2019-10-17 - Eve's New Roommate


Eve has a roommate. This is a surprise to her.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Oct 17 10:21:54 2019
Location: 2 East 5th Avenue #12E

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Ah, what a day.

Eve has it off from work, of course, which is why she's been flopped on her sofa, marathonning Breaking Bad so she can get around to watching El Camino. She's got a tub of popcorn that she's already emptied and too many sodas to count on the coffee table in front of her. She's been at it for sooooo many hours now.

A few second later, a certain blonde with pink and blue pigtails flops over the back of the couch and lands beside Eve, sending the last rmeaining kernels of corn scattering into the air as the couch groans and creaks in protest of the maneuver. Harley's wearing blue boy shorts and a babydoll t-shirt that has a picture of what might be her with a baseball bat in barbed wire attacking the guy from Hangman, his eyes crossed out as he dangles in front of her like a miniature pinata. Beneath it is written: CRA_Y.

"What're we watching?" Harley asks in a jubilant tone, those wide blue eyes turned upward to study Eve's face upside down, Harley's legs dangling over the back of the couch and hair dragging on the floor.


Eve had dimmed out her senses to focus on the fun things. Like, you know, television!

Thus, Harley's arrival makes her blink and sit up and /stare/ at her. "When did you get here?" she asks, "…did I leave the door unlocked again?" She's so confused. "And hi, Harley. How are you today?"

More blink.

"No, you didn't leave the door unlocked at all, honey. DOn't worry about it." A beat. "Your landlord will be by to fix it tomorrow, boo." Harley turns her gaze upon the television then and reaches out to snake Eve's soda away from her while she's preoccupied. "So …Ooh! Breaking Bad? Oh! Right. The movie came out a bit ago, right? Are we watching that next?" Sluuuuurp. Harley hasn't even bothered to turn right side up yet.

"You… broke… my… door?" says Eve, blinking at Harley again. "I…" How did this happen. "…yes. I'm watching El Camino after the last episode. Like, right after. I've been marathonning. It's coming up in like.. for more episodes?" She checks. "FOur more episodes. Maybe you should learn to be someone who KNOCKS?" Oh ho ho ho she's so funny.

"Oh, look at miss know-it-all. She's so smart." Harley props her hands on her hips, a gesture that looks considerably odder with the subject inverted. "It's not my fault *someone* forgot to give me a copy of the key." Those blue eyes narrow accusatorily as Harley's gaze turns back to Eve. "And I didn't break the door! That would be crazy. I just displaced a couple of tumblers in the lock and popped the dead bolt! No big deal." She shrugs. "Someone forgot to reinforce the strike plate," Harley continues in a sing-song tone. "You really need a better locksmith. Oh well! I've got you covered."

"…a key," says Eve.

There is a long silence after that, of course, staring at her and her rather awkward position on her sofa before she slumps back into her corner and just groans.

She just groans.

She knows there's no winning this particular argument in any way whatsoever.

"Yep! No big deal. When they replace all the locks and stuff they're just going to put the extra keys on your rent! I got five just in case." All smiles, still. "…Oh, hey. This is a good one. Do you have any more popcorn?" She's back to staring at the tv as if nothing at all happened. Just a normal conversation between roommates, right? No reason to be concerned.


Eve is cluing in, slowly, as to her fate.

She musters a smile and rises to her feet. "Yeah, sure. I'll… go make popcorn." And try to figure out a way out of this.

There is none. She's fucked.

When Eve returns some minutes later Harley is sitting sprawled across the entire couch, shoulders on one arm, her legs dangling over the other. Eve's soda is balanced on her stomach and she seems to have found a stash of candies among the movie snacks. Right now, she is throwing skittles at the tv. "No, you idiot!" Harley shouts, her thick Brooklyn accent coming through loud and clear. "He's going to get you killed!" She seems to be screaming at Hank as he works feverishly at the DEA office.

…oh god.

Her neatly arranged life and clean home is crumbling in front of her eyes. It's CRUMBLINg. Eve just sort of moves towards the sofa again with the fresh bowl of popcorn and leans down to adjust Harley's legs because THAT'S HER SEAT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

A quick review shows that Harley is only throwing the yellow skittles at the tv. When Eve reaches out and grabs her legs she blinks and looks ovar at the other woman, shaking her head. "Someone's getting a little too familiar," she notes, scowling, before twisting enough to allow Eve to sit down on the couch again. "Jeeze. Didn't anyone teach you some manners? I mean- …. Are you KIDDING?!" The shout comes with Harley lifting a hand and pointing at the screen again before pelting it with more yellow candies. Purple is eventually added in once she's run out of lemon flavoured candies to toss.

"Oh yes. Where are my /manners/," remarks Eve, dryly as she drops into her seat. Someone is SULKING.

At least she has popcorn and television. She'll share that, at least.

"…can you stop littering skittles in front of the television?!" She is going to have to VACUUM THOSE UP LATER.

"If he doesn't want skittles tossed at him he should stop being such a lemon!" Harley retorts, scowling. However, the blonde apparently relents, settling for crossing her arms over her chest while she glowers at the television menacingly.

"He's Hank! Of COURSE he's a lemon!" Eve just puts a hand over her face. Oh great. "So, ah…"

How to broach this. "…Ivy's busy, huh?" She asks after a moment.

"Oh, you know…" Harley begins quietly, twisting from left to right in her newly claimed seat as she averts her gaze. "She's just trying to clean up the restricted zone. Lots of weird plants out there. Not much room for people!" She gives a bit of a high-pitched laugh. "So. Yeah. She's pretty bu… sy… Oh my god! Hank! Stop it!"

"And I guess, what, I'm Replacement Ivy in the meantime?" she asks. Hey, they're both freaky pale plant controllers, after all, though Eve's considerably darker in the clothes she wears.

"…dammit, Hank," she agrees, with a resigned sigh. It's going to be like this, right? She then snatches popcorn.

"What? Noooo. …No. Kind of," Harley replies, blinking. She looks over at Eve again and then takes a deep breath. A small hand reaches over to settle lightly on the woman's shoulder. "It's not like that all. You're you, and you're special. You might not have Ivy's killer curves or her sense of style, or the ability to secrete neurotoxins, but you've got your own thing going. I just, you know. Needed somewhere to stay for awhile."

"Oh, wow. You're the best at compliments," says Eve, her tone maintaining the dryness. "Well… you're… welcome to stay." She says after a halting moment. She had some time to consider the alternatives and none of them were good. Also, Ivy is going to owe her SO HARD for this. SO HARD.

"Thanks, boo. Popcorn?" Harley offers back the bucket. Somehow, it's almost entirely empty.

"'Boo'," replies Eve, giving her a look. She reaches for the popcorn, feels its empty, and then sighs.


It's going to be a long week.

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