2019-10-24 - It's a Date


Through texts, Miles makes arrangements with MJ for lunch!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Oct 24 00:50:08 2019
Location: RP Room 1

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It's been a few days since Miles ran into MJ in the park. Landing on a rooftop on patrol, he pulls out his phone as he perches on the end of a gargoyle and considers. She should be home by now, right? So remembering he had her number from the park, he pulls out his phone and taps.

- Hey. It's Miles, from the park? Was just checking to see how the leg is. You put some pretty sick moves on that horse.

The days have been looong! But if it wasn't for visits from her new co-stars, director and producers, Mary Jane would have definitely died of boredom. Or just plain died. A nurse, maid, and cook have been hired to take care of most of the day to day activities while the pain dies down and Mary settles into her cast, but all in all, she's stayed away from Instagram and the public eye for now. In fact, now she was alone, most having gone about their errands for the day, leaving her in the wheelchair that she doesn't need to spin around in circles. She was trying to do wheelies! That was until she feels the buzz on her wrist, which was looked at, opened up, and read.

"The painter tagger guy?" She speaks outloud into the watch, which records her voice to text. "Question mark. The leg is set and healing! Exclamation mark. So it's okay. Period. How are you doing? Question mark. Were you hurt? Question mark. Send."

As Miles reads the text, he laughs. Great, that's what she remembers him as. But hey, at least she remembered him, right? Leaning back against the Gargoyle, he considers it, and then asks. "What do you think? Should I go for it?"

With that, he starts to tap on his phone again.

- Not hurt. Thank Spider-Girl for that. How long did they say you'd be down?

To be fair, talking to text is pretty fricking annoying. Which is why Mary Jane pings her phone to locate it. The text wouldn't come through for at least five minutes, due to her hobbling and searching around, stopping to grab a juice, checking her email..

- About four to six weeks if I take it easy. It's like they're assuming I have the bones of a child! LOL :D :D

- LOL. Apparently they didn't get a good look at you. All woman.

Miles types that and it's right after he hits send he realizes how terrible that sounded. He gives a little groan to himself and starts to type.. but doesn't quite send the sorry just yet.

- …

It flies right over MJ's head.

- Right? But I guess that means I need to eat more.

Erasing his message, Miles considers and then retypes, before hitting send. Fortune favors the bold, so he just decides to go for it.

- So if noone is feeding you, I wouldn't mind bringing you a meal, or we can go out sometime? If you're not on your feet yet, I can visit?

Mary Jane thinks about this for a moment. He wasn't that stalker guy who would clearly sometimes leave her messages. Plus he had a sick drawing that he was in the middle of working on. And truthfully, MJ needed more friends and people who weren't in the spotlight and -safe-.

- I'm being fed a bit. But I sure as heckies am not going to turn down an offer to eat more! I can go out, but I move slow. It's weird! What do you have in mind?

There's a small fistbump. "Yes." Miles says to himself. "Up high, Goliath." he offers to the gargoyle. Nope, no response there.

- Nothing wrong with moving slow. Obviously walk in the park is out. What type of food do you like? Or are you going to leave this up to me? Most of what I can offer will be the nickle tours.

Mary Jane reads the text, then scrunches up her face. "What the heck is a nickle tour?" She shakes her head, then fires back.

- I like all types. I could go for some good barbecue. Though I have been craving gourmet popcorn lately. I don't know. Find something hearty and I'll pay! :D :D

- Gourmet popcorn? Like caramel?

Miles looks confused at that. What the hell is gourmet popcorn? Something hearty. He can do that.

- I know a place in Brooklyn. I asked, I'll pay. You feel comfortable with parks still? We could have a picnic at the Botanical Gardens.

- Oh yeah. Caramel and white cheddar mixed, or something weird like jalapeno bacon white cheddar, or cookies and cream dusted popcorn. That stuff.

The second text comes through, and now she's thinking. A picnic? Shockingly enough, in her long years, she's never been on a picnic!

- It's a date! Just say when!

A date? Well, that totally works. After all, who all can say they got a date with Mary Jane Watson.

- How's this weekend sound? BBQ, sweet tea, and maybe I'll get mami to make a peach cobbler for a dessert.

Mary Jane's stomach is already growling. Goddamn it, now she was hungry.

- I'll find the popcorn! We'll be like the hobbits. Second lunch! Noonish?

- Sounds like a plan, I'll see you then! And you know - we can always chat here if you want.

After glancing around, Miles turns to look at a wall - one that he tagged earlier- so high up that noone will find it, and he takes a picture of the art to send it to MJ.

Just when MJ was about to text, the picture comes through and she smiles. Dang! New contact picture!

- You're really talented! I should have you come over and paint my walls! But.. nap time! So this means I can text you when I wake up?

- Do you have a clause that will let you do that? And sure!

Just as Miles was sitting on the edge, there's a flash of sirens, and a new alert pops up on his phone. Robbery, two blocks over. It's time to get back to work. And for a moment, he debates telling MJ about that part. But not yet.

- Depends. Are you the press? LOL. Talk to you soon!

Naptime for MJ!

- Not the press. Talk to you soon!

With a leap from the building, Miles is off for his own nigttime activities. That doesn't involve napping.

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