2019-10-23 - Stuck On You


Nick gets attacked in the Disaster Zone

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Oct 23 06:28:04 2019
Location: The Disaster Zone

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Not all PI jobs are very exciting. But occasionally they are ENTIRELY TOO EXCITING. Tonight's job is of the latter variety. Nick had gone into the Disaster Zone to try to see if he could figure out where the hunters that keep coming out of it are basing themselves. He has had, shall we say, mixed success.

The moon is high. The streets are near empty. Nick Gleason is running as fast as he can down an alley being chased by two werewolves, a feline and what might be a lizard of some kind which keeps skittering up on the walls. Up ahead is a blind T junction which almost certainly is gated off on both ends. Nick's going to need to jump the fence which means he needs to keep his speed up.

Which IS made rather difficult by the fact that one of the werewolves keeps picking things up to throw at him. Trash. Trash cans. Street Side paid parking meters.

You know. Whatever is at hand.

Isis yowls as her ankle is clipped by the lid of a trash can. The lithe, slim, feline like mutant is bolting right alongside Nick. She's tried to stop a couple of times and send waves of 'lethargy' at their pursuers but they're proving to be remarkably resistant to her Empathic Broadcasts.

Seeing the fence ahead, Isis scowls and drops back. "Go. Over the fence, I'll follow…" She's going to draw their attention so he can get over.

When he is, she'll scramble and he pull her over too.

It'll be alright, won't it.

Nick doesn't argue. He just leaps, hit's the top third of the fence and pulls himself over. Fortunately it's the chainlink type. Easy to climb. Once on the other side he pauses. This lets the creatures get closer to him, sure, but he's not just leaving Isis.

"Come ON!"

Another trash bin comes flying Isis way as she turns the corner. The other side of the fence leads into the open street.

Isis - and Nick - suddenly find themselves hit with a wave of hopelessness and apathy. They can't get away. Why bother trying. Just let their pursuers take them.

"I'm COMING." Isis snaps as she turns to bolt to the fence. She can jump the entire height of that fence with the right run up. Pushing herself harder, grunting as the bin clips her, the feline focusses her attention and ….


"Just go Nick, get away … I …." she shakes her head as it starts ringing. He can see her eyes narrow as she slowly becomes feral. "… can't … go … on."

Nick staggers as he's hit with the wave and slumps. Then he shakes himself and turns back to claw the fence. It parts and he reaches through to roughly drag Isis. "No giving up. Come ON!" He starts to run again but just as he's getting going the pursuing pack comes around the corner. They're RIGHT on Nick and Isis tail.

They've lost all of their lead and the sense of dread and hopelessness begins to intensify.

It's as the fence parts that Isis yowls again, the claws on her fingers extending. As Nick grabs her, she scratches him but lets him drag her through. There's a fight to the woman that he's seen before but only when she's been in a big fight.

"Just … go…" They're so close, she can smell and hear them. "So… close and they're going to catch us."

"Don't make me carry you." Nick snarls. The sense of hopelessnes is making him angry. His grip on her hand tightens as she tries to get him to let her go. "Because I will and you won't like it!" Over his shoulder or just knocked out. He's not leaving her and he's not staying here.

Though those wolves are now even closer. The swift feline is within an arms reach and snakes a hand out to try to snag Isis. By the arm. By the shirt. Anything will do at this point. They just want to slow the pair down.

"I told you to go…" Isis growls back. He's not the only one getting cranky. Though hers is more feral than anything. "I'm not letting them get you either."

As the feline grabs at her, Isis lashes out with her claws and her mind. A blast of anger focussed on her assailant as she tries to keep up with Nick.

The cat yowls at the top of his lungs and recoils but the blast of anger only makes him, well, angrier. The leaden despair seems to weigh down on their limbs. "Isis can you get RID of this?!"

It's another snarl. Nick is still moving but he's only feet ahead of them as they break onto the street and he spills a trash bin behind them to try to gain a bit more space. Can she dispel the emotional manipulation because if not, well. He'll have to turn and fight and he's not sure that he CAN.

"HOW? I don't shield like telepaths, Nick!" Isis shakes her head again, the ringing is getting worse. It's annoying her and slowly clearing the despair. Nick will feel the anger mixed with joy that washes over him, slowly pushing the despair back.

She's trying … but they still might have to fight.

"Can you push them out?!" Nick tears out a street sign as they run by it and then turns to face their pursuers with his improvised bludgeon. The first one actually manages to get right up to him before getting clocked in the face but then it's three versus one and even with a weapon Nick is at a pretty significant disadvantage. That goes double when there's a 'whuff' from the lead wolf that picks him up into the air and slams him into the nearby building wall hard enough to leave a dent.

"My powers don't work like that…" Isis frets as Nick turns. "Just keep run——" Of course he's going to try to fight.

Taking a position behind Nick, Isis concentrates - remembering how happy he can make her feel at times. Ice Cream and Pizza. Movies. Lazing on the couch. It helps a bit as she manages to protect something happier towards the group.

Not so easy when Nick is attacked like that.

Nick is jumped on by the feline AND the werewolf while the third mutant, the lizard, goes right up over the wall and leaps at Isis. She can see on his belt the same kinds of syringes that were used in the attack on Pepper.

They may have been chasing them off their territory but this group will drag them back given half a chance.

Nick looks like he's taking some terrible blows. The good news is the despair has abated. Isis has managed to push it back. For now.

With the despair abating, Isis manages to duck the lizard, raking sharp claws down its face. As she ducks under him, her other hand snags at his belt trying to slice it. If she can't, she'll just heave him with all her might.

"Nick, Nick … get up…" The feline like mutant focusses again, driving his own feral nature and Alpha nature.

Nick struggles to stay upright but as his emotions and adrenaline run wild he snarls and howls. Abandoning his own defense he attacks the feline savagely, mauling him with two quick swipes before turning on the werewolf and grabbing him by the throat. The two tumble to the ground, biting and clawing as they go.

Isis does manage to get the lizard's belt but it still snags and she'll have to deal with that. Fortunately the lizard has the worse end of it, off balance and stumbling, suddenly tethered in a very disadvantageous way.

Off balance Isis can deal with. The slim mutant tugs on the belt to bring the lizard down. As he stumbles towards her, she trips him up, pulling the belt to get it free as she spins to bring her other foot down. On his head.

She's fighting to survive - just like she was taught to as she grew up.


Nick howls again. He's beyond words. It's not clear if he's getting the better of the exchange with the lead wolf. The cat is crawling away, limping and wounded. When Isis stamps on the lizard she hears a cry of pain. He grabs her leg and tries to drag her off balance.

It's at that moment that the big werewolf yelps and scrambles away. Nick rises, fur matted and bleeding but victorious. He glares over at the Lizard wrestling with Isis.

The belt comes down on the Lizard like a whip as it tries to grab Isis. The feline like mutant scowling and yowling as its claws scrape her calf. "Bad lizard. No." She says, dropping her knee into his back and grabbing his head, ramming that firmly against the pavement - once, twice, three ….

It doesn't look like she's going to stop.

The lizard stops struggling at about the third bash. It's somewhere around the fifth that Nick pulls Isis off him. "Enough!" His voice is rough and thick. He's having trouble forming the words. "He's done, Isis!" He isn't a threat anymore.

Nick's panting. He's hurt but he doesn't really feel it yet. But then he looks down… and notices the empty syringe stuck in him.

"Oh no…"

It takes a moment for Isis to hear Nick but when she does, the cat-like woman stops. She's snarling at the creature, lips pulled back to display her sharp canines.

Unceremoniously, Isis drops his head to the ground and comes stalking over to Nick. When she see's the syringe she yowls again "Come on. We're going to the Institute RIGHT NOW to find Hank." She's got the other syringes - surely Hank can fix this.

Nick growls. That might be an issue. Can Isis defy him if he decides he doesn't want to go. His eyes are still wild and his mind feels the same. Which isn't a surprise she did just push him into it. For a moment it looks like he might refuse.

And then he winces in pain. "I… we… yes." Can she drive? Well, more to the point, can she drive in her present state?

Isis probably can't and that might be a problem. It doesn't even occur to her to try and calm Nick and bring him back. This state is useful - they're under attack.

"I I'm going to try and take this syringe out … " It should just pull out, right? No problems.

That done, Isis holds the belt in one hand and tries to move Nick towards the car.

Can she drive? Well, he might be glad he's a bit out of it.

"Tell me what you're feeling, Nick…."

Nick grunts. The syringe comes out easily but stings when she pulls it. As she tugs him he follows though it's clear he's not entirely there.

"Tired. I need to go." Nick starts to turn, away, back toward the disaster zone. Go? Go where. Isis had a similar reaction though to a psychic signal and not to drugs. This is bad news. Fortunately Nick seems confused so it shouldn't be too hard to talk him out of this.

"This way …" Isis stumbles as Nick turns. This is going to be problematic. She's not small, but she's slight and he's built like a brick warehouse. "Where are you going…"

Setting her feet, the cat woman tugs on Nicks arm and thinks frantically. Her claws run through his pelt … in a nice sort of way "Nick, you need to come with me. I need you …"

Whereas he could physically restrain her, she can't him. She … has to resort to other methods.

"… please. Hank will get us both fixed up …" All the while she's trying to break through that feral nature of his, bring him back. Remind him, that she's his Pack and he has a duty to her.

Nick pauses and looks in Isis direction. She can see the emotional push and pull going on in his eyes. He looks so tired and so… dull. "But…" He struggles to try to think and finally acquiesces. "Alright. Lead on."

This is bad. Whatever this is, it's clearly not JUST a drug. It can't be. And if Isis lets up on what she's doing he's probably going to relapse and try to wander off. She needs to get him help, and quickly.

The car isn't too far. Hopefully she doesn't crash it on the way to the Institute.

"It's not far and I'll get you … " Not ice cream, that's her favourite. "A big juicy steak. Come on …"

She tugs and pulls and keeps her emotional pressure on him. It's tiring and she's going to pay for that soon. Maybe she could call Illyana to transport them….

As she walks, she pulls out her phone to call ahead. If Hanks in bed, she'll get him up.

When they make the car, Isis pushes Nick into the passengers seat and straps him in. Climbing onto his lap and pulling the door closed behind her, locking it. She's not going to risk walking around the car and having him get out.

It does mean she has to squirm and wriggle a bit to get into the drivers seat.

And then they're off… Nick might be thankful that he's out of his head on the way.

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