2019-10-19 - No Walk In The Park


While out in the park, MJ and Miles are accosted by drones! Fortunately Spider-Girl is on the scene to help them!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Oct 19 20:37:35 2019
Location: Central Park

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It's a nice cool morning in Central Park. Most people that are visiting are bundled against the cold, though there are those joggers in their running clothes that are making their way around the park. Miles Morales is not one of those people. However, he is making something of himself at the moment - he's got some canvas set out and he's using his cans of spray paint to work on some street art in the park in a more portable version.

A restless jog, that's what this is. Where Mary Jane could sleep in and do nothing, she had to get up and do -something-. Bundled in a half track suit, jacket only.. a pair of ragged gym shorts she sinched tight enough because it wasn't hers, and a pair of Nike's that were made for days like this, she was off. Earbuds tucked tightly into hear ears which blast a slew of Spotify's workout playlist on, water bottle strapped to her bare thigh, she looked like a professional jogger with a look that she had a goal but she really did not. And at the last second? She bursts into a break neck speed through the park, attempting to hop over well placed stones with a tiny bit of recklessness, scale hills with large strides only to stop near the top to double over, place hands on knees and breathe, not too far from where Miles was. At least the scenery was great, meaning the street art. Which was the catalyst that causes her to choose this point in time to rest.

As he's working on his painting, Miles is at first unaware of the redhead that's coming up behind him. Like her, he's got his earbuds in, and in this society, the way everyone is plugged into their head with their own music, it's easy to miss out on things. Especially when they're near and yet might as well be an ocean away.

Perhaps, fortune is in the way today - as there's a loud squelch in their ears. Not just theirs, but everyone that is in the park, as the airwaves are hijacked and taken over. Instead of their music, their news, whatever they were listening to, instead they are treated to the following.

"My name is the Tinkerer! You are all my captives. My drones will be arriving shortly and you will load your valuables on them! Resistance will be dealt with!" To accenuate his point, what looks like a swarm of drones arrives from the skies, before spreading it out. The drones are hooked with small bags to carry their ill gotten goods. One police officer, on horseback, attempts to take out his baton to swat a drone, but the drone tazes him and sends the policeman off the horse and sprawling to the ground.

That, apparently, is how resistance will be dealt with. Miles frowns, taking out one of his earbuds and looking around. No place for him to run and hide at, as the drones approach him and Mary Jane, buzzing meancingly.

Mary Jane stands up straight, kicking one leg back to tug and stretch after she grabs her foot. Then the other. Crossing her arm over her chest to stretch that part of her body, she shrieks once the squelch surprises her little routine. Both hands shoot straight up to press against the earbuds, her eyes widening as she listens to the message. There was a moment where she nearly reached out to touch Miles, but the look on his face tells it all. He could hear it too.

She tugs one earbud out of her ear to speak, but the buzzing noise catches her attention. Her arms drop as she looks all around her, then towards the police officer who swats, bats, and gets tased for his troubles. Mary Jane gasps, taking one step into the direction of police officer; but the drone that approaches her causes her to stop, both hands in the air.. moving backward into Miles direction. "S..someone help.."

Miles was almost distracted by the leggy redhead in her stretches before there's that angry buzzing in his head just before the squelch goes off. Dammit! Can't really do Spidery stuff with Mary Jane as close to him as she is. But then the cop goes down. "You know anything about horses?!" he calls over to her as the horse rears in a panic at the electrical shock.

And he's waiting for her to turn his attention to the horse as he lifts one of the cans quickly and sprays a blast of yellow paint into the drone's camera, blinding it as the other drone is circling near Mary Jane, trying to get her to give her valuables.

A figure comes barreling through the sky, vaulted by one of the buildings and a thick webline in hand. Underneath her arm, she carries an old, beaten up window air conditioning unit, snatched from a dumpster close by. The unit is thrown with hairpin accuracy toward one of the drones just moments after she releases the webline, and comes barreling along after it. That poor drone ends up smashed to pieces by the air conditioner, and as both tumble to the ground, Spider-Girl follows, landing upon the smashed up goods with a scowl on her face.

"That hurt my ears!" the young, masked Latina shouts, and begins looking around the area, hands balled into fists.

Masked up, the woman is wearing a thicker outfit than usual, but to the casual observer, it wouldn't look any different from the usual one she's sporting. Almost all black, with a stylized spider-emblem in white, hugging every muscle and every curve. Only the lower half of her face is visible, and a ponytail of brown hair that sticks out from the back.

"Aaaah.. yes!"

(Thankfully, Mary Jane has been filming the story of Joan of Arc, in which she does have to train with horses. Give it up to Guy Ritchie!)

Since, and it's probably against her better judgement, that it seems as if Miles would take the attention of the drone, Mary Jane's focus goes to the horse. His panic just may hurt the officer on the ground, and if she did anything today, she'd have to save his life.

"I'll be back!"

She slowly approaches the horse, her hands still out, whistling low in an attempts to calm the horse. It wasn't until another ungodly racket catches her attention to make her jump. IT was a .. girl? A spider..girl? Holy.. s'awesome!

How many of them are there?! Miles is really starting to think on that whole 'spider in every borough' theory he has going when Anya comes barreling onto the scene, smashing one of the drones, and taking out another, as the air conditioner and Spider-Girl land on the heavy metal. The drones react immediately to her, buzzing at her like angry birds, pulled from their gathering and theiving duties as the Tinkerer turns them on the black and white clad girl.

Miles may have heard the inflection in her voice as he notices one of the drones trying to angle into Anya from behind. "Cuidado, Chica!" he calls out, as one of the drones angles towards him. It zaps him, and the young man cries out in pain - but the feedbackis pushed through his venom blast and the drone shorts out and explodes on the spot, knocking Miles back for a moment.

the horse that Mary Jane is trying to calm is spooked horribly by the crashing and screeching metal, the buzzing drone, the caphony of the attack without his rider to calm him. He rears over the police officer as if about to trample him, ramming into Mary Jane's side in the process.

Squaring off against the drones, Spider-Girl's eyes dash left and right, absorbing everything; their locations, their positions, height, relative distance to objects ranging from park benches to trees. "Okay, pequenos bastardos," she growls in a menacing manner, and is about to say something else when Miles' alert draws her attention.

Something on her mask's HUD blips.

Without turning, she flings a hand forward, shooting a webline toward a trash bin. The heavy item is yanked free from its rivets into the ground as if it were little more than a piece of paper, and gets pulled right toward Spider-Girl's face with a heavy yank of her hand. However, a split moment before she's impact, the young woman dives to the left, her body contorting around itself into a ball that rolls and bounces.

The trash bin ends up heading right for that pesky drone, now that there isn't a Spider-Girl there to stop it.

Very few times in her adult life, Mary Jane wished she was somewhere else. That time in middle school when she first kissed a boy who tasted like gross sardines was one of them. Watching her mom and dad fight was another one. But this time? She definitely wished she stayed in bed. Her moment of awe caught her off guard, and the horse knocked into her rightly so. The adrenaline only allowed her to feel a pinch as she hit the ground, but thankfully she wasn't thrown that far! She -had- to get to the fallen officer!

If there were a time for Mary Jane to be quick, it would be now. The horse was close to stamping onto the fallen officer, and the closes thing next to her was a stick. It was gripped and thrown at the horses butt, and hopefully she manages to it hit before she tries to cover herself with the officer. Somewhere inside of MJ.. she 'eeee's' in horror as she waits for a good stamping.

After the fall of one of the drones, and the blasting that Miles gives one, he's not sure what to do himself - where did the redhead - oh crap. With the horse about to trample upon Mary Jane and the cop, Miles yells to Anya. "Gimmie a lifeline!" The horse manages to get a good pound in on the back of Mary Jane's leg as it rears back as Miles rushes in.

Grabbing a hold of the woman and the cop, he waits for Anya to hopefully get the clue to snag him with a webline while he holds them both as he pulls them back from the bucking horse. The remaining drones are starting to try to make their mistake with what they got, preparing to race off.

Scrambling to her feet, Spider-Girl's attention darts toward the howling horse. Driven on sheer instinct, she flings a webline toward Miles, aiming to strike his midsection. Her free hand is raised, ready to punch any of the drones who come near to her, but they're pulling away.

"Gotcha!" she says, feeling the tension of the webline before yanking it backward. Hold on, Miles!

"You're not the only one with a drone," she remarks to herself, then says aloud, "Arana, marca todos los drones como hostiles y sigue!"

High in the air near the buildings at the edge of the park, a sleek black drone with the Spider-Girl emblem starts flying higher into the air. Her cameras and EM sensors lock onto the drones that are making to escape, tagging them one after the other, and preparing to track them.

The stick throwing was no bueno; Mary Jane was going to suffer a fools fate but at least it was for a good cause. The stamp on her leg causes her to scream bloody murder as she holds onto the cop for dear life, but thankfully, being in Miles arms made it all the better. (A sinister mind would think that the poor man would suffer all of her intended blows..)

It was pandemonium to her, all of the commotion, the screaming and running from the others in the park, the whinnying horse, the explosions and buzzing, she couldn't figure heads nor tails of the situation, and fleeing was out of the question.

Miles is probably going to take a good hoofing, but thankfully Anya is good at verbal clues. The line snags him, and as he's yanked back, he pulls Mary Jane and the cop with them. Clearly it's her strength that's handling it all - and not the young man's own body that's handling it. As they get clear, he calls out a quick thanks, and then glances towards MJ's leg. "My mom's a nurse, she's shown me some first aid.. can you move your leg?" he asks her.

In the skies above, a couple of the drones turn to face off against the Spider-Drone in an aerial battle above Central Park while the remaining drones continue on in retreat. While they may be escaping they're tagged for tracking later. The two drones that remained behind tries to zap the Spider-Drone at close range with their tazers, but are outmatched by the Spider-Girl's drone.

Arana is shielded to prevent such attacks from being successful, so the electricity simply doesn't have anywhere to go. Instead, a speaker inside of the drone's chassis emits the voice of Beavis: Heheh, you suck!

Releasing the webline, Spider-Girl runs over toward Miles, MJ, and the downed cop, but her breathing is not at all elevated. "Hey, you three alright?" Looking at MJ she grimaces visibly, then eyeballs the horse. "Listen, Mr. Ed, if I have to web you up to chill you out, I ain't gonna be happy about it!"

Being pulled to safety was a godsend. And thankfully they were on grass! Aside from the obvious stains to her and the cops suits, and the now broken leg.. she was thankful to be alive and everything was over. The only sad part was that she couldn't really instagram the entire encounter, and missed half of the action that Miles and Anya provided. But they were free, and Miles and Anya asked her a question that she nearly couldn't focus on.

"Huh? What? No.. I mean.. I can mov.. it hurts!" She sniffles back the tears that'll soon fall, but gestures to the cop with a shake of her head. He still wasn't awake. "I'm okay, please.. help him!" She says to them both. The horse? Forget that damn thing!

As best as she could, she places her hands upon the ground to try to shuffle herself out of the way so that they could render aid to the cop. "Does he have a radio?"

"Stay put! Don't move, you'll make it worse!" Miles can now see the angle of MJ's leg - it's not supposed to bend /that/ way, and he's trying to make sure that she doesn't aggrevate it further. The horse rears again at the pair, but now that the buzzing drones are gone, it is calming down by degrees. The horse finally moves into a small trot and starts sniffing at the grass.

As the drones can't zap the Spider-Drone, one of the drones attempts to kamikaze into it to take it out. As does the other. Great, they're programmed to self-destruct and after slamming into the Spider-Drone, they explode in a bevvy of sparks.

Alerted to Mary Jane's question, Miles searches the horseback cop, and finding his radio pulls it. "Officer down in Central Park. I repeat, ten-tewnty-four in Central Park West near the duck pond." Miles, thankfully, with a cop father, knows a few of the codes - the important ones at least. "Need an ambulance too." he adds in a duh moment.

There's a glance over to Anya, thankfulness in his eyes. "You alright?" he asks, not just Anya, but mainly for Mary Jane, as he's trying to find something to make a splint with. "We need to secure her leg. I have the baton from the cop, can you web her a temporary cast?"

Satisfied that the horse is settling down, Spider-Girl settles her attention upon the trio at hand. She looks between Miles and MJ, grimacing at MJ's leg while also noting Miles' use of police talk. This causes an eyebrow to rise, which is evident in the way the oversized white eye-spot on her mask rises.

Meanwhile, Arana suffers the exploding drones in stride, her reinforced chassis protecting her from anything more than superficial damage. Spider-Girl's mask HUD will show run a quick diagnostic, green-lighting all major systems, before the drone follows her earlier command and begins chasing after the others at a distance that keeps them just in her enhanced range. The programming on that drone is beyond exquisite, and the components, while all dug out of various dumpsters, are about as high grade as they come. "Go get 'em, girl," she says to herself, before looking back to Miles and MJ.

"Sure can," she tells Miles, before looking down to MJ. "What's your favorite color, beautiful?"

"Okay!" Mary Jane shoots back towards Miles, though it was totally due to pain and nerves. "Sorry." It wasn't a mumble, the scene was dying down and slowly everything was starting to hurt. With her leg mangled beyond belief, she tries not to look at it, but already her fingers were digging into the grass to brace herself from the burn, the sting, the intense numbness and stabs. Her teeth clench, and as the horse begins to trot away, she still flinces, wincing all the while and settling to laying back down upon the grass. It was the only thing she could really do to not throw up, or try to get up or move around to cope.

As Miles asks Anya if she's okay, she does lift her head to see if she could pawn off medical help to the Spider-Lady, but she looked fine. Not even a scratch on the suit! In fact, it was now that she gets a good look at Miles to see if he's alright. But he was moving, talking, and.. offering medical aid, so he was fine.

"No no no, don't worry about me!" She waves her hand, growing pale by the moment. She was totally about to puke. "I need a bag.." She mumbles, eyes watering as tears were falling, trying her best to choke back her breakfast of buttered toast and Starbucks coffee. At the asking of her favorite color? She manages a smile towards the Spider-Lady.

"Black, like my dead soul." Morbid, but she laugh-sobs uneasily.. "It's purple.." Cue waterworks.

"No bag. You need to puke? You're not pregnant are you?" Miles is confused. Enough pain to be sick? That didn't cross his mind. Instead he tries to make MJ as comfortable as possible as the sirens are heard in the distance of the approaching NYPD and ambulance units. If he's injured, he's not showing it, instead he offers his hand to MJ to squeeze if she needs to. "Help's on the way." he reassures her. "You have a name?" he asks.

Well, that's for both of them, and then when Anya prepares to web the leg he comments quietly. "I hope you shaved your legs." Because that's gonna hurt worse than a Brazilian wax when they pull back the webbing to treat the leg.

"Turn your head to the side," Spider-Girl tells MJ, and reaches a gloved hand out to gently turn the woman's head to the side, away from the leg and away from everyone else. "Let it out. Better out than in. No one's gonna judge you, and if they do, I'll web 'em right in the face for good measure."

That's for the cop, and for Miles.

Moving around to MJ's other side, Spider-Girl crouches down and snickers. "Yeah, I dig black too." She'll wait until MJ pukes, before starting. "I mean, duh." Her costume is almost entirely black, after all! Of course, as she's speaking, her hands are moving around MJ's legs, without touching them. Black webbing is seeping out from her wrists, some of it shooting beneath the leg and between blades of grass to be captured by the other hand. This webbing is not sticky, but it is incredibly stretchy. "Now, someone say, 'fuck the police!'" She's not sure if they'll find it funny, offensive, or straight up shocking, but the whole point is to distract MJ from what she's about to do. With a yank, the webbing is pulled tight around her leg, undoubtedly causing a bit of pain. She'll hold it by her hands to keep it from slipping until MJ manages to settle, at which point the adhesive webbing will start joining it.

"Almost done, okay?" It's not as if she's ignoring Miles' question about her name, but right now, MJ is the focus. "You're a fucking bad-ass bitch, you know that?" she says while webbing it up and causing more pain. "Bad…" *yank* "ass …" *yank* ".. bitch!" She lifts her hands away. "All done."

The web cast is black, yes, but there are strands of purple sprinkled throughout in a spiral fashion.

"Christ no.." MJ says aloud. Not snappish, but shaky. In fact, she had half the mind to laugh but she really couldn't. Now she was starting to wriggle, to move side to side, she had to get up. But the asking of her name nearly got no answer. She made a 'hurk' sound, but pushed it back down. If she had to puke, she probably didn't now, but there was going to be definite build up later. "Mary. Mary Jane." And that's all she really could give for the moment, cause she was back to laugh-sobbing at the mention of shaving her legs. That.. was actually pretty funny.

As Anya does turn her head, MJ tries to at least let a little out. But nothing was coming, but it was good that she wasn't going to look. Nope. While MJ left Miles hanging on the hand offer, she was still laugh sobbing at both of them until.. her leg was yanked! She squeak-gasps, and practically lurches her upper body towards Miles. It was an awkward hug and grasp, one that threatens to either pop his head right off of his body, break ribs, or flatten him completely.

She fails to keep it cool, her face probably buried into Miles' stomach to unleash a slew of swear words that she didn't even know, all the while crying, tugging, probably digging her nails and maybe even biting. Who knows! But once Anya was done? MJ did peek a little.

"That's pretty coo—…"


Mary Jane passed out.

"Okay, Mary Jane. I'm Miles. And I don't know who she is, but she's gonna help…" And there's little chance to say much else as MJ looks like she's gonna hurk and he's pulling off his hoodie to give her something to puke into - but she doesn't, and he feels MJ's squeeze on his hand and he squeezes back, just before she lurches into him awkwardly and Miles manages not to fall over as he feels her constriction around him - it might even be tighter than what Copperhead did to him a few days back. Holding tightly to Mary Jane, he draws in a breath. "Save the rough stuff for the second date, eh?" he asks her teasingly.

Though she's crushed against him - and then she gets one look at her leg - and off she goes to la-la land. Using his hoodie, Miles moves to cover the young woman to keep her warm and keep her from going into shock further as he holds her up. "Y-you're going to be alright." he offers to the redhead, even if she can't hear, cradling her against him as he looks up at Anya. "I think thank you was the words she was looking for." he offers, frowning slightly. "My mom's a nurse over at Brooklyn-Presbyterian. Don't know where they will take her to, but will angle for there. Best care in the city."

When MJ drifts off to la-la land, Spider-Girl lets out a long sigh and slumps back onto the ground, exhausted. Emotional exertion is no joke, and she is well aware of the torment she just put MJ through. "Yeah yeah, send her there," she breathes, and only finally manages to get a good look at both Mary Jane and Miles. Her expression becomes more friendly then, and she sits up a bit straighter, legs crossed at the ankles. "I know someone who could fix this all for her, I'll see if I can get her online. I'm Spider-Girl, by the way." She reaches out a hand to Miles in greeting. "Good call back there, with the whole life-line thing. I was too busy waiting to get fried by Tinker-douche's drones."

"Theft by drone. Who'd ever thunk that?" Miles frowns a little. "You think he's going to try it again?" he asks as he looks down at the passed out girl and the nearby cop, who is finally slowly starting to get a grip on his senses again. Reaching out, Miles accepts the hand in a firm shake. "Miles, Miles Morales. Nice to meetcha, Spider-Girl. Saved our asses there." comes the honest admission.

If he'd been in costume, he could have done more. If he'd stepped up and not cared about his identity, he could have done more. The Ifs are always terrible after the fact. But the Ifs aren't going to fix MJ's leg. "Someone that can help her? Like a mutant or something? I mean, that's cool. But I still think we should have a doctor look at it, make sure that there's like.. no muscle damage or anything."

"Oh, I guarantee he's gonna try it again." Spider-Girl shrugs her left shoulder, releasing the hook of a small backpack that's slung over her shoulder, and fishes out a cell phone from within. She swipes about on it for a moment until she brings up the interface with her spider-drone, and offers the phone for Miles to look at.

"Which is why I've got my own drone following them."

The display will show both visuals of the city from Arana's point of view, overlaid with blips that symbolize where the evil drones are.

"Something like that," she tells Miles, when speaking of this elusive person. "Goes by Angel. She's a bio-kinetic, so, she can put bodies back to normal." She waves her hand around and makes a face. "I don't have any idea how she does it, but, I was on this op thing, right? Cracked both my radius and my ulna, and she just… fixed them." Her left hand flexes demonstrably. "Good as new."

Rising to her feet, she looks over as the EMT's start to arrive. "Maybe, maybe, but I was pretty distracted. I should be thanking you, and so should they." She nods toward MJ and the police officer. "Otherwise? I think we'd be looking at a lot worse than a busted up leg, hombre."

"Me? I'm just someone that happened to be here when stupid stuff went down and tried to help." Rolling his hoodie into a pillow to support Mary Jane, he lifts up a little. If Anya is observant, she'll notice where there's a hoof print in his side, but he's not exactly moving gingerly. His eyes go wide at that. "She's got to be an amazing doctor. If people would accept that stuff." he frowns a little. "But they won't. Because they'll be all 'she doesn't have the training'." Of course his own mother would make that argument.

"If you hadn't shown up.. I dunno. I think it'd been worse. So thank you, Spider-Girl." he gives her a grin. And adds in Spanish. "«You want to leave your number for her?»" Oh, he heard her call MJ beautiful.

He's looking intently at that screen. They're heading back Brooklynwards. A certain black-clad Spider may be paying a visit later.

"Not all heroes wear capes," Spider-Girl remarks with a grin. "Or, ya' know. Spandex. Capes are actually really kinda dumb. I mean, why would you want to worry about that when you're trying to smash drones with garbage bins?"

As to the talk about doctors and training, she rolls her eyes and shrugs. "That's capitalism for ya," she remarks, but when Miles switches to Spanish, she laughs a bit and shakes her head. "«I kinda prefer keeping my dating, you know, to the other me,»" she replies in Spanish. "«Guess I'll have to keep my eye out for her.»" She's winking behind the mask, but it doesn't really show.

Diverting her attention to the phone now, she sits upright. "Brooklyn. Why does it always have to be Brooklyn? I swear, all of these half-assed bad guys are just wanna-be hipsters."

There's a chuckle and a shake of his head. "Maybe." Miles gives a shrug of his shoulders, and then he smirks. "I just said mom works in Brooklyn. I'm from there. Hipster. Huh." Laughing at that, he lets out a sigh as the EMTs close in. "Looks like we're going to be doing the handoff." As they come over, Miles explains. "Female, early twenties, broken leg. It's been stabalized and splinted. The officer probably has a concusssion."

To Anya, Miles smirks for a moment and then adds. "Well, since you're waiting on other you, I suppose I can give her my number first. Just to make sure she's okay later." Yeah, right. "I'll let you know how she is. Somehow." he shrugs. With that, he's taking out one of his little graffiti calling cards and slips it into the jacket pocket of MJ's jacket, since he's pretty sure neither of them will be allowed to go with her.

"I mean, hipsters weren't born there, or lived there for a long time. You know, they all moved there from, like, Boise, or Cleveland, or something." Spider-Girl laughs at that, she can already tell that Miles is born and raised New York, like herself, for the most part.

She stands aside as Miles conducts the handoff, then gives him an upnod as he sorts out a graffiti card for MJ. "Hey, gimme one of those, Morales," she says. "I'll zap you my digits, too. I do have two phone numbers."

Reaching into his pocket to take out a second number, Miles offers it to Anya. There's a chuckle at that. "I will just have to make sure one of them says 'Spider-Chicka' on it, heh." he gives her a small grin. "Thanks again." he offers quickly again as he hands over the colorful 'Hello My Name Is' card. Because that's just how he rolls.

The EMTs move to load both MJ and the police officer onto gurneys, and Miles digs around in his wallet, and pulls out another card to offer it to the police officer arriving on scene. "My father is Sergeant Jefferson Davis of the six-four. Spider-Girl here was the real hero today. I'll help with whatever.." he offers, allowing Anya a chance to slip away.

That brings a good natured laugh from Spider-Girl, and she reaches out to accept the card with a happy smile. "Kick ass," she answers, and glances toward the canvas that somehow has remained intact. "It's good work, hombre. You ever do work up in Spanish Harlem, lemme know. I'll get you to spots no one can reach." Oh, her mind is already dancing with the opportunities.

However, as things become more official, Spider-Girl is busy shoving the card into her backpack. She's already scanned it with her HUD and added it to her contacts database, after all, and though it doesn't appear possible, Miles' phone will receive a text message from her Spider-Girl number, complete with a Spider emoji as the sole content of the message.

Interestingly, though, she does not slip away. "I can show you exactly where the drones took everything they stole," she tells the officer who looks her way. "Might want to reach out to Officer Posse, Powered Crime Unit. Those things hit hard." The officer down is proof of that.

The officer gives Spider-Girl a look, and then nods. "Get me the information, and I'll get our team on it, thank you." he offers to the young woman as he takes the information and is already starting to get it ready to relay it to Posse.

Miles grins. "I've not been there in a while. I'll have to check it out, Spider-Girl." he promises her. With the two patients off, he rises to his feet, regards the canvas, and then back to the black clad girl. "Let me do a little work on it, and I'll find a way to get it to you, on the house. For saving our asses."

Now, at that, Spider-Girl is positively beaming. "Killer!" she tells him, then finishes giving the information to the police. "Ciao, freaks," she says to the lot of them, though her tone of voice is friendly, intending to be a good ribbing. Then, she's running off toward the city proper, where she can get in a good honest web-slinging before the day is over.

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