2019-10-20 - Who Invades Jersey Anyway


Frost Giants invading New Jersey?!? Who can stop them!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Oct 20 02:45:19 2019
Location: RP Room 2

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Jersey City. If there's one thing about it that's for certain… it's not New York! Particularly since there's a decided lack of superheroes.

Which might be why there's a gang of frost giants rampaging through Jersey City right now! Well, four of them anyway, as they are busy terrorizing the poor inhabitants of the Garden State.

One of them brings a massive foot down, chuckling, "This is easy boys! No Thor! No Asgardians nearby! Pillage and rampage, then we go back home with the booty!"

Booty? There's booty in Jersey City?

Clearly someone gave them a faulty map.

Kamala Khan had been visiting the pizza stand, and had just gotten a nice hunk of cheese pizza when the rift opened, and there was the arrival of the giants. As a massive foot nearly crushes a cab, the young woman stares upwards, and up. And then she frowns. "I'd suggest closing up the shop for the day."

Running out of the shop, Kamala is rounding a corner as she starts to pull off her clothes to expose the costume beneath as she reaches for her mask to put it on.

As she comes into the path of the giants, she holds up her hand. "Hey!" she yells up at the giants. "If you're looking for treasure, you know that the best is over that way!" She points in the direction of the landfill. "So if you could like.. /carefully/ head that way, I'd appreciate it!"

Perhaps they've been watching Jersey Shore? Who knows!

They've certainly attracted attention as there's a rumble of a motorcycle as it roars around the corner down the street, skidding to a control stop not far behind Kamala. On the back of it is a dusky skinned redhead, who raises a brow seeking Kamala, then chokes down a laugh at the direction as she slips off her bike, pushing it off to the side. She's dressed pretty simply…ripped black jeans, biker boots, a Dorothy concert T with the sleeves ripped off as she peers up at the giants. Curiously unintimidated by them.

"She's right, there's all sorts of great finds over there…." she says, supporting Kamala's play. It might work!

The one that Kamala was talking to nods, "Over there, oy right let's give it a loo…" And that's when he gets smacked upside the head by a frost giant wearing shamanistic garb, apparently the leader, "You don't go listening to the natives! Take 'er along, she looks like she'd make good seasonin' for the stew later!"

Then when Brunnhilde speaks up, the leader sniffs a bit, "Wait… wait…" He then howls, "Looks like Asgardian is on the menu today boys!!!" With that, he points towards Brunnhilde on the motorcycle, as apparently she's going to be the main course.

"Miss, this is a dangerous place to be!" Kamala is trying to sound authoritative.. and then wait. "I make terrible seasoning!" she protests, but then the giants are talking about the redhead and that she's an Asgardian and the little mousy brunette is left blinking at the woman. She's an Asgardian?

"I thought you had a flying horse.." she says in utter confusion, but that was before the giant was leaning down to pick her up. Her eyes widen, and then she has to act. Turning towards the giant, she frowns. "That's enough!" she cries out in protest and then..

Well, she's going to throw a punch at the giant. And as she swings towards his chin, she shouts. "EMBIGGEN!" Her hand glows a bright yellow as it suddenly expands and grows into the size of a wrecking ball as she swings up to try to catch the giant underneath the chin with her powerful punch.

Brunnhilde sighs slightly at the question. "…I miss my horse." she grouses a bit, reaching behind her back.

And then suddenly drawing a large rune-engraved shining blade from nowhere as Dragonfang appears in her hand, as she twirls it idly, then blinks as Kamala swings at the huge giant with an equally huge fist. "…huh."

She smirks at the giants. "You'll find me a hard meal to keep down, frosty. But come! Let's see what you have!" she says with a slightly wild grin, her eyes flashing with eagerness as she charges after Kamala, leaping to slash at the side of one of the giant's knees.

The giant was not expecting Kamala to get a big fist, popping him in the jaw. He teeters off balance, and then is neatly slashes across the leg by Brunnhilde, the giant falling down to the ground, "Oy! They got me! I been stung!!!"

The shaman hmms, "And here I thought New Jersey would be easier pickings… kill them both and be done with it already!" With that, the other two giants move forward cautiously, brandishing large clubs as they don't look to be quite as dumb as the first one.

However, in the far distance, there's a glowing spark of light distinct from the rest of the Manhattan skyline. And it's growing bigger… a pretty familiar spark to Brunnhilde, anyway.

"I tried asking nicely, and now you had a taste of my power!" Kamala suddenly glows all over and she expands and grows, and before they know it, the mousy girl is nearly the same height as the other giants. "Now look. This is my favorite place. I mean, I live here. What type of treasure are you looking for. We can talk about it. But I can promise you, there's no treasure here!"

"But if you're looking to fight, I mean, can we at least go to a park or something? People live here, and you know I don't want to have to explain that you broke it, you bought it for you guys." she offers, as she's preparing to fight if she needs to. "Me and my new friend are gonna stop you, and then you know, you have to go home and tell all your friends that a Midgardian kicked your frosty butts!"

She hasn't noticed the vectoring hero, as she stands her ground.

"Bah, girl, they're frost giants and raiders! What they understand best is getting punched repeatedly until they mend their ways!" she calls over, grinning a bit as the two giants with clubs advance, then making a taunting "c'mere" motion with her hands. "Come on boys, you're not afraid of us, are you?"

SMostly to encourage one of them to take an overhand swing, so she can leaps back…then leap forward and start running up the club to kick off and deliver a roundhouse kick to one of the giants. "HAA!"

The shaman snorts, "Nah, I think we be fighting here, girl! Kill 'em now and get them out of our way!" With that, the one faces off with Kamala charges in, swinging his club wildly to try and clobber her before she can punch him… not that he knows she can stretch, or anything like that.

Meanwhile, the other giant wasn't exactly expecting Valkyrie to run up his club, and loses a tooth from the kick as he shakes the club violently, "OY THAT'S MY TOOF I ONLY GOT SEVEN LEFT NOW!"

Meanwhile, the shaman starts gesturing, the temperature dropping rapidly as snow starts to fall, "Fimbulvinter, give us the strength of your icy brea…" And well, that's when an energy blast fires out, interrupting the incantation and knocking the shaman back a step. Hovering in the sky above is Captain Marvel, glowing very brightly and looking decidedly angry at the frost giants.

When the club comes around, Kamala bends and twists, shifting around so that she's almost impossible to hit. "Whoops! Strike one!" Apparently, Kamala is not going to play by baseball rules at the moment because she's immediately swinging around her fist to catch the giant in the stomach to double him over. Then the shaman is starting to cast, and the girl swallows hard. "Oh dear.." she starts to say.

And then there's a blast of light that slams into the shaman, staggering him, and then Kamala is stunned. Not because Brunnhilde just did oral surgery without a license. But because floating in front of her is one Captain Marvel. And she looks pissed, but the girl is in shock. "…Captain Marvel? That's Captain Marvel…" she says, jaw agape.

And of course that leaves her wide open to being socked by the giant as she lets out a yelp.

Focus, Kamala. FOCUS!

Brunnhilde wobbles as the club is shaken, furiously enough to send her flying past the first giant, but closer to the second. Enough that she can just drive Dragonfang into his bicep to halt her movement as she clings there. It probably stings! "Hmm, I know someone who buys giant teeth." she says absently, before she sees the golden streak arrived.

"Hello lovely! Glad you could make it! We saved that one for you!" she says cheerfully, planting her feet and kicking off to land on top of a nearby low building's roof.

Captain Marvel grins, "First draugr, now frost giants… next time I'm picking the date activity." With that, she darts out of the way of an eldritch blast from the frost giant, flying quickly and releasing a photon blast again to stagger the shaman in return.

Of course, the giant isn't in awe of Captain Marvel like Kamala is, so he promptly punches her right in the face, "Too bad, yer kinda cute for a Midgardian! HAR HAR HAR!" On the bright side, he doesn't seem to take her too seriously at least, even with the powers. Which is when Dragonfang wounds up stuck into his bicep! "YOUCH! THAT STINGSES! HELP HELP!" Which brings the frost giant that was shaking his club over, "Yar, hold still there!" And he swings the club right at Valkyrie!

Punched in the face, Kamala stumbles back for a moment. She's seeing stars - and it's not from the giant's looks. Because bleah. She's shaking off the little Carols that are flying around her head though. "Way to show off to your hero.." she mutters to herself in frustration before she reaches down and grabs a mailbox, ripping it from the ground.

It's not the giant she's aiming at though. Instead, she turns and flings it towards the shaman. "I can cast spells too! Magic missile!" And there goes the crumpled up mailbox, thrown at the shaman to try to strike him in the head.

Brunnhilde kicks off as the second giant orients on her, jumping up on his pal's shoulder as she waves to him, a wild little grin on her lips as he winds up….and she leaps up and off as the club swings around to club down his buddy, dropping to the ground in a three point crouch, before she charges forward and stabs his foot with Dragonfang again. "You know, a smart giant would give up by now…wait, what am I saying, a /SMART/ giant?!?"

The swinging giant knocks out his buddy, then blinks, "Hey, that's racist right there! Not cool!" And then he yelps at the stab, "OW! My toeses!" He hops back, looking at the shaman, "Boss there wasn't supposed to be Valkyries and Avengers and stuff!"

Meanwhile, the shaman gestures again, only to have whatever he was doing interrupted by the mailbox, and he growls, "Fine! But we'll be back!" With that, he opens a portal beneath himself and the one giant still standing, wooshing them both away even as Carol fires another bolt, which goes wide in this case.

Once the two giants disappear through the portal that closes behind them, Carol descends from the sky and looks over at Brunnhilde, "Got the alert on Avengers monitor duty, but Jersey City is a bit far for me to get here right away… everything okay?" See, Avengers DO care about Jersey!

Once the giants are gone, Kamala drops to the ground - it only takes a couple of seconds for her to return to the little five foot nothing girl that's standing in her own version of one of Carol's first costumes as she reaches up to rub the side of her face. That hit hurt. She's hungry, and she knows it. Looking around for the pizza - she sighs as she sees it on the ground. Ruined. Sigh.

Then there's Carol. And she's talking to Brunnhilde, she assumes, and the young woman stands there, watching the interaction between the two of them and she gives a little tiny wave. "Hi. I was the 'and stuff'." she offers quietly, glancing down at the ground.

The ex-valkyrie, of course, chases them right up to the edge of the portal, letting out a slightly frustrated sound as they retreat, then grumbling to herself as she flicks her sword, the blood sliding right off it to clean the blade. "Cowards. No real fight in them unless they think they can't loose." she mutters, sliding Dragonfang back behind her back as it vanishes again, before she walks over to Carole.

And, well, hugs her, giving her a squeeze. "See, you chased them off! I didnt' even get a chance to get a workout…" she mock complains, then peers at Kamala. "Though she was the 'and stuff' with great fervor, bravery and growing gigantic in parts." she amends to Kamala's shy comment.

Carol grins, "Gee, Hilde, if only there was something else we could…" She coughs a bit, then looks over at Kamala after Brunnhilde mentions Kamala's part in the fight, giving the other hero an appraising look, and she smiles, "Hey, like the costume." She walks over towards Kamala, offering her a hand, "And if Hilde says you were great, you definitely were. I'm Captain Marvel, but you can call me Carol."

With Carol and Brunnhilde exchanging how do you dos, Kamala's brows rise beneath her mask for a moment and she ooooohs. She can totally ship it, really! There's a smile from her before Carol's approaching and she looks nervous and fidgets with the edge of her burkini pressed into service as a costume. "I'm Kamala.." since they're using first names and all that. "..uh.." And now she's shy, suddenly. Because you know. She never really /asked/. "Miss Marvel. I mean.. that's what people call me."

Brunnhilde saunters after Carol, folding her arms across her chest as she watches the pair chat. "Ms. Marvel?" she says speculatively, noting the color similarities and such. "Kamala. Kamala is a good name. Lotus? Or was it pale red?" She frowns. "…pink lotus?" she tries after a moment.

Carol blinks at that, then smiles, "Good work. I like it. Have you been doing this long, Miss Marvel?" She tilts her head, looking curiously at Kamala as she says, "Saw a little bit of what you were doing with the size-changing and such there, and I have to say that's really impressive stuff." She smiles over at Brunnhilde, "Also a garden, I think." With that, she leans over towards Brunnhilde and gives her a light peck, then glances back at Kamala, "But, really, that was some good work you did there."

"Kamal is short for perfection." Kamala explains. "…boy did ammi get that one wrong." she says with a small giggle to herself as the young woman fidgets, her cheeks darkening at the affection between the two women. Not a complain one she holds here. "T-thank you. I mean, I've been like this for a few months.. since there was an accident and I got sick.. and it was all so strange, but then I decided I wanted to be like you, I mean.. you're /amazing/ and awesome.." And she slows herself down, because fangirlling.

Hilde smiles a bit at the light kiss, not seemign to mind the PDA at all. But then it's not like she has much of a sense of shame left anymore anyway, even if she did. "Oh ho, so you're a newly minted hero, then? But untrained?" the ex-valkyrie questions, frowning thoughfully. "That was impressive all the more so then, if you're new to such fights."

Carol nods in agreement, and blushes not at the PDA she gave, but rather the praise she gets, and she smiles at Kamala, "I don't know about that, but well, I'm glad that you picked me…" She looks at Kamala, "Have you considered reaching out? There's a lot of other young heroes out there, and well, you can get more training too that way." Not that she's pointing the girl directly to SHIELD, but there's a lot of different ways to go.

"I haven't, yet. I mean, Jersey City has it's own crimes.. but maybe." Carol gets the wheels turning in Kamala's head, and she's nodding. "Maybe. I will have to see. I mean. It's either that or wait to see what Jersey throws at me next." she says with a small giggle, before smiling between the two of them. "I totally ship it." she says with a firm nod of her head. She won't explain what that means, as she glances at her phone and ohs. "Do you mind?" she asks. If they don't, she's totally going to get a selfie with Carol and Brunnhilde. Cause /best first day ever/.

BRunnhilde grunts a it, then rummages in a pocket, before pulling otu a slightly crumpled business card that's seen better days. It is metal as all hell. Metal skull with a norse helmet, witha crossed sword and axe behind it. While the business itself is a bit difficult to read at this point (something about monster extermination and bounties?), the phone number underneath is still legible. "Here. If you need help. Or perhaps I can show you a few things, at least." the tall woman notes, before blinking at the offer, then glancing at Carol. "Sure?" she says, stepping closer to Carol and sliding an arm around her shoulders, grinning a bit as she holds up a V sign.

Carol grins and offers Kamala a card as well, "Here, if you need some help out here in Jersey, or want to get some training… well, give me a call there." She then nods at the offer of a selfie, leaning in on the other side of Kamala and giving a wide smile, along with another V sign with her fingers to match Brunnhilde. Her other arm slips around Brunnhilde as they are both a bit taller than Kamala, so that works out just perfectly. Though she does say as an aside to Brunnhilde in a whisper…

"Um… what does 'ship it' mean?"

Kamala gets in the middle all cozy and holds up the camera. "Fuzzy pickles!" she announces proudly and then take a picture of the trio. Accepting Brunnhilde's card, she slips it into her little hip pouch. And then she pulls out her own. It's a computer address for the 'Princess Sparklefists Forum'. "I kinda keep track of things." she says. "And we talk about heroes and such. Be totally cool if you check it out sometime!" she offers, before she looks between the two as she gives a little step and a smile. "Ship. Relationship." she explains to Carol, before her phone beeps. "I'm going to be late for prayer, I'm sorry!" With that, she's starting to scramble to get her clothes, dressed and to the mosque.

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