2019-10-20 - Belasco Sends His Regards


It's never peaceful for Piotr.

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Date: Sun Oct 20 01:52:52 2019
Location: Brooklyn

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It's been some time since Piotr has been home at a time to speak with Keiko but this Saturday night, they've managed to eke out some time.

Opting to take a walk after a movie, the couple are moving through the lit streets of their neighbourhood. It's quiet, mostly, except for the odd dog or cat that yowls or barks as they pass.

Keiko, for the most, is quiet as they walk. That shouldn't surprise anyone.

"The movie. It was interesting." Though Piotr didn't really pay that much attention to it. It was a chance to spend some time with Keiko, and he's using it to the fullest ability. But as she's quiet, he glances over at her, reaching over to give her a gentle squeeze. "Your training at SHIELD. It is going well?" he asks her. There's a brief smile sent towards her as he keeps their attention on where they are walking. "Would you like to get a drink? Maybe an ice cream?"

"SHIELD is fine, Piotr. It is hard, they are insisting I learn to read and write English better. I knew they would want that." Keiko leans into the squeeze and lets out a sigh. "Siffror is making moves on Earth. Going to flatten Limbo to do it… "

He's probably heard that from Illyana already though.

"We're going to launch an offensive against him. On Earth and in the lifeless realms. The Nightfall originally worshipped Sifror, before Plokta subverted the cult. I … have a connection to the stelae network Sifrors creating and I'm going to try and destroy from the inside. Illyana will be helping but … we need to strip my spirits so she can do what she must to keep me safe."

That's probably news to Piotr. Not far from them, a dog starts to bark erratically and loudly.

"We can get a drink, if you'd like."

No, he hadn't heard that from Illyana. He's been poorly out of the loop, and his lips pull into a frown as he feels Keiko's warmth next to him and his grip tightens - a little protectively. "Strip your spirits? You have had them as long as you can remember." he says quietly. "And I know you can feel them as they feel you. How will you handle that? Can you be seperated from them?"

The question he wants to ask is 'How can I help?' but he's not even sure if he can ask that question. This is so far out of his league. "Do they know what happened to that piece of me?" The one he lost to protect her.

As he hears the barking dog, he glances up, his expression narrowing in thought as he glances in that direction. "A drink may be good, da."

"She's going to remove my spirits so they don't rebel. I've got some people ready to take some and the others will be put in jars that Stark Industries are providing." The small peruvian answers, shaking her head. "I don't know what I will feel. I'm not … happy about it but I don't want them hurt when Illyana does what she has to."

"I'm leaving messages for Elena … in case … " in case she doesn't make it back. Not that she finishes that.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the Darkchildes chosen…." The voice comes from the side of them, out of the dark as a horsefaced demon just appears next to Keiko and grabs for the woman trying to yank her away from Piotr. "And the heir…"

"In jars?" Piotr asks in confusion. "I did not know you could have your tattoo put in a jar. I am not sure I understand. But if Illyana says that this will work I will trust her in this." When she mentions that she's leaving messages for Elena, Piotr comes to a halt. And he turns her towards him. "Do not talk like that." he says firmly. "You will come back. You and Koa and Illyana, and if they let me come along, me too." His voice is resolute on this. "You will come back."

He was about to say more when the horseface demon arrives. Piotr's form shifts immediately and when he tries to yank Keiko away, Piotr just swings forward to try to slam his armored fist into the creature's face. "NYET!" he roars. "You will not take her, and I will have your skull!"

There's a sudden weight on Piotr's shoulder. One minute it's not there and the next it just… is. It's a small demon, a catlike imp in fact. Actually, it's K'nert. He's clinging onto Piotr with two of his limbs and in the other two his holding out what appears to be a small carved bone symbol affixed to a leather thong. Like a holy symbol, except opposite of that in every possible way.

Take it take it take it! The imp is saying, holding it out as if offering it to Piotr and near panicking while he does. This is way, way closer to the fighting than the imp actually wants to be.

There's no time for Keiko to explain what they're planning, she's wrenched to the side with her arm being twisted behind her back painfully. It's *really* hard to break the grip and the small WAND agent doesn't struggle or make a sound, just brings her foot down on N'astirhs cloven foot.

Not that that has any effect.

Piotrs punch has the demon reeling backwards, the horse face blossoming with black ichor. "Is that the best you can do, Heir of the Darkchilde? You can't protect your mate and you can't protect her. Belasco will have her and complete the rituals … there'll be nothing left but the Darkchilde when he is finished."

He's not going to shift, he's not going to shift. "Belasco will be a stain that is artwork on the walls of the palace." the massive Russian moving forward quickly, "Keiko!" he snaps. "Summon Bella!"

And then there's the Imp on his shoulder. Offeirng him /something/.

Not this time.

Instead of taking the item, Piotr reaches out to grab K'nert and /throws/ him, Fastball Special style at the Horseface demon. If what the creature is holding will harm the demon - Piotr plans to use it as a weapon. If not? Well, K'nert is pretty light and Piotr can get some good spin on him?

K'nert is indeed not the best projectile. He does go flying though, clutching the little charm he was carrying and smacking into the horse-face demon sidelong. He lays there stunned for a good couple of seconds which even for a small demon is a long time. Then he's scrabbling, trying to get out of the way of whatever follow up is coming N'astirh's way.

As for the thing he was holding? Well it must have done something since K'nert's impact leaves a smoking K'nert shaped burn on the demon's chest. One with a nine pointed star scarred dead in the center of it.

Keiko can't summon Bella, N'astirh has held tight. All she can do is let obsidian scales form over her body and the batwings to appear. One wing is twisted under N'astirhs arm, the demon actually chuckling despite his ruined nose as K'nert comes hurtling towards him.

"Oh, good little pet. Let it flow through you. Can you feel it, pet? Does it make your blood sing." Keiko's eyes, the only thing visible through the helmet that forms, are bright, bright yellow.

The K'nert impact has N'astirh bellowing and reaching out to snag the scrambling imp with his other hand, flinging it back towards to Piotr mightly.

Dragging Keiko with him, the horse faced demon bears down on the big metal man - taunting him again "Belasco will only be an artwork if you see to him… and he's going to gift me this one to play with."

Not this time. He's not going to take Keiko from him.

Piotr is self-sacrifical to a fault. He doesn't have a choice when it comes down to it. His right arm shifts, summoning the infernal armor with a growl of pain as he catches K'nert from mid-air.

He doesn't say a word. He saw what the charm did. Yanking it from the imp, he growls and lunges at N'astirh as Keiko is in mid-transformation and attempts to shove the charm into the crushed part of the mask that he made earlier.

K'ert is happy to give up the charm to Piotr. Otherwise he bites and claws at N'astirh. He fights, really, like a cat. But a cat with big claws and sharp teeth. Okay, maybe he fights like a rabbit.

The charm causes a dark, smoky aura to surround Piotr's fist. One that seems to burn and bite at demon flesh even as it gets near it. With his own strength? Well.

N'astirh might not make it out alive. And if he does? He's going to greatly wish that he had not.

Piotr is able to get the charm right in N'astirh's face. It pops and sizzles. The smell of roast pork fills the air.

N'astirh snarls and slams K'nert into Piotrs side as he lets the imp go. Ichor drips from the gashes and bites that K'nert has inflicted.

The large demon smashes his fist into Piotrs armour.

The armor bends and rends. But Piotr is not backing down. The massive Russian roars as he pulls back that armored fist, covered in demon ichor that sizzles and smokes and he opens his hand as the armor buckles again. Breaking the bones beneath, but Piotr is not stopping.

"You are NOT taking my consort!"

With that announcement, that dedication of himself to be at Keiko's side, he opens his hand and tries to slam his hand directly into that hole in the middle of N'astirh's chest, the one that K'nert started, as he reaches to try to grab the heart of the demon itself.

K'nert at this point jumps clear and hisses from the sidelines. N'astirh looks like he's finished. Of course it's never quite that simple. Demons of Limbo are annoyingly persistent. Even when they're killed. But if the little imp is honest the big green guy deserved this.

Plus watching someone suffer is ALWAYS entertaining.

Finish him! The Imp calls out in demonic.

N'astirh bellows and Keiko struggles free, breathing heavily as her eyes glow yellow. The demon can't get away from Piotrs fist as it buries in his chest. Piotrs got a grip on his heart. Or the organ that's supposed to represent it.

The big demon, swings a fist though, still pushing the big metal man. "You're too weak to hold your consort and the Darkchildes chosen one. You'll see …"

Keiko looks at K'nert and hisses at him.

His armor is further damaged, broken, twisted. But Piotr growls at N'astirh. "You see. You say that alot. But each time. You go home. Lick your wounds. Not this time. This time.."

There's a sickening ripping sound as Piotr /rips/ the organ from the demon's chest and holds it in his hand, feeling it beat in his hand. Even if it's not his heart. It's a living, bleeding piece of him. "I'm going to keep this. In a jar. And every time you try to come, I will make sure that Illyana has the ability to ward for your approach. And I will be prepared for you. Each time."

"You keep coming. I will keep crushing you." With that, he squeezes the 'heart' in his hand and growls low in his throat

K'nert watches with some satisfaction. He sticks his tongue out at Keiko for a moment and mutters 'Fatality' in demonic.

"Heir. Consort." The little imp bows before the two and glances up at them, just to make sure he's not going to get kicked or punched or flattened. Hey! He was helpful this time! Bygones can be bygones right?

N'astirh roars in pain but laughs as well "YES! And I will be back, stronger than ever…" The demon drops to the ground and starts to dissolve. He'll return to Limbo and be resurrected. The hearts beating fades in Piotrs hand.

Can Illyana really ward for N'astirh approach?

"K'nert. What do you want?" Keiko growls in demonic, yellow eyes still glowing. She doesn't go near Piotr at all and the armours not fading. Not yet.

"Everything is well, Piotr." That's not a question and a way for the big man to not show weakness.

"Get this off of me, K'nert." Piotr sticks out his hand at the demon to remove whatever it was that the demon handed him. "Before I decide that you're helping us just ended." he adds in a threat as he watches N'astirh fade into goo, and then his attention swivels back to Keiko.

She reports that she's well, and he nods. "Good." he responds. "We will be better prepared for him next time."

K'nert scrabbles again and takes off the little charm. The aura stops manifesting around his hand. The imp then goes and hides behind the nearest chair and peeks out at them. "I came to help. I can do that right?"

That's actually in English. It's broken and horribly accented English but English all the same.

"I serve the Darkchilde after all. She doesn't want either of you hurt. That much is clear." He looks back at where N'astirh died.

"Belasco. This was more than just a kidnapping attempt."

"You should keep the charm, Piotr." Keiko says. It's not obvious but she's working to contain that spirit. Slowly the wings fade, the armour going patchy - rippling over her skin as she dispels the spirit.

"You can. We will tell the Darkchilde you came." It's very flat again. Like her emotions are locked away.

"Why do you think this was more than just a kidnapping?"

When Keiko says he should keep the charm, Piotr frowns. The rules always seem to change on him, but he trusts her. And that may a dangerous thing at times, but in this case, as she starts to turns back to him, he shifts back to his flesh form, and sighs. "So much for the drink." he mutters, but nods towards K'nert. "Bring it here." he finally says, his tone an echo of Keiko's own flat tone.

But she asks the question of the moment and his attention swivels to the imp.

The little imp comes over and offers the charm up in both hands.

"It's Belasco." He switches back into demonic for more complicated concepts. "Nothing he does is simple. Every action has a second and sometimes third purpose. He usually gets at least one thing done even if what he does looks like a failure. He knows how to plan and manipulate. He was glorious when he was in charge. But he failed at his task and the Darkchilde supplanted him. Quite rightfully. If he's sending N'astirh here, he is getting something out of it no matter how this turns out."

It's what he said that causes Piotr's brows to rise, and he takes the charm. "What if it's like a video game." he suddenly realizes. "You fail at task. You do it over. And over. Until you get it right." He glances to Keiko and frowns. "He is trying to kidnap you. But each time he fails, you use your armor. It does a little more. Little more."

"And then he is stopped. He goes back. He learns. He comes back. A little harded to dismiss." He frowns. "He will need to be stopped in Limbo. Permamently. He cannot keep coming here, or he will only get stronger."

"We should return home…" Keiko mutters, the armour finally melting from her skin. Her eyes are still yellow - that takes much longer to fade these days. "There is vodka in the freezer at home." She says.

The small peruvian narrows her eyes at K'nert "What does Belasco get out of Piotr killing N'astirh?" Piotrs conjecture has her sighing "Maybe. Wait, is that it's name?" They hadn't known that before now.

"That might be correct, Piotr but it doesn't feel right. There are many ways to get me to use my armour and call on that spirit. Kidnapping me …." Something doesn't feel right but she can't see it.

"It's tied to the Darkchilde somehow." Yes, she's calling Illyana that now. "What do you know that you're not saying …" she hisses in demonic again.

"Death has power. But N'astirh isn't the problem. Maybe he won't send him next time. It's Belasco you have to deal with." K'nert offers. When Keiko hisses he backs away slightly.

"Belasco is the one pulling the strings. Even if you could get rid of him permanently Belasco would just send another. There's no shortage of demons in Limbo. But Belasco might cut a deal. Darkchilde might not like that but…" The imp shrugs.

"Or maybe you can end HIM permanently."

The creature slinks back toward the shadows. If Keiko and Piotr are making an exit he's going to leave them to talk to one another. He's done what he wanted here. His own goals are accomplished. For the moment.

"And you. The one with the trinkets and tricks. You know of the way to end him?" Piotr asks. "You gave me this. But you did not give a way to end him permamently. Afraid I will use it on you?" he asks, though he is moving to stand with Keiko again - protective, yes. But he knows that the Peruvian can protect herself just fine.

"He is one of the Darkchildes." Keiko mutters, giving K'nert the eye when she does. She doubts K'nert will say anything more. It's not the imps way - he likes to present a solution but leave the implementation to others.

If K'nert has nothing more to add, Keiko gestures "Come Piotr. You need to bathe and drink something."

K'nert couldn't admit to fear even if he WAS afraid Piotr would try to end him permanently. So all he does is straighten and look at the Heir. "I serve the Darkchilde. As do we all." Well… they do right? They're all hers? Even if they're not it's the only way the demon knows how to look at the world.

"Demons are eternal. As are the Dark Gods. As is the Darkchilde."

But are they? If they are not it's bit beyond K'nert. "If you wish to address Belasco, though, I may know a way. You know how to find me if you do.' And with that he steps back into the shadows and is gone.

There's a snort at the demon as he retreats. "Opprotunistic coward." Piotr growls low, before it is Keiko that snaps him back to the here and now, and he nods his hed. "Yes. A lot of drinks. And a bath." Though his arm encircles her as they start to walk again.

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