2019-10-25 - Someone would much rather you didn't


Shiranui waits for Ryoshi on a rooftop to discuss the message that had been left for her.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Oct 25 04:35:34 2019
Location: Hell's Kitchen

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Kian had left a note in the safehouse that Ranna sometimes uses to come find him on a rooftop overlooking the Hudson. While he doesn't know exactly the rotation that she uses that place with, he does know that she's bound to find it eventually and come along.

Consequently Shiranui has been here every night for the past four with dinner. Tonight it's Indian food which is he must say rather delicious. And also from a little place down the street. The Naan is fresh.

Mmmm. Naan.

It's hard to work out Ranna's rotation through the safehouse. If she's good at something it's not keeping things regular. It's probably the third night Shiranui's been waiting for her but she finally arrives, nose twitching a little at the smell of the food.

"I have a phone you know. You could have just messaged…" the ex-Order Ninja says as she lands lightly behind him. She doesn't expect to shock him - she's seen how he fights, he's got an amazing sense of area.

"You wanted to see me?"

"I did message. And you got it. Seeing as how you're here." Shiranui says as he gestures to some of the food. He does have enough for two. If she hadn't shown he'd have just taken it home to have for leftovers later. Good Indian food is even better the next day after the sauce has sat a little bit.

"But I'm glad that you came. I went over that data you gave me after our scintillating last adventure together. It has a message from someone named Marthe Pryde. Anyone you know?"

"How many nights have you been waiting?" Ryoshi asks as takes the food and settles beside Shiranui. "This smells good. Better than the ramen I've been eating or those MRE's you stock up on." beat "Thank you."

She has to pull her mask off to eat. Which she does when she's sure it's clear.

"And I went to the clinic in …." The woman falters and closes her eyes. "I … did. Yes. She was my mother. Is. I suppose. She's still alive. Though I may not be to her."

"Is it something I want to hear, Shiranui?"

"Three? Four? Something." Shiranui takes another bite. It's possible to see his chin and mouth with the way his mask is pulled back. Which must be convenient. He takes a few minutes to chew and swallow and sort of savor what he has in front of him.

"Not sure. It's not bad. She doesn't call you a traitor or anything. But it's also not overflowing with motherly concern and charm." Which makes sense to Ryoshi probably but not to Shiranui. The Tech Ninja peers at his HUD from inside that mask that Ranna can't see and hrms to himself.

"Do you want me to tell you? Or do you want to just let it lie?"

"You should use my phone." Ryoshi says absently, eating the butter chicken and savouring it. It's so good. And Shiranui bought raita as well, to go with the naan.

"Mother … was pleased that I became a loyal daughter of the Order. She was never … overflowing with emotion. It doesn't surprise me if it comes across cold."

"It doesn't denounce or disown me?" That has her brown eyes turning to peer at his mask. "Tell me then. There maybe something in there …. I want to hear what she has to say."

"To my Daughter. My heart breaks at these difficult times you are going through. Know that while I cannot approve I will always be here. For now it is best that you discover yourself. I pray that in time you will find your way back." Shiranui reads the note. A lot of it, he suspects, is in a code. Phrases that have specific meanings to Ranna and possibly only to Ranna. As he said it's not really overflowing with motherly love and understanding but it's not a denunciation either. Baby steps.

"That's all. It was devilishly hard to crack for such a simple message. Which makes me think there's more to it than meets the eye. And I could use your phone but it might be tapped."

"Oh. Right." Ryoshi blinks at the simple reason why Shiranui won't use her phone. "I … yes. Right." She's frowning at the message though and Shiranui can tell she's thinking.

"That's not like Mother, at all. It's too … understanding." The dark woman sighs. "It's like she … knows that my implants are defective and she's … no, she wouldn't do that."

"Was there anything else with the message? A series of numbers or a reference to saying or … a verse of the bible or something?"

"Numbers yes. From what I can tell it was a quote from a Terry Pratchett book. 'It's not worth doing unless someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren't doing it." Shiranui isn't much on Terry Pratchett though, which is a shame for him because the guy sure is popular among quoting circles. He rather thinks of that as law of averages. Terry wrote a LOT.

"Your mother was never one for comforting or… what is it she wouldn't do now?"

"A Pratchett quote? Never much liked him as an author." Ranna mutters. "That's an interesting quote don't you think, tied in with her message." The ex-Order ninja is quiet again, peering out over the rooftop as they eat.

"Never one for comforting or allowing mediocrity. Or going against what The Order wants and yet … she's telling me to discover myself. That she will be there. Mother is a loyalist, Shiranui. She believes in the Order. It was her that put me up for my implants."

She had to know what they would do.

"I'm not sure but it seems to be… pushing you in the direction you're going in?" People definitely disapprove of what she's doing right now. Kian knows that. The evidence is, well, people are trying to kill her aren't they?

"Perhaps she thinks that what the Order is doing right now isn't what it should be? That they've lost their way a bit?" Or maybe she really did love her daughter in her way. Kian wouldn't care to guess and he doesn't really want to press Ranna on it.

"You believed in the Order too until recently, I should note. Do you think it means anything in particular?"

"I'm not sure I don't believe in The Order, Shiranui." Ryoshi murmurs, turning the message over in her head. "Is it just that one part or is the whole thing rotten to its core? I … they made me a mindless killer and lied about my mission. I have reason to distrust at least my section of it."

It's the life she'd known. Can she truly turn her back so completely on it?

"The message? I think Mother wants me to find out what they're doing here, to find out who I am in the process. What I should do with that … I do not know. I think I should meditate on it." beat "Do you have any thoughts?"

"I … found someone willing to help me, by the way. At the clinic in Mutant Town. He … told me not to worry about payment until I'm fixed but I worry anyway."

"Mutant Town?" Interesting. That's not the kind of place one tends to expect to find expert doctors and Shiranui is clearly slightly dubious. "Did he want anything else in particular? Or just a favor?" If not maybe it's on the up and up but… this whole thing is one that has to be treated with a great deal of caution.

"Yeah. If she thinks you need to find out who you are there's a good chance she thinks she knows what you're going to find. Which means that your childhood, I am sorry to say, might not be quite as simple as you thought it was…"

As if things weren't complicated enough.

"He said no payment up front. Not no payment. He … wasn't very happy when he saw the reports you found. He seemed … angry, Shiranui. Not at me at the problem. But that's something I wanted to ask you about. I … have heard of a fight club. An Underground thing where you can fight for money. I thought I might try it out, so I could pay upfront."

That's a risky thing but she *can* fight, even without her augments.

At his last words, Ranna shakes her head and sighs. "My entire life is a lie, Shiranui. I was told that be accepted for the changes was the highest of honours for any woman. I was trained for as long as I can remember for that. Mother probably knows that I will find out her part in it."

"You probably could. I know where it is. I'll write it down for you." That Shiranui would tell her rather than tell her it's not worth the risk says as much about him as it does about her. He after all engages in some manner of illegal activity to keep a roof over his head too. It's useful for not having to live in a hole.

Or at least being able to buy coffee every once in a while.

"How much do you think it's going to run you?" Because even winning fight money - which can be big money - medical bills can be bigger still especially if you're talking someone who actually does know a few things about cranial implants.

"I hear there's something this Saturday night, I was thinking of checking it out. Wou…. " Ryoshi looks down and takes some more of her food before continuing. "Would you … like to come with me? Or … do you have a hot date somewhere?"

"I don't know. Hank, the Doctor? I saw said he would have to hire offices somewhere. So that's something I'll want to cover as well. Honestly, Shiranui, if I get out of for less than $100K, I think I'll be doing well."

"I can go with you but it's a risk." Shiranui points out. "If there's trouble and I have to use my power it could compromise you." Which could be a physical danger to her. His powers right now cause significant pain and might get her killed. So he can go but… they have to consider that.

"Sounds like you need to fight either way. That's one of the better ways to raise money that quickly."

"You could but it's no different to facing off against Shadow Stalker or Nightmare with you by my side." Ryoshi points out, turning her head a little to look at the other Ninja. "Maybe I might like to be compromised by you."

Daredevil worked out the other night that Ryoshi has a … way with words. She's proving it now as she talks to you Shiranui.

As to getting her killed, those implants have a kill switch and it seems an anti tamper device. It's pure luck that wasn't triggered when Shiranui beat the crap out her.

"I'd like the company though and yes, I have to fight. Working for five dollars an hour at the market really doesn't stack up against it."

"I'll come then." Shiranui snorts. He's just not commenting otherwise on her way with words. An artifact of not really having been well socialized he's sure.

"I'll meet you there. In the meantime enjoy the rest of the food." He has things to attend to tonight and at least this night he doesn't have to take the leftovers home with him.

Either not well socialised or just a bit cheeky once she feels more comfortable with someone. "I'll meet you there." Ryoshi offers a rare smile and looks at the food.

"Thank you for the food and the place to put my head. One day, I'll repay the kindness you've shown to me." She knows he has things to do, so does she.

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