2019-10-25 - Something About A Rapier Wit


Kurt stops by to pick up his swords, and a duel commences!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Oct 25 14:56:37 2019
Location: Carpenter Studios

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It has been a few weeks since Kurt has been back to the city. Things out in Westchester keep him pretty busy with teaching at the institute, and the occasional jaunt to go save humanity from itself. Today, though, he has some time off and some unfinished business to handle, like picking up a pair of swords.

His visage cloaked in his image inducer, he walks through the front door or the studio looking as Angela has seen him before…boring and bland. Easily hidden among the masses of humanity behind a mask of normality.

"Hallo?" he calls as he enters the studio, "Ms. Carpenter?"

Angela looks up as the door chimes and Kurt calls out to her, and she smiles brightly, "Ah, Herr Wagner! One moment, I have your swords ready in the back." She waves Kurt into the store, then vanishes into the back, rummaging around for a few minutes… most of the items are still unchanged on display, though there seems to be a few things added and some removed.

Eventually, she comes out with a pair of elegant looking blades, still in their scabbards. The scabbards, it should be noted, also appear customized, with a stylized 'W' etched into the leather. A little extra flair, particularly as close examination reveals the 'W' is actually a version of Kurt's tail curling around.

"And here you are. I didn't do too much with the grip for the 'tail', since… well, you might not want to be that specific on which blade is used. However, I did try to make a few adjustments to the grip that might make it easier."

As Angela moves into the back to retrieve the swords, Kurt wanders around the storefront looking at the various pieces on display, noting what is new or what has gone missing since his last visit. As she returns, he turns to look at her and smiles.

"Oh? Excellent. Yes, having the grips be generic enough to be used by hand, feet, or tail would be good. One never knows when one will have to switch stances after all."

When the swords are handed over, he runs a finger over the embossed 'W' on the leather, "A nice touch, Angela."

He looks to the redhead and smiles, "So, how has business been? What is the market like for custom blades, or weapon smithing in general? I am sure the demand would surprise me."

Angela chuckles, "Very well, actually, though I have to explain how long it takes sometimes, as people wish to have that authentic touch for their Halloween costume." She makes a bit of a face at that, looking at Kurt as she leans on the counter. "Definitely an opportunity to move some of my other pieces, though, which is always good. But I thought you'd appreciate the scabbards having some flair… I suspected that would fit your style." She grins at Kurt, giving him a knowing look at that.

Kurt grins, "My style is all flair, fraulein. I admit I model myself after some of the greats like Flynn, Fairbanks, and York. I'm a bit of a showoff, a swashbuckler. You barely know me, but seem to know me so well."

Kurt bows with a flourish and removes the swords from their scabbards, taking a few slashes and parries as he tests them out, "As for Halloween, I am a living costume, no? All I have to do is be myself, something I can do once a year in public. And even then it can be a risk."

Angela smiles, "Well, I don't ever have a problem finding a costume, that's true… though, I don't really have anything going on this year for Halloween." She then adds, "And that's a lot of august company to emulate, but I'm sure you can manage it very well."

She pauses, then grins, "And frankly, I'm not sure I'd be anywhere close to that league, but I'm not too shabby." A slight shrug at that, "Though I think I'm more of a generalist, just knowing a little bit about everything."

Doing a few more acrobatic moves with the swords, Kurt continues the conversation as if he is just standing there, "I have no doubt you have no trouble finding a costume. For a woman such as yourself you could walk into any generic costume shop and have your pick of 'sexy' whatever, and I am sure they would all have the desired effect. It's a shame you have no plans."

Perry, riposte, dodge, flip…*BAMF* "I think you and I should spar sometime. I think you are likely better than you give yourself credit for."

Angela laughs softly, "Flatterer. And I suppose I could… hadn't really considered it, and yes, I have no plans." She shrugs a little, then looks curiously at Kurt, "And well, I could spar I suppose, I don't have much happening today anyway, if you had the free time now." Her lips curl into a bit of a grin at that.

Kurt Wagner shrugs a shoulder, "I call it as I see it, fraulein. If I knew of any plans I would let you know, but I am in as much the same boat."

Kurt finishes his little flourish and comes to rest in front of Angela, one of the swords raised in front of his face in a salute." "Nien, I have no plans. I was just intending to spend the rest of the day in the city, possibly grab some lunch and if I was feeling lucky catch a show this evening. I have all the time in the world."

Kurt reaches down and flicks the switch on his inducer, his real appearance flicking into view, dressed in very normal clothing of a t-shirt, and jeans which were specialty made to accommodate his tail. "I promise, not tricks with teleportation. I'll keep it fair."

Angela grins, pulling a rather aged rapier down, though the metal gleams as the blade is kept in good shape, and she comes out from behind the counter, "Well, I must admit, most of my customers would have asked me out by now." She winks, "Mainly because of what most of them are like."

She currently is barefoot, wearing just a T-shirt and comfortable baggy pants, and she matches Kurt's salute, then asks him, "So, what show were you thinking of catching?" One brow arches, as she gives Kurt a mysterious little grin.

Cocking his head to one side, Kurt raises an eyebrow. "Do you get hit on that often, then? I don't know if you are offended that I haven't asked you out, or are impressed I have yet to do so? And now I may just be to intimidated to find out." He winks back, a devilish grin playing across his face as he drops the salute and moves into an en garde position. "As for a show, I hadn't had my heart set on anything. Probably whatever I could scrounge a ticket for, unless you would like to join me? Then I guess whatever I might be able to get a pair of tickets for."

He pauses for a moment, lowering his sword and dropping his guard, "Oh dear. Did I just ask you out? Er, um…awkward"

Angela hrmms, "Well, quite a few times, yes… mostly because most of my clients are single, as am I, and so they think, 'oh yes, we can ask her out because she gets me.'" She smiles a little bit, "Impressed, yes, but I think you did just ask."

With that, she takes advantage of the lowered guard, giving Kurt a playful slap with the flat of her blade, "And if you can find an extra ticket, I wouldn't mind at all." With that, she gives Kurt a sly wink, "Most of my clients are not like you."

Kurt blinks as his thigh is tapped with the flat of the rapier, knocking him out of his momentary stupor. He laughs, shaking his head and getting back en garde. "I see how it is. Tricking me into asking you out and distracting me to get a free point in. Touche, fraulein, but I see your game now."

He winks back, lashing out with a feint to the side from which he turns and angles the blade down to try and tap her on the side. "I am sure I can manage to find a second ticket. Tell me, what would you like to see if given the opportunity and money was no barrier?"

Angela parries from the feint, barely, as she grins, "Well, I suspect that's the only touch I'm likely to get…" She arches a brow, as she's apparently very good at distracting… or at least, she'll use whatever weapons she has as she adds, "Well, Hamilton is the classic answer, but it's there for a reason. If price was no object, I would love to see that." She stays very cautious in her stance, keeping up her guard and looking for another opening.

Rocking back and using his tail as a pivot, Kurt angles and lunges again for another strike at her side before switching direction at the last moment to go for a touch to the shoulder. "Hamilton. I may be able to pull a few strings, I'm sure Warren might have a connection or two I can exploit. I'll have to give him a call."

Angela definitely is not used to fighting an opponent with a tail, and so that touch scores on her shoulder. She grins ruefully at that, "Clever move, very nice." She takes a step back, refocusing her guard as she tilts her head, "Warren? Friend of yours, I'm presuming?" She looks carefully at Kurt's stance, as if trying to calculate where the next strike might come from… particularly since misdirection seems to be the order of the day here.

Kurt nods. "Ja. He is…well…rich. If anyone can get a pair of tickets to Hamilton, it would be Warren. I'll see what strings he can pull." Kurt waits a moment for an attack that doesn't come, so he presses forward with a straight forward lunge, no feint or misdirection this time.

Angela almost falls for it, but blocks just in time as she realizes it isn't a feint, then parries and tries a feint of her own, angling left but then changing direction at the last moment to try and keep Kurt off balance. "Ah, well, that definitely helps. You know, that's a fair amount of effort to go through for a mild-mannered blacksmith." She grins a bit, one brow arching again as she looks somewhat curiously towards Kurt.

As the thrust is parried, Kurt turns to riposte but is tagged by Angela's blade to the side. "Touche," says the fuzzy elf as he drops his guard and moves back to a starting position.

"It's no effort, really. Either Warren has seats at the theater or he doesn't. The only effort is a phone call." He salutes with the sword again and readies himself, "Besides, if I can't get tickets to Hamilton we can always try for Spam-A-Lot. Do you like Python?"

Angela chuckles, "Ginger women distributing swords is no basis for a system of government! Supreme authoritative power derives from a mandate from the masses, not some farcical aquatic ceremony!" With that, she punctuates it with a quick thrust in, going on the attack.

Then she adds, "Well… maybe a little." She gets a sly look for some reason, "Though I do prefer Life of Brian to the Grail, which makes me a bit heretical I suppose."

Kurt Wagner parries and ripostes after knocking the blade away, going for a tap to the left side, "Perhaps, but always look on the bright side of life. Being Catholic we can just go to confession and be absolved? Not that I condone this as a loophole…but I did once hear someone say that they didn't want to go to heaven without raising a just little hell first." He shrugs, "We are only human after all."

Angela smiles a bit, "Indeed. The world is there to be experienced, but I like what is preached about moderation by… the Buddha, I believe. Just avoid extremes in either direction." She blinks at the tap, then chuckles, "I think you're definitely my superior with fencing blades, though next time I'm going to break out claymores and see how you fare." A wink at that, as she raises her blade in a salute.

"A claymore? I doubt I could lift the thing, Angela. You would have me on the floor without even having to lift a finger, as I would just topple over." Kurt says with a laugh as he returns the salute. "I have no doubt you have the advantage on strength with what you do for a living."

Angela grins, "True. You are amazingly fast… honestly, I think the only way I can keep up with you is by distracting you." She winks, "Not that it was my only reason for doing it, mind you. But I've learned to take advantage of openings when they happen."

Kurt Wagner chuckles, sliding the sword back into it's scabbard. "Well, you can certainly be distracting when you want to be." He mops his brow with the bottom of his shirt, "As for pressing the advantage, there is no shame in that. It's how you win, ja? If you don't press the advantage when you have it, you just open yourself up for defeat."

He turns back around, "Had I known I was going to not only be sparing, but ending up with a date for this evening I would have packed a second set of clothes. I'm going to have to head back to Westchester now…or go shopping."

Angela smiles a little at that, "Well, Westchester is a bit of a trek, but I suppose you have ways around that." She chuckles, "Advantage of living in the back of the shop, I suppose, I can just shower quick on a 'lunch' break and be back at it later. Though if we are seeing a show, I suppose I should dress up a bit for that." She hmms, looking a bit impish as she contemplates outfits.

Kurt Wagner shrugs a shoulder, "I can't 'port that far. I suppose I could do a bunch of ports in a row, but that would likely exhaust me and I would be useless afterwards. No, I'm afraid it is either grab a cab or just bite the bullet and hit 5th avenue for a new suit."

He pauses for a moment, "Well, that is if I don't use the inducer anyway. If I used the inducer I could just show up in boxers and nobody would be the wiser." he says laughing, "I'd still need a shower though. Sweat on fur tends to get musty."

Angela blinks a little, unable to avoid a blush at the thought of Kurt in just boxers, "Well, I'd let you borrow my shower, but you'd still need clothes and… well, that seems like it'd be a touch weird?" She gets a bit of a wry look at that, "Though, I suppose that is up to you."

Arching a brow, Kurt laughs as it is now his turn to blush. "Oh..no. No, I would never actually just DO that. Mein Gott… I just was saying with the inducer it didn't matter what I worse since it projects…never mind."

He shakes his head and combs his three fingers through the mop of hair on his head, "I appreciate the offer but ja, it might be a touch weird for me to borrow a shower as innocent as that might be. I can just go get a room somewhere."

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