torn into convenient chunks, looks like baguette.

"And I'd have failed in her rescue had the others not come." Loki allows, having kept up with the conversation since the kitchen is adjoining to the living area.

"Once she's recovered enough I'm sure I'll want to take care of the Jotuns who assailed her, but…that's a matter for tomorrow." A broad smile. "What matters proceed apace that vex the Thunderer enow to seek counsel of Loki Liesmith?"

Listening to Sigyn's tale, Thor furrows his brow as he concentrates and frowns at several points when such trespass is wrought upon his kin. He grimaces and folds his arms over his broad chest at the mention of her being so bound and thrown off as so much detritus. Shaking his head he looks to Loki at the last, when mention of his efforts is brought to the fore.
"Brother, I would have gladly aided thee if you had but granted me word." Though he was unavailable, likely in Asgard at the time, it does not stop Thor from taking umbrage at the neglect of not being asked to join when a quest beckoned.
But then back to Sigyn, "I am glad they were successful, Lady Sigyn. Your steady hand in dealing with my brother is e'er welcome amongst us. Forgive me for my lack of attention." Though it's clear the way he shoots a glance at Loki as his brother rejoins them that he perhaps holds his brother accountable for such neglect. At least in part.
Though when the topic shifts to the point of redressing the ills done to Sigyn he nods solemnly to his brother. "Aye, if there is blood to be spilt then I would stand at your side, Loki." And with that, for now, perhaps the topic is partially closed.
Thus he opens a new one, the matters that vex him. Accepting the mead he takes a sip first to whet his whistle before offering, "I am come recently from father's court. I have been tasked with efforts that confound me in truth. I am to improve relations between the nine realms in some form or another. When I pressed father, he merely smiled that knowing smile his and it left me with no further way in which to ask, yet without anything made more clear. Thus here I am, seeking what words you would offer."
A glance to Sigyn is given as he smiles, "And left to consider myself lucky to have both your words and Lady Sigyn's to aid me."

Sigyn says cautiously, "It is… unfair to give you such a vast yet vague task with no guidelines… not even as to what he would consider success." Sigyn is always very cautious about criticizing the Allfather. Given what has happened in the past with Loki, she considers the caution well justified. "With such a vast task I would want to think… but indeed, it is too vast to tackle all at once. The only hope is to break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces." She takes a sip of her tea, looking over at Loki. She fears that Thor has been given an impossible task… or rather, too open ended of one. Odin could justify keeping Thor out of Asgard, traveling the realms indefinitely on such a vast, ill defined quest. It is troubling to send the heir away like that.

"Ah brother, do not take offense - I cast the runes, your help, no doubt doughty and effective, was not auspiced - the runes were rather specific about who would best serve, well, once I interpreted them." Loki smiles, hands wide. "I cannot control Fate, mm?" He's not one of the Norns after all.

Loki meets that mildly accusing glance, and it might well surprise Thor when he nods, and looks down, accepting the blame in full measure. Perhaps the one thing that makes Loki love Thor best of all his kin is that though he had a good heart, a HERO'S heart, still he finds it in him again and again to forgive Loki's errors and misdeeds.

That means a lot to the Trickster. The pledge to stand to with Loki is accepted and very welcome news.

Loki frowns and takes a goodly swig of his own Mead as the Allfather's quest is made plain. "He does love to give missions with little…guidance." Loki states with a faintly mocking tone, not of Thor, nope, of Odin.

"The first step is to figure out /which/ of the Nine Realms are issues. Once we identify the problem areas we can figure out what to do about them." Loki laughs when Sigyn's thoughts on the way to best proceed so closely mirror his own.

Taking his drink and walking further into the room, he drops into a seat nearby to Sigyn but leaving room so Loki can take a seat of prominence with her as is his due as her husband. "I said near the exact thing to him, Lady Sigyn." He takes a moment to consider the horn of mead then takes another sip, not drinking it down as is so often his normal manner.
"And I was told such is the responsibility of those who would rule. To accept the impossible, to embrace it, and fates willing accomplish it."
Then to Loki he crinkles his nose but accepts the explanation given. Fate indeed. At the decision to consider which realms are endangered he lifts the horn as if to emphasize his words, "Naturally my thoughts turned to Midgard. Our embassy here, the sentiment turned against those of us in exile. But then I realized that it has been some time since I have been to some of the others."
He takes a deep breath, "And though it be not an action meant for might of arms, I believe the best step is to treat it at least as one of Father's campaigns. If we are to execute said campaign then we need information, and who better to gather it than myself?"

"I would phrase it differently… I would say a ruler must weigh need against need, evil against evil, and do the most good for the most number while minimizing harm. But I am not the AllFather." Sigyn sips her tisane. "Midgard is a good place to start, for it is known to you. And he said to improve relationships -between- the nine realms, not between the realms and Asgard. Unlike the other realms, which have… firmly set views of each other, the Midgardians were not last I knew in touch with other realms? Though if we have an Embassy here, that is certainly a start. And beginnings are… malleable things." She looks between Thor and Loki at this.

"There is indeed an embassy, I have a nice set of quarters there, even an office AND a 'Personal Assistant'." Yeah, he's still not quite sure what one of those does, but hey, she's pretty and does things for him, so…why complain? "I'll take you to see it when you're more recovered, Sigyn."

Loki snorts derisively. "Embrace the impossible? Really?" Loki shakes his head. "I think he's setting you up to fail, brother. Fortunately you have US to help! And no doubt Lady Sif will be willing to help." A laugh. "Maybe even Lady Astryd and my eldest son, possibly."

He nods then, and looks thoughtful. "So…improve relations world by world…did he give you any end goal or did Mighty Odin simply leave it as you stated 'improve'?"

It's clear that Sigyn broaches a possibility he hadn't considered, improving relations between other realms beside Asgard? Curious. He definitely does take an Asgard-centric point of view. Though… understandably so. So he raises his eyebrows thoughtfully and nods along as she speaks, "That is definitely something to consider."
He looks to Loki, "I was left with the thought that I need this information, and that who better to come to when such is my need than yourself."
At that he takes a long drink from the horn of mead, features warming a little as he looks thoughtful, gaze distancing as he listens to Loki and then finally his last question. A nod of his head is given as he murmurs in reply. "I believe he is awaiting to see what I view as an improvement and then when I present it to him to judge from that point. Perhaps." He shakes his head and frowns, "After so many years, sometimes my father remains ever inscrutable."

Sigyn looks tired, and leans against Loki. "I have learned to weigh words and tone carefully, Thor. There are those who are jealous that I married into the Royal family. There are those who condemn me for keeping faith with my husband. And rumors, always there are rumors. So when the Allfather gives orders, I give very careful attention to their measure. I am sure others do the same. By giving such nebulous orders, his whim becomes the only measure of success. I would be cautious… be prepared at any time to explain the work you have put into this and the results to date." Her eyes half closed, tired from her wounds and healing, finding comfort in feeling her husband near, knowing she is safe, is out of that terrible place.

It is probably telling that both Sigyn and Loki both think in terms of multiple worlds. Strange minds perhaps, or perhaps that they spent so much time /not/ in Asgard. Either way, Loki slips an arm about his wife's shoulders as they discuss things. "Brother, my wife is weary. You're welcome to stay the night, but for her sake I beg you, let us table the discussion until she is better healed. Even the Allfather cannot expect results in less than a day, mm? Will you stay? My home is always open to you."

"You are wise, Lady Sigyn." Thor looks between her and Loki, frowning a little and then pushes himself to his feet. "Forgive me, I have trod heavily upon guest rite and taken advantage of your good manner in my pursuit of answers. I shall depart so you may rest and recover."
He sets the horn to the side and then rises to his feet, one hand extending partially behind him as Mjolnir instantly leaps into his hand with a low /whom/ of sound. "We shall discuss more in the future and in the meantime I shall set my mind to the task and see what I am able to produce. But for now I am going to continue my efforts. Rest will come later."
Then to Loki, "Brother, I give you my thanks for your allowing me into your home. Until another time." That said he moves toward the door, starting to depart.

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