2019-10-22 - A Social Plan


Eve meets with Michelle and a plan is hatched for SOCIALIZING.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Oct 22 04:33:24 2019
Location: Michelle's Warehouse

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Dr. Michelle Morbius was letting her hair down tonight. By that, she had unpinned her hair and was also unwilling to deal with the intense cramps and body dysmorphia, so she is all red eyes and fangs and claws and pale flesh.

A person can get used to jst about anything, she realized.
She was alone in the lab. Her last five attempts to retard the advancement of her…condition had failed rather spectacularly, as evidenced by the orange-red spatters in the five covered petri dishes. She needed a break.

A familiar car shows up on the security cameras and Eve is now sitting on the hood a moment later. She's waiting to be noticed, playing with her phone.

Of course she is./

The camera stops on Eve. Of course. Who else would visit at 8 PM?
A few moments later, the heavy metal door buzzes as the maglock is released.

She walks on in, calling out to her. "Michelle? Hey!" She's pocketed her phone agaion, aiming to amble further in and locate where the Not So Good Doctor is hiding out right now.

The white hallway is easy to follow, and when Eve comes to the door marked LAB 6, that door buzzes as well.
It is the same lab, or its mirror image. Dr. Morbius is there, but there seem to be no attempts at pretension. No black leather or PVC this time. The Living Vampire is wearing a red blouse, a knee-length black skirt, and a pab coat. Otherwise, full Living Vampire aura and appearance.

She looks up as Eve arrives. "Hello there. You know, you should probably call ahead before you come by. I could have…normalized a little…"

"Why?" asks Eve, arms folding across her chest. She awaits the answer to that question without further elaboration.

A slight smile.

Michelle sighs. "I suppose you wouldn't care, after all." she takes off her lab coat, hanging it over the chair. "How have you been? I assume you have developed no desire to assimilate the world?" She smiles a little at that, which makes the fangs gleam in the light.

"..assimilate the… What? No. Of course not," says Eve, giving her a weird look. Perhaps Michelle knows more about her nature in some ways than Eve is willing to admit to herself?

"I thought perhaps we could go out."

Michelle blinked. "Go out? My dear, I am not…suitable for going out. Maybe in a week, when we could say we are going to an early Halloween party…" She perks up suddenly. "Wait…would you like to go to a Halloween party?"


"…yes?" says Eve, caught off guard. She was about to suggest where she was going to take her, but then, there's talk of Halloween parties. She does so like those.

Michelle looks almost excited. "It's PERFECT. The one time of year I can go out in public to a place that isn't a vampire club or get thought of as the Vampire Queen of New York!" She blinks. "Oh, Jesu Christus, I need some kind of COSTUME!"

"…yes? I mean, you'd be thought of as an excellent costume maker too! You should also consider cosplay. You could get away with a lot there!" Eve points a finger at her. "But, yes. You need a /costume/. I mean, I was just thinking we could go out to a club and you could actually have fun instead of /murdering someone/." She points a finger at her a second time.

Michelle paused. "What kind of club go I go to, looking like this? And by 'this,' I don't mean my current clothes." She looks a little miffed. "And I'lkl have you know I haven't killed ANYONE in WEEKS. I find it builds character."

"Weeks! Oh, well bully for you!" says Eve, snorting. "I'm very glad you're controlling your murderous impulses! And I /was/ thinking of one of the Goth clubs, but you know…" She steps towards Michelle. "I /definitely/ know all the happening Halloween parties."

Michelle hmms. "As long as you think I won't attract attention looking like this. What do people usually wear to goth clubs? If you say 'goth,' I think 'Visigoth,' but I think that is my college education influencing things."

Eve looks down at herself. Then at Michelle. Then at herself again. Then at Michelle. Pointedly.

"…You know, I think we're gonna play dress up. How do you feel about corsets?" She asks.

Michelle. "Six months ago, I would call them an affront to the ability to breathe. But since my requirements are a bit…altered…can you suggest a place we can go to pick up appropriate attire?

"THey're not THAT bad," says Eve, "Especially when you're used to them! I mean, I'm wearing one right now." Of course, Eve doesn't need to breathe either so how would she know? "Come on. I'm taking you clothes shopping. Wear your scarf," she adds. "I'll need to get sizes, and then I'll need to do the shopping and then we'll try it on, mke sure it fits right, and you'll be QUEEN OF THE DAMNED or something."

Michelle shrugs, then heads to the closet and grabs a wool scarf she has begun wearing. She doesn't sense the cold like she used to, but it is good to keep up appearances. "All right…I'll lock up and then we can go."

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