2019-10-26 - Biochemical Weapon


Thea invites Tony out to a drink. She apologizes, Tony performs his frequent Tonyism.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Oct 26 06:10:22 2019
Location: The Woodhaven House

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Thea had meant to do this long before now, but life can sometimes get in the way of good intentions. Still, she'd sent Tony an invitation out for a drink, in hopes she could apologize about one thing, and explain about another.
She'd picked a bar she knew of at random, and sent him the address. She's early, having taken a seat at the bar and ordering herself a drink. She's listening to the hum of patrons around her, the ball game on one of the big TVs, because it is the World Series after all.
Her hair is a rich auburn color currently, a tumble of waves over the little black dress paired with dark silver heels. Makeup is subtle - barring the classic red lip, and accessories are understated in silver with a faint sparkle at her ears. Fingernails are crimson, and she drums them against the bar top distractedly.

Life got in the way a lot for one Tony Stark. One of his best friends turned into a werewolf! Imagine that. But, it got handled along with both Tony Stark and Iron Man's other duties have dominated much of Tony's 'free time' as it is. Sure he could operate the suit remotely (or at least figure out how) but honestly, where's the fun in that?

So he walks in, wearing somewhat baggy jeans, nice shoes, a suit jacket, a black sabbath shirt, and some nice aviator shades. He had the same hairstyle and the same facial hair. He picks out Thea pretty quickly and moves to take a spot next to her at the bar. "Your lucky I had time to ditch a business meeting."

Is she actually? Not really. Tony takes any excuse he can to avoid those boring meetings.

There's a laugh, her head turning to look at him with an amused smile. "Oh no. I must be a terrible influence, for you to do such a thing." She clearly knows better, her finger tapping the side of her glass, as she looks him over.
"Thank you for accepting the invitation. What can I get you to drink?" Her hand gestures to behind the bar, a glance up at the TV before she's looking at Tony again.

Tony takes off his glasses and clips them onto his shirt, and despite the smile she gives him he chuckles it off and away. "The only terrible influence here is me, though I think kids these days are calling people like me an 'influencer'. Which is…everybody, if you really think about it. Its kinda a dumb title."

He shrugs then. "I think I will try some whiskey. Only one glass for me today though. Trying to do this thing called 'not be an alcoholic." He smirks.

"And how are you doing, Thea?"

There's a low chuckle, a sip of her scotch. "I think influencers are people on youtube and instagram, Tony. Makeup gurus, lifestyle people. Blah blah blah." Thea is a total outlier of her generation.
"Scotch, bourbon, or Irish?" She will ask him, a smirk as she glances from under lashes. "What fun is that?" She asks, though she doesn't seem to be completely serious. Despite the levels of stress currently in her life, Thea has yet to turn to the bottle.

"Irish." Tony comments to her. "So…pretty much every single person on social media who expresses support for -anything-?" Tony looks at Thea with a raise of his brow. Its pretty clear he finds the whole concept to be stupid. "More than likely though its just a trend that'll pass like that whole vine thing."

A shrug.

"Not that I don't think its hilarious." when she asks him about the 'fun', he shrugs. "Well, decided I would like to stop flying the Iron Man suit drunk."

She nods, a hand lifted to politely gesture to the bartender to order said Irish whisky. "I think you have to have a certain number of followers. I don't really know. I'm one of the few not glued to her smartphone all the time. I only really watch cooking videos." There's a flash of a smile, that tells Tony she's being honest, but knows it could be used to mock her.
"You are aware when you're with me, Tony.." She leans in, as if imparting a secret. "You can be not drunk." There's a low laugh. "What, you don't have auto pilot in that thing?"

Tony looks at Thea for a moment as his drink finally arrives, sipping on it tentatively like he's being careful anyway. Thea should be among the people who know more than anyone that Tony tends to stick to his personal decisions. Its everything else he kinda gives a constant middle finger to. "…you can cook?"

Well then.

"I…know? I just don't want to get carried away. Last time I was in a situation like this I woke up in one of those donut signs."

There's a lift of her eyebrows before she chuckles. "You sound surprised. I don't always want take out, after all. I started learning while.. I was away to learn to control what I do." She sips Scotch then, lids lowered a moment as if she's not sure how much to expose. "Israeli food first, I like the couscous. Then I learned some easy Asian dishes, then a couple more complex ones here and there around the world. I'm currently in love with Italian food. I just got a pasta machine delivered."
Eyes lift to his face, a hint of a curve of her lips. "A donut sign? Please tell me the donuts were good, at least? And I tend to watch people's intoxication levels, if they worry. Some people I know would have booze affect them differently."

Tony shrugs just a little bit. "What? Isn't it SHIELDs M.O. that the only food your allowed to eat is takeout? I mena seriously, I bet not even Nick Fury can cook." Tony snarks at her before he just shrugs. "Yep. Donut Sign. The glazed donuts were actually pretty damn great. It was the chocolate covered donuts and the powdery ones that were-" he fake dry-heaves.

There's another laugh, a real one that has just that extra bit of amusement to it. "I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm probably not ever going to get SHIELD agent of the month. I'm still too used to being an independent contractor. I'm used to deciding what jobs I take, how much I make, that sort of thing. So far it hasn't become an issue." There's a chuckle, another sidelong glance at him. "I only like powdered when they're the little donut hole ones." There's another glimpse of a smile.
"Anyhow, I invited you out for a drink to apologize. Which I'm bad at, because I don't generally have to."

Tony just kinda waves off her whole 'not being shield agent of the month' and instead just sips his drink. "Well, you do your job. You do have a bit of a self-righteous streak going though." the wink suggests that he's joking. Though she wants to apologize? For what?

"And what are you apologizing for? Everybody's sorry for something, no need to lose sleep over it."

"Well, it's why they have me around. I'm just sorry I couldn't get to Steve before he was… really infected." There's a frown, a furrow of her brow a moment. "But if I don't know something's up, I can't help." She finishes her Scotch, signalling for another.
There's a brief grin. "I generally am probably not repentant enough, for thing. Nor do I lose sleep. But first, I brought you out to meet Spidey, and wasn't aware he was working for a competitor. So my bad on that. The second.. I snapped at you the other night. When I'm focusing on someone else's biosystems, and then they get a serious blow, like your chest beam, it's a little discombobulating."

Tony shakes his head just a little bit at her apology. "Not your fault. Kane's actually a pretty good competitor. Was thinking of asking her out for a drink one of these days to see my odds." He winks playfully. Once a playboy, always a playboy. "But seriously, don't worry about it. You had to know it wouldn't have worked on wolfie-steve anyway. He weas too feral to be calmed down. Its like trying to say nice words to the Hulk. Doesn't calm him down."

There's a roll of her eyes at that wink. Maybe she doesn't quite buy the whole total playboy image. "I had to know that flooding his system with serotonin and melatonin, as well as the ICER tranq wasn't going to work? I didn't have to know any such thing. As for the Hulk, I've always wondered what his systems would look like, and if they could be affected with his brain chemicals." It sounds almost philosophical. "I can do a lot of things, Stark."

Tony's kinda phased out of the playboy stuff, truth be told. Just be glad he's not sleeping with everything that moves anymore! Though when she tells him that an icer wasn't gonna work, Tony shrugs. "Think about it this way: anything supernatural ever is highly resistant to a glorified stun gun." Tony smirks. "Take Thor for example."

Okay, Thor was an extreme example.

"Let me put it to you this way: Telepaths are practically useless against the Hulk and only really piss him off -more- unless they are the greatest telepath ever. Why do you think I needed to make the Hulkbuster?"

She gives him a look. "I'm nothing like a telepath, you know that, right? And I'm a lot more dangerous than a glorified stun gun." She sips at her Scotch. "I've been paid handsomely in the past to be."
She will turn on her seat to face him, nearly touching. "Like this." She touches the side of his chest, next to where the arc reactor lies. "I could take those tiny little pieces out. I wouldn't want to do it all at once, because I would have to dull the pain at the same time, and it would all be a very delicate process. But just as an example.

Tony gently lifts his hand up to rest on her wrist, then attempt to gently push her hand away. "No thanks." Wait, what? He has that shrapnel constantly going towards his heart though…if that arc reactor goes down, Tony's toast.

"Its my reminder. Of everything I went through when I got captured in Syria. And trust me…everybody's dangerous when your an Avenger. Or a SHIELD agent. Or a normal person just trying to live life."

She's not going to fight him moving her hand away. "I'm just trying to explain what I could do. Not that am I suggesting you have me do it." There is a smirk. "I'm not an Avenger. I'm barely a SHIELD agent, it feels most days. Sometimes I wonder why I quit my…independent consulting."
She reaches for her Scotch, to take another swallow. "I guess I don't feel fully untilized. Because I am so much more than a walking ER."

Tony looks at Thea for a moment as she tries to explain. He raises a brow as he sips his drink. "Yeah, trust me, SHIELD does not want a biochemical weapon out and about at 'maximum utilization." He says all this in a whisper so that he doesn't out her or anything like that.

He shrugs then. "But if you feel like you're being underutilized, there's always someone to talk to." his watch starts beeping. "Speaking of talk to, I have to go to a meeting about the company's frequent spending." Tony rolls his eyes as he gets up. "Thanks for the drink."

"A biochemical weapon would imply I have no free will about causing harm. That's not the case at all." Thea points out, before she lifts her scotch in a toast. "Good night, Tony."

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