2019-10-24 - Welcome to RESCUE


Nadia van Dyne visits the RESCUE campus after deciding to align herself and GIRL with RESCUE, but the visit is interrupted when Augmenta and Toni Ho must deal with a life in danger with her.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Oct 24 00:25:41 2019
Location: RP Room 1

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"Go ahead in. I have to get this thing parked." Veronica offers, as she pauses the RESCUE van at the entrance walkway inside the main campus. tapping to unlock the doors and let her partner and their newest special staff addition out of the van. "I promise, I won't be long."

Toni hops out of the van, dressed in slightly ripped jeans, a t-shirt with a black shirt and a stick figure proclaiming "Stand Back! I'm Going to Use SCIENCE!" on the front as it brandishes a beaker, and blue sneakers, with an open lab coat that flows out behind her, caught by the evening breeze. Her hair is pulled back in a serviceable if slightly sloppy bun held in place by a barrette. "So…you already had the tour, right?" she asks the youngest of the trio. "With Posse?"

It's rare for Nadia van Dyne to go all out with her attire but today seems important enough to dress up for. With a skirt, shirt and jacket combo that's obviously based on a tuxedo in design. Only with a lot more frilly petticoats and a shoes with buckles decorated with little wasps.

"We did a brief run around the place yes," she replies cheerfully. Getting out of the van with an excited hop. "We didn't spend too much time looking at individual research projects though. Posse thought you'd rather show that off yourselves and honestly I was more interested in the general feel of the place. No point trying to take in all the work you're doing on the first visit!"

"Be back soon." Veronica promises, before she taps a control, causing the doors to close and lock up. Then she checks the video panel embedded in her vehicle console to be sure the coast is clear and she won't be bumping or running into anyone, then she puts the vehicle back in drive and it rolls almost silently forward; hooray electric engine, and thank you Toni Ho! The RESCUE van rolls off and turns the corner, heading for the parking garage.

Toni slides her hands in the pockets of her labcoat. "Fair enough. I mean, it depends what you want to see first, really. There's the Wellspring over there, that's the campus clinic and medical research facility, and the Foundry is over there, that's the heavy engineering and manufacturing area, where my lab is. Also the Overwatch command center, if you'd like to check that out?" she offers. "They're all pretty cool, in my opinion." Her eyes twinkle a bit.

Nadia Van Dyne laughs. "Oh whatever you'd prefer," she says amicably. "I dabble in all three areas. The perks of a very broad scientific education and some.. I guess you'd call it security training. Oh Posse mentioned that Veronica would be curious to know about some of the biotech work I've done in the past so I took the liberty of bringing copies of everything I have that isn't patented or classified. Even if some of it has a slightly dubious provenance." She shrugs. "I can at least guarantee the results are accurate and reliable."

"Ah, well, let's head by the Wellspring first, and you can tell us about it on the way. Elevator pitch." Toni suggests, turning to start walking towards the gleaming medical building. "I'm guessing Posse showed off some of her hardware?" She glances over, raising a brow. "Oh, well, dubious provenance isn't terrible, necessarily. As long as it's put to good use. We've still got several AIM inventions I patented after the original change over for my originall company, RES." Or coup, depending if you happened to be the AIM leader or bad guy type AIM scientists involved.

"She didn't have to," Nadia replies with a giggle. "The first time we met was at a police incident. We saved a hostage alongside a woman with Spider-themed powers. It served as a fairly decent introduction to Posse's abilities." She falls in behind Toni and lets her lead the way. "I don't think I can describe it all. I just did a bulk download of… Well I suppose first I should explain how I came into possession of it, right?" She glances around, then adds "It might sound a little fantastical, but I wasn't exactly born 'officially' in Russia. But rather a Siberian bunker, long story, anyway it was not a very healthy environment. So when I eventually escaped and fled for America I brought all the things I knew they couldn't be trusted with along."

oni's browns eyes widen slightly as her brows raise. "Huh. Yeah, can't leave something like that in the hands of people who think it's cool to raise a girl in a Siberian bunker." she notes wryly, but nods in understanding, frowning. "So you didn't really have family growing up, more of a group home situation? Or…was it something else?"

Then Toni's phone rings. It's Roni's number, a video call. "Hi, Toni. Nadia, I'm really sorry to do this. I just got an alert; Posse needs a doctor on-scene. I'm going to launch from the garage. I'll lock in test run mode so that all of the sensor logs mirror to the lab feeds. Hopefully this won't be bad, and I can get back soon to continue the tour. Sorry again."

In the background of the video, Nadia and Toni would be able to see Veronica moving her chair around the inside of the van, locking it down in place, then chucking off her lab coat and folding it into her lap before using a lift bar to pry herself up out of the chair and swing into that large matte grey armor frame that was in the back of the van.

The phone docks with the suit, as it closes up and its systems come online, video perspective changing to a closeup of her face with a wide array of AR overlays for various sensors and readouts for the suit. "Hope you enjoy the tour!" she calls out …

Nadia Van Dyne coughs. "Girls plural. Dozens of kidnapees per site. It was… well… it /is/ a black book Russian spy school," she explains. "They branched out from espionage into R&D at some point. I got moved into that branch pretty quickly. That's all I can really say for now. Everything else is pretty heavily classified." She chews at her lip. "I hope it's not a deal breaker? They are probably still very upset I liberated as much as I did."

She gives the video call from Roni a wave. "I'm sure I will! Hope the emergency resolves quickly and safelty."

Toni pops up her phone, set on speaker so Nadia can hear it as she glances back at the van, seeing Roni armoring up. She doubletakes at Nadia's explanation, blinking slightly, which gives Nadia time to talk to Augmenta, before speaking again. "Okay Roni, be safe. We'll see you when you're back."

She puts the phone away then gets a thoughtful expression. "Hmmm. Well ,maybe we should take the side tour to the Foundry first then, and save the Wellspring for when Roni's here to appreciate what you wanted to talk to her about. I mean, I can probably follow it, but medical science isn't my thing." Toni admits. A genius can only know so many fields!

She glances over to Nadia. "Classified by SHIELD?" she guesses after a moment, then grins. "Hell no. Better in safe hands than the hands of people like that. Did Roni tell you about how my originally company got created?" she wonders.

"I can always leave the data for her to look at once she's got time," Nadia suggests, patting her pocket. "I've got it all on a portable drive I'm happy for you to run through your security system and keep. A few decades of Russian cybernetics research is probably interesting… To you both I imagine? Anyway it never officially happened so no-one can patent it." There's a sense of satisfied amusement from the younger woman at this. "And this way it'll perhaps help people."

"I believe someone mentioned that it was a front for AIM?" Nadia ventures. "I can't recall who said it though. I've had a lot of ideas on my mind lately. This week it's been interstellar communications tech. Next week who knows." She coughs. "But anyway I thought with your honesty about AIM you deserved to know about my own past. If nothing else Posse might want to improve security as a result. Although from what I saw security here is a little more PMC than mall cop."

Toni nods in agreement. "Yup, AIM. They originally hired me. I mean, not that I knew that, but they were pretending to be a legal company. When I found out I took steps and bought out their public stock to take over and kick out the bad guys. Or had them arrested. So, I've got a pretty good bunch of AIM schematics of varying 'what the hell were you thinking' in a safe myself, because it's better there then out where someone might find it. Though I have used some of the tech for beneficial purposes."

She glances over as Nadia explains. "Hmm, interstellar at what distance, are you considering quantum entanglement? I saw an interesting paper on pair rubidium "blade" vibrations as a method, though there was an excellent chance, I thought, that they'd break down over time and be temporary at best."

She pauses at the door to the Foundry, letting it slide open. Beyond ias two main spaces. The larger, more open space contains a small robotics and fabrication factory that's humming along, while the other side is divided by floors and appears to be engineering testing labs. "That, by the way, is the reason we have a bit more security presence. I didn't make many friends that day. Also, I'm not going to be one of those high tech corps that constantly gets raided by HYDRA or AIM asshats stealing our tech and hurting our people. Though," she points out, holding up a forefinger, "Security is armed with purely nonlethal weapons. Stun beams, ultrasonic disabling weapons, and small pepper grenades. The beams are my own design, they ablate a small amount of material off a target to create a very localized plasma burst and accompanying EMP. Nothing that will burn people, but it will knock someone down if you target it right and disrupt neurological function for motor nerves temporarily. Basically, a taser but without the dangerous charge. Works for unshielded electronics too."

"I have whole libraries of confiscated data," Nadia confesses, her voice low. "But they're hidden in a place only I can access. Admittedly a large portion of the files are largely obsolete by now. Research data on electronics from the Seventies isn't exactly cutting edge."

She doesn't quite wander off to inspect the lab, but her head twists and her eyes dart from one area to the next. Taking it all in. "As for the range well.. It's all theory right now. Theoretical physics is my main love when it comes to science. There's something delightful about the numbers. Anyway I think the range would probably be functionally unlimited, with the caveat that power demands increase with range, but I only started work on it a few days ago. Early days yet."

"Oh, of course, entanglement would be functionally unlimited, unless there's some sort of interference we're not aware of that would limit it. Probably at least useful for insystem communications though, and less likely to be affected by interference." Tony agrees, heading over to an elevator being guarded by two RESCUE rangers in blue and orange who nod as Toni puts her hand on the pad next to it, letting it scan her fingers, then motioning inside as the elevator opens. "This is the direct elevator to Overwatch command, but my lab is on the same level." she explains, stepping inside.

"Oh the quantum realm is /full/ of interference," Nadia laments, shaking her head. "It's a fascinating place to visit but you wouldn't want to stay there. The trip is also pretty dangerous." She pauses and gives Toni an apologetic look. "It's hard to explain but my shrinking tech is… rather advanced. I'll have to find time to give you both a proper demo. Nothing so dangerous as a cross-dimensional journey though."

She joins Toni over at the elevator. "Makes sense to keep your personal lab close to the crisis management area. Every second counts when dealing with disaster work."

"Oh, right…I keep forgetting, you actually can /go/ into that level of matter." Toni says, smiling a bit. "Wow, yeah, I'd love to see that sometime! It must be incredible…." She nods. "It's a combination of security and ease of access…I have a little apartment next to it I usually stay at when I'm in the middle of a project too, and if there's an emergency it's a short dash over to the command center."

"It's not something I widely advertise," Nadia points out, checking out the elevator to see if it has any unusual buttons or options. Like emergency blast shielding. "Shrinking beyond the microscopic puts a degree of strain on the body and mind that is… well not healthy. Someday I hope to figure out a way to make reliable recordings at that size. Then I can automate exploration."

"I know exactly what you mean about having an onsite apartment. I've got the same arrangement at G.I.R.L. for myself and those members who want them. Ideal for catching a power nap while waiting on results that need babysitting."

The elevator is…faintly playing Mass Effect music, as it descends. It's subtle, and not loud, but there. It dings as it reaches the bottom and the doors open, opening into a hallway. Straight to the left is a pair of double doors with another pair of guards with the RESCUE insignia on the door with the embellishments that make it the Overwatch insignia, though Toni promptly heads right instead, to another double door that yields to another scan. "Add Nadia Van Dyne to recognized security users, Beta access." she says as she steps in, before a husky computerized voice says. "Acknowledged, adding Nadia Van Dyne. Welcome to the lab, Miss Van Dyne."

THe doors slide open, revealing a large open space with numerous workstations and pices of equipment throughout it…really, it looks like a good sized research lab in and of itself, with quite a few projects in progress. At some stations, robotic arms are carefully assembling parts, while a few roomba style cleaners go whizzing along, chirping to themselves. One robot rolls around on double treads, a squat body, and what looks like a cybernetic armor as its main manipulator, painted orange adn black. At the far wall side of the lab is a trio of armors. Two are in cases against the wall, a more rough looking design with a ballistic suit with overlaying armor and a helmet in a vaguely Chinese style, then a blue and silver more streamlined and fully metal design. Before that on a assembling station is the Iron Patriot armor, currently being buffed by several arms.

Toni turns and whirls around, holding out her arm. "BEHOLD! MY NOT VERY SECRET LABORATORYYYYYY!" She grins. "Want something to drink?" she adds. There's also a comfortable looking area with a pair of couches and some arm chairs, a coffee table and some end tables, and a very large TV mountedon the wall with a variety of game systems attached to it.

Poor Nadia has no clue what Mass Effect is, let alone have a good enough grasp of the soundtrack to pick up on the music. Her friends have just about got her caught up on the early days of pop culture. Classic black and white films plus the early days of full colour cinematography. She does however submit to any biometric scans that the system needs.

"Presumably you have some kind of automated system which triggers if anyone without authorisation enters?" Her brow furrows. "I discovered a flaw in my own system recently and it deployed knock out gas on a friend that stopped by."

She follows Toni into the not so secret lair. "All you're missing is one of those oversized levers," she ventures. "Something to flip for dramatic effect. It's /very/ nice though. I haven't dabbled much in robotics on this scale but I can appreciate the engineering involved. If I had my suit on me I'd ask if you minded my shrinking down to take a peek at the internal workings."

"I really wanted to install one of those and a Jacob's ladder, but shielding the lab from that would be a /mess/." Toni admits. "And that's why i'm careful to log in visitors like that, yes. I mean, failure basically locks the lab door and seals that section of the hall until security can come along. I considered knockout gas but i wasn't sure if it would be effective and it's a pain to figure out bodyweight and effect."

The Chinese-American engineer tilts her head as she taps the wall, a hidden door popping open to show a firdge with various drinks inside chilly. "Hmm, sure? What part of the tech would you be interested in? I could probably bring up a holo of some of the designs, at least, depending what level you want to look at."

"It's really just one of a number of systems," Nadia offers with a casual shrug. "The knock out gas that is and I was sure I'd made an entry for her but you know how it is. Biometrics can't always account for every variable! Thankfully my friend wasn't hurt and didn't seem too annoyed at me. I probably should buy her lunch to say sorry though. Something better than ration pack fruit bars."

"If you have any fruit juice in there I could perhaps have a glass of something. I'm not fussy though. Perk of a strict upbringing, I eat whatever is available." She grins. "There's always a silver lining. Anyway tech wise I'm curious about /everything/. I consider myself something of a polymath. If you can name a scientific field I've probably read something on it. One thing I've found is that when you operate on a small enough scale mechanical and genetic engineering start to seem remarkably similar."

"If I'm honest I was really just hoping to appreciate the internal layouts and design. I find it helps me get a better grasp on people if I can look at things they've made."

"Cider okay? Non-alcoholic, I mean." She snags a flavored water herself and brings them back over, handing over the cider to Nadia. "Hmm, I've got a lot of interests myself, though my primary fields are robotics, computer engineering and robotics. And materials engineering, to some extent. Roni is more the cyberneticist and medical person, obviously." she notes, leaning back against a workbench. "Did you say you didn't have your armor with you? I'd have thought you kept it shrunk down to carry around with you, just in case."

"I decided against bringing it with me," Nadia explains, accepting the drink without complaint. "At least this time. I didn't want to run the risk of triggering any alarms by bringing what might seem like a weapon with me." She takes a sip of cider. "Besides I can shrink without the suit and I /do/ have my wing pack. So I'm hardly helpless in an emergency."

She offers a casual shrug. "You are right though," she adds. "I'm almost always carrying at least some micro-sized equipment for unexpected situations. Food supplies, tools, a generator, enough medical gear to perform field surgery… I've even got a prefabricated dwelling in one of my equipment packs. Great for camping trips."

5R Toni gets a thoughtful look. "You know, I'm not sure if something that small would register. Maybe security would tag it as a drone…hmmm. I should probably fine tune the sensors a bit so it can pick up a drone that small. I mean, wasp small, not subatomic small. Not much I could do there." she says amusedly.

She nods at the explanation. "Is your pack fitted to just shrink down and store anything you put in it, then?" she wonders. "Or do you have to externally zap things with Pym particles to shrink them down first before you stow them? Wow, that would be…you'd be incredible for one of our disaster intervention missions just with that, being able to bring a whole base camp with you quickly, instead of us having to wait for a cargo plane. Or blimp." She wrinkles her nose. "I haven't decided, I think I may go with a VTOL rapid deployment vehicle for Overwatch, but it wouldn't be able to carry more than maybe 8-10 people and maybe a small amount of cargo, it'd be more to get the main team there to assist as quickly and safely as possible.

"I tend to keep it in a shielded case too," Nadia admits with a grin, perching on the edge of another empty workbench. "But it still felt rather rude to bring energy weapons to this sort of meeting. Even if they're configured to be non-lethal to people." Her brow furrows as she considers Toni's other questions. "Well it depends on the object. My Wasp costume is treated to shift through the same range of sizes I can. Things like a pallet of rations would be treated in my lab and then would have a trigger to unshrink them. For disaster relief I'd probably opt for a simple pull tab. You get into position and deploy, no different than an inflatable life jacket." She sighs. "Not that I don't trust your staff but I will have to limit the functionality of any shrunken gear I provide. To prevent the technology falling into the wrong hands." She takes a sip of cider. "I could still outfit a VTOL craft that size with at least ten pallets of MRE's. Enough food for a ten man team to live for forty eight days."

Toni motions over to the living room area, wandering over to plop down on one of the armchairs and pulling her legs up to sit crosslegged in it. "I completely understand. That's dangerous tech if someone gets their hands on it. Though I'm curious…how does that work? I mean, with rations, if you create a giant turkey or something, do people only get the equivalent of calories as if they were eatin ga normal sized bird and it's spread out? Or if you shrink one down and they eat the whole thing, do they get the equivalent? And how does that work with gas molecules, for breathing, do you need a rebreather past a certain point when you're shrinking?"

Nadia Van Dyne follows along into the living room area and sits on the edge of a couch. Perching with a ballerina's poise. "Well.. with the food packs you don't eat them when they're shrunken. You couldn't digest it and they're uncooked. Not to mention if it reverted to regular size in your body there would be a substantial chance your internal organs would rupture." She winces at the thought.

"Make something huge and… yes you could share a giant turkey between a lot of people but you'd be eating mass temporarily borrowed from another dimension," she explains, gesturing with her hand to mime the change in volume. "Only the process to make that change last for a long time is /expensive/. The more cost effective means well.. the mass just returns to where it came from. So short term you'd feel full and then long term starve to death."

"Hmm. Yes, that'd be messy." Toni says thoughfully. "So no giant feasts or fruits and vegetables or such. Well being able to store them extra small is still good, and if you could arrange for something like that for the initial deployment craft that'd be enormously helpful. Sometimes just being able to get supplies to the people who need it in a disaster is most important."

Toni sips from her drink, before her mind jumps back to another topic that she forgot to follow up on. "Oh, that reminds me. So you're good with us giving GIRL some funding? I know you were concerned about hidden costs and associations, but like I said, I'm fine with providing the funding free of caveats or such."

Nadia Van Dyne pats her jacket. "I do have a sample box handy," she says brightly, as if just remembering she pocketed it. "It's not full though. I had to open one or two of the boxes to assist a superhero with a power that demands a high calorie intake." She brings out what looks like a ration pallet for a dolls house, except a few packs seem to have been removed. "Take a look." She hands it over for Toni to check out. "I'm happy for any donations, Veronica did mention she would like to display job and internship opportunities at RESCUE on the G.I.R.L internal site. That seemed like a perfectly acceptable request."

Toni sets down her drink, reaching over to take the offered pallet as she raises it up to get a good look at it. "Wow…" she breathes, carefully looking it over and trying not to jostle the tiny pallet. "Oh, definitely…" she says in reference to Roni. "I mean, not to be discriminatory or anything, as I'm sure we'll be advertising internships with other organizations, not just GIRL, but GIRL definitely has a special place in our hearts, I'd say, considering both of us were the techie girl sorts growing up. Having a support structure for that, and even a career track, and being able to offer it to up and coming young engineers, scientisists and doctors appeals immensely." She carefully hands the pallet back. "Is there anything in particular we can do for you then, in terms of equipment or such you need?"

A soft chime sounds from Toni's phone as an alert comes in. 'Code Aqua: Medical case incoming. Overwatch primary security team to deploy to Wellspring landing zone. ETA: 4 minutes. Augmenta Clear.'

"There's a little tab you can pull to revert it to size," Nadia explains, pointing at a little strip down the side. "Just make sure it's not over anything delicate or it might break it. The full mass will return as it reverts to normal size. Right now a lot of it is sort of between dimensions."

There's a pause and she smiles. "Oh I don't expect any exclusive offers and I suspect in time as G.I.R.L grows we'll include career options from other sources too. But for now at least it'll be great just having some options on offer, so potential members can see there are real world benefits to membership beyond simply learning." She scratches her head and hrms. "Particular things? Well, personally I don't really need any extra tech… I tend to make things I need as and when I need them… As for G.I.R.L itself there aren't any pressing needs I'm aware of. Each individual member tends to handle her own projects. Plus if we have too much expensive hardware laying around it makes the location a target for thieves."

At the chirp at her phone, the little warning pops up on the HUD across Toni's smartglasses as she frowns to herself. "Well, security is something we could provide too, if you neede it, but yes, was thinking more general gear for the girls. Though if you need access to something particular…" Her frown deepens as the alert runs across her screen. "…damn. We need to head over to the Wellspring, sorry. Augmenta is bringing in a medical case she needs me there for." She hops up, capping her drink and setting it aside. "If you don't mind pausing the discussion briefly?" And if there are no objections, she'll start heading over there by taking Nadia into one of the steam tunnels under the campus that provides direct access to the Wellspring elevator.

When Toni and Nadia arrive, they'll find a team of four Overwatch guardsmen in place, armed and armored up, just in case, scanning the horizon as they report back to Posse. "All clear thus far, Ma'am. We have Augmenta, five-by-five, moving at three-quarters, standard fast cruising speed. Doppler indicates one deployed medical tube. Telemetry is in, copying to medical team. Gurney frame in place, system check on the dynobot is clear." the team leader provides promptly and methodically, following their protocol. "Activating landing beacon for landing system assist."

Unlike a 'normal' hospital, there's no team of doctors and nurses standing by, gowned up and ready to run. Instead an open chasis on wheels stands in the middle of said cadre of guards. Then Augmenta comes flying in at high speed.. She pulls up for only a few seconds to align her landing systems, and then drops down swiftly to ka-THUNK into the roof of the Wellspring. Attached to the back of the armor is a large - coffin-sized - tube with various readouts, telltale lights and buttons on the side.

As soon as the armor touches down, she pivots around as the chasis rises up to vertical and aligns with the tube. A few hissing clanks, and the tube comes free from Augmenta, locks into the chasis, and then lowers down to horizontal. Augmenta turns back around, and then the tube hisses again, parting a seam at the uppermost length and peeling back as its two upper quarters slide down and around to expose the medical bed inside, and the patient. Pressure bandages are in place, but the subject - a middle-aged male police officer - is looking bad.

Augmenta's heavily altered voice sounds. "Toni, I need a readout from you on the damned tech buried in his gut. I can't extract it until I can figure out how to do so safely, without killing myself and everyone else on the surgical team. Who the HELL makes a dual-stage penetrating grenade?"

Nadia follows Toni along with all the haste an incoming medical emergency would need. Not quite a run, she doesn't know the layout, but a very brisk walk. As she follows along she explains "Our security team is made up of reformed non-violent criminals and other powered individuals who would struggle to find employment in the mainstream."

"With my wings and a sterile suit I could shrink down, fly into the wound and disarm the grenade manually," she offers. "Unfortunately I don't have my full suit with me. If I did I'd be able to shrink it for clean removal too. The concept seems to be based on a fusion of anti-vehicle munitions and boobytrapping wounded combatants, break the outer shell and put a bomb inside for maximum damage."

Toni scowls a bit as she nods at Augmenta and Nadia's thoughts. "Terrorist weapon. Designed to take out first responders, most likely." she growls, rummaging in an inner pocket and pulling out a handheld device that she flicks on, data starting to scroll across her glasses. It's why she wears them! Well, she could wear smartcontacts too, but those have less space for electronics. "Let's see…two stage…means it'll have a trigger if you remove it. Likely a internal gyro that responds to movements? No, a wounded person might move too much and set it off. Not temperature, it would be too unreliable." she mutters. "Damn I wish you'd brought your suit!" she agrees with Nadia as she considers. "My guess is that it works off pressure. In a wound it's being squeezed down on by the body, if you remove it into open air?"

"On that theory, removed it would lose that pressure, deploy, and explode." Augmenta completes for Toni. "I had to limit my sonic vibration scans out of concern for the stability of the explosive. Thermographics show things are cold, so my guess is that this is a switch-based, not chemical-based detonator." Meaning it is most likely shaped plastique. Lots of bang for less mass, that way, and likely to shred the metal into shrapnel quite efficiently.

"Sterile suit, we can provide, Nadia. Will that be enough? What about breathing when shrunk down? With the increased relative size of air molecules, will that be an issue? I don't want you passing out in there because of lack of your gear."

"Could also be an optical trigger? Expose to light and it goes off," Nadia ventures, already shrugging off her jacket and looking around for somewhere to change. "I'll be fine. I enhanced myself with genetic engineering to withstand the shrinking process. I'm more frustrated that I don't have many tools with me. On the plus side a shaped plastique charge of that size can't be terribly complex internally. So it should be easy for me to disable. I can't imagine the designers accounted for my powers."

"Let's move! Trolly seven, I want the secondary surgical bay, stat. And go smooth; no bumps." Augmenta offers, as she tromps heavily along behind the tube-gurney as it rolls its robotic way to the entrance and down into the Wellspring.

"Casey," Augmenta offers to the guardsman in charge, "I need your men to stay armored up, and positioned at all entrances to discourage anyone from being too close, in case this goes wrong. I'm summoning Willis now, with a sterile suit and mask for Nadia."

And with that, the adventure begins!

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