2019-10-21 - Don't Break Things


After her meeting with Pandora, Keiko tries to work out some angst.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Oct 21 07:13:09 2019
Location: Wand Office

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It's nearly an hour and a half later when Koa makes his way to the gym. Not the main gym but the gym in WAND. It's usually busy, there are plenty of beings that want to work out or practice skills and don't want to do it in front of a bunch of incredulous normies. Koa himself makes pretty good use of it. His build isn't just genetic after all. He works for that muscle and tone.

The collar-shirted agent peers around, looking for Keiko. She'd left a note that said she'd be here. Why? Well maybe she's getting in some bench presses…

Keiko is not getting in bench presses. Her build isn't muscular, it's lithe and she can move like almost nothing else. When Koa looks in, the small spirit caller is facing off against several other agents with a wooden stave in her hands.

She's sweaty and her eyes are still slightly yellow. Judging by the other agents, she's been giving them a workout and then some.

Koa peers in Keiko's direction for a moment and then begins to move in her direction. He takes a wooden practice spear off of the racks. The gym here in WAND is a bit old fashioned like that. But then some of the WAND agents are too.

"Alright gentlemen. Stop getting embarrassed by my partner." Koa lowers the spear, holding it up at waist height.

"Want a real challenge, Keiko?"

Keiko doesn't hear Koa when he enters. She spins and takes one agent out at the ankles, turning a somersault and bringing the wooden stave down on the back of a second. The stave whistles through the air, stopping just shy of the third agents face. "You all need more hand to hand training." She mutters turning to look at Koa as she does.

She looks … wild. A lot like she did when she returned from Limbo.

"Do you think you're good enough? I've just barely worked up a sweat with this lot." It's a bit growly.

The small peruvian squares off, holding her staff before her, gesturing with it. "If you think you *are* a challenge."

"Better than you." Koa smirks. And then he strikes. He isn't bad with hand weapons. He's had a fair amount of practice. Keiko is better in terms of raw skill but Koa's got some reach on her and more than that, he's moving fluidly enough to suggest that he's drawing on his heritage.

"Needed to work off some steam eh?" The tip of the practice spear darts back and forth, probing and trying to find a way around the staff.

"No you're not as our previous sparring matches have shown." Keiko says flatly, circling softly watching the tip of the spear and his eyes at the same time. He's right of course, he's stronger than her and his reach longer but her training, until now, has always given her the edge.

"Or have decided to finally stop holding back." It's a taunt. He might get the feeling she wants to take a beating.

"Yes. I did. I didn't think you'd appreciate me throwing things at your office wall."

Koa finishes a complete circle with her and goes on the attack. She's still better than he is, but like this he is much, much faster which means she has less time to take advantage of openings and less time to react to his moves. His eyes are gleaming red as hers are yellow.

"And why would you be doing that? Don't like my wallpaper?" This might be a conversation. Or it might be two people with too much exposure to Limbo figuring out who is boss. Or both.

Keiko lets Koa turn her in that circle, her lips pulling back in a slight snarl. "Good. You're not going to hold back…" Her eyes glow a little brighter but she seems to have control of her demon spirit.

When he attacks, she's ready. Batting the tip of the spear wide with one end of the staff, the other end angling up and whistling at his head. It's an aggressive move - but he knows that she doesn't hold back when she's fighting.

"You don't have wallpaper, it's a hideous paint job." Keiko notes, glaring at Koa for asking. "Because hearing things break is often … carthatic."

Is this a conversation or is it two peers with Limbo in their soul trying to work out who's on top?

Koa ducks the horizontal strike, spinning back and away with the spear held in one hand and braced on his back. The spin brings the point sweeping by at knee level. Yes. Yes he's much more fluid when he's doing this. It does appear he's decided he doesn't need to hold back.

"Hearing things break in here sometimes means that someone has just released a spirit that the ancients worked very hard to put away. Be careful what you throw. And the paint job is perfectly fine. What are you talking about?"

The spin is easy to avoid, Keiko tumbles over it, using her staff to bring her to a kneeling position. It's fluid, almost as fast as Koa is when he's like this - honed by years of practice.

The staff swings round, aimed at his knees - Keiko watching for the minute body movements that will tell her when to aim her next blow.

"Which is why I came here. I wasn't angry enough to have lost all reason." She answers. "It is hideous. Whoever thought grey beige was a good colour? And it's old. So old, the stains of the years look like they belong there. I should repaint it."

"You have other work to do than repainting my office." Koa hops her return sweep and brings his spear down vertically to prevent her from sweeping it back. Then he lashes out with a kick. Quick and from the knee. She's seen how powerful his physical blows can get when he's like this though she might likely conclude he won't hit her that hard.

"What had you so upset anyway? You were in a fine temper when we got in. Or, well, you were in a better temper."

"I do, yes. More now too." Keiko mutters, throwing herself to the side and rolling behind the taller agent. The kick connects as she moves, but not as badly as it might - what it does do, is leave him open.

Her staff comes up … between his legs.

The question has her drawing in a breath and letting out a bark. "Maybe I'm just not getting any and I needed an outlet."

"I don't think I'm the one to talk to about that." Koa snarks back as he cartwheels away and comes up with his spear in a low guard. Neither of them have landed a hit on the other except for that kick. Koa pauses a moment and then comes in with his spear again, shaft first, overhead, meaning to bonk her square on the head.

"Do you need me to arrange for you to take some time off to take care of that?" He's not serious about that of course. She goes home every night after all.

"I didn't *say* I wanted to talk…" Keiko actually snarls. "I came in here to fight. You're the one who insists on jawing."

Oh god, she's been watching gangster movies again.

As Koa cartwheels, Keiko rises smoothly to stand, stepping slightly to side as he turns. Her staff comes up, blocking the downward motion - which leaves her terrible exposed to another attack.

Except she steps in, bringing her knee up to hit him where it should really hurt and then bring her foot down on his.

The other agents are watching. They hiss as the two spar. This looks pretty serious from the sidelines.

"I don't need any time off. Can't afford it now."

She gets an impact that time and a wince but Koa is already moving back by the time she hits. He only gets a little separation, enough to prevent his foot from being stamped on, but that's all he needs to bring the spear in behind her staff, hook it and twist to throw her to the other side of the mat. Minus her staff unless she's clever enough let go with one hand to prevent it from being completely trapped.

"Good. 'Cause the worlds kind of ending and I do need some help with it."

"One to me." Keiko growls. She doesn't even smirk. There's been no smiles since she returned from Limbo. The fighting doesn't seem to be helping her work this out either.

With her staff hooked, Keiko goes with the flow, angling herself to break her fall when she hits the mat again. She does let go of one hand, but quickly grasps the end of the staff, tugging on it to try and bring Koa offbalance.

"And one for you. And I know Koa. It's been pointed out to me in technicolour."

Koa spins with the tug and lashes out with the spear to smack at her hands. He doesn't hit but it's enough for him to try to keep her scrambling right now. She's down. He moves closer to keep her that way with another sharp overhead blow.

She can see ripples of blue occasionally rising over his skin. The beast is rather close to the surface at the moment. "It'd also be helpful if you didn't try to break things or redecorate my office right now. Wait until you have your own." Which she will eventually if she sticks with this.

Keiko rolls, coming to her knees to face him. As he moves closer, the staff gets dropped by her side as she tackles him. Losing ground isn't an option - well it would be if she wasn't so angry.

His office is likely to become hers if what Pandora just told is true.

"I told you. I came here so I didn't break things."

Tackling Koa is a mistake because unless she's willing to let her demon out to play he is MUCH stronger than she is. And even if she is willing to do that… he might still be stronger. He rolls with it and winds up pinning her, hand on her throat, the other raised up in a fist. He doesn't strike because that's the point at which people start getting REALLY injured. But still.

"Well. Mission accomplished, I suppose."

Keiko's demon doesn't make her stronger. At least, not yet. "Let him out …" the spirit caller growls into Koa's face, eyes watching that fist poised over her. Taking in a shaking breath, the spirit caller hits the mat three times, indicating she gives up.

"I suppose if you mean I didn't break anything…" beat "Are you going to let me up?"

Koa stays there for a moment and then he slowly uncurls his fist and pushes himself off her. "As I said. I've got a world ending and I need some help with it."

So yes he's going to let her up now. "Did you get all of your aggression worked out? Or do you need to go another round?"

Keiko rolls to her feet and collects her staff, glaring at the other agents gathered round. "That's how you beat me." she's still growling.

Poor Koa.

"No, I didn't. But we've work to do. I'm going to shower and I'll meet you in your office." She could absolutely go another round. And then another. And then another. It's not going to make her feel any better about what Pandora told her.

"And you can tell me what Medical said."

"They said I should have come in last night." Koa says as she heads to the showers. Shaking his head he turns to put the spear back and head back up to his office. It has been a weird kind of day but in WAND those just tend to happen every now and then.

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