2019-10-26 - Tagging a Relationship


Miles and MJ meet for BBQ in the park, have a run in with the law - and revelations and decisions are made.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Oct 26 16:26:42 2019
Location: Botanic Gardens

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When Miles realized that Mary Jane would need help with mobility, he had decided on moving from the lawn of Central Park to one of the pavilions for picnics in the Botanical Gardens. Having agreed to meet the woman there, he had gotten there early - since he was providing the food. Which he's currently working on setting out on at the moment. Having pooled together some funds and finaging a little, he hopes he's assembled a meal she'll enjoy.

The weather is cool - in the mid-60s. With the sun out, it's good jacket weather, which allows Miles to wear a hoodie with his blue jeans. His high tops are untied, as usual. A dark navy hoodie with red lining is worn over a darker t-shirt as he has a pair of headphones on, the type that cover the ear DJ style. They're bluetooth and he's currently humming along to a song as he figures he has a little time before MJ shows up.

As he lays out the blanket, he uses a trick his mother taught him - using a fitted sheet and the cooler and a couple of heavy blocks to make a slightly elevated 'area' where everything remains in neat and nice

The day was finally there! Mary Jane was tossing all caution about dating while 'working' out of the window! Well, because she's not actively working for three months aside from studying scripts and attending school.. she's got downtime. And free time! Plus, Mary Jane was in need of something new. New friends at least.

But, the time was closing in, she figured she need at least an half an hour to get to the gardens, even if it was by car. Traffic is always hell, and her hobbling would cause her to leave at least an hour early and she didn't want that. So, short.. even though it's cold, nice long flower shirt that makes her look like a total hippie, a big cast covered in a boot and one converse in attempts to match.

It doesn't.

But piling into the car was nothing, her scooter tucked into the trunk, her big bag sat next to her as they get close as they possibly could to the entrance. And with assistance getting out of the car, items on, scooter unfolded, she was off!

It was a bit weird, scooting down the walk ways; even though it was sturdy she was a little bit slow and wibby-wobbily for fear of falling or steering in the wrong direction. This was a girl who learned to ride a bike at 17 because a commercial called for it.

But she safely arrives, taking a moment to catch her breath before she finally calls out his name. "Miles!" She waves as well, which was big! "Over here!"

When she calls out to him, Miles looks up. Hell, there's relief there - he half assumed that MJ would ditch him and come up with some excuse. He'd accepted it, honestly. But when she arrives, he gives her a wide smile. "Well, look at you, Speed Racer." he offers with a chuckle as he sets aside his preparations, and goes over to meet her half-way. "You look great. I mean, you even make a broken leg look good, like I should go out and get one now."

Yes, he's teasing her. Not sure how to greet her, he settles with hands behind his back and rocking slightly on his heels. "Didn't know what you would be in the mood for, so I hope you packed an appetite!" comes his comment as there is a thoughtful pause as he moves into step with her. "By the way, since I didn't get a chance to say so out there…? Totally cool the way you helped out. Dumb, but cool." He's only chiding a little as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a business card. "Got these from my dad the other day, the cop you saved sent him with them." Offering her the car, she'll recognize what it is.

It's a courtesy card. Better known as the NYPD's 'Get Out Of Jail or Ticket Free' card. Reserved for small things like misdemeanors or a parking ticket. Won't let her get away with murder. But double parking? Totally.

Okay, the Speed Racer was funny. She had to laugh at that, her hand smacking atop of her head to push her hair back, then it was back to focusing on the scooter. "Oh noo.. I mean this is just basic, I just threw on anything." And no make-up! That.. wasn't a first for MJ. At least he thinks that she looks okay!

"DO -not- go break your leg! I mean, sure you can still stand and paint like you do, but do not do it! It is totally not fun!" Just like her missing that little teasing joke.

"Oh, I told you. I'm in the mood for everything. Here." She stops scooting, dragging the backpack from her back, offering it up to Miles. "So you didn't know what gourmet popcorn was, I decided to get all of the flavors in the store. We don't have to eat it, but that's yours, you can take it with you." And.. it was back to scooting.

And stopping again, reaching out to grab the card to stare at it, flipping it back and forth with a shrug of her shoulders. It was tucked into her top as she continues on, quiet. "You know, I have a friend who does things like that. Like, always stopping to help people in need. And sometimes, there's a lot of them he's surrounded by. I don't know. Maybe I thought that if I see my friend again, I could be one of those people that can stop and help. Does that make sense?" She glances back at her leg. "I mean, in a perfect world, I wouldn't have gotten hurt but hey." She grins, along with a wrinkle of her nose. "So your dad's a cop huh? And mom a nurse?"

"Hey, makes perfect sense. We all help each other a little more around here, world'd be a better place, right?" Miles asks as he accepts the backpack and he laughs. "I'll have to move it all to my bag so you can have this back!" Then there's a grin aside to her. "I know you said you did some influencing, but trust me, not influencing me to break my leg." There. Just to show he was teasing her.

As they make their way over to the pavilion, he uses his foot to hold down the edge of the sheet. "Take a seat, and I'll fix you a plate." he offers to her. "We'll see if we have room for the popcorn after I stuff you with food. But yeah.."

"Civil service and all that is in my blood. What about your parents? They in the biz too?" he asks curiously as he waits for her to settle before working to unpack the cooler. The first thing set out are chicken legs. Bar-b-qued and grilled, they're a rich dark red with slight black spots where they got just a little overcooked, carmalizing the sauce. As he sets that down, it's followed by a container of potato salad and some pork and beans that have been doctored up. A pack of King's Hawaiian rolls, and a jug of sweet tea are next, and then a tin container marked 'Peach' is last.

"Yes! See! I think that's the best way! No more fighting or.. people like the Tinkerbell or whatever. It allows us to focus on the big stuff. Like, working fifteen jobs to pay back Sally Mae.." She laughs at her joke, then 'ahhh's and laughs again. So he was joking about breaking his leg! Geez! Get a grip Mary Jane!

As they reach their designated picnic spot, she 'parks' the scooter, allowing her leg to stretch out and flex, working out the tingles from being bent for so long. And then, it was getting to sit down, which was a pain in itself. Like an extra huge appendage to lug around, she all but collapses onto the blanket and situates herself as if she were just a dainty thing!

She wasn't.

"My mom was.. as my manager. Right now she's taking care of my Aunt and her friend occasionally. My dad was a college Professor. Though, I haven't heard from him in nearly a decade." As the food comes out, there was a little hesitance. She wanted to dig in right away, but thought it polite to actually eat once he's settled. There was a little growl to her stomach, but she talks over it to hide. "But truthfully, your parents sound like the ideal couple. A cop and a nurse. Do you know how many procedural TV shows have that brand of couple? I bet they're the best.."

There's a frown. Miles catches on the past tense about her family and the mention on her father. "I'm sorry. You know in that whole empathy way." he offers to Mary Jane as he starts to work on setting up their plates, handing her one first so that she may make her food first. "Sure, how many shows you seen with a mixed race family that isn't married raising a child in a co-parenting relationship?" comes the question. It sounds serious, but his smile is totally relaxed about it. "I know I've been pretty lucky."

As she works on her food, he's getting out his bag and he takes out some cans of spray paint. Apparently he has /plans/. Putting the popcorn away for now, he moves to settled down across from her so they can face each other for more appropriate conversation. "So your mom and you didn't have like a huge falling out over your career did she?" he asks in mild-concern. "or the whole - forget school, focus on your career thing?"

"Eh. Don't worry about it." Mary Jane tugs her food closer, but still doesn't touch. Even though her fingers were totally itching for it. But no one said she really couldn't begin to decorate her plate with delicious food, so she does it. Chicken here.. pork and beans there..

"Well. Maybe there's a mention or two here, but nothing that's on prime time syndication." At least she was honest, but she does get it. "So they're not married?" She asks. "I.. thought they were. I'm sorry.." Her own apology was offered forward, using that as a distraction to tug the container that says 'Peach' closer to her. She was being greedy.

"Oh.. no no." She states, shaking her head. "Me and my sister both participated in our respective hobbies, you know? It's just that.." How to put it easy.. ".. ugh, screw it. My dad was an abusive jerk and a drunk, so my mom just grabbed us and ran." She didn't look deflated, instead she looked proud. The first time their dad even smacked her sister, they fled. She was proud of her mom. "Clearly it was for the best. But now I have to ask you.." She glances around. "..does your dad know you're randomly defacing private property?" She takes out her phone to turn it on, showing him her lock screen background. It was the picture that he sent her.

"You know, you can start making a plate anytime. Ain't no need in waiting." Miles points out. "Unless we're saying grace first. In that case.." Reaching over, Miles takes MJ's hand in his own for a moment and bows his head. "Lord, thanks for the food. Thanks for the beautiful day. Thank you for bringing me into the orbit of Mary Jane and protecting her when she needed you most - and that her leg heals quickly. Thanks for your blessings. Amen." There. Grace is out of the way.

With that, he's passing her a plastic cup for the tea, and he nods. "Ah. One of those. That sucks." he admits about her father turning out to be an a-hole. Then she brings up the question of the tagging, and Miles' cheeks darken for just a moment.

"He's caught me once or twice. Got grounded good for it." he admits with a laugh, then he's glancing over at a nearby walkway. "There's a tunnel over there. It's where I did one of my first taggings. Was gonna touch it up a little." comes the explanation. "Could come with if you want?" he suggests to her.

Mary Jane wasn't going to hesitate after that! But the grabbing of her hands stops her from actually doing so, especially since he goes on and on about grace. She… didn't want to be rude, but he could probably hear the.. 'ut..' as if she were to speak. But, she lets it happen. "Uh.. Amen!" Awkward..

She was shoveling food onto her plate at copious and criminal amounts, making sure to leave the same amount for Miles, offering it to him to takeas she takes the cup to pour her own tea. But to see him blush actually gets her grinning, but she hides it with a sip of her tea. Which.. was 'sweet!' "Oh wow, this is great!"

As her gaze was directed towards the tunnel, she nods her head in agreement. "Alright, I'm game. I mean sure, I could lose my get out of jail free card the same day that I got it, but it would be totally worth it." She teases, then looks down at her leg. She wanted to ask him to paint -on- her like a french girl.. but that would just be.. awkward.

"Glass half empty, or half full?"

If she likes seeing him blush, that would be one way to do it. After she makes her plate, he makes his own, catching the ut in her voice. "Bad habit." he admits. "Parent thing." there's a chuckle at that, before his attention turns to the tea and then her question. He considers it and then responds. "In need of a refill." That's said with a grin, before he shrugs his shoulders. "Half full, but at the same time, it means once it's gone, it's just a pleasant memory. So - bittersweet." is what he decides on.

"Haven't seen a cop patrolling around here in a while, we should be good." That's his explanation as he starts to tear into his chicken. "But food first, because you know, if I'm going to get you in trouble, better at least make sure to feed you first."

But since they're feeling out each other on first date type questions, he angles, "..so what is it that you're doing in college? I mean, outside of acting." Then there's an admission. "…haven't actually seen your movie yet."

Speaking of refills! The cup was drained immediately, soon refilled with the delicious sweet tea. If she keeps it up, her teeth might fall out and she'll catch a case of diabetes! But she does dive into the food, nodding her head in agreement. There was nothing like getting into trouble on a full stomach. "I get cranky if I don't eat." She mumbles, keeping her hands propped and her body situated so that he couldn't see her chewing. She was ravenous.

"Julliard." She says in between bites. The plate was now picked up, as well as a plastic spoon to focus on the pork and beans. It was delicious. "Drama, though some of that comes with theatre, dance and music. So it's a mixed major? Drama is the focus." She takes a few more scoops. "Once I'm done with Julliard though, I'm going to use the money to go into law. Entertainment law. If that doesn't work, keep acting until I'm dead."

At least that was her plan!

"What about you? Most adults our age would usually take a gap year, is that what you're doing?" Yes, Mary Jane graduated school late.

"So you're a dramatic dancing lawyer with an acting gig on the side. Who's going to play you in the movie of your life? How long do I have to date you before I get a bit role?" That's asked in a clearly teasing way before he considers her question and there's a firm shake of his head. "Naw, I've already started some general studies at ESU. No way the 'rents were gonna let me take a break. Strike while the iron is hot and stuff." Miles admits with a laugh. And that is the start of their meal and conversation - which includes peach cobbler.

After they are done cleaning up and he has everything set back in the cooler. As he finishes his tea - Miles is moving to pack up his paints and grins as he considers her. "So, Mary Jane.." he comments slyly as he looks over to the tunnel and then back to her. "Up for being a little creative? Or will that mess up your Julliard chances if you get caught?" there's a smile offered to her, sly and playful as he sees if the young woman is up for a challenge - or is going to wilt away. It's part of the whole dating thing, right? Figure out how far someone is willing to go. It works for Fear Factor.

"Twenty years. Oprah and Stedman.." And that was the conversation, full of laughs and getting to know each other..

Though, the food was delicious. Two helpings of cobbler were had and the container damn near licked clean. As he considers her, she was already rising, ready to finish off the day with some trouble and an amazing show of art. "Totally not going to ruin my chances. I'm already knee deep into the semester so there's no turning back now.." Which was a damn lie!

"Let's go, Picasso. Show me what you got!" She was even willing to leave her scooter behind, lacing up her boot tight around the cast to prevent it from falling off.

She's leaving the scooter behind? That makes things interesting. It's a short walk over to where the tunnel is, and as they enter the pedestrian walkway, the sound of traffic overhead drones as the pair enter. The tunnel is illuminated by a pair of lights, and in the mid-afternoon, it's not as dangerous as it would be at night and after closing time. "Damn, only a semester in and you're not turning back? That's some drive there. You put the same into all you decide you want?" he asks her.

Finally, they approach the wall he's working on. It's a more subdubed piece, and it's part of what he is feeling with his college life. Taking out a pair of cans, he shakes them up before tossing one underhanded to Mary Jane. "Add your mark, Jay Lo." he offers playfully to the redhead.

The short walk almost seems endless. MJ was used to getting around her apartment sans scooter and wheelchair, but this is taking the wind out of her sails. But being an actress, she was able to cover with a stiff upper lip and careful breathing! Nevermind the little beads of sweat that forms along her brow. "Oh heck yeah." It's funny! Mary Jane doesn't swear! "Does that scare you? I mean, imagine how I'd be in a full blown relationship. I'd probably get all obsessive, call you every five minutes, follow you to school and home, sleep outside your window.." She jokes..

To Mary Jane, however, it was clear that the wall that he had first done was.. exactly that. His first, but there was something beautiful and fresh in it. It takes her a moment to collect herself, snapping out of her reverie to snatch the can of paint out of the air. "I've.. never done this.." She confesses. Hell, she can't even remember the time she's held a paint brush, let alone sprayed it. But.. to leave her mark? Fine! She'll go ahead and do it! And begins to spray!

Light spurts at first, then more pronounced..

When MJ doesn't swear, Miles may realize it and stops himself, toning it down just a little. "I mean, it's not like you haven't tried to get on my Insta or Facebook or asked for my phone password yet." he points out as he works on touching up part of it, a little more yellow paint to touch it up. "Unless that's your way of like saying 'yeah, this has been fun, but I'm not all that interested.'." he responds as he considers her.

As she works on her part of it, Miles steps back to admire what Mary Jane is working on. "Huh. Well, besides dancing and acting and singing and sewing and whatever else you do, you may have a bit of an artist in you yourself, MJ." he offers with a chuckle.

And that's when there's a voice at the end of the tunnel. "Hey! What are you two doing in here?!" A flashlight comes down on the pair. Apparently a cop saw the pair come into the tunnel and when they didn't come out, he assumed that there was shenanigans in there.

When the light falls on Mary Jane, she may realize…

She's totally alone. Where'd Miles go? Was he ever there?

"Yet." Mary Jane playfully retorts. She was totally into the spray painting, it was really cathartic. "But, speaking of. Do you mind if I add you? I do use Facebook sometimes, but I'm mostly on Instagram. Twitter sometimes? Snapchat.. I mean.. I do like texting you. I think you're pretty swell and I'd like to do this.. hey. What's that li—.."

And right in the middle of her confessional is when the police decides to show up! Drat! She jumps a little as she drops the spraypaint, then leans over to scramble to pick it up. Thankfully, there was nothing else she left behind but.. Miles? Where the heck was Miles!

"MI.." She nearly calls out, immediately smacking a hand over her mouth, her eyes wide as she awkwardly turns the opposite way. 'Gottagogottagogottagogottago..' she thinks to herself, attempting to put a run on with that leg of hers, perfectly hobbiling and flailing her arms as if that would help her fly. "Oh god oh god oh god oh god!" Ooooo, if she sees Miles again she'll KILL him!

What, he's /right/ there. He may not even realize what's happened, but his reaction is immediate. When Mary Jane starts her impersonation of a wounded chicken, the cop blinks and starts to laugh. Oh, this is too easy. "Will you just stop, lady, so I can give you this ticket already…" he starts to say. And then something happens. As Mary Jane is hobbling, there's a suddenly pair of arms around her, and she hears Miles' voice. "Hold on tight!" he offers to her.

And then he's bounding away from the police officer - completely invisible as it gives the appearance that MJ is flying.

The cop is dumb-founded for a moment and then starts to run after her. "Hey!" he yells.

But Miles is moving MJ by literal leaps and bounds down the tunnel as he races opposite the officer, carrying the redhead in his arms.

"NOT FUNNY!" Mary Jane yells. Hell, she doesn't need any more press lately, especially bad press. Heck, she is sure someone snapped a picture of her and Miles eating in the park. All she has to do is wait for TMZ to do their specualations, even accurate, and it'll fly from there! Much.. like she's doing now. The arms catch her by surprise and she was off, Mary Jane 'eeeeee'ing down and out of the tunnel without even looking back to show her face!

If anything, the cop would just see a cast on her leg and a mess of red hair, and consider her one of those new aged hippie liberals that most of the blue collar workers would hate. "Oh holy pickles where did you go!" She nearly squeals out, 'flying'! "I'm going to get you Mister Miles!"

"I didn't go anywhere!" Miles protests, and then he realizes what happened. "Oh blips, I'm invisible, ain't I?" comes the words from the young man as he keeps Mary Jane pressed against him. Once they are out of the tunnel, he suddenly announces, "Hang on, and keep your arms and legs.. well, leg, inside if the ride at all times!" With that announcement, he launches skywards, a massive jump that covers nearly half the park before he lands on the administration building, and then another big leap completes the traversing of the park as he makes his way into the city. A few leaps later - they find themselves on a small tentament building near the park. "I'll go back for your scooter and stuff in a few.." Miles promises as he comes back into view, it takes effort - but he's there. Fully.

"I guess I have some explaining to do." he frowns. "…like.. world of mutants and stuff, I should have said something before I asked you out. You know. Like…." he's at a loss for words.


"Yes you did!" Aww, their first argument! And when she finally looks.. she realizes something. There.. was nothing holding her there. She could -feel- his arms, but she couldn't see him. And then he says it outloud to confirm. "Uh.." Hang on?! Woah. This was all going a little bit too fast, but she does as she's told and hangs on for dear life. But it all felt familiar, at least with the way that he moved. The high jump, the launch, the attaching to the building, the second leap. She keeps her face pressed against him to keep the wind out of her eyes; she didn't want to give the impression that she was deeply upset and crying, nor did she want to catch any bugs in her mouth. But once they stop moving, she finally takes a breath.. which sounds like an indignant huff.

And her hair. Lord help her..

"Yes yo.." She pauses. "..uh.." She tries to fix her hair. "..well.. okay. You do.." She was relatively calm. Having a best friend named Spider-Man does that. But still, she was shaking a little as she tries to tame her hair, looking rather upset at the inability to do so. "..But really.. you didn't have to.." Tug tug, pull. "..I mean.. you don't out yourself on the first date that.. lets say you have some sort of mental illness or whatever.." Pull Pull.. tug.. "..I mean.. this isn't a mental illness or anything but.." Yank! "..ow. I get it. So. Mutant?"

Once they are on the roof, Miles does release Mary Jane so he can reorganize and at the same time, give Mary Jane a chance to recover as well. And there's one thing that he's caught on about all of it. Is while he's mentally freaking out internally - she's acting like it's just a thing. No big deal. And that's probably the most confusing thing. "You probably hob-nob with a lot of powered people." It's the only thing he can think it is. Moving to sit on the edge of an air conditioning unit, he slumps, clutching his hands together between his legs, his whole posture of being outed seeming to be one of embarassment than something he's proud of.

"Don't think it's mutant." he admits. "I mean, I had puberty. Not like.. you know, oh here's a power - I heard that's what happened." There's a lot of rumors about all of that. "…I don't know what happened." he admits. "I was on a tour of Oscorp with my class, and when I got home, I was really sick, and it was like a flu or something, and when I came out of it - like everything changed. Had muscles I didn't realize. And can jump and leap. And you know. Go invisible, apparently."


"I didn't mean to make you think I bailed on you. That's dumb. I'd said something like I forced you to do it or you know, something. But then you took off running.. and I just reacted. I'm sorry."

It -was- a big deal! Now that she herself was out in public more often, big things have been happening. She's met one of the Fantastic Four, she found out her best friend was Spider-Man. And..

"Not really." She admits. "So my best friend is Spider-Man." She says, but she wouldn't talk about that reveal. No. "We did a Pepsi Commercial together." As he settles in, she hobbles towards him, making a huge effort to sit next to him, drawing an arm around his shoulders to tug him in. She listens to how it could have happened, then slowly nods.

"Like, I've been in New York for a while and hadn't met anyone special. I mean.. powers and all of that aside but.." She shrugs her shoulders. "I just feel like that if we've had gotten deeper than this.." She gestures around. "..you would have been honest with me and told me up front." She smiles and looks up towards the sky. "Like after a first kiss or something."

She squeezes him, then lets go. "And it's okay. It's honestly the most fun I've had in a very, very long time. So.. no sorry. Never. But.. thank you. This was a great first date."

MJ is now a criminal! Woo!

"Wait, your best friend is Spider-Man? And we just did that? Is he gonna come bust me in the middle of the night for criminalizing you?" Miles asks with wide eyes, but there's a grin. There's a nod. "Yeah. It's not like I can't hide it for terribly long anyway. SHIELD already knows. Came across a couple of them while fighting some snake people."

And then she mentions first kiss, and there's that blush again and he laughs. "Well, haven't done that yet, so you still have a chance to bail if you want. I mean, before we totally start stalking each other on Insta and Facebook and having latenight video chats when we're not on a date or something." he points out.

"Or you know, I can carry you home and drop you off. And bring you your scooter back."

"Uh huh.." Mary Jane grins at him. But she shrugs her shoulders anyways. "He's plenty busy, don't worry about it." She dismisses it right then and there, though with the focus on SHIELD. Her brows shoot up with a little bit of concern, but that's something she'd probably ask about later. Hopefully he wasn't going to get 'seriously' arrested with SHIELD knowing about him.

At least that was her assumption!

"Well.. what if I don't want to bail?" She asks, then carefully hops down from the AC unit. "I.. kinda want to see where this goes, if you do?" She winces a little. "I.. well. I don't know. Everyone else is out there happy and having a great time, and we both are either working, going to school.. so why not?" She shrugs her shoulders, then glances off into the distance.

"Would that be kind of selfish to ask? I.. actually think it would be kind of romantic." And she holds her arms out, either going for a hug or a quick hop home, either would be great!

"And here you probably were worried I'd be all 'oh lord she's an actress, she's always going to be busy and never have any time for us…' and it turns out I'm crazy powered with SHIELD ties and…" Miles considers her. "You're awesome to hang out with. And if you can put up with our schedules and catching each other where we can.. I would like to see you again and more often too." he admits. Not exactly what he was expecting. He's caught off guard, but at the same time, he's got not a single complaint on it.

"I would like to date you. I mean. If we decide on the boyfriend and girlfriend thing.. let's see where it goes." Miles glances aside at her and gives her a grin. "I'm a lot cheaper than a Lyft or Uber!" he comments with a laugh before she's offering her arms. And he leans in, to give her a hug and will decide on how tight she grips if she's wanting a lift or a hug, or even if it's a first kiss.

But once the decision's made, he commits to it.

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