2019-10-25 - Circe Rising


An investigation into a Gang fight brings out a new player. Who is quite taken with Robin.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Oct 25 02:16:36 2019
Location: Staten Island

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There's been some interesting happenings in Staten Island lately. Gangs being taken over, the Hand moving out. Things that wouldn't normally be expected but they're happening.

Tonight there was a disturbance at a Gang House. It's over now, Batgirl had caught the tail end of it and sorted some of it out.

The black clad woman is standing in the shadows, watching the room and the one gang banger she was able to detain … or was it save.

Interesting things indeed. Robin had been investigating the 'disturbance' if you will for the past few weeks…he's interrogated gangbangers, he's dropped drug dealers off of rooftops (attached to a line, of course, so they didn't hit the ground), and beat the shit out of a few armed goons to get info. Its all the same: The hand is getting out of dodge. But by -what-.

So, he managed to catch the disturbance at the Gang House, but he didn't make it in time for the action like Batgirl did. Instead, he opens the door like a regular person. What? There was no skyline.

but its moments like this where Damian is a lot like his dad. His cloak touches the ground, the edges like the classic bat-shaped frills that Batman does. Though the cloak is black with yellow on the inside, Damian's hood covers his face, his domino mask covers his eyes. He is dressed in his usual Robin gear. He looks at Batgirl almost expectantly.

"Batgirl." He greets her, approaching, then looking at the tied up gangster. "Did he talk?"

"Robin." Batgirl greets as the cape touches the ground, she's seen him coming of course. The room is a mess, tables and chairs spilled everywhere, blood and detritus spread over the floor.

There's some signs here, that Damian will recognise. The clawmarks on the door and door frame, and tawny coloured hair that's been caught in wood splinters plus tufted on the floor.

The gang banger is pretty banged up himself but restrained with cable ties. "Not yet, he's not really up to talking. When I got here, the worst of the fighting was done. He was yammering about big wolves that walked on their hind legs …"

Robin nods once to Batgirl before his attention shifts to the rest of the room. Clawmwarks on the door, hair caught in the wood splinters. He looks at the Gang Banger who either survived the beast or the beauty, can't tell which yet. "I'veh eard similar reports from multiple bases of operations that the Hand used to establish."

He approaches the tawny-colored tuff of hair and he pulls out what looks like a vial. Gonna take a sample of it just in case its different.

"It appears to be some kind of Lycanthropy, I think. I'm collecting the data as we speak. But I've discovered a few items of note."

"It's more than that …." Babs answers, looking around the room as they talk. "There are … werewolves … certainly but there are others as well." She looks to the gangbanger. "Tell him what you told me."

The guy starts, looking up at Damian with terrified eyes. "It was horrid and huge. Came right through the door without stopping. Shooting it didn't stop it either. Steveo, he took the fireaxe and lopped off the things arm. It GREW BACK as we watched - he tried to strangle Mickey while it was."

"Describe *it*" Batgirl directs, still moving around the room carefully.

"Huge. Eight feet. A smashed in face, long arms, no neck … I've only seen something that like that once before. In a fairytale book."

Damian narrows his eyes just a little bit as Babara answers him. With a new sample in hand, Damian turns to look at the clearly shaken man. The thing that came through here was eerily similar to other reports from Damian's own huntings. Though this time? A bit more specific.

"Of course it regenerated. The slime, or possibly its blood, that it secretes possesses massive cellular genesis. It heals at an exponential rate to repair lost tissue. Which means, you never stood a chance. Thankfully, I've discovered that it has a weakness to fire. Or at the very least, this particular substance does. Complete Regenerative all stop."

Someone's been studying some genetics in his free time. He looks at the fellow though. Werewolves typically have stiff necks and an elongated face. This is something different. "Hmm." He recalls through his memory of mythological creature sthat have been depicted in such a way. "A wendigo, perhaps? No. A wendigo would've eaten the bodies, and left no fur."

"Oh you are all so sweet … " Comes a light voice from the doorway. "A Wendigo. Well isn't that just darling. Have you been looking up the Encyclopedia Mythica?" She's tall this woman, in a long dark dress. Dark tresses falling down her back in a tight braid.

"Fire will stop it, yes. This *wendigo* of yours. But will you be quick enough if you meet it to get it ablaze?" She enters the room, and looks at the gangbanger "You shouldn't have refused our offer…" And then to Damian "You… might make a nice little play thing."

Damian turns immediately on his heel and draws what looks to be a very oriental-style Katana. He doesn't reply to her mocking, not until she comes in proper and starts calling Damian a 'plaything' in terms of possibility. Damian's offhand? He was grabbing some smoke bombs…that happen to be a Hydrogen-Sulfide compound mixed in.

Highly flammable.

"I'm not anybody's pet. Surrender quietly so I don't have to hunt you down."

Babs is watching the woman carefully, sighing to herself when Damian reacts as only Damian will. "Why don't you tell us who you are?" She says as she moves to the other side of the woman. "And what you are doing."

The womans laughter is light and airy as she looks at the youngest Bat. "You'll be my play thing. I'll like that. And no, I don't think I will surrender. You have *no idea* what you're dealing with." Her hands move, words tripping off her tongue in what sounds like a Greek dialect but not one that is spoken today.

Damians sword turns into a writhing serpent that twists it head to try and bit him. Batgirl throws two Batarangs at the woman, who responds with more words, sending the redheaded Bat against the wall *hard*.

"Now. What were you saying pet? You can call me, Circe."

Robin watches as his sword turns into something very much so alive and thus Damian drops the snake and takes a step back. He looks at Barbara to see if she's even still conscious. He's crouched, like he's prepared to pounce with some kind of weapon.

He keeps those hydrogen-sulfide bombs tightly in his hand. Rising up to his feet. "I still don't give a damn." Robin tells Circe when she still calls him 'pet'.

"You think I'm scared by that? I've seen better magic. I'm not impressed by a bestiality fetish." Oh damn. Damian's cruisin' for a bruising. But he suddenly darts his eyes to a window (something thats incredibly hard for an enemy to see thanks to the Domino mask) and he throws the gas bombs at Circe! They look like harmless little dark rolling balls.

Damian might be cruisin' for a bruisin' though Circe laughs at the youths words. "If only you knew…" she smirks before speaking again, eyes following those little rolling balls as they get close to her.

Almost lazily she gestures and speaks, the balls stopping dead and then levitating … before flying right back towards towards Damian. Another flick of her wrist and he's finding it hard to move as the very air seems to wrap around him.

Babs is moving though barely, not unconscious but somewhat hurt - the suit must have taken a lot of the impact. Oracle, kill the lights in here now and get the fire suppressant system operating. Damian will hear that and see the redheaded bat throw a flashbang of her own, right at Circe's feet.

Yeah…this is a little problematic.

Damian feels the air around him tighten to the point that he can't really move that great. He's stuck in place! But he hears Barbara ordering Oracle to kill the lights. The hydrogen sulfide bombs release what looks like a simple gas….but its starting to fill throughout the whole room.

That can't be good.

Here's hoping that flashbang does something! Because worse comes to worse? Damian is fully willing to ignite it with him still inside. He's managed to come out of worse situation, truly.


Problematic indeed. The lights go out, the sprinklers come on - well some of them do. This building isn't exactly up to code. Damian feels himself thrown against the window - the glass shatters behind him, Circe chants again in that strange language she's using, just as the flashbang goes off, lighting up the room with a flash.

Where Circe should be, there's … nothing. No shadow. No silhouette. No person…. Just the remains of laughter on the air.

"Robin report and see to the prisoner. Make sure he's ok. We should clear out of here as soon as we can." That's Batgirl. The modulator doesn't let any pain come through her voice.

Damian is free! But after that flash of lightning, she's gone! They had her on the ropes, even if she's laughing it off. Or has she simply been toying with them the whole time. "Great….a sorceress who likes turning people into animals. Just what I needed." He then moves to check upon the prisoner.

The smoke is already starting to clear up. Must've been a quick chemical reaction.

"Are you alright?" He calls out to the chair where the prisoner at least -was- sitting. Here's hoping he's still good!

Did they really have her on the ropes? Or is that just the exuberance of youth speaking? "What makes you think she likes turning people into animals, Robin?" Batgirls asks as she rises to her feet, every so slowly.

"I'm not *alright*." The gangbanger swears and curses. "You've got me tied in a chair and some psychotic bitch trying to kill us. You should let me go, man. We weren't doing anything wrong. We were minding out own business when they came in."

Technically he's correct and judging by the pale look on his face, he might not be getting into mischief anytime soon.

Damian somewhat doubts it. "Considering how she desired to make me a 'pet' and the sporadic and seemingly purposeless rise of what looks to be multiple 'were'-styled creatures, and her use of magic and even her very presence here suggests that both events are related."

He then looks at the Gangbanger as he states his ire over the situation. Damian just shakes his head. "Cops'll be here soon." he tells Batgirl. "Your catch, your choice of release."

"Tag him and let him go." Batgirl answers. Tagged, they'll be able to track him and see where he ends up. Right now, he's not broken any laws and Oracle hasn't found anything outstanding on him. A rarity in Staten Island to be sure.

"You think she's the one behind this? It's possible, I suppose. Why don't you work that angle see what you can come up with? Speak to your contacts and see what they're saying."

The gangbanger looks a little relieved but shakes his in Damians direction "Those wolves. They're like enforcers. We gots one choice when they come around. Join them at thats it."

Damian nods, and seems put untie the fellow, though upon helping him up, Damian 'pats' the fellow on the shoulder, sticking a tracker on him. "You're free to go." Robin then stands back to let the man get out of there however he thinks is necessary. Looks like Damian's theory might be nigh-confirmed.

"Bad news however you look at it. Get moving and keep your head low. If I were you, I'd get out of the life."

Of course, he's talking about the gangster's paradise kind of life. If these wolven enforcers are targeting multiple gangs, best this guy stay low and keep his head out of it before he ends up in the same position.

He looks then to Batgirl, and already gets moving. "Understood."

"You know how and where to find me." The redhead says as the gangbanger scuttles off. Will he get out of the life? Or … will he just use this as an excuse to become more violent?

"You did well. Thank you for your assistance. We make a good team." Batgirl heads to the door to head out the 'normal' way. She's walking stiffly - like that impact really hurt.

"Until later."

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