2019-10-16 - Who Is Miles Morales


Black Widow and Captain Marvel dispatch on a SHIELD call, they wound up introduced to a new spider on the block in the form of Miles Morales

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Oct 16 16:18:36 2019
Location: Brooklyn

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In the DUMBO neighborhood of New York, there's currently a menance of a super-powered nature that has broken out. An over-turned armored truck is blocking the road beneath the bridge. Standing outside of the armored car, a figure in green and gold with a snake motiff is spraying acid on the hinges and then he 'puffs' up and increases his mass and size to reach down and rip the door off of the hinges and turns to throw it at a near-by police cruiser. "Hey babe, you miss me?" he calls to the figure inside the armored car.

It was a SHIELD transport that was moving a prisoner to the Raft. The blonde figure that comes racing out of the back of the truck frowns and fights off the urge to hit PUFF-ADER. "I'm not your /babe/." BLACK RACER responds, tugging her mask into place and frowns. "We need to get out of here before the local cape and cowl union shows up."

With them, another woman is stepping out as she summons her talons. FER-DE-LANCE looks over the surroundings and sulks. "Yes, because we haven't already drawn enough attention, right?"

"Wait," that's a new voice that sounds out, as a figure in black and red drops in. No webs, he just seems to have leapt from a nearby ledge, lands on the thrown door and redirects it so it lands on the side of the road, the figure on top skidding to a halt with it. "They have a Union? Maybe that's why I haven't met any. Haven't paid my dues or something. Membership card got lost in the mail?"

As he stands up.. he would almost be confused for Spider-Man. Except his costume is in black and red with silver trim, and over it, he's wearing a hoodie, a pair of knee-length jean shorts, and high-top sneakers. "You're all snakes. Shouldn't you be hinerbating?" comes the question.

"And who are you supposed to be, little man? Knock-off Spider-Man?" comes the question from COPPERHEAD as he rises up and gestures to the others. "We're getting out of here. He's small potatoes. Black Racer, you've been couped up. Need to blow off some steam?" Black Racer gives a grin, feral. "Oh, you have no idea! The real Spider-Man captured me, I'm going to take it out on this wannabe." And with that, she races towards Miles.


Speaking of cape and cowl unions… there's a quick flash of light in the air, followed by the presence of Captain Marvel. Moving with ridiculous speed, she fires a photon blast in front of Black Racer, hopefully forcing her to change course as she says, "Actually, new Spider, you should look into it. We have excellent benefits, plus a nice 401K setup." She smirks a bit, banking and hovering a bit to assess the situation, "Snakes versus spiders, this feels like a bad Internet meme."

Wait, why did she say spiders… plural?


Why didn't that explosion set off his senses? Miles blinks a few times under his mask as he was preparing to dodge the blonde speedster when the street explodes between the pair, and when the smoke clears, he's looking up, lenses wide at the blonde figure flying down to join them. "You're Captain Marvel." he says, oblivious to the fact that yes, she knows she's Captain Marvel.

Then he looks at Black Racer, "That's Captain Marvel!" he says, pointing at her. "I think you're early parole's been revoked!" And him without his popcorn, because he's pretty sure that Carol can handle the whole cadre of them without his help. "I should have brought popcorn." he laments.

Not that he has much time to as Puff-Ader grabs the other door and flings it with all his might as Captain Marvel - while Copperhead leaps at her a moment later to try to wrap her up in his constricting binds.

Black Racer, after the momentary distraction races at Miles. "Your girlfriend ain't bailing you out of this ass-kicking, wallcrawler!"

"I just met her! Worse than a tabloid!" the black clad figure leaps backwards - a huge leap that takes him to the near fifth story window of a building. "Bet you can run up walls."

And of course she runs up the wall and strikes him, sending him crashing back to earth with a whoof of pain. "…okay. New lesson. Don't taunt happy fun snakes."


Every now and again, certain villains make the mistake of taking action in New York City, forgetting the high concentration of superheroes and super teams. Then again, when hitting a SHIELD transport, there's the added benefit of SHIELD's ever watchful eye catching a drift of it. This time the Black Widow happened to get dispatched, and she tagged on her fellow Avengers for a ride with a simple message: "hey Carol, feel like ruining the days of some bad guys? Pick me up at the Triskelion?"

After Captain Marvel dropped her off nearby and swooped in on the action, Black Widow fired a line to get to a roof top, and observed from a distance. This new Spider-Man type on scene was someone SHIELD took interest in, and she figured by avoiding engagement, she could learn more about him. Besides, Captain Marvel alone should be good enough for those bozos.


Captain Marvel, meanwhile, catches the door tossed at her, "Nuh uh, no grabby hands from you." With that, she spins and swings the door right into Copperhead's face. She doesn't even look like she's breaking a sweat just yet, though she is holding onto the door like it's an oversized baseball bat.

Considering what she's using it for, not too far from the truth really. Then she murmurs into her comm, "Anything in particular I should look out for, Nat? This seems a bit too easy…" Which, well, gets her own personal spider-senses tingling, because nothing is ever easy.


Nat responds to Carol over the Avengers' comlink, "you're dealing with a snake theme here, Puff manipulates his size and strength accordingly, can spit acid worse than his stupidity. Copperhead strong enough to squeeze steel, Fleur-de-Lis is an assassin, so I guess she can tango with me if she cares to try her luck…Dark Racer is like Quicksilver, but probably has a better personality."

For now Black Widow keeps watch to see how Miles will perform next to a veteran like Carol, but if things will turn for the worse, she's more than ready to swing in.


After hitting the ground, the black clad Spider-Man rolls to his feet and gives a low groan. "Need to rethink my strategy." And of course, there's OP Carol up there at work on the others, handling Copperhead and Puff-Ader like they were a pair of children. Then his spider-senses go off-again, and he suddenly just - vanishes from view completely. This brings Dark Racer to a halt right near where he was standing, ready to take a swing. "Where'd he go?!" she yells out.

From her vantage point, Fleur-de-Lis isn't sure herself, so she adjusts, and goes after the other target, launching at Carol from behind while she's dealing with Puff-Ader and Copperhead, lightning quick as she tries to drag her poison-tipped talon in a tight slash across Carol's back to get through the uniform and inject her with a powerful neuro-toxin.

Back on the ground, there's a gentle push to Dark Racer's back. "Boo." Miles responds and then lets out a powerful taser blast that knocks the woman forward, sending her to the ground in a sprawl. "And me without handcuffs. Or webs." So not the 'OG' Spider-Man. But with the electrical blast, Miles fades back into view.


Captain Marvel blinks in surprise at Fleur-de-Lys, dodging mostly out of the way, though the talon does rip through Carol's thigh. Not enough to get good penetration, but Carol frowns as she says on the comms, "Okay, this snake tagged me with something… pretty bad, but I'm not… whoa." With that, she drops the metal door, then lands less than gracefully on the street.

Superhero Landing: 5/10. (East German judge gives a 3.)

Picking herself up, she starts glowing brighter, not holding back as both Copperhead and Puff-Adder get photon blasts for their trouble. Then she says in her commlink, "Really nasty neurotoxin from that sneaky one… I'm actually feeling it." Which is unusual enough for her.


"I'll get you with a general anti-venom, hopefully it does the trick," Nat replies to Carol, but first she swings into action, firing a line at the building across, and as she swings down towards Carol, she fires a widow's bite disc at Fleur-de-Lis, to give her a bit of a shock therapy. Or electrocute her, depends on one's perspective.


Nat doesn't check if her shot on Fleur made it or not, she's got that annoying cocky confidence where she can't fathom not making the shot, instead she disengages her widow line to roll down the ground by Carol. "How are you holding up?" She asks her fellow Avenger, while reaching into one of the circular secret pockets on her belt, and takes out a anti-venom injector she applies to Captain Marvel, if allowed. "This should keep that nasty stuff at bay, though you should still check in medbay when you get back to Avengers Mansion."


With Dark Racer down, Miles leaps forward, past Fleur as Natasha's widows bite strikes the woman and she screams in agony as she gets tasered - "Hey, that's cool!" is the Spider's comment as he rolls past and towards Copperhead and Puff-Ader. Okay, think quick, Miles. Marvel's being tended to, all's looking good there - but there's still the two heavies.

Copperhead makes a reach for him, and when he gets a hold of him to put on the squeeze, Miles urks, releasing a puff of air.

"Hold 'im steady, I'll squash him!" Puff-Ader declares as he puffs up and moves to swing a massive fist at the black suit - just before Miles shimmies out of his hoodie and out of the grip of Copperhead - leaving him with eyes wide as Puff's punch slams into his face and sends him flying against the truck, taking him out of the fight.

"Layers!" Miles comments. "Always dress in layers!" Of course as he comes up, Puff's swinging another punch that slams into the young man's side and sends him tumbling as he lands flat on his face. And with that, Puff starts to make his way over to start to stomp on him over and over. "I'm going to crush you, and then I'm going to crush Marvel, and then I will be the strongest in the Serpent Society!"


Which is when Puff-Adder feels himself getting hoisted in the air, as Captain Marvel lifts up the man, "Crush me? Pal, the Kree Empire couldn't handle me, what chance do you have!" Okay, the neurotoxin was dirty pool, and now Carol is mad. With that, she just tosses Puffdaddy into the van wreckage, head first.

Glowing rather fiercely now, she seems to almost cascade energy in waves from her as she looks over at Copperhead, cracking her knuckles, "Now, as far you, this can either go easy…"

She pauses, then adds, "Or it can go real easy."


Ader lands in the wreckage of the truck as it collapses around him, and he's out of the fight as she threw him with enough force to bend the metal around him. With the other three down, and Copperhead the last one standing - he's already taken one hard punch from Ader - does he really want to take one from Marvel as well?

Nope. Those hands go up immediately. "I give!" he cries out, assuming the perp position of face down on the ground.

From within the small crater that Ader created when he was slamming the black-suited Spidey into it over and over? There's a low groan of pain, and a hand reaches up to grab the side. His costume's torn in places, showing the dark skin beneath as he starts to try to pull himself up. That will be a process in and of itself.


Which is when a hand reaches down to help Miles up, if he takes it. "Good work kid." Carol gives Miles a warm grin, "You okay there? Puffer laid into you pretty good there for a bit. Sorry I couldn't get over here faster… should figure that snake-themed people would use toxins." A wry look at that, as she seems to be critiquing herself for getting a bit sloppy there.


"Did you get the number of that subway train?" comes the comment as Miles pushes himself up. There's snaps and pops as things are putting themselves back in place. But it's going to be a while before he's back to full strength. His hand finds Carol's to pull himself up and he stares. I mean, not that you can see it - well, with one eye-lit partially torn, that brown eye wide beneath it, he blinks a few times. "You're Captain Marvel. Big fan." he rumbles, and then flops forward, passing out in her arms.

Potential? Yes. Quite ready for that solo career? Probably not. At least not against multiple foes.


Captain Marvel catches Miles easy enough, then chuckles, "Not bad kid." She then picks him up, and looks over at Natasha, "Think I'm not the only one hitting the medbay at the Mansion. Still, he did pretty well, whoever he is."


"That was impressive, kid," Black Widow says, as she walks over to join the other two, with the snakes looking to be done for the day. With a deadpan expression, she turns to Carol and quips, "these guys are lucky they didn't get to try me, they gave up in time."

Turning to extend her hand to Miles, she notes, "I go by Black Widow, you have any hero name you use?"


The Miles Morales you are trying to reach at the moment is currently out cold - please try your querry again later. At least that's what Miles would offer. He's sort of out of it at the moment, the black-clad would-be Spider-Man is just so much more like a noodle at the moment in Carol's arms. But at least he's a light one?


"You always have that effect on people, Carol?" Nat asks, grinning, before taking a better look at Miles, just to be sure he doesn't need to be rushed for medical.


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