2019-10-18 - Conversations About Everything But What Needs to be Talked About


Gwen follows Miles out of the shop after the events of Angela's shop, Gwen and Miles continue their conversation.

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Date: Fri Oct 18 22:31:03 2019
Location: Soho

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After leaving the studio, Miles reaches up and grinds his knuckles into his forehead.. "Stupid." he tells him. "Just lucky." Augh. He's frustrated with himself. After screwing his knuckles into his forehead before dropping his hands into his pockets, shoulders slumping forward as he starts down the sidewalk. But hey, Angela hired him. That was a good sign, right? He has something of a job. As for wondering if he was being followed? Yeah, he saw how quickly Gwen 'had a call', not a chance.

"Hey, waitup." Gwen dashes out of the studio not long after Miles, stuffing her phone into a jacket pocket. She picks up the pace to catch up with Miles. "Is your Dad the fun police? I swear mine is a Captain but he likes to keep calling me right when it's awkward, I dunno how he does it." She clasps her hands behind her back. "Sorry about… almost blowing your cover, and ify ou're mad at me I completely understand. There's reasons I'm usually an introvert, I'm just really good at sticking my feet in my mouth. Seriously."

Blowing his cover? Wait, she knows? Did he tell her and he just didn't realize it? There's a momentary panic that races through Miles as he looks towards the blonde, a stiffening of his frame as he slows down for her to join him. "Blowing my cover??" he asks in confusion, then ohs. "My dad is /total/ fun police. He'd ground me forever if he knew what I was doing with the paint and stuff. He's going to be thrilled that someone gave me a job." he admits with a small snort of a chuckle. He's not going further on the blown cover bit. Plausible deniability?

Gwen looks sideways at Miles as she walks alongside him. She watches the stiffening of frame with a raised eyebrow, but just bobs her head at the end. "That's good," she replies, "But hey, what's important is that you are happy, too, right? Not just your Dad." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "That was a seriously good catch in there. Do you play basketball, too? I think you're a lot more athletic than you're letting on, if that'd been me I'd have gotten totally flattened."

"Totally lucky." Miles says, perhaps too quickly, and then shakes his head. "Come on, can you see me playing basketball? I'd be a Looney Tune against a Monstar." Then he pauses. "You've probably never seen Space Jam either." he finds himself saying with a smirk. "Yeah, this is a cool opprotunity - gives me something to work at and try to earn a little scratch so I can afford something outside of hot dogs and ramen for a nightly meal." There's a grin at that. "Though mom's been trying to sneak me care packages.'

"Oh, I've seen Space Jam." Gwen shakes her head, "I'm not that big of a dweeb. I watch movies, don't worry, Dad doesn't make me live under that big of a rock." She shrugs lightly, "Honestly, I think he has a hard time coming to grips with the fact that I'm not twelve years old anymore. I'm a big girl now and I go to University, and that bakes his brain just a little bit, I'm sure." She turns her head sideways again, to look Miles up and down, just quickly. "I hear Moms do that," she adds. "I mean… you should let her. She probably just loves you. …I sorta… missed out on all that, my Mom died not long after I was born. Just been me and my Dad as long as I can remember."

"I'm sorry." Miles has a cringe moment as she mentions her mom. "I didn't know." he glances over, and taking a hand out of his pocket, reaches over and gives her shoulder a quick squeeze of support as he considers her, and then laughs. "Hey, better his brains baking then getting baked." he points out to her in amusement. "Oh, I know she loves me. Totally. Dad too. But like you, blanket smothering starts at home." There's a chuckle at that. "She sent some quesitos. I'll bring some with me if I see you again."

"Well, we have each other's numbers, we seem to keep running into each other, and we both study at ESU," Gwen points out. "Sounds like that's how friendships start. I have absolutely no doubt we will continue running into each other." She smiles, and shrugs her shoulders. "And, don't worry about it — my Mom, I mean. It was a very long time ago and, I mean… I wonder what my life would've been like if she'd been here for Dad and I all this time, but… she wasn't. And it wasn't her fault, or mine or Dad's, it's just… That's just the way life is sometimes. I don't have a life I'm going to complain about." She perks an eyebrow, "So, getting a job with Angela, is that gonna get you big points with the counselor?"

"Total start of a friendship, Gwen." Miles says with a laugh. "Next thing you know we'll have matching friendship bracelets." There's a grin at her, though he seems a little concerned. "Hey, we get to share the no life card. And you sure you won't lose more points by hanging out with me?" comes the question to her before he turns his attention from her to the street. "It should, yeah - I need every advantage I can get right now. And yeah, I look forward to hanging out with you."

Gwen's forehead creases up with a little concern of her own. "I don't have a lot of friends," she points out. "I'm… I dunno, I'm bad at it. If you ever meet Peter Parker, ask him, I don't open up… often." Her shoulders twitch upwards, "But you've been nothing but cool so far. And yeah, we can totally exchange the no life cards. Heck, I'm studying biochemistry in university, I've pretty much just put my life in a lock box and dropped it to the bottom of the ocean for four years." She pauses. "At *least* for years," she corrects, "More if I do a masters or a doctorate." She tilts her head sideways, "And you're damn right I won't lose any points. Hanging out with friends never loses you points of any sort, I promise."

"Then we have more in common than you think. Though you keep bringing up this Peter fellow." comes Miles' comment. "Though I never met him. May start to think you made him up." That's said more teasingly than it should be. "But hey, you have a life still. Or I wouldn't have to keep running into you all over the place. Unless you're stalking me." There's a playful lift of his brow. "And yes I want to keep hanging out with you. Cause you're kinda awesome."

Gwen blushes at the compliment, and she laughs, "No, I promise I did not make Peter up. He and I have been friends since we were…" she trails off. "I dunno. Long enough that I can't remember not being his friend. And, don't worry, even if I wanted to stalk someone, I'd never find the guts to actually do it. Besides," She giggles, "It's not like I'm Spider-Man or something, I totally, don't have any idea how to get across the city in ten minutes flat like he seems to pull off." OKay, that was an exageration (about the ten minutes flat thing) and a bit of a stretch (Well, she really… isn't… Spider-Man, that's someone else). But it's all technically true.

"I would hope you're not Spider-Man, I'd have to wonder how you hid the curves in the spandex." Miles responds with a laugh. "That and chafing." There's a laugh at that, "I don't know. There's so many of them it seems. Though most of the ones mentioned in the news these days are all the girl ones. Which is pretty awesome. Though, you know, this keeps up. there's going to be a Spider in every borough. They'll have to make a union or something at the rate they're going."

"Equal pay for equal work, I say." Gwen chuckles, "There do seem to be a lot of spiders running around, or… swinging around. You know what they do." She glances upwards, as if to make sure there isn't one right overhead, right now — there isn't — before she zips her jacket up and pulls out her phone to glance at it briefly. "Well, I would love to continue hanging out *right now*, but I have three lab assignments to do this weekend, and I promised myself I'd do two of 'em tonight. See you soon? There's a study group at school, if that helps — no specific subject, just anyone who wants to show up. I'll text you the details."

"Go do your labs. Send me the deets, and I'll see if I can show. Totally not stalking you!" Miles gives her a glance to the side. And after a moment, he turns, and considers. "It's always good to see you, Gwen. I'd totally hug you, but you know."

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