2019-10-17 - At Least It's Not Wisconsin


Toni Ho returns to Angela Carpenter's shop to question her about being an apparent "angel" and to recruit her for RESCUE.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Oct 17 03:26:42 2019
Location: Carpenter Studios

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It's near closing time, one last round for sales so dust off the armor and weapons. At least, that's what Angela is doing, habit more than anything as she secures things before closing up for the evening. She's wearing a white turtleneck sweater today, along with a modest blue skirt that goes down to just above her knees. And right now, she's walking towards the front window, getting ready to turn off that OPEN light…

There's a rumble of thrusters from outside as a fairly tall figure drops from the sky, to land lightly on the pavement outside, jets cutting out as it connects with only a slightly bending of the knees. Followed by the star-spangled and armored figure walking up to knock on the door lightly as optics glow at Angela from outside.

Angela blinks, then opens the door with a bemused expression on her face, "Um, hello? I don't think you need my help with anything there." She arches a brow, looking up at the armored figure wryly. "Wait… Toni, is that you?" Because she does remember the conversation from the other day.

The figure reaches up, then unlocks her helmet, sliding it off as she shakes out her hair. "Yes. Mind if I come in?"

Angela hrms, "No, not at all. Though I must say you seem a tad overdressed?" She opens the door wide for the armored woman, looking more than a touch perplexed.

Toni shrugs and ducks slightly to step inside, walking over to the side to set her back against a wall, before the armor starts to unfold, opening up to let her hop out of it, then folding up again as she sets the helmet in place on top of it. "I was in the neighborhood."

Angela grins a bit, "Well, I guess that way you don't have to pay for a parking meter…" She glances curiously at Toni, "So not complaining that you're in SoHo, I was just getting ready to go out and hit the karaoke night at the local club." A wry grin, "If you wanted to come along, I'd not mind at all."

Toni hmmms. "Okay. But I kinda wanted to ask you about some things you might not want to chat about in the middle of a karaoke bar?" she points out.

Angela hrms, "Like what, exactly?" She moves back to the front window, turning off the light for the OPEN sign and getting things secured, before glancing curiously back at Toni, one brow arching slightly.

"Wings and flaming swords, mostly."

Angela pauses, then turns away from Toni to lock the front door, securing that as she says, "Wings and flaming swords? Well, I suppose I've done some commissions with winged hilts, though fiery blades are a bit outside my normal realm of expertise…" She trails off, studying Toni's face as she turns back, then she hmms, "But, I suspect that's not the reason you're asking."

Toni tilts her head. "So, I have a compatriot who was out testing her own armor suit not long ago when she encountered a pair of angelic figures. I was on the other end of her video feed for it."

Angela hmmms, then looks suddenly cross, "By the Name, doing heroics for once in my existence and of course it's caught on tape. Or video file, or whatever it is people use these days." She makes a face, then looks wryly at toni as she's been caught, as they say. "So, what do you want to know?"

"What you do or do not want disseminated, and what you feel comfortable telling me. Or having me pass on to others." the young woman says simply.

Angela considers, "Well, let's see.." She considers, "I think your organization is fine to know this, but I would prefer it not spread beyond that. But for lack of a better word, I am, in fact, an angel. And have been one for… well, I was tasked to watch humanity around ten thousand BCE." Her lips curl just a bit, "And by watch I mean wreak vengeance in the name of the LORD, though I changed jobs around five hundred BCE to something a bit more mellow."

Toni blinkblinks. "…you're…a. literal angel?" she says, questioningly. Looking like she's unsure of herself now. She was sort of expecting someone who had angelic like powers. Not someone who literally thinks she's an angel.

Angela chuckles, "That's one way to put it. But yes, a literal angel, created by the Name, serving Creation… which is why I patronize the arts. And encourage them when I can." She grins slightly at Toni, "Don't believe me?"

Toni weighs the question, then says cautiously. "It would be…very unusual. I was expecting someone with powers that appear angelic. Metahumans sometimes reflect the subconscious of the metahuman when they first erupt, after all."

Angela grins, "But you've seen there's Thor, Loki, Hercules, all manner of gods and their servants out there. Why is this any different?" She hmms, "And really, angels aren't that unusual. We just tend to keep a low profile unless it's relating to our jobs."

Toni frowns and folds her arms. "The difference being, the Christian Church is still very much around and angels are a big part of that."

Angela snorts, "Oh, none of them have gotten it right yet." She waves a dismissive hand, "They never listen properly, particularly if it's a woman doing the dictating. And honestly, they keep mistranslating and misinterpreting the Word to their own ends and it's so frustrating… but that's not really my job, thankfully." She looks over at Toni, "Personally, I prefer thinking about philosophy than religion. More honest, and better willing to challenge perceptions and disregard established dogma."

Toni says dryly. "Well, that's mostly because most religion justifies believes by 'God said so and therefore it's right', making it hard to really debate."

Angela chuckles, "And that's fine at the beginning, but eventually you grow past that as a culture, or a species, and you need to know more. For good reason, I might add." She grins at Toni. "Didn't you ever wonder how I got some of those pieces in my collection, though? It's a lot easier when you lived through it."

"I can imagine. Also how you managed to acquire so much skill in making different styles, I'd guess." Toni says with a thoughful frown.

Angela smiles, "After all, that's how you eventually get to the Met. Practice. Practice. Practice." She winks at Toni, "Though, as an Angel of Creation, I can fix just about anything."

"…anything? Even if you don't know how to make it in the first place?" Toni questions.

Angela nods, "Anything. Now, I might not know what it means, but I can tell you what's wrong and what you would need to do." She chuckles, "Which comes in handy, let me tell you."

"Hmm. That seems…" Toni trails off, then frowns a bit. "So you just understand the physical structure of anything?"

Angela grins, "That's a little oversimplified… I mean, I know what's wrong, but not necessarily why." She considers, "If you have something that's not working, or even just a bit… glitchy, let me see it. I can prove it to you."

Toni considers, then walks over to unlock the helmet from her armor. "I've been working on the VI interface for my armor, but it still has a few glitches in terms of properly classifying threats and immediate issues to deal with." she offers.

Angela hmmms, "Well, hand it over here, I'll see what I can do with it." She chuckles, "Though, sometimes when I do this, I understand what humans mean by 'speaking in tongues'… but if you designed it, I'm sure you'll understand it."

Toni walks over and offers the helmet over. "Do you need to touch it, or just look at it?" she asks curiously.

Angela smiles, "It helps to touch it, and examine it a bit closely. Don't worry, I don't need to disassemble it." She takes the helmet and concentrates… her eyes do seem to faintly glow a bit, but that might just be a trick of the light.

Toni folds her arms, watching and waiting for the response. Her attitude seems that she's still a doubting Tomasita about this, but that's she's willing to give Angela the benefit of the doubt.

Angela hmms, then actually slips on the helmet after a moment, which is a little bit of a weird image to be sure. Then she pulls the helmet off after a few moments, "Seems like the targeting system isn't properly aligned with your GPS software, as it isn't taking into account the inertial dampeners are adjusted through a third system that is not properly integrated into the main operating system." She then blinks a little, then sets the helmet down on the counter.

Toni frowns at that, then walks over to take the helmet, sliding it on herself for a moment. "….crappy off the shelf GPS military coding…" she mutters. "Could be it." She slides it back off, , then tucks it under her arm. "Seems possible." she admits after a moment. "I'd need to get it back to my lab to check.

Angela grins, "Well, you'll have to fix that yourself, I think I understood half of what I said." She shrugs a little, "But that should be your problem with it, Toni. Hopefully that helps."

The other woman frowns thoughfully, tapping the helmet slightly, then says suddenly. "Did you enjoy working with Augmenta?"

Angela pauses, "I… well, Augmenta was the armored individual? I didn't really see her, honestly. But I do enjoy talking with you, if that's anything… and well, I haven't really done much in the way of smiting for about eighty years, but it did feel pretty good, I have to confess."

Toni nods slightly. "You like RESCUE. WE could use someone like you in Overwatch. That's the squad we have that responds to emergencies and disasters. Worldwide, when we can get permission, but within the U.S. if not. We're more a search and rescue than fight the supervillains sort of group, though we do that when we have to to protect the public, usually in cooperation with the NYPD."

Angela nods, "Well, that sounds good then. I'd be happy to help you out with that, especially if it involves helping others." She smiles, "Though, I do admit I tend to keep a low profile most of the time."

"Well, that would be the other thing….do you want a mask or something to help you hide your identity? I could build one with a HUD and communication system, so you could talk to us with it hands free and stuff?" Toni offers.

Angela hmms, "Well, I suppose I could wear something, I'd have to think about that. Though, really, the wings and fiery halo tend to distract people from paying attention. At least, they did…" She looks a bit wry, "Didn't think of all the cameras around these days."

"It still might not completely hide things, but if you'd want to keep your identity undercover, less chance of someone recognizing you by face, anyway. Still might be able to figuring it out off build or voice possibly."

Angela nods, "True… I'll have to figure out a few things for that first." She considers, "Something to ponder I suppose, to be honest I never really thought about that sort of thing."

Toni nods simply. "WEll. The offer's there. You could do some good, and have a way ot knowing when you're needed, even if you don't want to work more directly with our company. And you get a pretty nice paycheck out of it and support, even if you'd not overly interested with it." She shakes her head. "But, that's what i wanted to say. If you still want to do karaoke though…I could be up for it?" she says, smiling a little.

Angela perks up at that, "Yeah, we can totally do that. It's always nice to get out and sing. Really, all of reality is like a symphony, in its own way…" She grins, "Come on, we'll go out the side door here, since the storefront is locked up." With that, she leads the way towards the back.

Toni pauses to set the helmet back on her armor, locking it into place, then patting it on the chest. "Security lock alpha." shes ays to the armor as its optics flash, before she heads after Angela. "Sure. As long as we're going to sing decent music and not terrible pop songs…" she cautions, following Angela out.

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